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Hello World! I’m back and ready to share and repost! Since I’ve been gone I’ve had a baby so cut me some slack. Here is a post about #manifestingdesires and I think it really speaks volumes for #attitude ,the A in #drwsafe . When focusing on health, your mental game and emotional growth is important. Just like you put time aside to eat well or work out, put time aside to decide on what you want in your life. Plants grow toward the sun, give yourself something to grow toward. #happy #selfhelp #healthylife #happyday #dreamscometrue
Are you loyal to the Zendo commandments?
F is for Fresh air. Breathe some.
A is for Attitude. #behappy
S is for Sunshine.
W is for Water. 3Liters or 1 gallon a day is the goal and these foods. Thanks @infinitewaters
R is for Rest
D is for Diet #drwsafe
Thank you thank you HP for WATER!! Water is the W in #drwsafe because it's a no brainer. It's common knowledge that we're made up of more than 70% water, yet 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. If you're sick, sad, overweight, in pain, tired, these are just #yourbodysmanycriesforwater #drinkwater #water #h2o #happy #powerful #healthyasfuck #dehydrated #love
For those of you getting into life with ACV, here's some more reasons to include this into your everyday diet and medicine cabinet. #foodismedicine #DRWSAFE #happy #healthyasfuck #applecidervinegar
DRINK CINNAMON TEA! You will feel a jolt of energy and physical efficiency because your blood will #FLOW better, and your body will respond to cinnamon's anti-inflammatory ability to slow down how quickly your stomach empties, giving your body more time to absorb blood sugar instead of feeling that food baby, or the itis, or una jartura. #Cinnamon is rich in #antioxidants , meaning it’s filled with the molecules that will keep free radicals from forming. We don’t like free radicals because they cause cell death, start cancers and other serious diseases. Cinnamon helps keep you young, by inhibiting the main cause of aging (cell death) and all it takes is a teaspoon per day! Research proves cinnamons powers as an anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antiseptic, antibiotic, and it can kill germs. So if you have diabetes or heart disease in your family, are prone to infections, eat a lot of heavy carbs and basically for anyone who is alive, cinnamon has been proven to SPICE up your health. Also! It’s warming scent is enough to immediately improve #brain functions like memory, attention, and motor speed. Also, studies have shown cinnamon oil to be just as effective in killing mosquito larvae than the environmentally damaging chemicals used in most insecticides. In fact, it’s a household secret to put cinnamon bark in your sugar jar to keep ants away. #DRWSAFE #powerful #happy #healthyasfuck
Feelin like Beyoncé as Wonder Woman today. #attitude puts the "A" in #DRWSAFE so when you're Feelin' yourself go ahead and work it! Feeling not so hot today? Smile, stand up straight, breathe really deeply while you think of one thing you're truly grateful for and you'll change your state like that! 🎉 #powerful #happy #healthyasfuck
Tao te Ching #DRWSAFE #taoteching
One verse from the Tao a day keep the negativity at bay. #taoteching #attitude #DRWSAFE
Watching the sunset and even better the sunrise is clinically proven to promote happiness and overall well-being. That's why Sunshine is the "S" in #DRWSAFE
Shop smart, eat well, today we put the"D" in #DRWSAFE (diet)
Are your health and fitness goals purely aesthetic? Good! Feeling confident with the way your body looks will bleed into the rest of your life. Attitude is the "A" in #DRWSAFE -Chest up, Friends ;)