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First edit of Eben💙 #eben #ebenofficial #blue
So this is me being loved by the boys and getting sucked up
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My grandma said i can get a couple things that is $20 and under so im getting this
Zach,jack and daniel are all the kids in class that answer like very single question and im just corbyn smiling acting like im thinking where I know the answer but afraid to get it wrong in front of the whole class and jonah just the teacher thats trying to get me to answer one question
Well i hope you feel better @jonahmarais get some rest and hopefully your good tomorrow if not we all understand and and some might be upset but if they make a big deal there just fake and there going to get hate it called life your a human being we all get sick
@seaveydaniel why do you do this to me
O hi there eye balls o and zach
When you ask a question and your teacher explains it and you say you under stand but you dont at all
Thank you for the new profile pic @seavey._smiles_
Cant really see jack but hes still cute wait... There all cute
Zach what are you look at???
I forget who made this but ... Good job
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