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A beautiful moment from the @easternbridalfair fashion show production "My Wedding Sorry" Choreographer: @yashpandya2013 • Assistant Choreographers: @pavishenpaideya x @ruhi_12 • Concept & Story: @shevaalsingh • Production: @epicentertainment.za • Costumes & Dancers: @nateshwar_sa • AVDesign: @tempestmedia Photographer: @lens3sa #EasternBridalFair #EBF #Dance #Bollywood #Entertainment #Durban #Johannesburg #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #Africa #India #Heritage #Culture #Art #DanceLife #Dance #Igers #Art #Design #Photography
A beautiful moment from the @easternbridalfair fashion show production "My Wedding Sorry" Choreographer: @yashpandya2013 • Assistant Choreographers: @pavishenpaideya x @ruhi_12 • Concept & Story: @shevaalsingh • Production: @epicentertainment.za • Costumes & Dancers: @nateshwar_sa • AVDesign: @tempestmedia Photographer: @lens3sa #EasternBridalFair #EBF #Dance #Bollywood #Entertainment #Durban #Johannesburg #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #Africa #India #Heritage #Culture #Art #DanceLife #Dance #Igers #Art #Design #Photography
A beautiful moment from the @easternbridalfair fashion show production "My Wedding Sorry" Choreographer: @yashpandya2013 • Assistant Choreographers: @pavishenpaideya x @ruhi_12 • Concept & Story: @shevaalsingh • Production: @epicentertainment.za • Costumes & Dancers: @nateshwar_sa • AVDesign: @tempestmedia Photographer: @lens3sa #EasternBridalFair #EBF #Dance #Bollywood #Entertainment #Durban #Johannesburg #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #Africa #India #Heritage #Culture #Art #DanceLife #Dance #Igers #Art #Design #Photography
I used to be that girl who skipped breakfast, though carbs were evil and would pick up a coffee and a muffin/bagel from the local coffee shop on the way to work. However it took some practice and discipline to realize that I can still eat delicious hot breakfasts whenever I want, even on a weekday. ⠀ ⠀ These banana pancakes have made it to my regular rotation and I make enough during my meal prep to feed all of us every morning for a week! Who would complain about eating pancakes for a week 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⠀ ⠀ Ingredients (Serves 1)⠀ ❤️💜💜⠀ 2 Eggs⠀ 1 Banana⠀ 1/4 tsp cinnamon⠀ Coconut oil for frying⠀ ⠀ ▫️Blend egg and banana together⠀ ⠀ ▫️Heat pan to medium low and add a little coconut oil to lightly coat the bottom of pan⠀ ⠀ ▫️Drop batter onto pan, when they bubble/slide when you shake the pan flip!⠀ ⠀ ▫️Stack, top with your favourite toppings and enjoy!⠀ ⠀ If you tried this recipe tag me in your food pics and let me know what you think! If you would like a meal plan with recipes like this on it send me a msg and let’s chat 💌💌💌
So grateful for the weekends when I get to put this little girl down for a nap. ❤
After Ralph stole a chip of our plates and loved it, we decided to start weaning a couple of days early. Really wanted to wait until he actually reached 6 months but I guess that's the baby led part of baby led weaning! He loved his avocado, wasn't overly sure of the chicken but still gave it a go. #EBF #babyledweaning #foodforfunbeforeone #avocado #chicken #babiesofinstagram
ЕВРАЗИЙСКИЙ ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИЙ БИЗНЕС ФОРУМ В БАХРЕЙН 🇧🇭 2018 #bahrain #ebf #ksa #halalmeatfoods #ksa 🇸🇦 #halalmeat #moscow #moscowhalalmeat #
AHHHH . E aí chegamos a conclusão que Abel não tem dificuldades de ganhar peso, porém meu leite é hipocalórico - o que dificulta esse ganho. Esse guli graças a Deus ama a teta e a dedeira e grita quando acaba! Nosso desafio agora é tirar o leite no trabalho e ter o bastante para o dia... Como tem sido essa jornada pra você? . So we came to the conclusion that Abel doesn't have an issue to gain weight but my milk is hypocaloric - which makes it so much harder for weight gain Thank God this little dude loves boobs and bottles! Now our current struggle is pumping enough while at work to last through the day... How's this journey going for you? . Mamãe Polly #mamaemoods #amamentação #ebf
MILK! . Por fim o leite veio com 6 dias, mas o peso do Abel não aumentava. Pelo contrário, ele já tinha perdido mais de 12% do nascimento Aí passamos a complementar para ganho de peso 😓 O que não fazia sentido já que as tetas jorravam! Continua no próximo post . Milk finally came in on the 6th day but Abel's weight wouldn't go up. On the contrary, he had already lost 12% of his birth weight So then we had to supplement 😵 Which made no sense at all as my tits were squirting milk! To be continued on the next post . Mamãe Polly #mamaemoods #amamentação #ebf
HE NEEDS SUM MILK! . Abel toma mamadeira desde 3 dias de nascido Por inúmeros motivos meu leite não descia... A culpa que eu sentia era absurda e os conselhos + comparações de outras mães me cortavam o 💔 Continua no próximo post . Abel drinks milk from a bottle since his 3rd day here My milk just wouldn't come in for millions of reasons... I felt extremely guilty and the amount of advice /comparison I got from other moms was heartbreaking To be continued on the next post . Mamãe Polly #mamaemoods #amamentação #ebf
24 months of our breastfeeding journey.. 🤱♥️👶🏻
Good job #Ebf
My fluffy little chick is 3 months old today 😭 It definitely goes faster the second time. Another month of #ebf boxed off too 🙌🏼
:: thank you, @merrileeliddiardshop , for Luke's bunny! i'm anticipating years of cuddles and adventures with our new friend. 🐰
:: HBD, BB.
¿Porqué es mejor NO LIMPIAR al bebé justo después de nacer? 🚿 Por qué el calostro huele a líquido amniótico💕 El bebé pasa 9 meses en el saco, probando el líquido amniótico en el que nada. Al nacer los bebés se chupan las manos, degustándo ese sabor que conocen y vuelven a probar al amamantar calostro. No se recomienda limpiar o bañar a los bebés justo después de nacer, sino por el contrario colocarlos piel con piel con la madre y permitirles amamantar 🤱🏻 . Imagen: #Repost @badassmotherbirther . En @lactanciamitos estamos para ayudar 💕 escríbenos! . #lactancia #LME #lactanciamitos #lactanciasinmitos #amamantar #baby #bebe #breasfeeding #EBF #embarazo #mujer #calostro #reciennacido #baño #primerbaño #olor #sabor #liquidoamniotico #newborn #amnioticsac
Candid shot of me and all my girls cuddling on the couch. No curated backdrops or props, no nice outfits, no product placement or sponsored promotions, no flattering poses, no special lighting.... just love. In its purest, simplest, most divine form. This is the stuff I’m here for. The real stuff. The ooey gooey heavy stuff, the feely stuff, the stick to your ribs stuff. Because to me, that’s all life is about. Pure and unadulterated love. . Ps... i think we are officially finished breastfeeding (😭💔) and little miss thing went peepee on her potty TWICE this week! Too many changes my heart can’t take it. I’ll make a post eventually about being done with breastfeeding. Right now I can’t, it’s still too new and raw. There’s some other things i want to eventually share also, including the crazy roller coaster I’ve been on with my health and the journey I’m about to embark on with all that. So let me ask you... for those interested, would you prefer to read these things via blogs, or watch via YouTube videos? Appreciate the input 🙃
You can never be too over dressed 👸🏻 #princess #sandbox
As a treat we had a cooked 'breakfast' for brunch today, but Little Cloud fell asleep, so we saved hers for lunch. She enjoyed everything, but particularly loved the beans and Greek yoghurt! She'd have eaten the whole tub of yoghurt if we'd let her 😂 . . . . #allinmoderation #babyledlife #babyledweaning #blw #sevenmonthsold #motherhood #mumswithcameras #motheranddaughter #firsttimemum #firsttimemom #babygirl #baby #babiesofig #babiesofinstagram #mumsofig #momswithcameras #momsofig #mumsofinstagram #momsofinstagram #homemade #mothersunite #mum #mummy #ebf #mommy #childrenofig   #childrenofinstagram #exclusivelybreastfed #breastfed
My little chunky butt is 4 Months old today! I’m not really sure how but I wish he would slow down. He loves talking, being held, jumping in his bouncer, watching his brothers, and reading books. He’s chews on everything he sees (I’m pretty sure he’s teething) and he’s so ticklish. He has the most adorable laugh that puts a smile on anyone’s face. He still sleeps threw the night which I love because I actually get sleep 😴 He’s the happiest little guy and I’m so glad he’s mine 😍 Happy 4 Months Baby! 😘 #masonreign 💙 #fourmonthold #slowdown #mylove #babynumberthree #boymom #ebf #chunkybaby #breastfeedingmama
Fun fact: I use to think cardio was the best thing for me, especially being a soccer player. I was convinced lifting would make me “bulky” and slower on the field. Then I joined @everybodyfights and fast forward a year later >> 💥 thank you @christopher_daveiga for educating me, challenging me and showing me that I was completely wrong. I have never felt stronger, quicker or more dynamic. #mygymisthebestgym #ebf #soccerseasonshere
Duro partido pero logramos sacar los 3 puntos frente #AtleticoVillablanca en el #TorneoNacionalSub17 . El gol fue obra de Anderson Ortega con una excelente asistencia de Carlos Daza. Excelente triunfo y a trabajar para el próximo encuentro! #EBF #UnaSolaFamilia #VamosPorMás #DiosConNosotros 💚❤️💛3️⃣🙏👏
Soooo sleep deprived lately 😩😭..some days he’s the best at sleeping, he can go from 4-6 hours straight, wake up to eat and back asleep for another 3-4 hrs 🙏🏼 and then there are days like today where he kept waking up every hour to eat or just feel his momma next to him (he usually sleeps on his sleeper thingy) and my entire day will consist of me being a zombie and TRYING to function & get things done (cook, clean, shower the kids, errands etc).... while breastfeeding on demand. #tiredmom #ebf
I decided to create meal plans to share because good nutrition is more than just vitamins, it’s about what you put in your body every day! Eating these kind of recipes, Brandon has lost 20 pounds and I’ve lost 10 pounds! All recipes are gluten free, nut-free& dairy free and most are low carb. For the recipes, shopping list& meal planning tips, join the Facebook group. Link in bio #mealplanning #shakleemom #sassysuite #glutenfree #dairyfree #nutfree #lowcarb #busymom #kidfriendlyfood #glutenfreemealplanning #whole30recipes #shaklee #shakleeindependentdistributor #momlifeisthebestlife #momlifestyle #liveyoungerlonger #ebf #weightloss
Ahhh yes, I still got it 😎🤘🏼 I may be 30 years old and my gymnastics days may have ended over a decade ago, but once a gymnast, always a gymnast. And boy...do I mean it when I say that... Did you know that a lot of gymnasts struggle with self image and body image issues??? I know I did 🙋🏼‍♀️ Heck, I still have the tendency to pick apart every little thing about me and my body that I don’t see as “perfect”. How SAD, right??? I’m definitely a recovering perfectionist. 🙈 What has gotten me through this transition from unhealthy mindset to healthy mindset is: 1️⃣ Practicing positive self talk. 2️⃣ Reading 10 pages everyday of a personal development book or listening to 30 minutes of a podcast. 3️⃣ Surrounding myself by a positive community of women who don’t talk badly about others OR themselves (Message me if you ever want to be a part of my team..these ladies have changed my LIFE 💕✨) 4️⃣ Working out to exercise that I LOVE and practicing balanced eating/NEVER dieting. Self love doesn’t happen overnight. And it’s never fully finished. EVER. It’s a lifelong journey! Better buckle up for the ride! Starting June 4th is my new nutritional program group targeting mindful eating and helping women who struggle with the mindset surrounding restriction, binging, and emotional eating (I used to be ALL those things— hello constant comfort food in grad school leading to a 15 lb weight gain in 2-3 months 😳)...girl...I want to HELP you. REACH OUT and claim a spot 👆🏼👆🏼 WOOP, gotta go..Mike just walked in with a Dairy Queen cookie dough fudge blizzard!!!!! 😍👏🏼👏🏼 (remember that imperfect balance I was talking about? 😉)
:: happy birthday, Little Bear. though you have only been with me a year, i feel that i have somehow loved you my entire life.
:: it was a Thursday night. i awkwardly rolled out of bed at midnight to try sleeping on the couch because our bed was just too uncomfortable. shifting back forth between the couch and the floor helped ease my labor pains, but the contractions were swelling and overwhelming my whole body. at 4 AM i breathlessly said "i'm going...to take a shower,...and if i don't...feel better...after that..THEN...we can go...to the hospital." by 420 i was writhing in pain, screaming, "I DON'T THINK THE SHOWER IS HELPING." we made it to the hospital by 5. i couldn't stop crying because it had been thundering when we left; Noël was alone and frightened, i knew. doctors and nurses filtered in and out of my room while my back was breaking and my body was heaving. they contorted my body into [not so] flattering positions, fanning my legs from side to side to better prepare Luke for the final step: the push. Dr. Brown came to visit me one last time and explained, "this could take one hour--or it could take three. it depends on how hard you work." thirty three minutes later, because i'm badass like that, Luke made his way into my arms. that was the beginning.
:: the birthday celebration began this morning with a special gift from @janenehanauer and @keithhanauer !!! we biked all around the ding-dang town. thanks, Pippy and Poppy! 💚💚💚
:: happy mother's day to meeee.
:: channeling great grandmother Amanda with her costume jewelry.
:: i have collected buttons for as long as i can remember. i [unashamedly] pluck them from the clothes of persons that i love; other times they catch my eye on busy sidewalks or various hotel floors. across the states and overseas, these story tellers call to me. most of my collection lives in a mason jar that sits silently on my piano back; but a few hide in a white box that i have sealed tightly so as not to disturb me with bittersweet memories unless my aching heart pleads.
:: lost love is sweeter when it's finally found.
:: who gave you permission, Spring?
:: i love the miles between me and the city//where i quietly imagine every street//and i'm glad i'm only picturing the moment//i'm glad she never fell in love with me. @jonmclaughlin
:: pauer of the three.
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