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Tell my mama that I’m movin’ to Hollywood.
🧟‍♂️everywhere smh
Be so much shit goin on out here...
Look how wonderfully you have grown since July last year. Over rivers, over mountains, through an ocean of your fears, learning to believe over and over again. No matter the darkness light is still pouring in. 🌟 🌟🌟 #lightphotography #fairylights #staywild #wolf #alpha #wonderlust #siberianhusky #visualcreators #eclecticshotz #moodygrams #moodyphotography #neverstopexploring #beautifuldestinations #adventureculture #peoplescreative #stayandwander #majestic #waytoill #theimaged #ig_masterpeice #instagood10k #visualgang
📸: @swissclick_photography 🌏: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 🇨🇭
"There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away." (3/3)
"There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away." (2/3)
"There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away." (1/3)
Summer go loco
There's a small gay bar called The Falcon across from the sushi bar we frequent (they have a separate vegan menu!). But it looked small and intimate so I couldn't work up the courage to check it out. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stunnersoninsta #sonyalphagallery #eclecticshotz #longexposureshots #nightshooterz #leagueoflenses #agameoftones #creativeoptics #landscape #stunnersoninsta #stunnersoninstagram #photooftheday #coloraficionado #wanderlust #instagood #picoftheday
Hot, summer days like this, makes me wish I was back in winter's cold embrace. Least I have the option to regulate my core temp with layers instead of just melting all the time when I'm outside 😂 • • • 👤: @dah_vee_de • 📸: Fuji X100T • • • • #yyc #yycphotographer #myyyc #capturecalgary #yycnow #dailyhiveyyc #portrait_ig #portraits #pursuitofportraits #portraitgames #theportraitpr0ject #moodyports #earth_portraits #agameoftones #portrait_vision #eclecticshotz #403photogang #visualambassadors #ig_killerz #explorealberta #explorecanada #mountainadventures #myfujifilm #fujifilm_xseries #fujixt20
Killer rip around the clouds for sunset.
🌞 We’ve been hunting for killer sunsets since we started this journey and this was hands down the best one so far. This viewpoint looks out over the Vancouver Inlet which goes past Bowen Island up along the Sea to Sky Highway. Funny enough the same place the Winter Olympics were held. . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm & 55-210mm . 📍Cypress Mountain, Vancouver
🦆 God is so good, how does this even happen? ➡️ Swipe Right for that sunset goodness . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍English Bay, Vancouver
🏕 Camping or Hotels? . . 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm . 📍Lynn Canyon, Vancouver
🌾 Let’s travel the world . . 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm . 📍Crescent Lake, Washington
🏠 Isn’t this the coolest abandoned house ever? . . 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm . 📍Crescent Lake, Washington
☕️ Sleepless in Seattle. Are we Instagrammer’s yet? . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Seattle, USA
🌁 It’s not even real gold... . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
🏚 It’s a weird feeling walking around an empty prison where some of the most famous American criminals were kept. Learning about the real Alcatraz vs. what Hollywood depicts it as is a true experience. . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Alcatraz, San Francisco
🚊 One of the sickest city sunsets I’ve ever seen. San Francisco can really turn it on when the wind dies down! We met two Swiss sisters and an Aussie who roamed the streets with us while I took way too many photos. Anyway happy fourth 🤟🏽🇺🇸 . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍San Francisco
A trip to Paris really is not complete without having a picture of the beautiful Eiffel Tower😉
🔥 Just happy to be here . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Yosemite National Park, USA
🌲I’m on the precipice. It still makes me anxious thinking about how steep these drops are and people like me can so easily get to them. . . . 📷 GoPro Hero 5 w/ PolarPro ND8 filter Shot in photo mode, flat colour in Raw . 📍The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
🧗🏼‍♂️ I get terrible vertigo, so this was terrifying for me. To stand on the edge of a multi hundred metre drop is exhilarating to say the least, with the added pressure of every tourist in America taking pictures of me while I do it. The Grand Canyon is nothing short of the name, it met my expectations and more. To keep your trip cheaper, use Vegas or Phoenix as a base and do it as a day trip in a rental car, or you’ll have to fork out for expensive Canyon accomodation that’s not value for money. . I’m in the process of making my first ever Vlog, starting with Los Angeles. I’m a bit useless in front of the camera rather than behind it, but we’ll see how it goes and if you guys like it I’ll keep making more! . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
🗺 Although I have a mirrorless camera, my GoPro is still capable of getting some amazing shots. The fact that you can quickly put it into positions of different perspective and get action shots makes a huge difference. I really wish you could shoot Raw on the timer setting though, would save a lot of time. . Any guesses on where you think we’re headed on a road trip tomorrow? Hint, it’s a wonder of the world 🤔 . . 📷 GoPro Hero 5, Polar Pro ND8 filter Settings: Photo mode, shooting Raw with flat colour. . 📍La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, Los Angeles
🎢 It was a special moment here, we went to a twilight session at Universal Studio’s City Walk and managed to snap a shot with the worlds most recognised flag. Pro Tip - you don’t have to pay $110usd to get a Universal experience. It’s completely free to go to the city walk, and if you go after 5pm it’s more quiet and a more comfortable temperature . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Universal Studios, Los Angeles
🌇 Went on a hunt through Downtown LA to find the Urban Lights. Got up to about 35 degrees while we were there so we didn’t spend too long snapping photos. Then we decided to make the trip out to Malibu and as it heated up we went to get a drink, but ended up in the Malibu university campus 😂 . . 📷 GoPro Hero 5 w/ PolarPro ND8 filter . 📍Urban Light, Los Angeles
🇺🇸 Day dot on our world tour has brought us to Los Angeles. We’re fighting jet lag after spending 12 hours next to a screaming baby on our flight but so amped to explore the city, plus it’s hot enough to whack out the shorts again 🤟🏽 . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Third Street Promenade, Los Angeles
🏛 Taking a stroll for Elizabeth’s cake day, but it’s not even her birthday? . . . 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm . . 📍 Hamilton, New Zealand
❤️ Going to miss these weekend mish trips out West . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm . 📍Secret West Coast, Auckland NZ
🔥 It’s Lit . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . 📍Piha Beach
㊗️ Someone please tell me what activities we cannot miss when in North & Central America. The more unique the better! . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm . 📍New Zealand
💭 What A Dream 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📍New Zealand
⛴ Catch flights, not ferries. 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📷 Sony a6000 55-210mm 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📍Hamilton Gardens, NZ
⛩ Did you know that the Chinese Fortune cookie was in fact designed by a Japanese fellow based in San Francisco? Also, Santa isn’t real. 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📷 @sony a6000 55-210mm 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📍Hamilton Gardens, NZ
🌧 The wet weather couldn’t stop us on a quick trip out to Karioitahi to check out their hidden waterfall. This beach is awesome, you can take your cars onto it and cruise up and down for kilometres. A mixture of 4x4’s and dirt bikes, kids playing in the sand made for an easy Saturday afternoon. Countdown is still on, 38 days til the trip of our lifetime 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 📍Karioitahi Beach, NZ
⌚️ it’s time @virtaswatch 〰️ 📷 Sony a6000 〰️ 📍Northland, NZ
Who would you take here? 〰️ 📷 Sony a6000 〰️ 📍Lion Rock, Piha NZ
✈️ it’s time. My wife and I have decided it’s time to ditch the 9-5 and chase our travel dreams. We are going to become full time travellers starting with California, USA in June. Stay tuned because it’s only about to get better 👏🏼 〰️ 🎉 GIVEAWAY TIME... Win a Sony Wireless speaker (RRP $100) and a Move apparel prize pack including a Men’s Tee, Woman’s Tee, Men’s Singlet & Bucket Hat To enter is simple, follow the below 3 steps 1. Follow @move_nz 2. Comment on this photo which US state we are visiting first 3. Tag 2 of your buddies who you’d take here! Winner will be drawn Sunday 29 April 6pm NZT. Open to NZ residents only (will ask for proof of identity) This is not affiliated with Instagram or Sony, I paid for this myself so don’t get your knickers in a twist 〰️ 📷 Sony a6000 👴🏼 Model @josh_weatherby 〰️ 📍Piha, Auckland
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