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Is your pup always stealing the best seat in the house? Come in today and get your doggo their very own couch bed! Our couch beds are regularly $39.99, but today they are on sale for $29.99! Then everyone can lounge in comfort 😁 Original photo by Derek Story on Unsplash #cozypetsupplies  #uplandpets#dogcouch  #dogcouchpotato  #dogsofupland#sofadog  #dognaps  #instapup   #dogsupplies  �#lovedogs #uplandca  #uplandcalifornia#shopupland  #petsupplies   #newbed  #newdogbed  #dogbed   #spoilyourdog  #mustlovedogs #dogarelife  #dogsareawesome   #dogsaregreat #petsupplies #comfydogbed #comfydoggie
In Love with this Sport. 🐶❤🤘 #dogsport #dogarelife #doglovers #doghandling #sportlife #bangalore
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Isn't funny how we can easily fall into a routine. Every night at 9:00 P.M. I get my treat😍. But today they forgot and it was already 9:06. So I decided to give them the most pathetic face ever to make them feel bad for me. It worked🤗 #germanshepherd #coonhound #mix #germanshepherdcoonhoundmix #dogstagram #dogarelife #dogsarefamily #dogsarethebest
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How did he get so cute 💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙#dogsofinstagramsa #dogarelife #pet #lovepetsforever #mybabyboy 💙 #lovehim #followus #follow #followforlike
A little quirk about me is that I love tuna😍🐟. And today mom was making something that has tuna in it so she decided to share some. *I do want to point out that I don't get a lot of it and I very rarely get it.* #germanshepherd #coonhound #mix #dogstagram #dogsarefamily #dogsarethebest #dogarelife #doglovestuna
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I used to have to seek her out to cuddle when she was in a good mood, now she comes on her own 😍 and she used to refuse pictures. this girls come a long way. #pradajean #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #pittbullsofinstagram #pittielove #dogarelife
Saturday cuddles with this cutie after our hikes today 😍😘🐶 #pitbull #pitbullmix #doggo #furbaby #furmama #dogarelife #canadian #bullybread #dogsofinstagram
⬆️ If you have a reactive dog and are attempting to work through this issue on your own, it’s important to understand the different “levels” of difficulty that you’ll encounter with your reactive dog. Here are the most common hurdles I have to work through with my reactivity cases: . 1️⃣ Moving towards a stationary dog . 2️⃣ A dog moving horizontally in front of your dog . 3️⃣ A dog moving towards your dog . ☑️ At each of these levels, you need to consistently get your dog to look to you without reacting before moving on to the next “level”. . 🤔 How come? . 🧠 Essentially, you are re-programming your dog’s mind. . 🔀 Meaning: in these situations where your dog would typically bark or lunge, your dog needs to demonstrate that he associates other dogs with positive thoughts and can have the self-control to look to you instead of the dog that he’s reacting at. . 📆 Keep in mind that depending on which level you begin at and the severity of your dog’s reactivity, you may need to work at each level for weeks or even months before moving on to the next level. While dogs can certainly work through it quicker, it’s imperative that you work at your dog’s pace, stay patient and understand that working through reactivity is a long-term process! . 💥 Now that you’re aware of the different levels of difficulty, here’s the process of how to use this with your dog to solve reactivity: . 1️⃣ Be aware! Why is your dog reacting and what is causing him to react? Is he fearful? Excited? Confused? . 2️⃣ Begin where your dog doesn’t react and slowly move towards the thing that is causing him to react. . 3️⃣ Continually associate the situation with positivity by getting your dog to to look at you and rewarding his focus . This reward can be food (especially your dog’s favorite treats), toys, petting, attention, and praise. . 4️⃣ Don't move closer until your dog is calm and focused on you! . 5️⃣ Take your time & practice consistently! . ✅ Rememebr, begin with the lowest difficulty level (moving towards a stationary dog) and master this before moving on to levels 2 and 3. (Some dogs also have an additional level of protectiveness in addition to these 3 levels) . 👇 Tag a friend below!
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Happy Furday pups😄, I almost became a criminal today. At my day care I go to every Furday, they had these treats. Hannah and I went over to them and I normally wouldn't grab treats off racks/out of bins. But I decided to show my evil side😈 and grabbed not one but two off the rack and tried to eat them, unfortunately, Hannah got them out of my mouth before I could finish. Mom knew that putting them back would be unsanitary so she bought them😁. Once home, I was finally able to get my treat 😍🤗 and it was delicious. Definitely good enough to steal 🤭 #germanshepherd #coonhound #mix #dogstagram #dogtheif #dogarelife #dogsarefamily #dogsarethebest #notsponsored #dogs
Playtime is always welcomed, esp mounting sth I can't get off later on 😂 Anyway, time to do that challenge from @leonard_the_k9 :) here are 10 facts about me: 1. I was born in Wales but stolen to Wiltshire, UK by my pawrents 2. I have either chewed or attempted to chew laptops, tv controls, mouse for the laptop, slippers, shoes, table corners (the list is endless) although I knew I'd get hard time after that 3. I looked as cute as my other 4 sis and bros when my pawrents came to pick me up but my mum went for me coz I looked very lively and with big healthy paws (little did she know what it meant for the future) 4. I'm nearly 6 months but I'm already interested in ladies 🙈🙊 5. I like to run more than to walk 6. I learned a lot of tricks quicker than a Labrador during the puppy class 🤣🤣 7. I can sell my soul to a devil for a piece of sausage 8. I have a sis cat that stopped hissing at me (success!) 9. I love to sleep in my pawrents bed even though my dad is not excited about it 10. I'm a purebred beagle, but I'm sure you already guessed it even if you were blind or couldn't read 🤣🤣 I nominate @ktown_beagle , @archies_adventures0 , @miss_daisy_beagle_ to do this challenge and I hope you will! 💜💜💜 #challenge #grumpybeagles #grumpybeaglesunited #dogmodelsearch #beagleboy #beagleclub #walkies #fancypaws4 #beaglehappinness #dogoftheinsta #dogoninstagram #beagleoninstagram #cutebeagle #bigboy #beaglelovers #бигльщенок #doggo #dogarelife #archie_the_beagle_boy
😩 Having trouble teaching your pup how to “stay”? . 🙃 Here are the two most common mistakes I see dog owners make when trying to teach this command: . 1️⃣ What often happens when first teaching a dog how to ‘stay’, is as soon as you take that first step or two away from them, the dog breaks the “stay” and comes to you. . ❌ Instead of starting over from the beginning, I see a lot of people try to salvage the “stay” by making them stop and then moving on. . 🐾 The problem is, this teaches your dog that the command ‘stay’ means to wait for a little bit but then move forward when they lose self-control. Whereas, we want “stay” to mean you wait here until I return! . 2️⃣ Also, after the owner says ‘stay’, most dogs will drift off and not focus on their owner holding up the “stay” command signal ✋ . 😂 The owner, not aware of this, goes 10 steps back, returns to their dog and praises them for staying when the dog didn’t even realize they were doing! . 💙 Here’s what I recommend doing to avoid these mistakes and how to properly teach the “stay” command: . 🗣 Only say “stay” once! Just like I say with every command, you should only say “stay” command once. This might seem especially hard with the “stay” command because you might feel the need to remind your dog not to move. But trust me! Say it once in order to have your dog take you seriously and to listen the first time! Plus, holding up the hand gesture of an open palm is signaling to your dog “stay, stay, stay..”. . ⏸ When you lose your dog’s attention, pause and bring their attention back to you so that they learn that ‘stay’ doesn’t mean stay where they are and ignore you if they want, but to stay and remained focus YOU. . 👐 You can bring their attention back with hand motions, noises, or calling their name. Remember, don’t repeat the command! . 🔕 When your dog learns to keep their focus on you, they learn to ignore all other noises and distractions, which will also teaches them self-control. . 🤗 Only continue to increase the distance of the “stay” when your dog remains stationary and focused on you! . ‼️ Tag a friend below who needs help with this!
🙌 Teaching a dog to go to a bed/place/mat is one of my FAVORITE exercises for teaching a dog self-control and improving obedience! . 🐾 Also, utilizing this command can be a great tool to work through behavioral issues such as barking at the door by giving your dog another “job” to do. . ❤️ Overall, teaching a “go to your bed” command is an incredibly useful and practical exercise that I recommend every dog owner implements! . ✅ Here’s how I recommend teaching it: . 1️⃣ Have treats, a toy or another high value reward ready that you will use to reward your dog. . 2️⃣ Start in an open area with your dog focused on you, about 10 feet away from your dog’s bed. . 3️⃣ Tell your dog “go to your place/rug/bed”. . 4️⃣ DO NOT lure your dog to that spot in the beginning. Just point to the area with a treat/toy/other reward in hand and see if your dog will figure it out and go on his own. Only then, if your dog does not go on his own, should you lure them there. I always strive to see if the dog will figure it out on his own before resorting to an easier step! . 5️⃣ If you must lure your dog, take one step at a time towards that place/rug/bed (pointing at that area the whole time) until he makes the connection and goes to the bed. . 6️⃣ Make him sit on his bed and then give him his reward. . 7️⃣ Repeat this exercise until your dog goes to his bed on command without the lure. . ❗️There are going to be varying degrees of difficulty with this command to make it more and more effective for real-life situations. . ☑️ For instance, work to increase the distance of the bed and work on this command from different places in your home (while laying on the couch, at the dinner table, etc). . 🔄 THEN, when this habit is ingrained, begin to implement more and more distractions and levels of difficulty. For example: . ➡️ Someone at the door ➡️ Doorbell ringing ➡️ Knocking and ringing ➡️ Person walking in the door ➡️ Person walking inside and greeting you ➡️ Dog walking in the door . 👇 Tag a friend below who needs to implement this!
📋 Every “bad” behavior your dog exhibits has a reason behind it. . 😡 When a dog is misbehaving, most dog owners just get flustered and tell their dog “No! Stop that!” . ❤️ And I understand! . 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s in our nature to act on impulse with our pets and tell them “No!” in the moments where we feel we have no other way to communicate our feelings. . 😣 In these instances, the human - dog relationship is reduced to a simple “No. I don’t like that so you need to stop!” . ❌ While this kind of thought process and action may generate a result in that instance (because your dog sees you’re upset and is afraid), the problem is, this kind of correction NEVER has a beneficial long-term impact. . ⚠️ There’s one huge reason behind this... . 💭 You’re not taking into account WHY your dog is behaving. . ⁉️ Why is your dog chewing on your shoe? Because dogs have a natural need to chew & your shoe happened to be the most enticing chewing object available! . 🚫 Therefore, if you just tell your dog “No” the next time he chews your shoe or jumps on the table, what motivation does he have to stop?! . 🔇 These self-rewarding behaviors are always going to be way more motivating than you just saying “No”. . 🔑 Which is why one of my “Golden Rules” of dog training is that redirection is key to shaping behavior! . 🙅🏼 When your dog is exhibiting any unwanted behavior, redirecting him to the appropriate behavior will be key to curbing that behavior. . 🍖 If you want your dog to stop chewing on your 👞, redirect him to an appropriate chewing object. . 🍕 If you want your dog to stop jumping on the counter, teach him to go to his bed and reward him for that. . 💯 Whatever behavior you want to stop, you need to give your dog motivation to stop doing what he is doing by giving him something else to do instead! . 🙇🏻‍♂️ Remember this the next time your dog is being “bad” & try to think about what you would want your dog to do other than acting that way. . 💘 Because the more we seek to understand our dogs, the better relationships we will have with them. . 👇 If you’re unsure about how to redirect a behavior, leave a comment below & I’ll be happy to give you some guidance.
😭 Does your dog pull you every time he’s on leash? . ❤️ You are not alone! Leash pulling is an extremely common issue among dog owners! . 🤗 The good news is, your walks have the potential to be very enjoyable if you follow the heeling training fundamentals in this video with practice and patience! . ⬇️ Here are the most important steps you should remember when teaching your dog to “heel”: . 1️⃣ Get your dog’s focus before you start walking. . 🚫 The biggest mistake people make during leash training is they lose their dog’s focus before they even start walking! . 🤷🏼‍♀️ Why does this matter? Think about it like this... . ❌ If your dog is already in his own world before you even leave your house, how the hell do you expect to get his focus and get him to listen to you when exposed to all of the distractions of the outside world?! . 2️⃣ Aim for 💯% focus on the walk! . ⚠️ Anytime your dog looks down or away from you it can lead to pulling, which is why it’s imperative that you maintain your dog’s focus as much as possible throughout your walk. . 🍗 When you notice your dog’s focus wavering, call his/her name and reinforce this behavior with a clicker word “Yes!” and a reward such as a treat. . 3️⃣ If the leash tightens while walking your dog, STOP! . 👀 If your dog pulls at any point on the walk, stop and get his focus. . 4️⃣ Once your dog stops, command your dog to “heel”. . 🐕 As always, redirection is key to shaping behavior! When your dog pulls on the leash, you want to redirect him to “heel” at your side. The ideal loose leash walking position is when your dog is walking by your side without tension on the leash and looking up at you! . 🐾 To get your dog to “heel” when he’s pulling in front of you, take a step back and lure him to this position and make your dog sit. Then take a step forward and resume walking! . 👇 Tag a friend below who needs help with pulling!
💯 Everyone wants the perfect dog who heels at their side, walks with a loose leash and focuses on them when they need them to. . 👀 However, the reality is that most dogs are very distracted while out on walks! . 🐶 Whether it be that the dog is pulling on the leash trying to get to another dog, on high alert, or just simply distracted by all of the smells and things in the outside world—a lack of focus on walks is a very common issue among dog owners. . 🤷🏼‍♀️ You want to be able to take your dog on a mile walk between classes or at your lunch break, but that walk ends up only being a few blocks because your dog won’t stop sniffing or pulling to other dogs... what should you do? . 🐾 If you are in a similar situation and are unsure how to get your dog’s focus, here are a few recommendations on how to start: . ✅ While on walks, call your dog’s name and reward him when he looks to you. ✅ For one week, instead of going for a long walk (or in addition, if you have the time), block out a set amount of time to train your dog’s focus on walks. ✅ While doing this, aim to keep your dog’s focus 100% of the time. . ⬇️ I’ll explain further: . ⭐️ While training focus, making your dog “check-in” (i.e. focus on you when you call his name) 100% of the time while on a short walk is one of the simplest yet most powerful tactics for gaining focus. . 😄 When training your pup to check-in, you want to be sure to give him the motivation to do so. To do this, you and your voice has to be more appealing than everything around that is distracting your dog. . 🏆 Some dogs are simply motivated by your praise, which is awesome. . 🎲 Other dogs, when out on walks, are fairly disinterested in you unless you have something that they want. So, here is how you can motivate your dog to WANT to check-in with you: . 🍗 When out on walks, simply say your pup’s name in a positive tone. The second he looks up at you, tell him “Yes” and give him a treat and/or praise. Repeat many, many times. . 📈 Repeatedly doing this: training your dog’s name as a command to to look up at you to focus will go SO far for improving the quality of your walk’s and all around obedience! . 👇 Tag a friend below!
🤬 Does your dog LOVE to go after your socks, favorite pair of shoes or even 💩?! . 🚧 “Leave It” is a command that can be used to quickly PREVENT dogs from going after these items BEFORE they actually pick it up. . ⚠️ Since you’re essentially trying to stop a dog in that split second before they try to go after something undesirable, a lot of people tend to make one of the following two mistakes in the heat of the moment: . 1️⃣ They yell “LEAVE IT!” 👺 in a negative tone and focus their energy into the item they want their dog to avoid. . ✅ Dogs sense and react based off your energy and body language. If you’re tense and focused intently on that slipper you want them to avoid, many dogs will become even more interested in that object... so keep your cool! Find a reward that your dog will love more than whatever you’re going after and reward him when he leaves that object! I’m a huge proponent of being more motivating than whatever your dog is trying to get at and employing patience! . 2️⃣ They don’t give a reward after the dog obeys the “Leave It” . ✅ This is sooo important! Guys, if you are able to redirect your dog’s attention from an extremely motivating object while they are locked in on it, then that is a HUGE win and you need to praise the crap out of your dog for that!!! It’s human nature just to be RELIEVED that your dog didn’t go after that 🧦, 👠 or 💩, but the more you praise desirable behaviors like this, the quicker your dog will learn right from wrong! . 🐿 I recommend starting with this basic method so that your dog can get a basic understanding of what “Leave It” means before moving on to “real life” scenarios, like chasing after that annoying squirrel in your front yard. . 👻 Here’s how to teach a dog to “Leave It”: . 1️⃣ Have your pup start in the down position . 2️⃣ Put the object on the ground (covered by your hand, or uncovered, depending on the difficulty level he is at) . 3️⃣ Tell your pup to “Leave it” . 4️⃣ Once he looks at you, tell him “Yes” and reward him with a treat from the other hand . 5️⃣ Remember it is important to practice this so that he thinks: “If I leave this, I get something better” . 👇 Tag a friend below!
😡 “How 🐶 to stop dog's from jumping on the table?!” . 😜 If you want to prevent this behavior altogether, don’t feed your dog from the table in the first place! . 🙈 But if you’re like me and just want to hang out with your dog while you eat, you need to teach boundaries and self-control! . ✌️ From my experience, there are 2 levels of difficulty in teaching a dog to stop jumping on the table and/or invading your personal space while you’re trying to enjoy your meal: . 1️⃣ When a dog invades your personal space & jumps on the table, you tell him “off” & redirect him to sit or go to his bed, after which he is rewarded and learns to respect your personal space. With repetition, your dog learns to remain seated or lay on his bed during meal time. . 🤬 Seems easy enough, right?! Unfortunately, highly food motivated dogs can be more of a challenge! . 🍔 For extremely food motivated dogs, once they’ve rewarded themselves by jumping on the table to grab a juicy steak, it’s even harder to break this behavior as they can easily achieve their reward of getting the food. Which leads me to the second situation: . 2️⃣ You try the steps above but notice that your dog has learned to jump on the table & go to his bed in order to get redirected so that he can get a treat. In this case, your dog still associates jumping on the table with an eventual reward - the treat! Smart cookie!!! . ❌ In this case, when your dog jumps on the table in hopes of getting a treat, redirect him with an “Off”. If you have to then redirect to a “Sit” or “Go to your bed” command, your dog only gets the clicker word “Yes”! . ✅ If, however, your dog immediately sits or goes to his bed, THEN he gets the treat. This teaches your dog that he only gets rewarded if he does the right thing without you having to redirect him! . ⭐️ Bonus Tip: Once you’ve gotten to the point where your dog is sitting politely or laying on his bed, work on prolonging the amount of time your dog will remain stationary, rewarding him for this self-control! . ❤️ The more you pair this exercise with one of the examples above, the more your dog will learn the politeness you expect out of him during meal times. . 👇 Tag a friend!
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Awesome bud showing off his little fancy bow tie 🖤. I did not tell him to pose, he did that all on his own lol such a good boy 🐶
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Injured puppy has a sprained carpus and must rest for 4-6 weeks... Rest being the operative word... #dogarelife #dogs #pups #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppies #puppy #puppylove #dogmomaf
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"We’re brother and sister. At the end of the day, I can’t change that" Happy Saturday pups, I was surprised today because I had no idea my brother was coming over 😄, hope you all enjoyed today ❤🐶🐾 #germanshepherd #coonhound #mix #dogstagram #dogsiblings #dogsarethebest #dogsarefamily #dogarelife
.* #💟🎥🎥🎥リポストムービー🎥🎥🎥💟 .* 🐶「エ……」 .* #FastRepost from @anetasokolowska7 by @fastrepost_app ••• 🔈🔈🔈😲😲😲😆😆😆😆😆☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ . . . #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #instadog #instalove #waitforit #funnyshit #lmao #hilarious #funnydogs #dogmom #mustlovedogs #dogsrule #pitbull #doggo #pitbullsofinstagram #pitsofig #doglove #dogsrule #dogarelife #tgif #fridaymood #weekendvibes .* Thank you very much Aneta👩🌹
Happy Furday pups 🐶, hope you all enjoy the weekend ❤😄 #germanshepherd #coonhound #mix #dogstagram #dogsofinstaworld #dogarelife #dogsarethebest #dogsarefamily
Truth. #dogarelife
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My first dogger Bell. Many moons ago! 🐾 Circa 1995 . . . #myfirstdog #agirlandherdog #happynationaldogweek #everydayisdogday #myheart #dogsarefamily #dogarelife
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