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You can find and discover that the glass to the window of your understanding can be very thin. You don’t need to be in a path of being “not real” to fit in—go be yourself you can create whatever you are being designed to create because your connection with God is alive, present, and REAL. Be surprised by what comes up and what you learn. Let go and Let God. You got a message and a God-given mission all your own ❤️ Listen in ✨ #LeadWithHeart . . . Got a mission you need to grow? Discover the top 7 design tools I use to create client attracting content and videos in my business. Grab my content tool kit ⚡️LINK IN BIO: @inspiremeamanda
Project for @iota_hand_stitched Styling & strategy by @tamarguzansky 🖤 Photography & design by @ilonarei_studio
Experiencing “vacation mood” in your coaching business ❤️⚡️💥. Every day you can experience moments of relaxation and peace ⚡️💥. Every day can have moments that feel like an epic destination ⚡️💥. You don’t have to physically go somewhere to reap the benefits of vacation mode in your spirit, creativity, and work ❤️. Take a moment and think about a time you had a blast with a friend. Maybe you adventured around town.Discovered a new place. Or even just had a great conversation in your kitchen. Whenever I need a boost, I think about that time I went paddle boarding with my cousin David and his wife Grace and how we were so relaxed laying on the paddle boards that we drifted away to sea and had to quickly paddle A LOT to get back in time. It’s hilarious no matter when I think about it 😂 And I bet you got an epic moment you can think of too! Take a moment to think about it now 3-2-1. There you go —you just went on vacation in your mind 🌴🌴🌴 If you’re going through a stressful day in your business or struggling with creating that landing page (again!) —take a quick break and refresh yourself. Go on “vacation” and come back to the project at hand with a fresh, relaxed tropical mindset 😊😂😍🌺🌸🌸🌴 You got this! #LeadWithHeart || Picture via Pinterest
Hi there! I am Val, a Disney lover, DIY-er and so I love to craft Disney inspired home decor pieces to fill my home with magic! When I hit Main Street, U.S.A., I feel like I'm home, anybody else? The charm of the street and the excitement of the adventures that lay beyond the castle just give me goosebumps! It's all so wonderful! I want to bring that Disney magic back to out IRL homes with the style and the charm Main Street, U.S.A. graces us with. So stay tuned pictures of Disney DIY projects, headed your way on here!
It’s officially FALL! Who’s pretending to terrorize? 🔮🦇🖤⚰️💀 — Throwback to last year when @saraofarendelle rocked our “999 Happy Haunts” acid wash tee! 💜 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ZipADeeTees #disneyworld #disneystyle #disneyside #wdw_igers #disneyparks #hauntedmansion #magickingdom #mnsshp #disneylifestylers #disneylifestyle #disneyphotography #doersanddreamers #dressedindisney #disneyig #disneygram #disneyootd #disneyattractions #brandrep #disneyfashion #disneyaesthetic
I went through a season where I forgot who I was ❤️ It was more than a drop of confidence. It truly felt like spiritual amnesia. I’ve been having conversations with a lot of entrepreneurs lately and consistently the same conversation comes up with each person: “This past year was a HARD season for me” “I feel so embarrassed to say this but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been crying every day and don’t know why” “I just am not sure if this is the path for me anymore. What if I’m supposed to be doing something different. It shouldn’t be this HARD.” Hard seasons happen to everyone ❤️ You can’t be a human being without something in your life that hit you at a time that you weren’t expecting it ❤️ It’s part of the humanity package 📦 But the reason why hard seasons feel so HARD is because in those moments most of us forget and get spiritual amnesia on who we really are and whose we are 🙏❤️ Last year I had an attack on my confidence. I went through a lot of battles in my family life which became battles in my business and started to evolve into battles in my confidence And I forgot how powerful I was. 💥How much God’s strength is in my life. 💥 I forgot about the power of perspective and that life doesn’t happen to me it happens for me ❤️ I just forgot! 😂😂😂 And so that season lasted and lasted to the point where I thought it would never end. Until I did the work of REMEMBERING ❤️ 🙏 Daily morning pages 🙏 Reading the Bible every day 🙏 Affirming powerful truths 🙏 Persistence of thought on the VISION 🙏 Being diligent with a morning & evening routine 🙏 Building in daily non-negotiable habits based off a BECOMING list (not a to-do list) 🙏 Reconnecting with powerful and loving communities that are on the path of RISING together 🙏 Getting serious about my personal development and starting back at square 1 in mindset and spiritual connection FIRST before taking any action or strategy I had to remember that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience ❤️ Not the other way around ❤️❤️❤️ 👉I had to remember that God put a purpose and mission in me for a reason (Continued in comments 👇)
Privileged to be a part of this year's cohort at @Startupbootcamp (SBC FoodTech Rome). It's been a thrilling first 2 weeks in Rome! Many more to go before the Demo Day at Station F in Paris!! 🤩 . . . . #authenticook #nevereatalone #startuplife #sharingeconomy #homedining #socialbusiness #womenempowerment #india #globalstage #goingplaces #startupgrind #startupbootcamp #acceleration #socialinnovation #localexperience #culturetrip #smallbusiness #bigdreams #doersanddreamers #thebraveones
Happy Friday, everyone. I’m a little quiet on here because I’m busy filling orders and prepping for the @etsynanaimomarket next week. My days are full of owls, fish, and trees 🦉🐟🌳. Here’s a fiery fall tree for your Friday. Wishing you exactly the kind of weekend you need.
There’s so many opportunities out there 😊⚡️ Opportunities to create and build and design something new that the world hasn’t experienced yet. There’s also opportunities to fortify, strengthen, and bolster ideas and opportunities that are already present and scale them up. Lots of opportunities out there and at the base of all these choices is really the ultimate choice: How are you going to be more REAL today? Behind every program, product, idea, and service is the work of becoming the more REAL version of yourself. Getting to meet the version of yourself who grew, expanded, and learned something that changed their life. There’s so many opportunities to grow out there. Choose the opportunities that help you grow towards your God-given mission ❤️🙏✨ #LeadWithHeart #IndustryBreaker || 📷: @shannonkaiserwrites . . . Industry breaker starts in 3-days! Fast action bonus expires tonight at 11:59pm EST. If you ever wanted to learn how to get your first paid coaching client online and create a mission-driven brand —join the 5-week mastermind ⚡️LINK IN BIO ✨
“Timelines. My timeline. Deliver when I say I need it by.” But is that really what you want? A request given on a timeline isn’t a miracle —it’s an order. And if we’re ordering around God our faith isn’t faith. It’s reliant on miracles and gifts to support it. Real faith is trusting the bigger picture and trusting the ultimate good of every outcome. You might not get everything that you want in the timeframe that you wanted it but you have no idea what not getting it saved you from. If we got everything that we wanted in the timeline that we wanted it we would eventually lose our joy. The excitement of life would fizzle out. Our connection to dreaming and living in wonder would fade out. God cares so much about your heart and passion to keep going that he would never let it fizzle out by giving you everything you asked for within the timeline you asked for it ❤️ There’s a BIGGER miracle at play —far larger than what you asked for anyways 😊 #LeadWithHeart #IndustryBreaker || 📷:@jesuschristfamily . . . . Fast action bonus cart closes for Industry Breaker: 5-week business coaching mastermind tomorrow (Friday Sept 21st) at 11:59pm EST ⚡️ LINK IN BIO
I have this #keg . 30lbs of solid #stainless steel #badassity . Its good for 60psi and basically #indestructible . Who thinks I should turn it into a water tank for @thevanjob ?
#Family insulation picking party! Getting the #van ready for the last insulation push. Covered the floors and removed the excess insulation overflow. Now, need to install the two pieces of #pex conduit in the overhead, tape off the doors, and cockpit, and install the last of the R-max between the studs! Aiming for next week to do the big spray. The #solarpower #system #design is finalized with everything arriving Monday!! Woot! Once everything arrives, I'll do a mock up of the layout. Hoping to put it all on a ~50cm x 70cm piece of Lexan (sourced from Piedmont Plastics), with components mounted both sides. It will be hinged so we can easily see and access everything. #Pumped !
Happy Wednesday, everyone! 🧡 — What’s everybody’s favorite thing in Toy Story Land?! I’m a huge fan of the Toy Story Mania queue. 😂🎰🎬🎯 — Only a few “You’ve Got a Friend” tees left! Make sure to tag us when you hit up the #disneyparks ✨👍🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ZipADeeTees #disneyside #disneystyle #disneyworld #toystoryland #toystorymania #hollywoodstudios #disneygram #disneyig #disneyhalloween #disneylife #disneylifestylers #disney_igers #wdw #doersanddreamers #wdw_igers #magicalmakers #disneyaesthetic #disneyfashion #dressedindisney #shopsmall
Growth is uncomfortable but it’s necessary to live a meaningful life ❤️❤️❤️ Stillness becomes stagnation when we hang there too long. There’s a reason why it was 6 days to build and the seventh day was rest. Not the other way around ❤️❤️❤️❤️ If you’ve been feeling stagnant, lethargic, and so not inspired put pen to paper, turn on that camera, set up that microphone and CREATE 😊⚡️⚡️⚡️ Do it messy do it imperfectly! But create something 🙏 It’ll kickstart you into the next creative step! ❤️ Go for it! 😊 #LeadWithHeart || 📷: @shannonkaiserwrites . . . Industry Breaker fast-action bonus expires this Friday September 21st at 11:59pm EST. Grab your spot to create your own profitable mission-driven coaching business ❤️ LINK IN BIO ⚡️
It's happening! The #solar stuff is arriving!! Ah!! #stoked
Walking out of this weekend like “new ring, who this?!” 💍😂 I can’t wait to share our day with y’all. It was complete magic and our hearts are so full. But until then, I’ll be over here counting down the days till we leave for our honeymoon and catching up on life, sleep and food....aka wedding cake. Happy Tuesday! ✨✨✨
Is your dream worth 30 mins of your day? How long do you take a shower? Run an errand or browse social media wishing that was you? I’m guilty!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ and am the first to tell you I spend way too much time wishing, hoping and still dreaming. What holds you back? I’ve been struggling with this as well. I’ve always been a go getter with a side of hustle but lately I’ve been searching for more meaning and purpose. Where do I see myself in five years. I’m working harder each day to find my place and be content. Dedicating a little time and action during each day towards your dream or aspirations will help you make them physical reality 💕 . . @thewhitesparrow @heatherbengeevents @styledshootsacrossamerica @brownfoxcreative . . #mcdonaldvideophoto #ssaaconference #weddingstationery #girlboss #dreambig #creativepreneur #weddingphotographer
If you ever felt angry, sad, emotional, and weird all of sudden and aren’t sure where it’s coming from —it’s more than likely parts of you that are old/ancient and not connected to the you that God is calling you to be next coming up to the top of your awareness to be let go. That’s why it feels old, off, and weird. Just like our cells regenerate and diamonds are formed under pressure so too do our emotions shift and expand as we grow ❤️🙏 It’s all okay ❤️ You’re going through growing pains so you can stand on a bigger platform —excited for your next chapter! #IndustryBreaker #LeadWithHeart || 📷:@mindsetofgreatness
#Precision ! @hart.carolej getting it done in the heat! Fall is fast approaching, but apparently #mothernature is not having that crap. Two layers of 1/2" polyiso, which, thanks to the strange physics of #radiantheat , has better insulative qualities than one layer of 1". 🤔 Very happy how it's turning out. 😃 In case you're curious, we plan to fir out the "studs" once she's done to allow us to attach the paneling. #sheworkshard #workingwomen #bestdangladyever
Ever feel like you’re creating content for your business by the seat of your pants? Instead of creating content on the fly just to create content and fill a space —set an intention for your content. Similar to when you set intentions when you launch a new program or offer. You don’t always have to be selling and you don’t always have to be inviting people to jump on a call with you but you do get to set an intention for each piece of content you put out. Some posts will be to invite people in. Some posts will be to remind your audience of how loved they are. Some posts will just have an intention of delivering peace. But every post plays a valuable role in connecting two or more to the God-given mission inside each of us! ✨🙏#IndustryBreaker #LeadWithHeart . Want to learn how to get your first paid coaching client in your first month in business & test your business idea? Join my mastermind —program starts Sept 24th (LINK IN BIO: @inspiremeamanda )
It’s crazy to think about how far and the direction my life has gone —so many good things are happening and I have to give the credit all to God ❤️ I tried everything else. Seeking outside approval. Molding myself to be liked. Reading all the self-help books to the point of exhaustion to try and create a happier and more fulfilling life for myself. Meanwhile God patiently stood by (more than likely laughing 😂 ☺️!) and waited patiently for me to exhaust myself enough to the point of seeking the answer of a more powerful question: “Who does GOD say I am?” God says I’m already loved. I’m already enough. I’m already ready for the task at hand. So why am I trying so hard to get something I already have? Life isn’t perfect and there are tough days but there’s a peace that’s ALWAYS present ❤️ I felt like I was drinking formula with these self-help books and my spiritual body was craving a full meal 🥘 Getting closer to God has spiritually fed me —the kind of spiritual feeding that nothing else filled ⚡️ Forever grateful ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏Needed to share this with you — I don’t know what’s happening in your life but I want to ask: “Who does GOD say you are?” Find that answer ❤️ #LeadWithHeart #IndustryBreaker || 📷: @biblelockscreens
Dudes and dudettes, let me tell you what! Took @thevanjob out to pick up some mushrooms from @swamprabbitcafe , and WHOA, what a difference all that insulation makes!! It's unreal! It's not only sounds, it actually feels more solid. Not sure if that's just my imagination because of the sound, but it really feels like a solid machine now! Big #van day for @hart.carolej tomorrow! We've been working on a weekday to do list. Here's what we've got: 1.) Remove all the bracing, tools, and other crap. 2.) Install two 1/2" pieces of R-Max in between the lower studs (see pic 2). Glue in place and tape seems. 3.) Cut all the spray foam run-out flat to the surface. 4.) Tape off everything we don't want the @tigerfoam on. Includes doors, windows, seals, and the entire cockpit, minus the top of the headliner (going to insulate behind there). 5.) Dust and clean everything in prep for insulation. We want everything to bond! 6.) Have fun! So, what do you all think? Are we forgetting anything?
Imagine what you can do with an idea 💡It starts small —it’s just a thought — but as you dig DEEPER into it you just might find the signature idea, the signature project, the signature gift you were born to turn into something that would dramatically change lives (yours included) ❤️ Everyone prays for a miracle yet the miracle usually comes in the form of an idea 💡 It’s time to break industries ✨✨✨#IndustryBreaker . . . Early bird bonus for Industry Breaker expires Monday September 17th at 12pm EST (Program starts Sept 24th). Want to test your business idea and get your first paid coaching client in your first month in business? Get your spot in the mastermind, only a few spots available ⚡️LINK IN BIO: @inspiremeamanda
Insulation everywhere!! Crack, nooks, door jambs, strength members... EVERYWHERE has been filled with #GreatStuff ! Ready for a not rainy day so we can do the wall coverage with the @tigerfoam. Also building up the laminate roof "rafter". Ugly, but functional. Then it's time to do the roof vent! (as soon as the rain stops)
Big day today! Framing, insulating, kids decorating the van, good stuff!
Happy Saturday! 🧡 Our “Just Treats” pre-order is still LIVE! Pre-orders close tomorrow at 8 PM EST. We can’t wait to see you sporting our newest tees at the #disneyparks this Fall! You can shop our new collection through our link in our bio. 😉😘 @tomorrowlandtiff . Andddd we will be announcing our 2 new reps TOMORROW.! 🤩 Thank you to all who entered!! . . . . . . . . . . . #zipadeetees #disneyside #disneystyle #disneyootd #mnsshp #mnsshp2018 #wdw #disneyland #magickingdom #halloween #disneyholidays #disneyhalloween #disneyphotography #disneyfashion #disneyaesthetic #disneyig #disneygram #disneyinsta #wdw_igers #disneylove #dressedindisney #shopsmall #doersanddreamers
Starting my count down to infinity, which is when this crap will come off my hands. Already had a #hardwarestorewaxjob thanks to the Great Stuff. Eff that stuff is sticky!! The @thegorillagluecompany construction adhesive is not much better! #workinghands
Coupla #hacks for folks that are interested. #1 : Soak your wood to fit sharp curves. Makes installing it much easier! #2 : Cut relief kerfs for a tight curve. Use your #hackzall if you're a slob like me and don't care about how framing looks. #3 : Ever have the tip of a tube of caulk/glue/whatever cure when it's still 90% full? Don't worry! Just cut off the entire top, cover it with masking tape, and cut a small hole in it. Wala! You can use the rest. :) Uploading the timelapses from today and will post tonight, but got a fair amount done! Put up most of the framing. Only 3 pieces left (which are part of a laminated curve, so had to let the first couple cure) and it done! Also #insulated a ton of the hard to get to spots with #greatstuffpro . Smoked through like 15 cans. 😶
Lovely guest today...
I agree @legobeecher !!
We don’t do our work in a vaccuum, so I wanted to spend some time writing about some of the people in the fiberarts community who I draw inspiration from. I still remember the moment I saw @atelierchaos ‘s rope sculptures for the first time. They were (and are) some of the most audacious and stunning creations I’ve ever seen. And, for me, they opened the possibility of a 3rd dimension and a more sculptural approach to macrame. I’m also incredibly inspired by @macrame_jolanta ‘s work. She creates the most brilliantly coloured soft sculptures—of a macrame’d woman, for example. Her skill and inventiveness floors me. I gasp every time I see one of @gloriamcroberts ‘s woven tree pieces. If you haven’t already, check out her geriatric trees: in them, I see what it might mean for us to care more fully about non-human life. I’m moved by those in the community who use their platform to raise awareness. If ever you might doubt the ways in which making macrame can be a political engine, watch @createaholic ‘s latest video published on the heels Sweden’s election. This short video wordlessly says a great deal about how we can funnel anguish and despair into building/making/changing/creating something more beautiful. And finally, I’m inspired by @tieoneoncreative , @the_knot_spot , and @madebymathews. Not only do they make impressive macrame, but you won’t get too far in this little Instagram echo chamber without seeing their enthusiastic responses written about the work of others. This too is their work, and I think it’s important work to acknowledge and feel inspired by.
Just ordered our 200ah LiFePo4 solar system! Aah! So pumped!! Feels like I just got married to our van. You could say it's getting pretty serious. 🤓 #lithium #solar #readyforlatenightwiring #forreals #notjoking
@tigerfoam Insulation arrived Wednesday!! I'm a little nervous about squeaks, so I am going to work to be extra #diligent when applying to make sure I don't have any partially filled voids. 😬 Also did some Thursday night framing. Crazy bracing = playground for the kiddos. 😁 Been thinking about throwing a #vanbuildingparty , but @hart.carolej says I'm too particular. 🙄 Whatevs. What do you think? Would it be #fun ? I think it'd be great! Get some @swamprabbitcafe pizza and some #cheapbeer and knock some shit out. Anyone down?
Pumpkin Queen 👸🏼🎃💀 📸: @tomorrowlandtiff 🧡 — Here’s a list of our new designs & new color options available tonight @ 8 PM EST: 🧡Mickey Bar (in NEW mauve color) 🧡Big Reputation (featuring Oogie Boogie 🎲) 🧡Star Command (returning in your favorite heather purple!) 🧡Just Treats ( PRE-ORDER, turnaround time expected to be 1-2 weeks) — 🎃These tees are expected to go FAST!!! Set those alarms 🚨 and DM us if you have any questions...and we’ll see you all at 8! PS...We will be announcing 2 new brand reps this weekend! Our search has ended, so thank you to ALL who applied. You’re all straight up magic. ✨🧡😊 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ZipADeeTees #wdw_igers #disneyland #disneyparks #disneyworld #doersanddreamers #disneylifestylers #disneylife #disneyinsta #disneyig #disneygram #disneyootd #mnsshp #disneyphoto #disneypic #disneyfashion #disneyaesthetic #magicalmakers #mickeypumpkin #disneyholidays #disneyphotography #disneyblogger #disneyobsessed #shopsmall #disney_igers #dressedindisney #disneystyle #disneybound #disneyside
When one of your coaching clients goes from trying to sell an $87 a year coaching package, to realizing her worth and going through your signature Thought Leader Process and gets these results in 14 days of our one call —you got to teach it to other people! Going through this exact process in my 5-week business coaching mastermind ❤️ Early bird enrollment ends Monday September 17th at 12pm EST ❤️ Only taking on a few mentees ❤️ LINK IN BIO: @inspiremeamanda . #Godisalwaysontime #LeadWithHeart #IndustryBreaker
No matter what happens in your business you always have the courage within you to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough ❤️ Many of my coaching clients I’ve worked with have just come off of a major loss in their life or business but it was through tapping into the courage within themselves and the MISSION God put on their hearts that they got back up again ❤️ And not just got back up but SOARED! Remember who you are —you got this! You won’t be down for long ✨#LeadWithHeart #IndustryBreaker
#vanlayout rev. 333! Changed things up after admitting defeat on trying to think around having a safe spot for the #kiddos to buckle in. I guess our children's safety was Paramount to having a #cool space. Whatever. 🙄 So, @hart.carolej came up with this one, and we absolutely LOVE it! Keeps the squirrels up close to us (#fun !), yet still checks all the boxes of what we want, including having it feel #open and #airy . What do you think of the new layout? #diycampervan #fordtransit #fordtransitcamper #fordtransitcustom #vanlife #builtnotbought #hartmakers #family #twokidsandacamper #kidsmakeeverythingfun #kids #vancrush #homeonwheels #adventuremobile #vanconversion #vanlifesommunity #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifeideas #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #doersanddreamers #advantures #CAD @sketchup_official
Look what came last night! #maxxfan ! Lights are on their way, fridge to be ordered soon. Finalizing the plans and sourcing parts for electrical. This weekend, the plan is to complete framing, install the fan and lights, and complete prep for insulation (which is coming sometime in the next week). It's coming together!! With #hurricaneflorence bearing down on the Carolinas, been think a bunch about how we can turn this fun leisure project - that we are infinitely fortunate to be able to undertake - into a source of #doinggood for others? Feels too #selfish to use it only for us. I have a few ideas brewing I'll share after we execute on them. What do you think? Comment with your ideas! #diycampervan #fordtransit #fordtransitcamper #fordtransitcustom #vanlife #builtnotbought #hartmakers #family #twokidsandacamper #kidsmakeeverythingfun #kids #vancrush #homeonwheels #adventuremobile #vanconversion #vanlifesommunity #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifeideas #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #doersanddreamers #advantures #ilikepeople #dogoodthings
“But what about my business? What about my relationships? What about my lifestyle and the goals I’m trying to achieve?” Still put God first ❤️ Connect with God and intimately receive your next direction, your next call to action, your next step ❤️❤️❤️ I truly feel most of our pains, struggles, and frustrations on the journey come when we walk ahead of our walk with God. When we create before we’ve connected first ❤️❤️❤️ There’s a momentum to what you’re building but it’s also in God’s divine momentum ❤️ You’re going to get THERE — but learn some things God’s teaching you along the way first 🙏 . #LeadWithHeart || 📷: @imsoblesseddaily || New Business Coaching Mastermind for millennial entrepreneurs on a mission, doors are open ⚡️ LINK IN BIO
Tiny. Small. Hiding. Not sure what to do next. Those are all the effects of potential on locked down ⚡️ We all start in small beginnings, but you weren’t called to stay there. To keep trying. Keep hustling. And keep testing the same ideas in your coaching business. You were born to breakthrough and boldly use your gifts you were given ❤️ God does BIG work with small people #LeadWithHeart || 📷: @shannonkaiserwrites || Doors are open to Industry Breaker — Program starts Sept 24th ⚡️LINK IN BIO: @inspiremeamanda
@zipadeetees is having a search! Apply for a chance to start #reppingmagic ✨ ・・・ HEAR YE HEAR YE 🎉: We are currently searching for TWO new brand reps from October 2018 - March 2019!! 😊 — We have decided to hold a search every six months or so and give a couple of outstanding #disney_igers the opportunity to rep our brand! As we continue to grow, we will continue to make adjustments and choices that reflect our brand as we see fit. Remember, we are still a #smallbusiness trying to spread kindness but also to improve our brand and increase our following. 😘 — We want to try and make this a consistent rotation so that many of you are considered and will be given the role! (If not this time, then certainly in times to come!) You can even become a rep more than once, if you care to re-enter. 🙌🏼 — Here’s how to enter: ✖️Post this pic to your insta page and tag us in it! (You may remove it once the search has ended) ✖️Answer the question above in detail...and make it fun! We will be choosing two of the most creative answers. ✖️Your IG must be public and Disney-inspired. We will also be taking into account the layout, aesthetic, and clarity of your photos. ✖️Do NOT enter if you can’t send us photos in the parks regularly. We are looking for high quality photos that showcase our brand and the t-shirt’s design. Also, you must be willing to email us at least a dozen photos highlighting our designs with unique poses, camera angles, and background choices IN the Disney parks. ✖️Must be 18 years or older ✖️Must be following us! And must tag us once you’ve posted the above photo. ✖️Tag two friends who might be interested as well! — ✨Our search will close this Wednesday! Winners will receive a DM and additional details to follow. 💗 Best of luck to all!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ZipADeeTees #brandrepsearch #disneyig #disneygram #disneyigers #wdw_igers #disneyfashion #disneyootd #magicalmakers #shopsmall #disneyside #disneystyle #disneyphotography #disneylifestylers #disneylifestyle #disneyinsta #dressedindisney #doersanddreamers #disneyparks #disneyworld #disneyland #reppingmagic
Daisy dog is wide awake and ready to face the new week on this wet Monday morning...not so sure about me though. 😁 . How about you? Are you starting this new week strong? . . . . . #dogsofinstagram #wearethecreativeeconomy #getnoticed #gramThis #siancphotography #stockphotographer #socialmediamarketing #doersanddreamers #workfromhome #momblogger #creativeentrepreneur #bossmoms #growyourbusiness #entrepreneurgoals #calledtobecreative #createyourhappy
A couple detail shots of the van framing work. Still avoiding fasteners, hence all the #redneckjamesbond style bracing. @thegorillagluecompany 's construction adhesive is still impressing the crap out of me (thank goodness for our new porta pooper). The last shot is of the holes I drilled to allow us to get insulation behind the inner skin of the van. That will buy us an extra 3" athwartship (#nautical #saltyAF #thisisnotaboat ), which means, at 6', I'll be able to sleep stretched out. Kinda a big deal and worth a little extra work. What do you think? Will we be able to create a contiguous insulation barier behind the skin? #thevanjob #diycampervan #fordtransit #fordtransitcamper #fordtransitcustom #vanlife #builtnotbought #hartmakers #family #twokidsandacamper #kidsmakeeverythingfun #kids #vancrush #homeonwheels #adventuremobile #vanconversion #vanlifesommunity #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifeideas #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #doersanddreamers #advantures
HEAR YE HEAR YE 🎉: We are currently searching for TWO new brand reps from October 2018 - March 2019!! 😊 — We have decided to hold a search every six months or so and give a couple of outstanding #disney_igers the opportunity to rep our brand! As we continue to grow, we will continue to make adjustments and choices that reflect our brand as we see fit. Remember, we are still a #smallbusiness trying to spread kindness but also to improve our brand and increase our following. 😘 — We want to try and make this a consistent rotation so that many of you are considered and will be given the role! (If not this time, then certainly in times to come!) You can even become a rep more than once, if you care to re-enter. 🙌🏼 — Here’s how to enter: ✖️Post this pic to your insta page and tag us in it! (You may remove it once the search has ended) ✖️Answer the question above in detail...and make it fun! We will be choosing two of the most creative answers. ✖️Your IG must be public and Disney-inspired. We will also be taking into account the layout, aesthetic, and clarity of your photos. ✖️Do NOT enter if you can’t send us photos in the parks regularly. We are looking for high quality photos that showcase our brand and the t-shirt’s design. Also, you must be willing to email us at least a dozen photos highlighting our designs with unique poses, camera angles, and background choices IN the Disney parks. ✖️Must be 18 years or older ✖️Must be following us! And must tag us once you’ve posted the above photo. ✖️Tag two friends who might be interested as well! — ✨Our search will close this Wednesday! Winners will receive a DM and additional details to follow. 💗 Best of luck to all!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ZipADeeTees #brandrepsearch #disneyig #disneygram #disneyigers #wdw_igers #disneyfashion #disneyootd #magicalmakers #shopsmall #disneyside #disneystyle #disneyphotography #disneylifestylers #disneylifestyle #disneyinsta #dressedindisney #doersanddreamers #disneyparks #disneyworld #disneyland #reppingmagic
Rest. Fuel up. RENEW 🙏 Got to witness a baptism today at church and it was so amazing and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ End the day on a high and wake up tomorrow on a high ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Big stuff is in the works #LeadWithHeart
Hello there! I’m back and ready to fill your news feed with my seaside style and glorious colour... but can you see me? Hands up? Who needs this wonderful clutch wallet and boho bag in their lives? Freshly made for Autumn........ It’s perfect for pairing up with denim and comes with all sorts of beautiful matching accessories if you want the whole set for a special treat? 💙 💙 💙 #creativesouls #theseasidestyle #theseasidesew #bagineer #bagsofstyle #etsyshop #etsyseller #handmadeisluxury #mystyle #coastalvibes #autumn 🍁 #autumnstyle #bohostyle #creatives #creativebusiness #smallbusinessowner #takingordersnow #doersanddreamers #handmadebags #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyfinds #etsyowner #shophandmadeuk #handmadetreats #madebyorder #handmadebythesea
Here's a pic of the #thevanjob in all its Glory. And here follows our rules of engagement for this Instagram: 1.) We will only post #real #content . Daily accomplishments, challenges, #advantures , or awesome #dance offs. 2.) We won't take ourselves even remotely seriously. If you're looking for videos with hours of editing, perfectly staged food shots, any of us in a bikini taking an outdoor shower or laying in bed, or heavily filtered close ups of our #bespoke hand tools, you'd better look elsewhere. I promise you there will be no posts with any of our legs with a gorgeous backdrop. Nobody wants that. :) 3.) We want your input! And your questions! Help us along and let us help you. I've been doing stuff like this for a long time, but this is my first van, so I'm psyched for your ideas. Thanks! BCBC #thevanjob #yeahthatgreenville #diycampervan #fordtransit #fordtransitcamper #fordtransitcustom #vanlife #doit #builtnotbought #hartmakers #family #twokidsandacamper #kidsmakeeverythingfun #kids #vancrush #homeonwheels #adventuremobile #vanconversion #vanlifesommunity #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifeideas #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #doersanddreamers #advantures
You know how you can just tell when someone is doing the work they were meant to do. Stopped in today for my monthly sugar cinnamon French popover and the place was all a buzz with hungry diners. The kitchen was chock full of bakers and chefs creating the most delectable treats AND our dear Sweet Melissa now has a baking book 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻She’s beautiful, she’s talented and from the looks of it has found her soul work that she continues to share with all of us ✨🐝✨swipe swipe 😋😋#sweetmelissas #patisserie #petitejoys #frenchie #friday #livemoremagic #thehappynow #theartofslowliving #dontquityourdaydream #doersanddreamers #feelfreefeed #aquietstyle #postitfortheaesthetic #nothingisordinary #natureandnourish #artfulliving #beautyallaround
You never know where your guidance will come from —maybe a friend might tell you something inspiring or a stranger might do or say something that instantly clicks— but when you know God you have the ultimate mentor ❤️❤️❤️ There is nothing too deep, too massive, and too complicated for you ❤️ Anything can be accomplished with God #LeadWithHeart
A past you that took steps to get to where you are now ❤️ The steps you take today are leading you to tomorrow ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Take a moment to ask yourself what type of leader you’re being called to become and take daily action towards that becoming ❤️ The new to-do list is the BECOMING List ⚡️⚡️⚡️#LeadWithHeart || 📷: @lucysheridan
I truly feel at our core we crave intimacy ❤️ In-to-me-see ❤️See me ❤️ . I feel most seen when I’m talking intimately with God ❤️❤️❤️ I imagine God smiling as I tell him about my day I can’t help but laugh —sometimes I feel I say some crazy stuff! Haha 😂 ❤️ . That intimacy is what heals every crevice of me 😊 It rejuvenates my spirit to build, create, and show up in my business and life ⚡️ . Whatever your day is like —you’re sharing it with a God who absolutely gets excited to hear! ❤️ . Prayer is conversation and active conversation becomes intimacy #leadwithheart
Prepping for alllll the wedding thangs and can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been up to these last few weeks! T-minus 9 days! Also, if there are any professional vow writers out there, help a sister out! (kind of kidding, kind of surrrrrrious) 👏🏼✨💍
Pool membership was extended til tomorrow ✨💙✨Now I know for sure NOTHING would get done if we lived in the south and had our own pool 🤷🏼‍♀️#lastlicks #summer #feeltheheat #smokinhot #frenchexit #patrickdewitt #livemoremagic
In a philosophy and deep thinking mood around legacy, chasing goals, and creating a mission-driven brand ✨🙏 . I’ve been noticing that the more intentional I get and choose choices that feel good AND are in step with the type of person I want to become the more I notice HUMILITY is something that’s being molded right now ❤️ . All the big stresses in my life were born from the wants and cravings of my EGO. ✨✨Become this BIG spiritual teacher and speak on stages about God. ✨✨Write a book that gets sold across the world. ✨✨Get interviewed on all the big media outlets. . And yes there is HEART there but when I start to question those wants and cravings there were also tiny seeds —that I’m rooting out—of seeking outside approval, love, and forgetting that I already am LOVED. God fills me up❤️ . If its the season to speak on a LARGE platform then I’ll speak on that platform ❤️ But if I’m here to do a different role then I’ll HAPPILY do that different role too ❤️ It’s not about me —it’s about community and serving ❤️ Jesus came to serve; not to be served. . So wherever that service ends up being each day I want to serve with the same heart —no matter the assignment❤️ And you want to know the biggest running joke of this life we live in? . The second you let go and Let God in any area of your life the second things start shifting! Haha 😂 And you actually end up stepping into what you were okay with walking away from. . Because you chose God first instead of putting the dream as God in your life. . Let me know if that makes sense for you because I literally am fast writing this right now—this message is pouring out of my heart and I know it’s going to speak to someone whose been chasing, struggling, hustling, and confused around why they haven’t gotten “THERE” yet. . Our choices serve more of a purpose then just helping us achieve and mark off goals —they also develop the type of person we’re here to be 😊❤️❤️ And not every choice will be a platform choice —most choices in your life are character development ❤️🙏 . I’m curious to hear what’s your experience as of late, what choices are you making and what type of values are you seeing yourself create and shape into?
Always and in all ways ❤️❤️❤️ You’re getting fueled up for what you’re being called to create next ⚡️💥 #LeadWithHeart
You’re an original ✨ You’re an industry titan ⚡️ You’re a paradigm breaker 💥 Just in case you needed a reminder on who you are 😊 What you put in today is making the dream happen ❤️ God is doing BIG work in your life! #LeadWithHeart || 📷: @shannonkaiserwrites
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Happy Labor Day to all our followers! We hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday weekend. ❤️ And who’s had a PSL already? 👋🏻🤤🎃☕️ — ✨Don’t forget our BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT Sale continues through tomorrow! Some of your favorite tees are 25% off!! ...And did we mention they’re ready to ship?? 😘😊🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ZipADeeTees #disneyside #disneyworld #wdw #magickingdom #disneyparks #disneyphotography #disneyinsta #disneyig #disneygram #disney_igers #disneyfashion #disneyaesthetic #dressedindisney #disney_at_home #disneylifstylers #disneylife #doersanddreamers #magicalmakers #shopsmall #etsymesomedisney #wdw_igers
l electrocuted a 94-yr old with EXCITEMENT yesterday when I told him that I get coaching clients online 😂😄 . He got so excited! He freaked out on me and said, “That’s a thing!!!?? But how do you get paid? PayPal? So you’re telling me you can work with ANYONE in the world with your phone and a payment link!? Gosh!!!” . And I just started nodding and laughing and felt a neat sting of gratitude 🙏 He opened my mind back up again to realize the miracle of the times we’re in 😊 Here we are posting content on Instagram and through a conversation, our phones, and a payment processor like PayPal or Stripe we can coach someone across the globe 🌎 We can grow an online coaching business We can impact someone’s habits and give them the tools to make a career that fits their lifestyle and legacy goals And the bare minimum entry is a phone and a payment link ❤️ And yet, I talk to so many new entrepreneurs who think they need all these marketing tools, a fancy website, and have to grow their audience to at least 1k before they can even THINK of getting their first client While the marketing tools, website, and a quickly growing audience are great —they’re not necessities for your first sale They’re upgrades ⚡️ They’re the branding and positioning work you do after you tested your business idea with your first sale One of my clients had never made a sale online —she didn’t even have a program created before our 90-min intensive Within 90-mins, we created her first program and I gave her a game plan to sell that program organically on Facebook Her first week of promoting that offer she landed 5 paid coaching clients 🔥🔥🔥 ❌No spending hours and hours developing a website ❌ No rushing to sign up for Click funnels, Acuity, Convertkit, Zoom, etc before even getting a sale ❌ No wasting time building business content and assets for a business idea that might not even work At the end of the day like my friend said: You can get a client with just your phone and a payment link/processor. Now she’s collecting leads, building her website and funnels, growing her audience, setting up systems for a business that’s been proven ❤️❤️❤️ (Contd in comments 👇)
Sometimes we might do something not because we want to—but because everyone else is doing it. It feels safe to follow the crowd and to belong. But I want to encourage you to get intentional and ask yourself: What is it that YOU want? You don’t have to have the same business model as everyone else You don’t have to do the same strategy as everyone else And you don’t have to become a business coach or step into an online identity that everyone else is doing What is it that YOU want? That maybe you’ve been too afraid to say yes to for fear of it not working. Bring it front and center. It’s time to express yourself. It’s time to be more you ❤️ God created you as an original never a copy ❤️✨ #LeadWithHeart || Want to create original content for your brand that calls in your ideal client? Grab my free content tool kit (LINK IN BIO: @inspiremeamanda )
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