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The look before you have your morning coffee. #relatable ☕️ pc: @pinterest
Now Discovering the Gosauseen lakes in Austria, with @karl_steinegger. Gosauseen are three lakes in the south-western part of Upper Austria. The embedding part of the Alps is called the Dachstein mountains, partially formed and today co-dominated in terms of waters by its glacier remains. #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering
“ My Back Yard “
can’t contain my excitement. @victorhefetz and i get to live on a beautiful little farm..oh did i mention there are horses outside our window?
There’s something beautiful on the horizon. ⛰💚✨ #tbt #thursdayvibes #instagood #nature #natureshot #landscape #planetearth #earthpics #nh #beauty #instamood
Most Michiganders know this bridge pretty well! I wonder if it’s recognizable outside of Michigan. If you’re not from Michigan, have you seen/heard of the Mackinac Bridge? And if you are from Michigan, when is the last time you crossed the Mighty Mac? #mackinacbridge #michigan #michigram
“For whatever we lose, it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.” —E.E. Cummings
If we lived on a white planet, what would we call it? No soil to call it earth, no water to call it ocean, just pure white rock with some plants scattered here and there. Use your imagination.... . . . . . . . . . . #chasinglight #gypsy #desert #deserthikes   #canyons #coloradoplateau #geopoetry #utahhiking #lifeelevated #landscape_capture   #uniqueplaces #natureseeker #womenwhohike #adventures #instagood #ig_utah #naturepics #naturepic #natures_hub #natureshot #nature_of_our_world #natureisbeautiful #naturebeauty #earthpics #awesomeglobe  #earthexperience
Rocky beach, took this months ago… Just digging it out again because I'm going nowhere 😣 Still thinking about where to go next…
How good if the golden hour can be longer! Since I start playing a little with photography, those shots taken at dusk and dawn were just so good especially those soft light! Gonna need more of those golden hour shots…
Just one of those days 😛😛
Looks a little like Christmas 🎄
Gosh, I miss travel already! The nature out there were so so awesome! Hope my next travel is not so far away from now…meanwhile…enjoy the shot!
Foggy and damp. Perfect 👍
Rainy day…driving around the small town Finally we get to cross the bridge but the food on the other end is a little disappointing! Anyway, here's the bridge shot for you guys!🌁
Cloudy day never stop me at the hilltop to take more shots… Somehow I feel good to have cloudy days as the soft light helped to light the photo properly rather than hot Sun!
How I spend my Sunday before go for the climbing yesterday! It was a great breakaway from the busy cities, I find the night shot looks better than the day shot… Here you go…😎
Starting off my birthday morning waking up at 5am to chase Sunrise! Well, end up a cloudy day that cover the Sun up! Not disappoint tho, I still have the cloud sea at the hill top!
:) I'm cuddling and staying warm are you ? Clothing @canadianlifestyleclothing Photographer @roxythorphotography
Hidden like a present Christmas is coming to fast 😠
Sometimes being with nature is the best place to be :)
Like to whip whip Love theses photos from this set
Her curves aren't a curse Her body's A blessing" Her thighs are thunder And her hips are haven Photographer @roxythorphotography long sleeve @underarmour Shorts @lululemon
When ever I smoke that toke u. Look at me like I'm a demon Top @lululemon Jeans @quicksilver_oficiial
Never cut my hair again So beautiful it was @roxythorphotography Purple top @hm Jeans @quicksilver_oficiial
I'm here needing to get my story straight While all my friend are getting high in bathroom 😜✨ Photo credit @paracordpetsncustomcreations Photo editing done by @roxythorphotography
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