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Not the preferred picture you want to see from the detached #gopro after you have just crashed your drone.. - had to climb the tower to get the quad itself, more on that later 😅
I can’t overstate the totality of this little farms isolation. We drove for hours in our 4x4 to get here. Hours up over mountains. Crossing rivers. Wiggling through valleys. We passed many little isolated farms or yurt camps. But this one is absolutely in the middle of freaking nowhere. Incredible. It might be because I’m so used to being isolated meaning way out in the woods. But that isolation is hard to grasp unless you were in a plane flying over. Wide opens plains don’t have that issue. It is abundantly clear how far the rest of the world is. I didn’t get to meet the family who lived here. Even if I had, there’s no way I would have had the time to ask them all the questions that immediately rushed into my head. So many why’s and how’s. But anybody choosing to live in such seclusion didn’t do it by accident. So in reality, it might’ve been for the best that we kept driving and their little homestead oasis effortlessly slipped under the rolling hills.
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