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GRN inspirator Marlous van der Veen van @minimalist__millennial gaf een TEDx Talk over minimalisme: wat betekent minimalisme voor haar en wat je kunt doen om een eerste stap te zetten. Link in onze bio!
The reason that I didn’t post anything in the last weeks, is that I wasn’t in my best mood. More stress, less training and less sleep. However, it’s a good fact that I now realize what happened and why it happened. Meanwhile I gave away or sold a lot of items I was not happy about anymore. I also experienced that minimalism is a very dynamic part of my life nowadays. The idea of ‘everytime you’re giving something away, it adds value to your life’ is sometimes just as easy as it sounds. I’m now at a point that I really appreciate most of the items around me. I don’t say that all those items are necessary for me. That’s the next step. Although, I still believe in this way of living, because every time I get rid of an item, it makes my day, and I do understand more and more what it‘s worth to give your stuff a second life (picture: Sandia Peaks Inn, Albuquerque, NM, United States) #minimalism #essentialism #minimalisme #dutchminimalism
• Be inspiring, not overwhelming Since I started with this blog, which was approximately a month after I started eating vegetarian, I’m feeling how hard it is to change some fundamental things in your life, without overselling other people. When you experience that other people are interested in your ‘new’ lifestyle, you become even more enthusiast about it. It feels kinda like a confirmation for the effort you just put into it. I have already asked myself many times why I started this blog. Is it to inspire people or is it just to show you guys that I am moving forward in my way to a more meaningful life? Maybe both. At least I am doing it my way. Without reposted photos. I really remember the moment I decided to start eating vegetarian (I note this multiple times because this was the start of my way to minimalism). It was at my holiday this summer and I told my girlfriend that I wanted to start with this type of diet. It was out of nowhere. I mean, I really do love animals and I wanted to live a more sustainable life. I think these ingredients came together at that moment. There was no specific reason for me to start at that moment. It was a few days ago that I received a message from my girlfriend (she is in Quito, Ecuador for her intership) that she wants to join me in this adventure when she’s back in the country. This(!) is the confirmation I was waiting for. Like I said earlier in this post, it’s hard to not overwhelm the people around you. That’s what it makes even more amazing. It’s her choice, not mine. Of course I will support her to the fullest, but I don’t want to push her too much. Remember: be inspiring, not overwhelming. The ones who are interested, will start their own adventure some day. #minimalism #dutchminimalism #minimalist #simplifyinglife
Nu op GRN: Marlous is al een aantal maanden bezig geweest met ontspullen en is inmiddels ruim 1.000 items armer (!!) ⠀⠀ Ze vertelt wat ze heeft geleerd over zichzelf en heeft een aantal praktische tips om zelf aan de slag te gaan 🙌 #linkinbio
Just started with a new way of minimalism: reducing the amount of plastic, inspired by @growthinkers . First step: buying my spinach at the weekly market, instead of the supermarket #zeroplastic #plasticdiet #minimalism #dutchminimalism
•Try not to notice the unnecessary If it happens very often that you forget something, just accept it. Maybe you would expect a magic tool to remember all your appointments, but just think about it in another way. If you just forgot something, there’s a huge chance that it wasn’t important enough. Ofcourse this isn’t always the case, because some appointments, like going to your work shift, are important. Or aren’t they? I ask this, because the idea of accepting the things you forgot can be very useable in more ways than just your weekly lunch with a colleague. So for example: there is an old school friend and you didn’t speak to him/her for like two years. You still have his/her phone number, and when you’re driving home from work, the idea comes up to send your old friend a message. Maybe you can have a drink together next week. But a week later you realized that you didn’t contact your friend at all. You just forgot it. What a lot of people would do in this situation, is taking their phone and immediately send them a message. I would like to discuss this. I really believe that my mind (the same as your mind) has a quite advanced autoregulation. So the things that are less important than you thought at the moment you were driving home from work, will be deleted. What stays, are the things that are really necessary for you (except people who forget so many things that it destroys all their relationships with friends, because of all the forgotten appointments). It’s especially for things you didn’t write down already. If I have an idea or I just made an appointment (lesson number 2: don’t make too many appointments... this will be continued in another post), I just write it down, or it’s up to my autoregulated mind. Maybe I will remember it again a couple times, which is the proof that it is important from that moment. Take home message: don’t try to decide about your ideas all the time. Most of them just come and go... #minimalism #dutchminimalism #minimalist #essentialism #gregmckeown
• It’s about the whole spectrum One thing I have learned so far is that it isn’t always about reducing in the materialistic sense of the word. If you have less stuff, but the same amount of stress, take your time to find out what else you can do to minimalize the external stimuli in your life. What I do when I want to relax and be calm, is meditating. One year ago I wouldn’t believe you if you had told me that closing your eyes and just focusing on your breath could help with creating a life with less stress and less noises. Nowadays it’s a daily routine. For me it’s a rule that I won’t do anything for school or work after 10PM, so I have the time to read a book and to meditate. I wake up at 5:50 in the morning everyday, no matter at what time my first appointment is, and I make sure I have all the time to prepare and enjoy my breakfast. 3 or 4 times a week I also do some running. So when it’s time to go to college or work (usually around 8), I’ve already done a lot of things that helped me to having a day with less stress and more calm. I really recommend the app ‘Headspace’, which can truly help you to build a routine. Keep in mind what the goal is of your own process. It’s probably to find calm, not just to give stuff away. Note: your mental and physical health can increase each other, more than you think (infographic made by me, but feel free to share it) #dutchminimalism #minimalist #minimalism #simplifying
New CD almost finished! The new compositions by @anthony_fiumara @remycomposes @aartstrootman and @magnoliasforears sound amazing! Can't wait until the 3d of november release concert @novembermusicnl and to share it! #newalbum #soloalbum #saxophonist #selmerparis #yanagisawasaxophone #vandorenreeds #newmusic #contemporarymusic #minimalmusic #dutchminimalism #studiocharlatan
• ‘Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?’ - T.S. Eliot I really remember the moment I bought this book, written by Fumio Sasaki. It was in a little bookstore in my hometown. I don’t know why it attracted me (maybe it was just the cool illustration), but when I started reading it, I was astonished. ‘How is it even possible to live with just a few pieces of clothing, a chair and a single plate?!’ If you just started with minimailism, I would not specifically recommend this book. It’s mostly about people who gave almost all their stuff away, which can make you scared, in case you’re afraid of the whole process (which is quite normal). After the book I’m currently reading, I will probably dive more into the world of Japanese minimalism (what this book is about). Especially since I also started to meditate, I became more interested in and attracted to this culture of essentialism and compassion. Ask yourself what your own goal is with minimalizing stuff, so you can keep in mind why you started. But don’t be afraid when you become better and more radical in the process. That’s normal when the outcomes of something are satisfying. For me, my books are one of the few things I don’t like to give away. And exactly for that reason, I want you to read this book. It will teach you to say goodbye to the items. And if you’re really missing it... there’s a huge chance that you can buy it again. But usually that’s not the case. It’s definitely worth it. That’s actually the conclusion of the book, and also what I’ve experienced so far. #japaneseminimalism #fumiosasaki #dutchminimalism #essentialism
• Just let things go... When you decide to start with minimalism, be prepared for some difficult moments. With this post, I hope to give you some tools to become a little bit better in reducing the amount of stuff you have. First of all I want to note that minimalism isn’t just about throwing away what you have. For me it’s about questioning myself and discussing what I really need. Ask yourself what kind of value your books, cd’s or clothes add to YOUR life. Your books won’t tell other people how intellectual you are and your cd’s won’t tell them how your taste of music does match so perfect with that intellectual idea of yourself. Accept that the items you bought one day, will not be with you the rest of your life. There’s a huge chance that you don’t like most of your stuff anymore. If you’re afraid that you’re gonna regret letting things go... it’s never about letting it go. You just regret that you have things you do not use. Of course it’s a sad idea that you don’t use an item that you were so crazy about the moment you bought it. But let it go... Don’t invest in those things anymore. Try to give things away if you have the idea that somebody else will be happier with the stuff than you are. This feeling of creating a little bit more freedom in your own life, and adding a little bit value to someone else’s life, at the same time, will probably give you so much satisfaction. Usually the way I do this, is: 1. Ask friends if they’re interested 2. Try to sell the item online (Ebay/United Wardrobe/Marktplaats) 3. Bring it to the local donation/recycle container It happens quite often that I skip 1 and 2. That really depends on the individual item. I try to make a rational choice by determining who gets the most value out of it. (The picture shows some items I will give away this week) A list with more practical tips will follow in a next post #minimalism #reducingstuff #minimalist #essentialism #minimalisme #dutchminimalism
This month, we toured the Dutch-minimalist apartment of @kaylaco_87 ! Read the full article at our #linkinbio . • • • #dutchminimalism #minimalism #fargominimalists #fargond #SOMA #furniture #exposedbrick #DowntownFargo #interiors #homedesign #homedecor | 📷 by @jalanpaul
This month, we toured the Dutch-minimalist apartment of @kaylaco_87 ! Read the full article at our #linkinbio . • • • #dutchminimalism #minimalism #fargominimalists #fargond #SOMA #furniture #exposedbrick #DowntownFargo #interiors #homedesign #homedecor | 📷 by @jalanpaul
Join us as we tour the Dutch-minimalist apartment of @kaylaco_87 ! Read the full article at our #linkinbio . • • • #dutchminimalism #minimalism #fargominimalists #fargond #SOMA #furniture #exposedbrick #DowntownFargo #interiors #homedesign #homedecor | 📷 by @jalanpaul
Also in the February issue, you can tour the Dutch-minimalist apartment of @kaylaco_87 ! Read the full article at our #linkinbio . • • • #dutchminimalism #minimalism #fargominimalists #fargond #SOMA #furniture #barcart #exposedbrick #DowntownFargo #interiors #homedesign #homedecor | 📷 by @jalanpaul
Join us on a tour of the Dutch-minimalist apartment of @kaylaco_87 ! Read the full article at our #linkinbio . • • • #dutchminimalism #minimalism #fargominimalists #fargond #SOMA #furniture #exposedbrick #DowntownFargo #interiors #homedesign #homedecor | 📷 by @jalanpaul
Also in the February issue, you can tour the Dutch-minimalist apartment of @kaylaco_87 ! Read the full article at our #linkinbio . • • • #dutchminimalism #minimalism #fargominimalists #fargond #SOMA #furniture #exposedbrick #DowntownFargo #interiors #homedesign #homedecor | 📷 by @jalanpaul
Distel - Puur (Enfant Terrible, 2013) Again, it's creeping me out how ridiculously quickly time flies. It's been almost 5 years since Puur was released. And it has been one of my absolute favourites of that year. Ulterior minimal wave with pinches of industrial and d'n'b of the cold and spooky kind: yup, this is proper angstpop. Puur is so hostile and nightmarish it could easily have been released on Galakthorrö. However, Distel's sound isn't very harsh, but rather groovy and urban. A record best relished alone, on high volume and with just little light around. It's dark and highly atmospheric and certainly one of my favourites of the genre. Although this is the cover of the regular edition, it's actually the numbered first press limited to 50 copies. But as the latter version's artwork is simply pitch black carton, I thought it looks a little more interesting when picturing the common artwork. Unfortunately my edition came without the additional 7'' of the second run. Highly recommended piece! #vinyloftheday #distel #puur #enfantterrible #angstpop #minimalwave #industrial #drumandbass #dutchminimalism #æter #scramasax #recordoftheday #vinyljunkie #vinylporn #vinylcollector #vinyl
This image, captured by the wonderful @jalanpaul for @designandlivingmagazine Feb edition, tells the story of our #minimalism loft apartment in #downtownfargo and tells the story of the diamond-in-the-rough space, transformed into the cozy, stylish space it is today. All it too was a leap of faith, trust, and a decorative touch of elegance. Check it out on page 54!
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