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Today was the last day of my summer break. 😪 Getting back into the school mindset I decided to crunch some numbers today and created this Summer Break breakdown. 😎 Weight loss 🤔 not super impressive but look at the amount of workouts and the amount of TIME I INVESTED into myself this summer. 😯😁 . Now it’s time to get disciplined with my time management and get myself into a good work/workout routine. 🤓 #summertime #summer2018 #teacherlife #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitmomjourney #weightlossjourney #mombod #strongmama #strongwomen #dowork #doitforyou #momstrong #fulltimeworkingmom
If you think it comes over night, you're wrong. It takes time, be patient my friend it'll come, and you'll be happy💞 #happy #lifestyle #eatwell #doitforyou #health #patient #fitness #worthit #workout #time
She set her mind on the future. She fought through the tough sh**. She stopped listening to the haters. She fought back when they all told her to give up. And decided it was time to let go of the past and fight for her future. ❤️ . . . #teamfitandfierce . . #oklahomagirls #mytulsa #positivemindset #lifestylechanges #furmama #blessedbygod #innerstrength #isfj #newlyweds #tietheknot #aftertheparty #tulsalife #brokenarrow #oklahomafitness #overcomedepression #doitforyou #perfectlyimperfect #midwestisbest #nogritnopearl
Et on repart pour un autre!! Mais POURQUOI!!? Parce que ÇA FONCTIONNE!!! Les gens en reviennent juste pas! Pour des exemples de transformation écris moi en privé. #slimmingwaist #challenge #drink #digestion #reflux #ballonements #gaz #nutrition #fitdad #fitmom #comewithus #getresults #detox #pertedepoids #prisedemasse #team #herba #doitforyou #faitlepourtoi
Day 14!! 💪 And it was challenging, and my whole body is jelly, and I'm a big ol' puddle on the floor....but tomorrow is a rest day, and then I get to do my favorite body part....shoulders!! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️
Every time I leave @bikramyogacentreville there is always something inspirational I write down. Today it was from Jessica: “Whatever the answer is, at least you can say you tried.” This is so relevant to so many things in life. So powerful. #yoga #yogi #wannabeyogi #bikram #bikramyoga #persist #shepersisted #strength #beauty #sweatitout #alwaystry #try #power #doitforyou
Always love yourself first. I have come to find out, this journey has made me want to reconnect with myself now more than ever. This journey put me through so much, and I’m glad I can finally love myself again. 💕 #focusonyourself #weightlosstransformation #beautifulgirls #love #yourself #doitforyou
I finally decided to have my hair dyed after about 3 years of my natural hair color. I also loved that while I got my hair done the stylist and I figured out we were both doing the same workout program!!! We talked about nutrition, lifting, and of course how to keep your hair looking fabulous without washing it every day 😁 (so good to know with red hair).
Vamos es tiempo del cambio si deseas verte mejor, tener más energía, cambiar tu estilo de alimentación, controlar tu peso, atrévete al cambio podemos ayudarte. - - 1 -1 Coach personalizado Plan de ejercicios 💪🏼 Lista de alimentos y ideas de snacks Chat 24/7 de motivation 👉🏻📱4015595229/ 5593306 English - - - #herbaliferesults #herbalifeshake #herbalifeprogram #fitnessmotivation #herbalife #fitness #nutrition #fitnessjourney #gymmotivation #summerbodygoals #doitforyou #gymflow #inspire #hustle #grind #bodytransformation #corauge #bodybuilding #slime #healthyfood #slimetutorial #coaching
I need to get better at taking progress pics..this isn’t some massive physical transformation but I’m 10+ lighter on the right which was taken a few days ago.. my mind/body/soul is stronger.. getting closer to my goals everyday .. a year ago I was in a toxic environment most aspects of my life were troubling me.. I made choices that were critical for me to get back to a better way of living ..everyday I am grateful for my family friends and health .. if transformation is what you seek do whatever must be done because you have the power.. do your research👏commit to your purpose👏 and hunny it takes tiiiiime .. don’t let anyone stand in your way 😚 #doitforyou #rpstrength #transformationtuesday
So here it is @loejawson !!’ My #transformationtuesday post!!! I’m not really a fan of this hashtag because I think people that have no ideal what someone like me and my friend Joe have been through on the daily misuse it all the time..... So for those of you who are over weight and feel like you can’t do it, just know you can do it!! You just have to really want to do it!! Check out Joes insta story!! We are not special 😂😂 We just simply make our weight loss a priority and work on it every fucking day !! While your checking out our pages check out @cake_yes_please as well !! She has killed the game too !! Go to @1stphorm right low and start changing your life today!!! #Phamily #iam1stphorm #wedothework #youcandoit #neversettle #100to0 #1stphorm #s2faction #transphormation #motivation #motivated #inspiration #transformation #goals #desication #itsalifestyle #itsalifestylenotadiet #doItForyou #getrickD #allin #knowyourworth #lilBig #Gainzta #legionOfBoom #MFCEO #NOdaysOFF
Tag someone who would say this too!!! Favorite animal 🐶 favorite color 🐶 favorite song 🐶 favorite errrrr-thang = DOGS! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #dogsfordays
•|Healthy Self|• |Heal•Thy•Self| These transformations never get easier. You may be confused by this one. Let me explain: In high school {left} I never knew where I fit in. TBH I never really felt like I fit in anywhere, even long before that. I was smart, but never smart enough it felt like 🤓. I was the “cute” friend but never anyone’s first choice. I always thought of other’s but I felt like I was always last on everyone else’s list. I spent years being nice and polite, shy and reserved bc I was so afraid of showing everyone who I was. I thought I was never good enough😔. I spent a good part of my childhood and early adulthood trying to emulate what I thought other’s wanted. It’s EXHAUSTING. And all it did was leave me feeling more lost. More hurt. More confused than ever. ___________________ A lot has happened between then and now, but the most important thing I can tell you that changed: Self love. Self respect. Self worth. 💕 ____________________ Not looking for validation from others for every.single.move you make is so freeing 🦅. The only person I’m trying to impress these days is ME✌🏼. When you give yourself permission to just be YOU, so many doors will open up for you. ___________________ Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror, I see the person I was always meant to be coming together little by little👣, day by day. Feeling at home in your own skin is the most important gift you can give yourself. It took me hitting rock bottom a few times to realize it. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t let it get that far before you realize that you are beautiful just the way you are: flaws, imperfections, mistakes, and all. If you accept yourself, the rest of the world will too 😘
You guys!!! These programs work!! Please, don't just take my word for it check out the results for yourself! Different ladies, different body types, different stages in life, and all seeing results!! Ladies you can do this too! Don't ever think you can't or that it will be to hard. Anything you do that you have to work hard for is worth doing! Do it for your family, do it for more energy, do it for your health, most importantly just do it for YOU!!!
Last sesh before my surfing bud heads off to college! WSU is so lucky to have you and I can’t wait to come visit! It’s been a hell of a summer, but we’ll definitely be back out doing our thing in November!!
What day is it? 💫TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY💫 I love to celebrate others but even better when are names are the same! Check out my teammate AMY!🔥 Where are all my new Momma’s at?! Check out her transformation pics, they are UNBELIEVABLE 🙌🏻 and only 5 months since having a BABY 👶🏼😱 Here is the best part........ 1. Was 💖Breastfeeding 💖almost the whole time 2. Did NOT starve herself 🚫🍗🍠🥑 3. Didn’t diet (I HATE that word) 4. Still had wine 🍷 THIS is what I love ❤️ about our amazing lifestyle systems. As if moms wouldn’t want to look this amazing after having a baby, not to mention FEELING like a million bucks and having energy for dayyyssssss! 😀🙌🏽 Amy, you are amazing. A true inspiration!!! #healthyandhappy #doitforyou #momonamission #liveyourbestlifenow #wellness #helpingothers #yesyoucan
Stay hydrated and stay focused! 30 minutes stairs, 30 minutes weight and abs. Happy and sweaty. The way to be. Life isn’t easy. But being alive and taking everyday in stride is the best you can do! • • • • #changingmylife #fibromyalgia #noafad #sweatyselfie #sweat #workhard #selfie #excercise #excercisedaily #excerisebenefits #workoutmotivation #workoutroutine #workoutcomplete #celiac #canadian #badass #girl #female #loveyourself #doitforyou #doitforyourself #healthy #health #healthylifestyle
Leg = 8.5 out of 10. Breathing = 5.5 out of 10. 😓 I THOUGHT it would be easier to breathe since it was about 7:30pm and 71 degrees. Not sure if it was the air or these damned 10 pounds I've gained since December. 😂 They've got to go, regardless...too cumbersome to carry around when I want to 🏃🏻‍♀️!Anyway, the most important thing is that I felt a definite improvement in my leg. 👍🏼
We had an absolute blast at the lake last week! This week I’m missing my daily workout view of the marina 😭. There’s no cell service but the lodge had WiFi so every day I got up before the boys and went down and got in my 23min ME time. Our last vacation I didn’t workout and fell off the wagon. I refused to let that happen again. Boy am I glad I stuck with it! Even though the workouts were challenging it was oddly peaceful and relaxing watching the sun come up and seeing the wildlife eat their breakfast. #doitforyou #23minutesaday #lifer #tle #sisterhood #badbish #sweatyselfie #lakelife #dalehollowlake #starpointresort
Day 2 of this weight loss challenge. 🤭😅. I don’t know how many times I’ve started but at least I always start again. Imagine if we’d all give up on the first try ?!! Loosing weight has been my biggest struggle but at least I am not giving up!! Sooo round 1000 lets go...maybe you’ll be the one😅🤭 #weightlosschallenge #tryingtoloseweight #fromfattofit #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #motivation 💪 #notgivingup #workingonme #letsbereal #loosingweightishard #healthyisthenewskinny #doitforyou
Two years separate these pictures. For anyone who ran with me that year heard of the story of me complaining about not liking the picture. I came home complaining to Jake about it. Asking him if I looked huge, bigger then normal, the list goes on.. I would hunch over to look “smaller” because everyone wants that right? [insert eye roll] . Fast forward to two years later and I feel like I finally have my groove. I’m learning to grow into myself and who I want to be, I stand with confidence, with pride. I don’t slouch, I push my shoulders back. I smile big because I’m happy. . Transformations aren’t always physical, this one, to me is more mental then anything. Break the mold, grow into you and [EmbraceYOU] #beyoubooboo
The face of someone who committed themselves for 80 days, 80 days of hard work and dedication. Was I always motivated? No Did I always want to workout after a long day at work? Hell no!! . . BUT DID I DO IT? YES!! . . It’s not always easy, but if you commit to something and see it through, the reward is priceless!! Dedicate yourself to better yourself!! . . #80dayobsession
. Reds Game 2016 to Reds Game 2018 . . ➡️ The girl on the left was extremely insecure & self conscious. I wore baggy clothes, leggings and yoga pants. I tried fad diets, diet pills, literally anything that promised to help me lose weight - fast. I tried working out and then I would quit. Had frequent migraines and anxiety. I didn't have a healthy relationship with myself, therefore I truly couldn't have one with others. --- ➡️ The girl on the right learned to love herself and be confident. I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle and have balance instead of always relying on a quick fix to come and rescue me. My migraines and anxiety are pretty rare now, they are not gone but happen very left often which I'm extremely grateful for. I learned to have balance and to treat my body better. I'm truly happy & positive now. . . Which girl are you? LEFT or RIGHT? Which one do you want to be? . . . . . . #doitforyou #bestversionofme #betterhealth #mentalhealth #behappy #loveyourself #anxietywarrior #anxietyrelief #anxietyfree #chronicmigraine #migrainesurvivor #kneeinjury #plica #plicasyndrome #igyoga #yoganewbie #physicaltherapy #anxietyproblems #progressoverperfection #chooseforyourself #makethechoice #teamgratefullyfit #cincinnati #goreds #redsbaseball #cincinnatireds #teampositiveandfit #positivemindset #positivity #positivethoughts
First step of trying to get out of my rut is new activewear! I’m in love with my #augustellie box. So many cute items! 😍 Not to mention the leggings fit my big ole postpartum hips with problems. 👌🏻 #LoveEllie
Lately I’ve been hearing, “I would do something like that, but I like eating/food too much.” ▪️ News flash: SAME HERE, GIRL! ▪️ I don’t diet. I’ve tried programs that do the shakes, powders, cleanses, and pills. During these, I was: -crabby -hungry -nauseous -emotional -exhausted -unable to exercise -low place mentally ▪️ I lost weight, but I was miserable. I gained it all back as soon as I stopped the crazy, crash diet. ▪️ Since changing my lifestyle, not only do I feel amazing, but I can EAT! Y’all- this is just what I take to WORK. I don’t count calories, I don’t take crazy pills or go on extreme cleanses. I use a protein powder, but it’s not a meal replacement. I love it because saves me a little time in the morning by replacing the protein out of my breakfast and giving me all the vitamins and minerals I need to get my day going! ▪️ They say nothing that’s worth it is ever easy, but how can it not be when you get to eat all day long!?
Take that booty! Crushed it tonight after a hard day, came home, re-fuelled and cranked out a workout! 🍑🍑🍑 . . These are the days that you need to do it for yourself!Because you’ll be so happy you did! 😁 . . That’s how you rough day into a better day! . . . #bootydayselfie #workyourbooty #whitetanktop #retrica #smilesformiles #fitnesssmile #doitforyou #youllbesohappyyoudid #comeondoit #bootyworkoutsmile
The best thing that you can do for yourself, is to have me time, take time everyday to do something for you, because you deserve it ❤️
I felt halfway like a duck today. Out all day in the rain. Butt wet. Even through my raingear. ~ Have to say, not a fan of having a wet butt all day long. 🤣 Work had to get done, so out in the rain it was. ~ Today was about doing what had to be done. No excuses.
A big big congratulations to Adrienne on completing her 100th class this evening! We are beyond lucky to have your amazing smile and soul as a part of our #purebarrefamily and are so proud of you for hitting this milestone! Congratulations Adrienne! ❤️ #100club
Different parts of my body change all the time, even though my weight continues to drop I feel like I've become even more aware of the flaws on my body and beating myself up about them. Doing everything I can in this weightloss journey to free my mind from this toxic thinking and learn to love myself for me no matter what I look like. #motivation #gymlife #momlife #momsthatlift #workthatmombody #dedication #healthyeating #pcosawareness #pcos #healthychoices #meggetsfit18 #strong #getfit #doitforyou #doitforyourkid #journeytoselflove #selflove #loveyourselffirst
ONE ☝️ not 10 #onething #laserfocused whatever YOUR one thing is, do.THAT.now. Get healthy, do THAT. Relationship issues, focus on THAT. Mindset adjustment, do THAT work. Business partners and money thangs, do THAT. The point is do the ONE thing right now, in the life season you are in right now, that requires the most work. THEN move into the next💃#dothework
A wedding gift is a popular reason to have a boudoir session. But guess what, there’s no right or wrong reason! It’s just about celebrating your body and loving the skin you’re in! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you interested in more information about a boudoir session? Click the link in my bio or DM me your email address! 💌
I have my struggles. Exercise isn't always easy asy for me, but I'm not going to give up. I'm determined to get stronger every day. I am not ashamed to modify. Of course I try to push myself as much as I can, but I also listen to my body too. Always remember to listen to your body. I am here to support you along your own fitness journey. Are you ready to start?
If the strength is really built during the struggle, then I should totally be winning a Strong Woman competition today!! 😳 . Lack of sleep equaled the major struggle bus for me today! Like major!! 😬. Every weight felt heavier.....every move seemed harder. Buuuutttt....done is better than perfect!! And with an amazing group of women for accountability, some days you just put your big girl panties on and make it happen 👊🏼. The ladies on my team are so often my motivation and help me want to push through on the hard days. 💕 . What motivates you to keep pushing when you’d rather hit the couch?
Fitness + Nutrition + Support = a Healthier YOU! You’ll get all three in my next bootcamp with @fitash.ley and I! You can finally get the results you’ve always desired! Drop your fav emoji below to learn more! 💪💪🤩 . . . . #fitsiration #fitjourney #transformationtuesday #fitgirls #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #doingittogether #resultsguaranteed #letsdothis #fitnessmotivation #stopquittingonyourself #beaccountable #workit #doitforyou #makeyouapriority #healthynotskinny
Yo. . . Show up. . Even when you don’t feel like it. . Even when you don’t think you can. . Even when you feel like you’re failing. . Freaking do it for YOU 😘. . . . #youareworthit #takecareofyourself #healthmatters #thehealthproject #doitforyou #youmatter #yo #sweatsimplybecauseyoucan #movementmatters
If you focus on the hurt you will continue to suffer. There is no growth in suffering. If you focus on the lesson you will continue to grow 🙌🏼 #transformationtuesday
This just in! Bells Deep will be in the building! Pay us a visit and grab your gear! , Veterans, nurses, & competitors receive 20% off... #ocbcarolinafitnessfestival #mensphysique #figure #bodybuilding #bikini #bikinicompetitor #natty #naturalbodybuilding #testedshows #ocb #ontheroadagain #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddicts #fitsporation #veterans #nurses #🍑 #nosleep #doitforyourself #doitforyou
PLEXUS HELPS WITH MANY ADDICTIONS ‼️ 🚨Awesome fact!!! Plexus BLOCK can help you quitting smoking!! 🚨Sugar in cigarettes??? UMM whattt???! Yep & since sugar is more addicting than cocaine, well that's why you're still addicted!!! 💻I’ve been reading a lot of Plexus testimonies about people using our BLOCK to quit smoking, (and I read some articles about the amount of sugar in cigarettes. Shocking!) but wondered just how something that blocks your body from absorbing starch and sugar could help you quit smoking. Well, now I know!! 🚨There is a TON of sugar in cigarettes!!! Up to 1/2 a teaspoon in each cigarette!! The companies actually add it to get you hooked!! 🚨Sugar is basically a drug! 🚨Ever try to quit smoking and you snack and eat everything and gain weight, so you start smoking again? It’s because your body #CRAVES the #sugar from the cigarette!! Who knew?? Well now YOU DO!! Will you use this knowledge to your advantage???? It's time to QUIT!🚭 ⚛#BLOCK prevents up to 48% of sugar from absorbing in your system, which helps you crave less. I know several people who have tried EVERYTHING to quit with no success, until they tried #Plexus . Isn’t this worth a try?? ➡If you can afford to smoke, I promise you can afford to try Plexus BLOCK! Nothing to lose, but the cigarettes! 🚭. #plexusblock #itstimetoquit #sugaraddiction #gethealthy #youcanaffordplexus #youareworthit #doitforyou #doitforyourfamily #healthcomesfirst
You have the power ...you always have. You just have to commit. Get out of your own head! Are you ready to drop all the excuses? . . . #droptheexcuses #doitforyou #powerisyours #whywait
I was that girl that walked into a gym and didn’t really know what I was doing. I never had a plan of what I was going to do that day so I just winged it making it up as I went along and getting from watching other people as they worked out. I worked with a trainer for a few months at the gym and that helped for a while but it wasn’t until I got another job where I’m at now and left the gym I was working at that I really got stuck. I tried workouts on Pinterest and making up my own at home but I just didn’t have the motivation or the drive to stick with it I needed something more. Yes I was that girl and let me tell you severals months ago I finally found what I was looking for and I can proudly say I am no longer that girl. I get it walking into a gym can be intimidating, make you feel lost and uncomfortable but you don’t have to be. The decision I made was one of the best ones I’ve made and I haven’t looked back ever since. If your tired of being that girl and want feel like you know what your doing and workout with drive and confidence then let go of the fear , make the change and do it for YOU!!! #cowgirlcoach #adhd #fitlife #makethechangetoday #doitforyou #YOUCAN !!
Just picked me up a new (to me) Beverly shear. Excited to break it in. #custom #buildwhatyouwant #piecebypiece #doitforyou #hotrodart #builditforyou #metalwork #fabrication
These weights aren’t gonna lift themselves! Week two of LIFT4 has begun!👍🏻💯🏋️‍♀️. And I’m feeling great! #momontherun #thisismyjourney #takingitback #lifft4life #doitforyou #week2day2 #shouldersandarmsareonfire #gettingfitagain 💪
This book is everything...I swear listening to her on Audible, everything she says just makes sense. 🙌🏼
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