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we're all falling and we need a place to hide.
🛸 all of us
John Maus - Hey moon
Silly Cig Talk no.12: haven’t visited the ocean in a while. Hope she still remembers me. . . . . .
Walking around in a dream (3/3)
Walking around in a dream (2/3)
Walking around in a dream (1/3)
We're all chasin' after all the same Chasing after our rainbow's end.
Newport, Nova Scotia from the series: These Roads
At first I thought this was caused by the expired film, but after much thought, it was shot at a low shutter speed and Steve's sleeve must've made it's debut on the left side of the frame.
you are worth holding onto. you are worth more than you know. ✨
Detroit. Kodak Portra 400 #35mm
IDENTITY . . . Photo: Me @mastrview MUA/MODEL: @sheeelbysmithh
The scent of summer never lasts
stickers posted at the front of your house so people know you have a dog. 犬
Down by the city edge
my wishes, clouded by judgements of humans. trapped me between worlds, to the world that i'm longing. a serenity, simpler than breathing.
*touches old food from dishes *
life is all woods and flowerbeds
he was eaten by his feelings
he's staring into nothingness
my hand has experienced that of struggle, fear, and isolation. but is an embodiment of love, acceptance and development.
brush off the haters
curtains of light
reflective mechanism
right through the sky
the kitchen is always mysterious
messy colors pop
washed out floral
mother nature's fruition
this doesn't make any sense
a blue tower. lonely, unfinished, waiting
he once said to me, orange is the shade of fallen dreams
light or shadow, angels or demons
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