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#Repost @themasonbrothers • • • • • ・・・ THIS SATURDAY COME HELP KNOCK OUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ———————————————- RUN WITH THE MASONS ( @themasonbrothers ) ———————————————- Who wouldn’t want to support advocacy to stop domestic violence and get a few miles in!!! What a win win ———————————- @planetfitness Northfield this Saturday, October 20th, 9am til 2pm #thisiscle #domesticviolence #awareness #domesticviolenceawareness #support #community #taboo #stigma #themasonbrothers #itsamovement
#Detox from #toxicrelationships can cause withdrawal symptoms that can be confused with love. Love isn’t toxic. #GodLovesYou 💜#TrustHim #Surrender #Recovery #LoveAddiction #Codependency #domesticviolenceawareness
Children should NEVER be used as a pawn!
Had a wonderful time at a women's conference about changing the narrative for women on #domesticviolenceawareness and #sexualharrasment regarding gender issues. . . All the while catching up on sister time. ❤
Not Now Not Ever! #voiceshavepower We are all coming together to open the conversation on Domestic and Family Violence - this topic is one that we should all be educated on. We want everyone to come along, bring a friend its FREE! Help by learning information and helpful self defense techniques that one day might help you! We will hold a gold donation sausage sizzle also to make sure we are raising funds and filling tummies. Please start the conversation today - our voices have power! #empire #ele #domesticviolenceawareness #event
A few days ago The Wake County Government Board of Commissioners proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month for Wake County.
The memory of that incident came back to me while I reached the quay. 🙃 The tides sets in, in my memory lane. Instinctively, my mind darted towards the happening of that day. 😕 I gave a guilty start when his voice ran out across the room. He gave off a cold commanding tone on his sensuous lips. ☹️ This Sally was greeted by a shriek and waves of chills down my bone marrow. 🙁 I severely chastised myself for being so weak & clumsy. 😓 I shuddered, resuming my business. Faint hopes he'll let go. 📝📝🗒️🗒️🖍️🖍️🖍️📋📋📋🗒️📝📝📝📆🗓️ I was too deeply engrossed till I felt the metal barrel on my temple. I was knocked out, cold! 🔫🔫🔫⚔️⚔️⚔️⚒️⚒️⚒️🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨 Excerpt From The Series "The Broken Glass" Click link in Bio
I was privileged to be awarded a certificate of recognition from the Connecticut Federation of Republican Women for my work I’ve done for the women of Connecticut and especially my work for domestic assault victims. #girlpower #pamforsenate #arealvoice #domesticviolenceawareness
October is domestic violence awareness month. I've been raped, abused, mentally and physically, held at gun point you name it I've dealt with it. People need to be aware of the things that we have been thru. Our story might help change someone's lives. Share my story maybe it will help someone else @resilientbeautyorganization #iamasurvivor #kamitee #kamilicious #blessed 🙏🏾#DomesticViolenceAwareness #strength
Last night I was honored for my platform and community giving. My show is a platform to give a voice, strength and hope. I am beyond grateful and humbled for this honor and it is only because of my #healingjourney that this is possible. I use to be a victim but now I have chosen to live and make a difference for others. Join me. Let’s do this together. #bekind #giveofyourself Last night was a gala for Access Family Services helping battered women. Did you know 1 in 4 women are abused? Maybe this is where you can help to make a difference for women and children in #newjersey #domesticviolenceawareness #safehavennewjersey 🙏 @nj_on_air @
*before you continue swiping through the post, trigger warning for verbal harassment and cat calling* Today is domestic violence awareness day, I hope you all stay safe and get informed! I wanted to share this amazing account that is taking catcalling issues to the streets- literally! Check her out and read into some of the posts and stories (of course only if you feel safe doing so). 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #stopstreetharassment #domesticviolenceawareness #stopcatcalling #stopschoolharassment
Leaving an abuse relationship is not easy, you may have tried and failed. Do not give up. #domesticviolenceawareness #relationshipcoah #relationshipdoula #brainhealthcoach #selflove
Teach your children how to get help. Instruct them not to get involved in the violence between you and your partner. Plan a code word to signal to them that they should get help or leave the house.⠀ ⠀ #safety #planahead #DomesticAbuse #domesticviolenceawareness #prepare #dontallowfeartokeepyousilent
October is domestic violence awareness month. How fitting showcase valor during this month.Valor supports both the physical and spiritual self. It helps us overcome fear and opposition and stand tall during adversity. I apply this on my throat chakra daily to be able to communicate and clearly advocate for all, including myself. #domesticviolenceawareness #survivor #advocate #younglivingessentialoils #educateyourself
God’s Power is inside of you, until you tap into your own power source, you will keep trying to catch a buzz from someone else’s power which can put you in a toxic situation. #domesticviolenceawareness #codependency #Surrender #HigherPower #TrustGodsPlan #BreaktheCycle 💜
Today is #PurpleThursday Wear purple to show your support for those affected by domestic violence. #feelingfit #domesticviolenceawareness
Picking out your #ootd ? Grab some purple and join us in supporting domestic violence awareness💜 Will you grab a bit of purple too? #enddomesticviolence ? #showusyourpurple #domesticviolenceawareness #share61 ________________________ #wearpurple #domesticviolenceawareness #purple #intervalhouse #intervalhousect #ct #gm #goodmorning #news #morningnews #amnews #ctnews #ootd
GOOD MORNING I am a survivor 💪🏽. #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #goodmorning
Never are you ever stuck in a situation you no longer want to be in. Your mindset is keeping you there and it’ll be the change of your mindset to get you out. Good Morning 💋 #askashlee #askash #shestaybusy #advice #womeninbusiness #getout #motivation #uplift #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolencesurvivor #abuse #changeyourmindset
You know what's fun? Sniffing soaps and shopping. Know what makes sniffing soaps more fun? Baby goats. You know what makes sniffing soaps and baby goats even more fun? Wine and friends. You know what sucks? Having to leave your house. All that being said, we have decided to offer some at home (or work) shopping events for you. The holidays are around the corner and our products make great presents or just great ways to pamper yourself. Invite a few friends and neighbors over and host a fun shopping day in your own house with us and a baby goat! Want to make things even better and give to charity as well? For every 5 bars of soap or lotion bought at your event, we will donate a bar of soap or bottle of lotion to a domestic violence shelter in your community. It's a great way to give back and give to those who need more pampering in their lives. Message us to get more details and set up your event! (available in Glynn, Camden, Ware, Wayne, Charlton and Brantley county only) #domesticviolenceawareness #stopviolenceagainstwomen #giveback #holidayshopping #shoppingforacause
#cantstopwontstop - you can hate us, mock us, block us, watch us or join us... either way we still won’t stop!! #stayready #whatsnext . . Donate your time, talents or treasures & Keep Up with all the events @survivetothriveglobal will do all year long Click the link @chrissymonroe @survivetothriveglobal make sure you get your tickets 🎫 for Hip Hop Against Domestic Violence featuring @remyma @papoosepapoose @iamtonysunshine @therealrahdigga @fatjoe & many more Brilliant & Resilient celebrities who have joined forces against Domestic Violence! #BARTV #survivetothriveglobal #domesticviolenceawareness 💜 ™@bartv.show . . Sunday, October 21st @survivetothriveglobal honors #domesticviolenceawareness month with an evening of fun, fashion and awareness.💜
#domesticviolenceawareness I've seen so much Heard many stories More women than men but men as well. You're not alone. Speak up my love. You deserve true love, true peace, true joy. Your are strong, brave, and resilient.
I was told I wasn’t a real Christian. I didn’t know how to read the Bible right. That my family wasn’t truly Christian because we were Hilary supporters. That my Episcopalian minister uncle was sacrilegious. That I wasn’t doing my Christian wifely duties. That I didn’t know how to submit. That God wasn’t on my side. And when I went to my church, I was told to forgive and let him back in. That’s spiritual abuse. ••••••#homegirltherapy #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolence #boundaries #familyviolence #nocontact #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #empoweringsurvivorsofabuse #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #ptsdawareness #complexptsd #hiddenabuse #emotionalabuse #psychologicalabuse #toxicrelationships #narcissticabuse #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder
Come here So we can Whisper Softly Saying nothing Whisper, Knowing, known, yes And listen With all your Bones Unbreakable Fragile Hurt and relentless With you here Softly whispering Knowing Unrelenting, Chaos learns to pause ... ... ... The monsters do not leave Memories remain Friendships born Truth known Known, knowing, knows Yes
This triggered something in me that I’m fighting to overcome as I try to support men who have been victimized by abuse. My abuser is trying to portray me as abusive for the times I fought back. I responded to his physical attack while I was pregnant and his repeated and endless verbal attacks on my child by coming out of my character. This is a far cry from what I’ve heard from the men who’ve come to me for counsel that have been preyed on and brutalized physically and emotionally by female abusers. Our stories are so similar, it hurts. The shame and guilt they bare punctuated by emasculation. It’s heartbreaking. I didn’t want to do a disservice to the men in our community by avoiding this very important topic. I also felt I had to be transparent in how my abuser uses the existence of abuse by women to spin my reaction to his abuse. Not all men are like him. Many men are victims and I’m appalled at the way society minimizes their suffering. To all survivors, I honor your pain and you are welcome here. ••••••#homegirltherapy #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolence #boundaries #familyviolence #nocontact #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #empoweringsurvivorsofabuse #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #ptsdawareness #complexptsd #hiddenabuse #emotionalabuse #psychologicalabuse #toxicrelationships #narcissticabuse #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder
“Forgiving the heart that hurt me healing the heart that’s mine.”
...I remember being the girl who said it would never happen to me‼️I also remember being the abused woman who contemplated killing the man that did this to me. I remember many sleepless nights and Nightmares of my sentencing day because I was going to take him back, yet again, but this time I planned to torture and kill him. I remember feelings of embarrassment. I remember tough love from family and friends that made me feel soooo stupid. I remember just being—not feeling. I remember trying to run away but the scar on my face was there every where I went and with every glimpse in the mirror I was reminded of that night. The night that changed my life. The night that my eye was closed so that my EYES could be opened💜 #DomesticViolenceAwareness
If you are daring a narcissist then please don’t make the same mistake I did and stay with them believing they will change because they won’t! You probably have some happy memories with them as they always start off nice but then the cracks appear and that’s when the true mask comes off, they will dip in and out of being nice to you for a false sense of security so you believe that things are changing. A narcissist will never change and the rollercoaster ride will give you highs and lows but the thrill will turn out to make you mentally lll like it did me, I kept believing and hoping things were finally changing but they just get worse and worse in time. The hardest part is when you love them and walking away seems like the hardest thing to do but it’s better to go through the short term heart ache now than a lifetime of head games, torture, depression, lack of confidence, controlling, I urge all you ladies That are sat at home wondering ‘will he change’ ‘will the good times come back’ ‘surely I can change him’, the truth is he will never change, get out whilst you still can #ridthenarcissist #narcissist #domesticviolence #lies #domesticviolenceawareness #run #npd #toxicrelationships #womenempowerment #runforyourlife #manipulation #narcissisticabuse #trapped #toxic #abuse #yournotwelcomeanymore
"Love is not abusive" The poster deals with a sensitive issue of domestic violence faced, mostly, by women in our country. The 'mangalsutra' signifies the shackles restricting the person to walk out of marriage without any legal or emotional baggage. The subtle bruises on her body are not just the physical scars, but also the emotional hit that she faced during marriage. . . . This was clicked during course "Photography", guided by Saurabh Srivastava. Model: @rozannekurian . . . #photography #graphicdesign #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #society #socialmessage #socialawareness #metoo
do what makes you happy
Melissa Holmes from Manhattan, NYC as the 2018 Trailblazer Honoree for our 5th Annual Celebrity Purple Rain Drops Masquerade Ball on October 20, 2018 in Atlanta, Ga. RSVP at. Www.PurpleRainDrop.Eventbrite.com. Www.ResilientBeautyOrganization.org. Melissa, a Domestic Violence Survivor, Author and CEO of "From Pain to Purpose, My New Chapter” - a domestic violence seminar/workshop. We appreciate Melissa Holmes and all she does in the communities to bring Awareness to Domestic Violence Abuse. Join us as we honor her and hear her story. #ResilientBeautyOrganization #DomesticViolenceAwareness #ResilientBeautyOrganization
“Forgiving the heart that hurt me healing the hearts that’s mine.”
#repost from @rebelthriver In solidarity with all the others who have suffered or died at the hands of an abuser I recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Did you know that in the USA, 3 women die every single day, and a woman is beaten every 12 seconds due to domestic Violence. Also, the a high percentage of children who live with domestic violence in their homes, grow up to do the same. The cycle of violence runs deep. My ex-husband had been terribly abused as a child. I broke the cycle for my children. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. Being a survivor has altered every molecule and minute of my life. Today helping others recover from abuse is what I am called to do. Rebel Thriver welcomes all of the survivors out there to join us. You can learn to find your voice if you haven't already. There is a way through the pain that you may be in. Here you can get advice, be educated, supported, and loved. Knowing that someone else understands the kinda crazy that you live with in your head is priceless. It is possible to live a thriving life. You just have to Believe. xo Ella #loveliveshere #rebelthriver #rebelstrong #ellahicks #rebelthrivertribe #domesticviolence #survivor #thriver #recovery #healing #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth #domesticviolenceawareness #ptsd #smashthestigma #metoo #metoomovement #metoo
“Forgiving the heart that hurt me healing the heart that’s mine.”
"I am the Pup I am today because I chose to say no more..." I didn't know how to ask for help and honestly I was scared to. It took me 9 years to decide I was no longer going to let someone hurt me. I broke the cycle of abuse and I am who I am today because I stood up for myself. I am strong, beautiful, and loved. So are you... You don't have to go through this on your own. You are stronger than you will ever realize. All the things that have happened in your life brings you to this moment. Take strength in your perseverance. We are here to help. If you're in an abusive relationship and looking for help, you can contact me on Telegram @alphieyukon. It can be encrypted and can be password protected. I'm here for you as I know what you're going through. YOU...ARE...NOT...ALONE! 🧡🐾 Your Iowa Puppy 2019 - Alphie Yukon National Domestic Violence Hotline https://www.thehotline.org tel: 1-800-799-7233 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ tel: 1-800-273-8255 #suicideprevention #domesticviolenceawareness #walkdontstay #alphieyukon #lgbtkink #gaypuppylife #gaypup #pupplaycommunity #yukie #recovery #humanpuppydomesticviolenceproject #humanpup #recoveryispossible
We honor Domestic Violence survivors. We are a sisterhood comprised of brave and courageous women who have overcome and are still standing, lifting their voices and using their platforms to speak up against domestic violence. We here in Eta Alpha not only stand with everyone who takes a stand against and action to eradicate Domestic Violence but we celebrate you and are praying for you. Make sure to follow us on our Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus! #EtaAlpha #October #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolence #greeks #sororitylife #EtaForward2018 #simplyEta #Sorority #sororities #sororitysisters #sororitysister #sister #sisters #sisterly #sis #Greek #gogreek #greeklife #greekgirl #greekgirls #sisterhood #sisterlylove #Florida #maryland #Kentucky #southcarolina #noncollegiategreeks
“For the human soul is virtually indestructible, and its ability to rise from the ashes remains as long as the body draws breath.” —Alice Miller In the U.S., an average of 24 people experience intimate partner physical violence every minute: 3 in 10 women, 1 in 10 men. Nearly half of all women and men in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 30 to 60% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence also abuse children in the household. Two-thirds of sexual assaults are not reported to the police; almost half of the victims are 18 and under. Out of every 1000 rapes, 994 perpetrators will walk free. Stand with survivors not only this DVA October, but all year-round. Love should never hurt. #domesticviolenceawareness #loveiskind
The Silver Spring Links spent the morning volunteering at the Yasha Circle’s Domestic Violence Awareness Conference. 💜 Pictured are Silver Spring Links members Gerda Gallop-Goodman, Okianer Christian Dark and Lisa Wilson Edwards. #SilverSpringLinks #domesticviolenceawareness #ealinks
💛 Please LIKE & SHARE. . instagram.com/adriannewington_cm youtube.com/adriannewington . Graphic concept, design & implementation by Adrian Newington. © 2018. . Unauthorised use and unlawful use of this material, is an offence under international copyright laws and regulations. . #ListenToYourHeart #AdrianNewington #OpenYourHeart #positiveliving #loveyourself #personalrelationship #relationshipgoals #relationships #yinyang #balance #relatioshipproblems #toxicrelationships #dominantman #manipulation #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness . . . .
You’re free from the Narcissist now what. You go out and you rebuild your life that’s what. Talk to whoever you want to. Take pictures to make good memories. Tell the important people you love them. Take control of your life back. Make your life the best damn life ever. Why? Because you only have one life. And, after what you have been through you have no time to waste it on shit that doesn’t matter to you. ~ Kate Masters © Kate Masters Writer #survivor #domesticviolenceawareness #katemasterswriter
Why do some people insist on saying, “Why didn’t you just leave?” To them I say, when you are told the events of what took place close your eyes as you listen, picture yourself there, imagine the pain of each punch, the cowering as they tower above you. The emotional rollercoaster ride of the mental abuse, can you see all that in your mind’s eye? Now ask again I dare you, “Why didn’t you just leave?” ~ Kate Masters © Kate Masters Writer #survivor #domesticviolenceawareness #katemasterswriter
We become so emotionally attached to the Narcissists in our lives, even when they cause us so much pain. Pretty fucked up really, but that’s the reality of life with a Narcissist. ~ Kate Masters © Kate Masters Writer #survivor #domesticviolenceawareness #katemasterswriter
I can’t bear to see people in pain. When I see someone causing pain it sickens me. Why does this world have so many Narcissists that thrive on the pain they cause? Are we a world of pain inflictors? Where has all the light and love gone? ~ Kate Masters © Kate Masters Writer #survivor #domesticviolenceawareness #katemasterswriter
Supporting this very important initiative #itsnotok #domesticviolenceawareness
Shepherd’s Door Thanks to all our supporters who made the event and discussion on domestic violence a success! Left to right Char, TINA MALAVA “Eye on LA” ABC7, Emiko, and Enriquez for such awesome entrainment! @cityofpasadena @emikomusic @pasadenaweekly @pasadenanow @abc7tina @pccthirdwave @womenwealthwarriors @shepherddoor #domesticviolenceawareness #abuse #nomore #speakup
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