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AmRAP how many do you think I got , 425. #deadlift #backday #juggernaut #amrap #cardio #doughnutsanddeadlifts
After a weekend of eating food truck junk and drinking little to no water my training is suffering. I have no one to blame but myself. My coach told my to not suck today but that’s just not happening 😫 all I can do is be better from here on out! #isuck #bebetter #workharder #fleo #doughnutsanddeadlifts #powercleanfails #turnerprogramming #grandeprairiecrossfit #powerliftersdontcrossfit #powerlifterdown
For me, back day means DeAdLiFtSsS...lots of heavy deadlifts . On back days when I don’t max out on deadlifts, I follow up with some heavy underhand grip barbell rows and bar push downs (3x8) . Many thanks to those of you who have been trying my workouts!!! I’m so happy if I can help in anyway. Lmk what you’d like to see more of or learn about! 💙
Earmuffs for the third video 😅 Deadlifts today felt heavy af and I had a moment where I had to cuss myself out and after the set I was pissed at how hard I made what should have been a pretty easy triple. 265kgs for 3
Slept in today. Had to get all the squats and deadlifts out of the way after work instead of before. Most important thing? I got it done 👊🏋️‍♂️
TL;DR Reno was a blast. I met some incredible, humble, funny, and strong people. I'm glad that I've never left a Meet not making at least one friend and on Saturday I made a metric ass-ton. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. 👌 - When I decided to drive North for my first USAPL Meet in Reno I didn't know what to expect outside of the norm: heavy weights, nerves, adrenaline, and hunger. I definitely was hoping for the best, but was prepared, and expecting for, the worst (I'm a pessimist). - This Meet had a lot of emotional significance for me. I moved to Reno 5~ years ago. I wasn't my best self and ended up moving back, but now I was going there a different man. Better, in certain aspects for sure. I was thinking of this as a personal redemption tour. - I felt Reno had robbed me of the archetypical story of personal growth, assuming that I'd become better simply by transplanting myself. It hadn't, and it was foolish of me to need redemption. Reno was/is simply a place and it only contained what I opened myself up to. This time Reno contained a few PR's, first place in my weight class, healthy competition, second overall, fun times, and good food. - What's the moral of this ramble? I think it's that not all steps are forward and not all growth is benign and that's okay because there are still more steps and growing that needs to be done. But also fuck it, go out and experience shit. 🤠 #powerlifting | #powerlifter | #usapl | #reno | #doughnutsanddeadlifts
RiRi is speaking my language today!! Got to focus on some power cleans and jerks, staying at a lighter weight to get fast and explosive. 💪🏻💥 • • • • • • #olympiclifting #garagegym #vaughnweightlifting #cleannjerk #powercleans #momswholift #fitmom #rhianna #workhard #fleoshorts #doughnutsanddeadlifts
Monday’s are the best!! 2 PRs today!! 62 kg snatch triple (I missed this complex last week!) and.... I’ve been wanting this for weeks now.... 85kg Snatch Balance!!!!! . . . @cohen_weightlifting @dadbodbarbell @doughnutsanddeadlifts @mentalkilter . . . #doughnutsanddeadlifts #mentalkilter #snatchcomplex #snatchPR #snatchbalance #weightlifting #girlswhoweightlift #earnednotgiven #embracethegrind #letsgo
Big thank you to @ascent_protein for sponsoring @stevesclubdenver ’s event. You have a new customer for life for both your support of an incredible program and cause your protein is dang good! Peeps - Go buy!! #doughnutsanddeadlifts #crossfit #stevesclub #protein #fuelforyourbody #macros #wod #deadlift
Closed today, but you can always get a head start on your donuts. Order online and we will have your order ready for you when you walk in the door! All pack sizes and boxed coffee are available to order. Place your order anytime, pick up available Tuesday-Friday. #minibardonuts #ninedoughfour #donutstilwedie #orderonline ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #treatyoself #donuts #jacksonville #visitjax #jaxbeach #dtwd #eeeeats #904happyhour #igersjax #onlyinduval #voidlive #eatdrinkjax #jaxfoodie #jaxrestaurantreviews #iknowjax #edibleneflorida #yelpjax #whatsgoodjax #insiderdessert #doughnutsanddeadlifts #feedfeed #boldcityeats #natedoesfood #thedonutfeed
Brick by brick @joesullivanpowerlifter is building an army. Between @_dex_jones_ And I, there are 7 American records thanks to him. Great coach, even better friend. We have big things coming. #powerlifting #powerlifter #doughnutsanddeadlifts #teamdndl #dndl #strongthesullivanway #beyondlimitstraining #nolimits #chalkitandrockit #stayhumble #stayhungry #fearlessdominatemore #squat #usapl #uspa
If it's almost a sport, I'm probably spending all of my free time and money doing it. Drove out to the Wyandotte Nation in NE Oklahoma for a small contest on Saturday morning. This was my third year coming here, and each time has been a blast. The events can be a bit interesting, and I never know exactly what I'm getting into, but that's totally cool. If you get your vehicle stuck, I could probably get you out. I took second in the tire flip and ambulance push, and first in the farmer's carries and truck pull events. Huge shoutouts to my brother Kevin for coming in second in the truck pull, that gave me enough points to overtake the huge monster that I was chasing, and give me the overall win for the day. I'm glad I don't take this stuff so serious anymore, I would've missed out on the important stuff, like getting out of the city for a day, hanging with family and friends, and being outdoors. Good times.
Happy Monday fam! Hope everyone had an awesome father's day weekend! Anyone take their dad's out for brunch? Was the food as sexy as the fried chicken biscuits from @honeybutterchi ? Probably not but im sure it was still good 😜
Currently wishing I was still on the beach
🙌 stupid high box jumps are great if you’re working on hip flexion...otherwise just focus on the damn purpose of the exercise 🙄 #athleticdevelopment #exercisescience
Sometimes drills don’t need to be super complex...sometimes they can just be fun 💁 Finished off tonight’s session with a reaction and speed drill in a game format to get everyone involved and having fun 👊#hybridathleticdevelopment #juniorathlete #athleticdevelopment #exercisescience
Fairy bread makes everyday a whimsical journey. 😎 Back Wednesday at 8AM 📍72 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown. #supportsydneydonuts 📸 @imogensunjii
So, last week @emiliathompsonphd tagged me in her post and challenged me to be #rawforreal - I didn’t post at the time as it has taken a couple of days for me to process and open up about what 3 facts I could say about me, but here we have them: 1️⃣ Last year I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I refused to go to therapy for a long time and the whole paperwork process itself stressed me out to the point I’d end up rescheduling calls with the assessment team over and over again. I started therapy in August and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. 2️⃣. I love my dad but we have a very troubled relationship. My relationship with him has conditioned my relationship with myself and other people. Being brought up by an ex army dad who in a very disciplined and regimented environment where nothing but the best was enough, I always tend to feel like I’m not good enough. He’s always been the person to point out imperfections in my body and personality and made me very self conscious and insecure. I love him but this is one of the reasons why I don’t go back home to live as don’t want to feel like that again. 3️⃣ When my mum and dad separated, I didn’t speak to my mum for a year because I felt she’d left us. However, she’s now my best friend and I can look back and appreciate that she gave me and my brother the opportunity to learn there’s other ways to live a life and it doesn’t have to be all bad. My mum and Tim, her partner, have taught me more about life and relationships than they can probably imagine. ______________ A bit longer than Emilia’s but can’t seem to keep my posts short 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Maybe opening up will help other people realise what is portrayed on Instagram is just 1% of that persons life. We all go through our own battles and they don’t define us as people, it’s how we deal with them and come out the other way that does.
An amazing day spent with beautiful people!!! Happy Father’s Day fellas. I love you all❤️ @erica.simone @bschooley10 @geneice #doughnutsanddeadlifts
Designing some program templates for @hybridathleticdevelopment 🤗 looking forward to properly getting into things in the coming months 🎉 #athleticdevelopment #basketball #exercisescience
I Am Coming To Take Whats Mine. @projectgenerationstrong ➖➖➖➖➖ BeltLess Volume Squats : 95KGS (8Reps) Unilateral reverse hyper extensions . Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts 22KGS x 2. ➖➖➖➖➖➖ Believe in the pony 🐴🍩.
6x4 @ 52.5kgs feeling heavy @bearstrongau @taystrength #bench #powerlifting
Quiet mornings on the lake > #puremichigan
Wishing all the dads out there a berry happy Father’s Day!
Work. 6x4 @ 500 Squat 6x4 @ 375 Bench Watching the 120’s @theipf worlds and seeing that I’m right there “ “ as far as being competitive at that weight class at that level was inspiring AF. Time to prep these meals and continue this cut 🤷🏽‍♂️
We crash weddings with the best of ‘em. @steficohen
✨507 for REPS!?!! What is life? ✨ - Last night I had a huge realization of how I have been playing it small in my life. Having someone like Josh who believes in me more than I do, has helped me to see how I continue to have limiting beliefs in my own mind. ⚡️ - I believe that the way to break through this is to create a clear vision for your life. If you could do anything, and be anything, what would it be? 🌟 - Today I am going to be working on getting clear on my vision for my life. Things I never thought would be possible are now within my reach. It’s time to stop playing small and start dreaming BIG! 💥 . . . @jagger_naut @manainsidev2 @uspatexas @uspapower @titanpower81 @pioneer_fit @kingofthelifts @deadlifttillimdead
Doughnuts on my clothes, doughnuts in my mouth. 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 #doughnutsanddeadlifts @doughnutsanddeadlifts @fleoshorts
Considering the fact I helped make him a dad... fair is fair. And yummy.
Lets crush another week. Three days to go until vacay 😎🏐💪
Happy Father's Day, Dad. I miss you every day. I'll never stop striving to live a life that makes you proud. I love you.
Powerlifting girls getting outdoorsy. It’s gorgeous in Connecticut today and it was such a nice mental break to spend time in the woods and sunshine with a friend. Can you tell my sunglasses spend a lot of time on my head? 💃☀️🌻👯‍♀️🕶
Have you ever seen anyone enjoy a doughnut so much? Swipe until the end ! @doughnutsanddeadlifts ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ @iam_kevinlam2.8 with the master photography. 📸 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #powerlifting #powerlifter #doughnutsanddeadlifts #teamdndl #dndl #strongthesullivanway #beyondlimitstraining #nolimits #chalkitandrockit #stayhumble #stayhungry #fearlessdominatemore #squat #usapl #uspa
Moving some weight! Tryna get a bigger stronger back 💯 #doughnutsanddeadlifts #vans #freshcut
Recovery circuit with @steficohen. - 4 wheels x 5 Box jump-overs x 5 Alternating KB swings x 6 Sled push x 20 yards - 5 rounds
Wavey 🌊 . . I missed a couple videos somehow but this is the extent of my snatches yesterday. V strong, v confident, 0 misses!! . . . @cohen_weightlifting @dadbodbarbell @doughnutsanddeadlifts @mentalkilter @crossfitidentity . . . #doughnutsanddeadlifts #snatchwaves #happyfathersday #sublimedoughnuts #tacobell #mentalkilter #embracethegrind
Took a couple days off from the gym, didn’t die, and hit a PR, proudaaa myself lol 😂💁🏾‍♀️ ••••••••••••••••••••••• #wasntthatbad #fitness #motivation #sunday #selflove #doughnutsanddeadlifts
Solid #SundayFunday / #FathersDay session. Fun MetCon, some cardio and some back accessory work. Videos are of the KB clean and press and the throws. Swipe to see the full MetCon!
Hopped into a small competition yesterday in far NE Oklahoma, and less than 24 hours later, I'm back in the gym. With a fastpitch softball tournament coming up this weekend, and another Strongman contest the week after, I'll be doing a lot of traveling, so I have to get the work in whenever I can. It's days like this when I'm glad that I've cut out the crazy liquor and cheeseburger parties, getting more sleep, doing more conditioning, and taking overall better care of myself. I would've been wrecked in years past.
The root beer float donut special from @mojomonkeydonuts for Father's Day. Happy father's day to all the awesome dads, stepdads, and father figures out there!
I know,i know another bench press video? YES IT IS!! 405 will not lift itself! Benching program is really working soon 335 is the goal💪🏽💪🏽using pre from @the_unaturals_officials and apparel from @doughnutsanddeadlifts #norsefitness #deadliftsanddonuts #doughnutsanddeadlifts #powerlifting #rule1proteins #blackstonelabs
When you’re headed to brunch, but have to hit some squats first... you throw on The Uncle Buck @birddogs -•- Squats are BACK to 💯% and the momentum is building! Getting the itch to step on the platform again soon! October?! @shakareg 👀 -•- 425lbs,3 top set @6 -•- #strongdads #strongmomsofthedietdoc #beyondlimitstraining #caffeineandkilos #LVD #liftdifferently #leaveyourmark #leaveyourlegacy #lift4life #powerlift #powerlifting #deadlift #Titan #a7intl #neverstoptheprogress #1stphorm #legionofboom #everforward #chubbies #rogue #birddogs #usapl #strongthesullivanway #strength #100to0 #doughnutsanddeadlifts #morphogennutrition #anomalythreads #jointhetakeover
Fight the Dad-Bod this father’s day with 15% OFF HYBRID NUTRITION MEMBERSHIPS - today only if you use code “PADRE” when signing up you’ll get 15% of monthly membership to Hybrid Nutrition for LIFE. - Membership includes 1-on-1 nutrition coaching with weekly check-ins and macronutrient adjustments based on goals, rate of progress and client results. Our coaches understand the nutritional requirements of weight-class restricted athletes, as they are such themselves. We offer the building blocks for you to build strength, enhance your performance and improve your body composition. Our 24 hour response time will keep you up to date and ready to tackle the next of week ASAP. Our nutrition software is the most simple, user-friendly, streamlined system available so you get the efficiency of an avatar program with the attention of a well trained nutrition coach. Included in the software are visual representations of your progress in the form of graphs as well as an easily readable history of your check-ins.
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Hope you all have a fantastic day 🙌🍩 📷: @mgmckeehan
Luksus Søndag here ✨Now let’s talk about other important things in life 😂 like how amazing these doughnuts are 😍 @talorjorgen . Not a dessert person , unless one of these doughnuts is around 👀 .If you’re in Oslo & haven’t tried these beauties out , go early to make sure you get some xx finally found the Pavlova available & it was lush ! Well balanced , soft , crispy , sweet , sour , it has it all & it looks gorgeous too ✨ #mariaontherun #cityguide #foodie #doughnuts #dessertideas #deliciousfood l#balance #oslo #happysunday #photooftheday #dessertstyling #dailyphoto #foodphotography #tropbon #gourmandise #doughnutshop #doughnutsanddeadlifts
🎉🎉🎉 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE (pet daddies included)!!! Give the gift of minis! 🍩 Daddy wants doughnuts! ❤️ Donut forget, we are open until 8pm tonight! Tag dad if you think he's AMAZING! 📷: @teddypep_frenchie (isn't he the sweetest?) . . . . . . #frenchie #dogsofinstagram #doughnuts #donuts #minidonuts #doughnutsanddeadlifts #pup #fathersdaygifts #fathersdayweekend #happyfathersday #sundays #sundaze #sundayfunday #familyday #food #bocaraton #delraybeach #miami #palmbeach #southflorida #miamieats #eater #foodgram #foodislove #instafood #foodblogger #foodgasm #dad #foodlove #foodforfoodies
Father’s Day warrants the triumphant return of this fan favorite: chocolate drizzled potato chip 😋🍫🥔🍩 . Bring your pop, grab some dones and a Bloody Mary and treat the Daddy’O in your life with some R&R. 😎
When @crossfitamesbury takes the top 2 spots in each division at a comp - we must be doing something right 😉 congrats everyone! More pictures will come when they get developed! • • • • • • • • • • @reebok @crossfit @doughnutsanddeadlifts @ascent_protein @truefeatbrand @soffemens @livesore #Reebok Crossfit #fitness #doughnutsanddeadlifts #dndl #pride #ascentprotein #ascent #truefeatbrands #truefeat #brandambassador #soffeshorts #bootyshorts #silkies #competition #fun #fitfam #fitlife #gainz #cfa #crossfitamesbury #friends #family #dedication #lifestyle #livesore
Junior athlete working on body control and lateral landing 🏀also recovering from a fractured wrist 😅 #hybridathleticdevelopment #basketball #athleticdevelopment
Sunday umm pic...for an honest pregnancy post and update! The last week my mind has been a bit 😫 being pregnant for the first time can make you doubt your thoughts at times I suppose! Being in the fitness industry sometimes I feel like.. this is 9 months where I can be lazy, eat what I want and just take a break...as I know I’ll be getting back on it post baby anyway. And then I’m like.. no I’ve got to live up to the expectations like ‘your gonna be tiny just with a bump’ or ‘ from the back you will look the same as before’ or ‘ you probably won’t gain a lot because you train’ etc It’s all a bit 😐 and really I just want the baby to be healthy... so anyway I’ve decided to go back to my original plan 😉... live my life as normal, share what’s going on... remember what makes ME happy and that using the f*** it I’m pregnant attitude has its time and place and I’ll decide when I want to use it (because I’m easily influenced lol). I believe if I’m happy and healthy that’s gotta be the best way? 😊. (Weekly update below ⬇️) Update: Feeling: 😍 and inpatient to know if it’s a boy or girl #hurryup20weeks Training: More weights less cardio. Still lighter weights tho! Food: Tend to eat lots in the day to keep active and awake then less in the evening. Loadsss of Protein and more carbs. 2 days of over eating which is kinda normal but kinda annoyed they weren’t what I wanted and Instead more f*** it in pregnant 🐖 moments lol ( I find my control is awful now pregnant anyone else? But could just be mind set 🤷🏻‍♀️) Goals: stick to my grounds and be more productive on Youtube! Weight: 124lbs average same as last week (lowest stage weight 113lbs) P.S I feel like my page is gonna have so much more ‘things about me’ posts for a bit... sorry! Any comments advice or questions please write below! 😊 Also so proud of @leahrc09 But I’ll post her tomorrow because #mondaymotivation 💪🏽
You dough not just go to Borough market and not get one of these amazing creations from @breadaheadbakery . . These are my number one doughnuts in London. Freshly made in the bakery everyday, these doughnuts have a completely different texture to any others you may have tried. I found most doughnuts quite heavy and sickly, but these are so light and fluffy and also not too sweet!! Imagine almost a thick slice of soft fresh brioche coated in some powdered sugar. But what’s even more amazing is that they come stuffed with mascarpone- this was their salted caramel and honeycomb doughnut. 😍🤤 . . They also have a branch in Soho but I personally prefer the one in Borough market since the doughnuts are made freshly there! 👌🏽 oh and these doughnuts are only £3 so much cheaper than some of the other gourmet ones you can get😁
That feeling when your hotel gym has a squat rack and more than one barebell 😍😍
Also #transformationtuesday Left picture: June 12th 2018. Four day Upper/lower split. Flexible dieting and intermittent fasting Right picture: June 2016. Brosplits, no real meal plan. Binge eating and crash dieting to counter act the calorie surplus plus massive overtraining. No real balance. Also... hairy 🙉🙉
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