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The rain can go now... walking into a new day this way is so much better. 🙏 Meditation... is something I started daily at the start of the year. Location.. anywhere! Honestly I'll sit in the shower, in my yard, at the beach, on the couch, in the car before work. 20 minutes once a day is all you need. Once you start, it will change your life 🍇 #meditation #sunrise #coolumbeach #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #eathealthy #nutrition
There is no such thing as perfection. If you're doing everything perfectly, you're not growing. I feel the best I've felt in my whole life.. I put that down to movement, strength and 100% drive within my soul to be better every day. 🤟 I sit comfortably at 80/20. Balance is beautful. #balance #balancedlife #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #eathealthy #nutrition #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #motivate #livewell
Diet and mindset changed my life. I truly appreciate the value and power of your mind and what you use and put in your body. Essential oils, whole foods, space, fitness, music, forgiveness and taking shit slow is powerful. So powerful. I hope I can inspire other #woman out there to do the same. 🤙🤙🤙🤙 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #positive #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #diet #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #boxing
This word gets thrown around a lot.. I believe it's what you do with what inspires you that counts. ○ Inspiration for me comes from my belief system, when I see something in art, nature, design, people, health I then create in my mind what that looks like for me. ○ Dont copy, or want to be like everyone else, you're perfectly imperfect just the way you are. There us no such thing as perfect, if you think you are then you've stopped growing. There is no one else like you 🤙 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #mindset #inspiration
The warm, woody aroma of dōTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and well-being. We perfectly blend Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil to offer an enticing fragrance that promotes tranquility and relaxation! 🙏🙏🙏 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell
No nasty chemicals in my toilet air freshener. A simple spritzer of water and a few drops of dōTERRA’s Purify. Too easy!! If you don’t have Purify, Lemon or any Citrus is a good substitute!! Just give the bottle a shake before spritzing!! 🚽. #essentialoils #doterra #dotteraau #purify #doterrapurify #nochemicals #naturalliving #toiletairfreshener
Little progress update! I feel so in love with my body after being down on myself for so long. It feels really good to feel good . With the new moon and new changes im doing lots of self reflection and what ive come upon so far is this; If we arent doing everything at 100% then why are we doing it in the first place. This applies to my business as much as my life. I have a hard time following through with things sometimes. A lot of the time I feel like im suppose to be do everything all at once and because of that im constantly doing things. I'll start dishes realizing that I need a clean towel to dry them with, so I start a load of laundry and then go back inside to find luna messing with stuff so I forget about the dishes and start something different. I'll need to feed Luna and myself so I get her settled but realize I still havent finished the dishes, and I just made more dirty ones from cooking so I have to finish those. I end up washing dishes while luna eats completely forgetting that I need to eat too! Sometimes in my business I feel like I dont do things fast enough which could make people upset. Or maybe I didnt do a post on insta one day and all of you who trust me for education and guidance arent getting anything from me. ALL OF THIS stems from a deep deep deep seeded case of anxiety. I only just started accepting and realizing that the feelings ive been having are actual anxiety, I never believed that I actually had anxiety. I dont really know why it took me so long to acknowledge & realize it but I have and thats all that matters . I've been working every day to deal with it and decrease these feelings of uncertainty and expectation by using my essential oils. Specifically Copaiba. I take a few drops every day under my tongue and its been helping a lot. I cant wait to start using the Copaiba Softgels that were just released. I know they are going to do wonders . Being able to realize and accept your issues is a vulnerable yet empowering feeling. Knowing that I havent been performing at my best but realzing that I CAN do better and AM doing better . Have a good night everyone❣️✌🏼 . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
HOLY MOLY October is going to be an amazing month for all of us. You can get Red Mandarin, Kumquat, Clementine and a car diffuser for FREE when you place any 200 pv order . The new products are now available and you can buy it in a kit, just like the one from convention. You can get all the new oils and receive these 3 oils plus the diffuser for free . This is such a great deal and im giving away a special 🎃welcome gift this month for anyone who decides to join our tribe . If you're ready to change your life and take charge of your health the time is now. Send me a message and I will help you get started or you if you're ready you can follow these steps . •Click the link in my bio •Select Join and Save •Enter all your basic info •Choose the $35 wholesale fee •Select the Dream Kit and add anything else you'd like coconut oil •Complete your order and once you've finished send me a message so I can get you plugged into education and get your welcome gift out to you . Who's ready to end 2018 with a cleaner, toxic free home? . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Where are my Mama's at?! If there's one thing I want to do with this platform its to help other moms experience the power of using essential oils in their home, so my lovely ladies these are for you . Balance: this smells like heaven in a bottle. It helps to balance your emotions for those crazy days and makes you feel less anxious about life. You'll feel more content and at ease . Peppermint: I love how this body reacts with our brain. This oil is going to awaken your senses and get your day started with pep in your step . Wild Orange: Pair this with peppermint in the diffuser and you'll be ready to take on anything! . Serenity: diffuse this when you're dealing with stressful situations or feeling really anxious. . On Guard: Moms dont get off days or sick days so use this every day to keep your immune system strong . Lavender: boo boo's, scratches, and burns are inevitable as a mom so keep this in your tool kit for when your kiddos get too rowdy. Its also a great oil to help coax your kids to nap😉 . Copaiba: I personally use this every day multiple times a day to keep my anxiety low and my immune system strong. Also use it in the tub for a deep relaxing bath. . Rose: The smell of this oil is so soft and light and LOVELY! I pair it with lavender and it makes the perfect non toxic perfume. Its also a high vibrational oil so its going to support you spiritually and weed out the toxic people in your life . Tonight is the very last day to snag the biggest sale of the year so send me a message and i'll get you set up. Tomorrow we get access to some of the NEW PRODUCTS!!!!!! I am so stoked to start using them . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Rosemary, the oils of Remembrance . Have you ever had those moments where you just completely forget what you're doing as you're walking to go do it? . How about when you're reading a book and realize you dont remember anything you just read and have to re-read the entire page? . Are you still blaming it on your "mom brain" lol I know I do😅 . Something ive been using in my daily routine is Rosemary. Astrology wise, this is my oil because im a Gemini, and im slowly becoming more fond of it. I'm not really drawn to the herb oils but this one is surprisingly becoming one of my favorites . If you have memory problems or need help concentrating this is a great oil to diffuse . Add 3💧Rosemary/Citrus of your choice, I personally like Lemon because its a good balance . You can diffuse this at home, at work, or even at school . You dont even have to have a diffuser to get the aromatic benefits from these oils. You can place a couple of drops on a diffuser bracelet or even make a little roller bottle and apply it to your pressure points through out the day . Today is the VERY LAST DAY to get 20% off select starter kits when you join! There are so many budget friendly options and you'll get the most bang for your buck! You'll get a super cool welcome package when you join with me . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Saw this quote and it resonated with me hard. I've spent the better half of my life smack bang in the middle of the fitness industry, knowing the benefits of good health and doing what I could to lead a lifestyle that I was proud of. Yet, come to isle 27 (you guessed it, cleaning supplies), I'd go wild - air fresheners, carpet cleaners, scented wax, table top spray - you name it, I got it. I wanted a clean house. . How insane is that when you think about it? . This was my game changer. I want to provide myself and my loved ones with a clean, nice smelling, yet SAFE home. . Essential oils have been my saviour in this department. Hand made with love in the kitchen and tailored to suit my own smell preference (vinegar + water + lemon oil = shake well & use) and put an couple of drops of eucalyptus in for that extra fresh smell. . What's your favourite cleaning recipe? Which ones should I try?
The month is almost over but you still have time to snag this amazing deal! If you're wanting to make major changes or even small changes in your health essential oils are a great place to start . dōTERRA announced at convention that we now have 96% exclusivity with the farmers we source our oils from . What does that mean? . This means that only dōTERRA is allowed to source oils from these farmers in their native habitats ensuring that we always get the same high quality oil every single time . Did you know that over half of the places dōTERRA sources their oils from are still developing countries. We get to help create jobs and sustain a means of living for people in need and it makes me so happy to be apart of something so special . One drop at a time we're changing lives in our homes and across the world. Isn't that amazing? Im constantly moved by the work we do in this company and I'm so grateful I get to do the work I do . If you're ready to bring essential oils into your home send me a message and I'll help you get started. Or you can click the link in my bio, put in all your info & choose this Hone Essentials kit. Once you're done send me a message and i'll get your welcome package to you and get you plugged into education❣️ . . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
I used to love coming home on a Friday night, getting McDonalds, drinking an endless supply of beer, turning me rowdy and loud.. waking up on a Saturday with a heavy head and heart pumping out of my chest....that was my normal. Sitting around all day cruising through my days... that was life for me. Sounds pretty standard right? I know people look at me differently, I feel it, I know people question why. But what you dont see is the effort it takes to be healthy. To source the best produce I can takes a massive amount of time and effort. So before you roll your eyes.. theres always a story behind a change. Eating natural whole foods shouldn't be frowned upon, eating organic where I can should be praised. I dont do it to be cool, I do it because I know it's a better choice for me. It's my choice... we all have choices, it's up to us. I'm no longer embarrassed or shy away from my lifestyle change. If you dont like it, that's your problem... seeya later 🤙 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
A new day... 🙏 If you settle in one spot ... things stop. Suddenly... Growth comes to a halt. Opportunity to to wonder stops Meeting new people wont happen Love wont grow Self care fades Dont settle ... keep moving ✌ Magic mornings... #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #peregianbeach #healthyhome #beach #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #beachlife #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
This is what it feels like .. balance. Rest before training. 🥊 I sat here because I needed to get away.. away from the normal. (I could smell the ocean, the mist hitting my face), the music in my ears, the sun setting. IT WAS MAGIC .... No matter what is happening to you or what's not, find the time to do something for yourself. Every SINGLE day 🙏 Night xxx #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #healthyhome #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #fitness #boxing
Although this year I couldn't make it to convention, I am so happy I still get to learn all about the new products, science and research thats gone into them . You guys dōTERRA now has a full line of oils for the kiddos! Plus so many new single oils, deodorants, and so much more! Im mind blown with how much love has gone into this and am overflowed with joy and gratitude. Becoming apart of this community and this family was the beat decision I made for my family . I cant wait to educate yall on all the new Oils and products. Who else is excited abut these?! . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable #doterraconvention
32 today .... I woke up wanting to drift around, explore, learn, talk, travel, connect, train, breathe, nourish, manifest, love, hope but mostly grow every single day. That's my happiness... my fire 🙏 Who's with me? Book @connorfranta 👊 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #mindfullness #mindset #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
Try washing your fruit with OnGuard this month. Now that the weather is changing and its "flu season" haha its the perfect way to make sure your kiddos get that extra immune support. Plus it makes your fruit taste yummy! Whats your favorite oil to wash your produce with? . . . . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
"I am grateful. I am deserving of wealth. I am deserving of happiness. I am deserving of love. I am abundant and am deserving of everything I'm receiving now and in the future." ✨ . "I love myself. I love my enemies though I do not carry any. I am a sacred creator. I am a sacred being. I love myself." 🧡 . "I allow the universe to flow through me. I allow the universe to use me to spread its message." 👁 . "I am aware of the things that are not real. I am aware of the things I have no control over and trust in my divine creator" 🕉 . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
I had a class today & it was the most wonderful little class ive ever taught. Whether I'm teaching 10 people or 1 it's always the most rewarding experience! . I love to watch peoples eyes light up when they find an answer to the problems they've been struggling with, and even more when they find out how affordable and cost effective essential oils are! . Not all essential oils are created equal or have the same high quality that dōTERRA offers . Did you know that LEGALLY an essential oil company only has to have 10% of an oil or fragrance in the bottle and then they can fill the rest of the bottle with anything they want! And say that the bottle is 100% pure! . Not cool and it's super misleading! . If you are wanting to learn more about the power of essential oils or dive into natural solutions and natural living I offer one on one classes where you can learn all about oils and pick my brain with your oily questions. . Im also offering 20% off on almost ALL of my kits which means you get the biggest savings possible . Send me a message to set up a time to chat or you can click the link in my profile and start saving immediately❣️ . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
If you have a dream.. chase it If you love someone.. tell them If you miss someone.. call them If you have something to say.. say it If you want to change something .. do it If something is hard and If it makes you fall to your knees.. get back up 👊 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
Essential oils dont just make a great addition to your every day health & wellness, they also make great toys 😄 My heart jumps knowing that Luna is actually growing up understanding that natural medicine is the norm and should be! She's my little vegan baby 🧡 . ✨I am grateful, I am abundant and I am deserving of everything im receiving now and in the future✨ . Are you manifesting anything at the moment? I sure am! Dont know anything about the Law of Attraction? Here's an easy breakdown •speak your desires into the universe •be positive •let your actions follow you can literally create any kind of life you want. I hope you're all reaching your goals and livin life through love❣️ . Goodnight✌🏼💕 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
TESTIMONY . This is my very own testimony that I wanted to share with yall. For the past month Ive been taking A few drops of Copaiba every day. Usually 1 in the morning and then 2-3 more through out the day. I do this for both my husband and I . I wanted to start making big changes in my body. I want to be more in tune with whats going on inside me physically not just spiritually. I want to lose weight. I want my gut to be healthier. I want to sleep better. I want to wake up in the mornings and not feel dead. I want my restless leg syndrome to go away. I want my anxiety to stop getting the best of me. I want to look at a dirty kitchen and not freak out. I want to relax more when I get the brief moment to . I wanted to change ALL of these things above. So now im going to tell you what my progress has been after a month . I havent woken up in the middle of the night with my legs shaking . I fall asleep easier and sleep better (as good as I can for a still breastfeeding mom) . I became more aware of whats going on in my body and realized I needed to do some serious cleansing starting with my colon- more on that later . I dont feel anxiety when I look at dirty dishes anymore, WOOHOO! This is a big one for me you guys, seriously, Ive struggled with the "impossible task" for so long and if you have too, you're not alone♥️ . When I get a moment to myself I spend it relaxed doing what I want (self care) usually yoga or practicing inversions & then checking in on my team and educating myself more about oils. I'm always learning so I can better support YOU guys . Everyone around me is getting sick and no one in my family (KC&Luna) have gotten even the slightest sniffle. Thanks Copaiba♥️ . Isn't that amazing? Im still going to continue using this everyday and will see stronger results doing so, but if you relate to anything i've said above and want to use something 100% natural then essential oils are the way to go . I wish I could just bathe in this oil sometimes lol . . . . . . . #anxiety #stayathomemom #relatable
All of my ladies this one is for you . No matter if you're young, in your 20's or older you can benefit from these oils . Clary calm is this amazing blend of oils that actually help support you during your monthly cycle. It helps with your mood and PMS, makes the cramps a little bit easier, and you're not guna feel like a bloated cow . Its easy to use too, just lay down in your comfy clothes with a big glass of water and chocolate and roll it on your belly. Follow up with a nice little massage to really get those oils in your skim . Clary calm is also great for our hormones. There are so many hormone disruptors that are around us every single day like plastic, birth control and synthetic fragrances. You can combat these disruptors by using this oil to help balance your hormones. Pair it with the phytoestrogen supplement that supports NATURAL estrogen in the body, not fake, for better results. . It you're done with your woman's cycle and now have to deal with hot flashes and hormone imbalances this next oil is for you! Past Tense helps take away the tension in your body and it also has a super cooling effect on your skin . Better than Peppermint, honestly . Rub this on the back of your neck, shoulders, and wrists to cool your body down. REMEMBER to not over due it though because if you use too much it could start to feel like its burning . Do you know someone who could benefit from this? Share and help me get in contact so I can help both of yall! I have so many starter kits on sale this month and have a special September welcome package that comes with it. Send me a message and we can set up a time to chat ❣️ . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable #hotflashes #women
All of my ladies this one is for you . No matter if you're young, in your 20's or older you can benefit from these oils . Clary calm is this amazing blend of oils that actually help support you during your monthly cycle. It helps with your mood and PMS, makes the cramps a little bit easier, and you're not guna feel like a bloated cow . Its easy to use too, just lay down in your comfy clothes with a big glass of water and chocolate and roll it on your belly. Follow up with a nice little massage to really get those oils in your skim . Clary calm is also great for our hormones. There are so many hormone disruptors that are around us every single day like plastic, birth control and synthetic fragrances. You can combat these disruptors by using this oil to help balance your hormones. Pair it with the phytoestrogen supplement that supports NATURAL estrogen in the body, not fake, for better results. . It you're done with your woman's cycle and now have to deal with hot flashes and hormone imbalances this next oil is for you! Past Tense helps take away the tension in your body and it also has a super cooling effect on your skin . Better than Peppermint, honestly . Rub this on the back of your neck, shoulders, and wrists to cool your body down. REMEMBER to not over due it though because if you use too much it could start to feel like its burning . Do you know someone who could benefit from this? Share and help me get in contact so I can help both of yall! I have so many starter kits on sale this month and have a special September welcome package that comes with it. Send me a message and we can set up a time to chat ❣️ . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable #hotflashes #women
I was going to post this last night but it was waaaaay too late lol so here it is today . Isaw this and was blown away! Is this not the coolest chart you've ever seen!? I'll admit, im not super into astrology like I used to be when I was younger but this is just too awesome not to share . There are so many things that are happening in the universe at this very moment that we cant even begin to understand. If we make it part of our life to learn more and practice becoming aware then we might start to learn a little bit about energy, universal connections, and consciousness; but really how can we even try to say that we know anything that goes on up there😅 . I've been thinking a lot about this platform I graciously have and what I can do with it. Of course im going to share and educate about essential oils because thats what im here for, but I want more of me to shine through. I think this platform will start to focus more on universal love and higher consciousness; something that means a great deal to me . Thanks for joining me on this ride, I hope you stay❣️ . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
"Dont be scared"... 🙏 Let people in Learn new things Open your mind Expand your heart Push your boundaries Listen Stay gentle ✌✌✌ Music.. powerhouse mid week tunes... currently "Fading by Vallis Alps"🙏🙏 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #love
Have you ever made your own mouthwash? I CAN NOT stand store bought mouthwash because it literally makes my mouth burn from the alcohol in it . The taste is awful and lets not forget about the harmful ingredients, including artificial colors!!! Try out this super easy #diy mouthwash instead . add 1💧each of Melaleuca and Clove and 2💧Spearmint in a couple tbsp of water . Melaleuca has powerful cleansing properties while Clove is amazing for Oral health and your immune system . I like to add Spearmint oil to the mix because it gives you that refreshing minty taste and its not over powering like the nasty stuff from the store. . Believe it or not I have a kit thats on sale for over $300 and you can get these plus every other oil doterra makes plus fractionated coconut oil and a super nice diffuser. . I have so many amazing kits on sale this month for everyones budget and price range! If you're ready to start using essential oils in your day to day life for better health and non toxic living, send me a message and ill be glad to help❣️ . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
My picky toddler likes celery juice!? Such a nice surprise! Moral of the story is, you never know unless you try...and as the fabulous @daniellebinnsnutrition taught me to say to Luka, “you can’t taste with your eyes”! 🙌🤗 There are so many nutritional benefits to celery juice I’m thrilled to add this to our families menu💗 Thank you @greenpressinc for making things so easy and #medicalmedium for helping us to further understand all the benefits🎉🎊
My essential oil routine is super easy for anyone wondering where to start.. here is a quick snap shot. •••••• Morning... diffuser goes on straight away. I like to diffuse peppermint and wild orange. They help me wake up energised. 🌊 I roll balance all over me. Its my perfume and it helps me start my day with my emotions in check 🙏 I use frankincense on my face mixed with fractionated coconut oil. I reach for the oils intuitively. I let my feelings do the talking 👊 DM me to join our upcoming classes #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
These are my absolute favorite oils to use on my daughter and they'll be great to use on your little ones too . I love that dōTERRA offers everyone the highest quality essential oils in the world! With multiple levels of testing and sourcing plants from their native habitats we get the safest natural products to use on our family for optimal health and wellness. . c o p a i b a & c l o v e are great for teething. The Copaiba helps ease discomfort and clove naturally numbs the gums when applied. Its completely safe to use. . p e p p e r m i n t can be used to cool your internal temperature so apply it to the bottoms of your kids feet every hour when they have a fever. . o n g u a r d is specifically blended to protect our immune system and give us a much needed boost. m a n u k a t o u c h is a powerful plant thats actually 30X stronger than Melaleuca oil so its amazing at supporting our immune system . d i g e s t z e n is the best tummy oil ever. If you have children with tummy aches, constipation, gas or diarrhea you can rub it directly on their tummy to help soothe it and promote healthy digestion . r o s e is a powerful high vibrational oil and it does amazing things for our skin. If your child has a rash, sensitive skin or eczema you can apply rose and melaleuca directly to the area. m e l a l e u c a is an antifungal and antimicrobial so it helps fight off those annoying skin disturbances . w i l d o r a n g e not only gives us energy an uplifts our mood but it also has relaxing qualities and is a nice addition to floral oils. l a v e n d e r is calming and helps is relax. s e r e n i t y works really well at resting our body and helping us fall into a deep sleep. . These are all of my fav oils for babies and you can actually get almost all of these at a major discount this month only . If you want exclusive access to my VIP education group plus team giveaways, welcome gifts and all the support you'll need to get started send me a message and ill reserve your welcome gifts❣️ . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
ITS FINISHED 😍😍😍😍😍 Okay so KC and I used to go rock climbing like every day waaaay before Luna entered the picture but we stopped bc we would literally be gone all day and rock climbing isnt worth being away from your baby for that long, but now we have our own wall!! Im so excited to get back in the groove of things and get back in shape. I cant wait to show you all the amazing ways you can use essential oils to help along the way! . I still have so many oils that are on sale this month so if you want to dive in to natural living then send your girl a message and ill set you up with everything you need to properly and efficiently use your oils❣️ Now if you'll excuse me im going to get back to my bouldering wall! . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable #rockclimbing #bouldering
Gentle.... Just because I'm shy, doesn't mean I cant do hard things. I like to live gracefully but I set extreme goals. I just approach them gently. That's ok... 👊 You've got to want it.. then you succeed, in love or life. Things work out the way they're meant to. I believe anyway.. 🙏 #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
We're coming up on the end of this Simple Swaps with the top ten series. I've had so much fun educating yall on the top 10 oils you can use to replace EVERYTHING in your home. We still have 1 more oil to talk about, but today we are going over Deep Blue #elsimpleswaps . Get the same cooling effect on your body using this oil as you would Icy Hot minus the nasty chemicals . Do you suffer from joint pain, connective tissue, or achy muscles? Rub Deep Blue into affected areas to ease and soothe the discomfort . Dilute with FCO and massage onto growing kids legs . Apply to your feet and knees before working out to cool your body and promote circulation . If you have kids in sports this is one oil you will need to have on hand . Any time you do anything active you can use this oil. Long walks, runs & yoga . This oil comes in my favorite starter kit too! So if you're ready to get started you can expect this to be apart of your collection. Message me to get yours! . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
O M G you guys need to try this blend in the diffuser! Its giving me all the fall feels . 4💧Cinnamon Bark 2💧Pink Pepper 2💧Lemon One thing I love about essential oils is that I dont need to waste money or my health on candles anymore! Candles have synthetic fragrances in them that literally reek havoc on our body, like our immune system and hormones . My favorite time of the year used to be the holidays because all those big brand stores like Bed Bath & Bodyworks, Walmart and Yankee Candles would come out with all sorts of new scents . Now I get excited for the Holidays because I can make ANY seasonal aroma that I want while supporting my mood, cleaning the air and so much more at the same time. Isnt that amazing guys?! Making your own Thanksgiving or Christmas blends is so cool! . I want to help everybody get essential oils in their homes so we can all benefit from these powerful plant based goodies. I even have a fantastic deal on every single kit this month so send me a message if you're ready to start❣️ . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Today's blends .. I reached for these intutuativly today. I'm a huge believer in trusting your intuition. 🙏 Balance blend (my perfume) • Promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation. Provides a sense of calmness. Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance Cinamon bark • Warming and stimulating aroma to get you moving on chilly winter days. Stimulating and invigorating the senses. Long history of use in flavouring food #holistic #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #organic #sunshinecoast #doterra #healthyhome #essentialoils #aconsciousyou #purpose #wholefoods #healthyeating #naturalliving #lowtoxliving #greenliving #dotteraau #livewell #doterraessentialoils #bewell #bethechangeyouwanttosee #eathealthy #nutrition #plantbased
This helpful blend is great to use during this time of year. The weathers changing, people are getting sick, and lets not forget about the itchy eyes & runny noses . I like to use this Seasonal Threats trio internally when im feeling under the weather but I recently got some new nasal inhalers and now im obsessed with using this blend aromatically . Did you know when you inhale essential oils they're able to effect your mood and emotions? They also coat the inside of your nose and release it into your body so you get amazing health benefits too . Send me a message to save 20% this month on my fav starter kit! . . . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Lets talk about love for a moment. If you go back a few posts about you'll see where I talk about "Does it come from a place of love" and how everything we do in life needs to come from a place of love . Not only do I focus on this in my business by making sure everyone on my team/family feels supported and loved but also in my relationship . Kenneth and I have been together for almost 4 years and we've gone through hell and back in that time. What I've learned is unconditional love, and thats easy to just write out on a screen for people on instagram to read, but in reality its hard f****** work. Hard work that includes accepting the things we cannot change. And we shouldnt want to change the people we love. But we as humans think we need to have expectations of relationships, love, & life in general but heres the rub; if you have no expectations then you'll never be disappointed. What does this have to do with love? . Well everything. When we let go of expectations we're able to open up to the universe more and allow real love and energy to flow through us. Allowing us to in turn be okay and accepting of everything that happens . Tell the people you love that you accept them for everything they are and will become. Watch what happens when you let go of expectations❣️ . You can save 20% on my favorite starter kits this month so send me a message if you're ready to get started with essential oils and natural solutions and join a team of pure love and support . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
With the seasons changing we're all probably feeling a little cruddy right? Here are some easy ways you can use this oil to help with all your seasonal and environmental threats #elsimpleswaps . If you're congested add a drop of the oil to your hand and inhale to awaken your senses . Diffuse at home or doing work to decrease levels of frustration and calm your nerves . If you're like me and have anxiety attacks that make you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest, try inhaling the aroma straight from the bottle until you start to feel better . Did you know dōTERRA has a whole line of Breathe products for all of your respiratory needs . Try the vapor stick when youre sick and congested. Apply it to your chest and back when it gets hard to breathe or right before bed . The best part is that it doesnt leave that greasy after feel when you apply it like other vapor rubs . If you need something to cool your nasal passages and unblock them you should try the Breathe respiratory drops . There's even a handy 10 ml roller bottle perfectly diluted with FCO for easy application on babies, children or people with sensitive skin . This oil is something every house needs during "flu season" so do everyone around you a favor and start supporting your immune system by using these natural solutions . I get to offer you lovely people 20% off of my favorite starter kits! Our starter kits are already put together to maximize your savings and now you get an EXTRA dose of savings on top of it . Send me a message if you're looking to get started❣️ . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
It took forever but I FINALLY got my precious babes and I am already loving them. As soon as I got them I popped open my Litsea and started diffusing, and rolled Manuka down my daughters spine. I even rolled some down mine... kind of... its hard to apply oils to your spine by yourself okay! . Even the bottles are pretty just look at the sleekness of Manuka . Soooooo aesthetic!! . Are you ready to get these bad boys in your home for FREE? Let me know because tomorrow is the very last day you can get them!! Manuka Touch & Litsea are currently not for sale in the U.S. or Canada so I would definitely take advantage of this deal while you can and join the Essential Livings community❣️Message me for details on how to join . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Look how murky the water on the left is. That's the junk that came off of my fruit!😷 Washing your fruits and vegetables before eating them is important for many reasons . You dont want to be ingesting dirt and cow manure. Plus strawberries are NUMBER 1 on the Dirty Dozen list so its extra important to wash those before you devour em lol . Also washing your fruit with citrus oils a great way to not only get your produce super clean, but also easily incorporate oils into your daily routine to get those addd health benefits . Right now my 2 favorite oils to use for fruit are Tangerine and Wild Orange but I love using Lemon oil on my tomatoes, zucchini and squash. . Citrus oils help to support our immune system, detox the icky stuff we all have in our gut, and enhances our mood . The flavor you get afterwards is amazing too! If you're looking for an oil dealer😉let me know! I love support people on their journey to natural living . I only have 1 day left to offer yall these two amazing oils; Manuka and Litsea. They arent for sale in the United States or Canada but you can actually get these rare oils for free right now! Holla at your girl to snag em❣️ . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Its all about Peppermint oil today! Did you know when you renew your dōTERRA membership you get a bottle of Peppermint oil free?! So cool. Here are some of my favorite swaps you can make with peppermint oil #elsimpleswaps . . So if you have an over supply of breast milk you can use peppermint oil internally to help decrease it. The same goes for if you're trying to dry up your milk completely. Use in small amounts if still #breastfeeding . . Add 1💧to mosquito bites to take away the irritation and itching. . If you have sinus congestion add a drop in your hands, rub together, and inhale a few times. I promise you will be able to breathe instantly . Add 3💧paired with your fav citrus oil to a diffuser and let it run in the mornings to help wake you up . Peppermint is super invigorating so its great for those mornings when coffee just doesnt cut it . Diffuse in the classroom, during homework or while studying to help you concentrate. . Peppermint has been shown to increase brain activity which is why its great for teachers and students to use during the school year . Use peppermint topically to cool down your skin after a long day in the sun or working out . Apply peppermint to the bottoms of your feet to reduce a high temperature. So much easier and way safer to use than benadryl or tylenol & Its safe for children of all ages! . Take internally to ease upset stomachs and promote a healthy respiratory system. . Use a Peppermint beadlet for bad breath. Ditch the artificial flavored gum and mints! . Make your own mouthwash by adding 1💧each of peppermint and lemon oil in some water and swish for 30 seconds for a refreshing and natural cleaner . Peppermint is used all through out the culinary world. Replace 1💧of peppermint oil for the spice and get a super healthy and delicious flavor in your desserts . The soothing components of peppermint make it desirable in massages. Add a couple💧to your Fractionated Coconut Oil or non toxic lotion for a soothing and cooling massage . Spray along walls and doors to deter creepy critters like spiders and ants . What are some of your favorite simple swaps with Peppermint oil?? . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Alternate nostril breathing is my favorite breathing technique. If you're looking for a way to ease anxiety, relax or quiet your mind this is a great thing to practice. Its especially helpful before meditation if you're mind tends to race. . Its really simple too. Breathe in through the right nostril side then exhale through the left. When you're ready to inhale, inhale from the left nostril and exhale through the right . See, simple! Take it one step further and throw in some essential oils . I like to pair Balance with this because the emotional and metaphysical benefits are amazing. Balance has a sweet aroma that helps to even out your feelings and its grounding. . Great for your root chakra! I like to add a couple drops in my hand and breathe in the aroma and rub it on my shoulders and tailbone. Your tailbone is where your root chakra energy lies. . Try this out for yourself and experience the instant relaxation that your body is craving. Send me a message for specials that I have going on right now! You can get some rare oils not even sold in the U.S or Canada for free . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Battle wound for attempting the gardening while Harry slept and being tired. Sliced my fingers pretty deep 😳 I applied Correct-X to the cuts and it immediately soothed and treated the skin. Correct-X is a natural ountment made up of Frankincense, Tea Tree, Helichrysum, Cedarwood and Lavender that compares to your salon but without the harmful ingredients. #doterra #doterraeveryday #doterraessentialoils #doterramummy #doterrababy #correctx #doterraoils #frankincense #frankincenseoil #helichrysum #lavenderessentialoil #teatreeoil #wounded #cedarwood #naturalsolutions #skinsupport #healing #byebyebooboo #ihaveanoilforthat #mumblogger #wellness #dotteraau #morningtonpenninsula #morningtonpenninsulamums #naturalremedies #holistichealth #doterrauk #doterrausa
When we talk about making simple swaps, we're talking about how to swap out the toxic things in our life for non toxic things . Medicine, cleaners, hair products, skin products and so so so many other things that we previously believed were harmless are becoming more detrimental to our health. . We can simply change that by using essential oils #elsimpleswaps . . When I first got Oregano I had no idea what to do with it besides maybe use it for homemade spaghetti sauce, but now that I know more about this oil im in love with it . Did you know the Oregano is so powerful it can kill of the bad bacteria in our body?! You have to be cautious using this oil internally though, because prolonged use (14 days in a row) will start to kill of the good bacteria too . Swap out synthetic antibiotics for 2 drops of this internally and use when necessary (used it for my mastitis infection and it was gone in 2 days) . The primary chemical components of Oregano is carvacrol, a phenol that possesses antioxidant properties when ingested . Using this oil internally can benefit so many parts of our body like: healthy digestion, respiratory function, cellular function and our immune system . Oregano is a powerful cleansing and purifying oil so swap out your chemical filled cleaners for 10💧of this+some water in a spray bottle . Add 1💧in homemade sauces for a hearty flavor . doTERRA scientists measured the levels of 17 biomarkers in the human body that are known to be hallmarks of a normal inflammatory response in the skin. They found that every single one of these 17 markers was significantly reduced when the skin cells were exposed to Oregano essential oil . You read that correctly, ditch the acetaminophen and tylenol for this power house oil . For eczema add 10💧in a roller bottle and top with FCO. Add some melaleuca and rose for extra support . Oregano is extremely hot when applied to the skin so ALWAYS dilute it!! . Oregano may not be the ideal oil for diffusing but its def something to keep in your home . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Heres a quick oil hack for anyone who forgets to put on deodorant in the mornings, or is like me, and ran out and doesnt have another order coming in for a few days🤦‍♀️ . Use the On Guard sanitizing mist. It smells great, it kills germs, and it helps to mask the odor! Of course you can use this spray for so many other things besides a hand sanitizer . Spray your grocery basket before shopping . Spray the door handles in public restrooms . If you have little ones that are learning to feed themselves spray the table before you put food on it . Spray the air when someone sneezes around you . Spray all the things with this convenient little bottle!!! The best part is that it doesnt leave a sticky gross feeing like "normal" sanitizers do . Do you want to get your hands on two free and rare oils not sold in the U.S? Send me a message and i'll hook you up! . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Are you doing it from a place of love? Ask yourself this daily, multiple times a day, every time you do something. Is what you're doing coming from a place of love . I think its important to remind yourself of this because so much of our world is filled with hate, greed, personal gain... So often we forget that the bell tolls for all. Meaning anything that happens has a domino affect on every single person around us, and around that person, and around the person next to that other person and SO ON! Imagine what we could accomplish as humans if we spend more time focusing on living our life and doing things through love instead of...well anything else❣️
HOW FAST DO OILS WORK? It takes 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain. 2 minutes and they will be found in your bloodstream. And only 22 minutes and they will affect every cell in your body. #doTERRA #dotteraau #doterraessentialoils #contactme #changeyourlife #healthy #empower #empoweredliving #pure #wellnessadvocate
My heart is heavy thinking about all of the families suffering from this outrageous smoke flowing. If you're in need of some relief send me a message and i'll put together a sample package for you to use on you and your family . These 3 oils are perfect to help you out during this time . P U R I F Y: diffuse this in each room throughout the house to purify the air and help you breathe better . B R E A T H E: open your airways with by diffusing this oil or inhaling it straight from the bottle. If you dont have a diffuser put a drop in the palm of your hands and cup them around your nose. Do this every time you feel stuffy or out of breath . Z E N D O C R I N E: this oil is so important because its going to help detox your body. Specifically your lungs which are being effected by this smoke the most. Put 2 drops in a glass of water and do this three times a day. For children rub one drip diluted on the bottoms if their feet 5 times a day . Childrens bodies will metabolize oils way faster than adults so doing frequent doses will help better . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable #wildfiresmoke #washingtondc
Coming up in our Simple Swaps series is Lavender. This is going to be one of your most frequently used oils and for many reasons #elsimpleswaps You can use this oil when feelings of anxiety come rolling in and you need a quick relief. Inhale straight from the bottle a few times or take internally . Swap out that nasty Neosporin and other ointments that are suppose to "clean and protect" your skin with Lavender . Apply directly to your skin when you get a burn to take away the extreme discomfort . Apply directly to open cuts and wounds to cleanse the skin . Oh yeah Lavender has strong cleansing properties, did you know that? . Naturally detox your body by taking internally or adding a couple drops to a relaxing epsom salt bath . Add a few drops to your morning/night facial routine to diminish the appearance of acne and blemishes . Have trouble falling asleep? Apply to feet, temples, take internally, diffuse or put a drop on your pillow to help you sleep better at night . Ditch those toxic dryer sheets and grab a pair of wool dryer balls. Add 6 drops of Lavender and your clothes will smell amazing(pair with On Guard detergent) . Add 2 💧 in a roller bottle topped with FCO and apply to the feet of your baby before bed time to help them settle down . Do you enjoy baking? You can make amazing Lemon Lavender cookies with both of these essential oils . Get rid of your candles by diffusing this paired with a citrus oil at night to make your house smell amazing and relax your mind . Swap out your diaper rash cream for 1 drop of Lavender+FCO to make an easy toxic free bum oil👶🏼 . Razor bumps? Apply Lavender to get rid of the irritation Need healthier shinier hair? Add a few drops to your shampoo bottle and shake really well . Dry skin? Swap out your fragrance filled lotion for lavender and FCO! You can make your own; bath bombs, deep hair conditioner, yoga mat spray and so many other DIY's So what are you waiting for?! Send me a message and snag this+the other top ten oils and join my community to get the best education and support. Want some rare oils for free valued over $100 too? Ask me how . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Do you wake up and feel like you need to go right back to sleep? Being a mom thats how I feel every single day. Som how I wake up more tired than I was when I fell asleep🧐Diffuse this tried and true blend for when you need help awakening your senses. 2💧each is the perfect amount . P E P P E R M I N T: is invigorating and helps to wake you up. Have you ever inhaled peppermint from the palm of your hands? If so then you know how fast it stimulates your mind. This oil puts the pep in your step while helping you concentrate on your tasks at hand . W I L D O R A N G E: citrus oils are great for enhancing our mood which is why this oil is great for helping you to start your day. Diffusing this oil not only cleanses the air in your home, but also brightens your day. Wild Orange is like sunshine in a bottle . Paired together these 2 are the perfect way to start your day. Especially if you have kiddos going to school! For those rough mornings when they're dragging along just pop these im the diffuser and you're good to go . . . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Next up in our simple swap series is On Guard; a beautiful blend of oils that help naturally support our immune system and protect your body from germs. If you want to learn more about the top ten essential oils and why you need them in your home follow #elsimpleswaps for all the info . Stinky bathroom? Diffuse 2 💧in your bathroom to kill the stank and the airborne germs . Dont have a diffuser? You can use one of @doterra new continuous mist sprayers that are in the accessories category and add 20 drops+water to make your own faux-breeze😉 . Use this as an all purpose cleaner by adding 30 drops in a spray bottle topped with water. Or you can opt for the On Guard Concentrate cleaner which has an entire 5 ml. bottle of On Guard oil in it . Are seasonal and environmental threats getting to you? Diffuse in your home to get rid of all the germs in the air . Put 1 drop on the bottoms of your feet at night before bed to support your immune system . Stomach ache? Try using 1 drop of this oil internally every 2 hours instead of nasty chemical filled OTC medicine . Diffuse this or inhale from the bottle to uplift your emotions and energize you. . take internally to support the bodies natural antioxidant defenses. . You can also use this internally to promote healthy respiratory function. . The warm spicy aroma is great for cold nights or movie nights with the fam . Add 2 drops to a roller bottle topped with FCO and apply to the bottom of your babies feet at night before bed to support their developing immune system . You can make healthy snacks with this oil like immune gummies that your kids will love, cookies or add a drop in your daily juice & smoothie . I think by now you're probably wondering "why dont I have this oil yet?" Right? Well you can add this oil to your LRP order and get money back on your purchase and shipping!😮 Amazing huh?! . If you dont have your own account yet and you want all of the support you'll need to understand and use your oils then send me a message and I can connect you to the best education platforms I have. You can get 2 rare oils for free this month also! . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
Well its allergy season here in Texas. Everyones sneezing, has water eyes, and is congested WOOHOO . Do you need help breathing a little easier or sleeping better at night? Do you snore and keep your partner up or vice versa? Are you congested and need to find some fast acting relief? Try this blend out! . You can add 2 💧 each into the diffuser at night or add 5 💧each into a roller bottle topped with FCO and rub it on your chest and back . To really open your airways roll the mixture in the palm of your hands. Rub them together and cup around your nose so you can inhale deeply. You'll notice a dramatic difference immediately, and your nose will love you for it❣️ . Send me a message if you're ready to start your oil journey and get TWO RARE OILS absolutely free . . . . . #stayathomemom #relatable
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