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// A COLOURFUL PLATE OF GOODIES // Color is very important to me when cooking and recipe testing. I Love a colourful plate of goodies. Colour makes me more excited to eat what is infront me. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLATE OF COLOURFUL FOOD? Indian? Asian? Morrocan? Let me know down below.
I’ve been eating my tofu jalapeño tamales and tomato cilantro rice all week for meal prep and my taste buds are HAPPY. Vegan, gluten free, plant protein, lower fat than most tamales, and the only trash I made was the plastic from the tofu boxes! (And the plastic tub from the vegan Parmesan my friend gave me to use up.) I just wish I’d gotten a better photo🤷🏻‍♀️ #tamalesveganos
So lucky to know Jen from @nomad_cookies She makes seriously stellar sugar cookies and just created her first vegan version!!! 🍪🐷🍪🐥🍪🐮 Indy vegans show her some love because she is all things wonderful and her cookies are out of this world!
This year I am embracing all things simple and fun. I am incorporating play into each day and eliminating unnecessary stress. ❄️⛄️❄️ I know how easy it can be to get dragged into stressful and perceived important events. Most of these things aren’t important and will be forgotten in a week or two. ❄️⛄️❄️ What is important to me? Time with family and friends, play, and living an intention, joyous filled life.
Sunflower seeds are a tasty complete protein source high in amino acids. They are also TEEMING with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and potassium. Eat more Nogurt and we guarantee that you too can grow up to be a tall and beautiful sunflower like Rex 💪🏻 🌻
¿Cómo están? el día de ayer les subí un artículo nuevo al blog acerca de marcas en México para comprar productos eco-vegan. Encontrarán desde alimentos a granel, maquillaje, higiene personal y varias cositas más. Espero les guste y si tienen dudas, déjenmelas por aquí 🌼 http://www.unavidavegana.org/10-cuentas-de-instagram-que-promueven-la-tendencia-eco/
Was a pair a sweats. They were cut off when girl babe got too tall but the waist still fit. Those bits were put to use as napkins in the kids lunches. Now they are just completely outgrown. Well actually, now they are mittens 😁 The elastic is still good so I cut that off and have in a bin full of random elastic bits for use in later sewing projects (ie. kids cosplay costumes) and I still had enough for a couple of napkins. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Repurpose is one of my favorite R's. It makes me think creatively. You probably think my house is something out of hoarders, but I swear it's not. If something is in good condition I try to re-home to friends or my local buy nothing group. If not, I try to turn it into something useful. If those fail, then I'll drop off at my local charity shop. If it's something that is in rough shape, I skip right to the creative phase. You spent hard earned money on the things you have. Why spend more if you don't have to? It also saves room in overtaxed landfill. You win and Mama Earth wins. 😊
Think zero waste isn’t attainable for your lifestyle? Let me challenge you on that one. * Does it take more energy to use a reusable tote over a plastic bag...probably not. * Does it take more time to use a reusable produce bag over a plastic one...probably not. * Does it cost more money to bring a reusable mug to the coffee shop...probably not. * Yes, it might mean you need to be more organized or prepared but small steps towards zero waste can be attainable for most!
choose Nogurt🌻✌️save water💧find us @seasonedspecialtyfood
LET ‘EM KNOW. Double tap to represent!👆🏼👆🏽And hey, you. The one tapping this screen.. I appreciation your compassionate soul so so much. I see you working to be the best version of yourself and I think that’s amazing. You’re amazing. Keep killin it🤙🏼
Damn, why am I just finding out how good vegan Cuban Ropa Vieja is?! The recipe I followed is from @cocoverdevegan and let me tell you it’s delicious. Do yourself a favor and make this ASAP....you can thank me later. ✌️
Last night I went to WinCo for the first time, primarily to check out their bulk bins, secondarily to check out their produce selection/prices. Thanks to the #zerowaste community on Instagram, I knew that WinCo won’t tare the weight of your jar-meaning if you fill up a jar with walnuts, you’re going to pay for the weight of the walnuts AND for the weight of the jar, which definitely does not fit in my budget. I considered buying or making cloth bags- but I don’t really need them for anything else, and I’m trying to minimize. I remembered a stack of brown paper lunch sacks that my mom has had FOREVER, and I dug them out. There were 33 left, and she said I could have them. Score! So I brought my paper bags, binder clips, and a pencil- fill bag, fold, clip, write the PLU code, BAM, no plastic. Definitely not as convenient as putting it straight into jars, but way better than using plastic bags! I’ll reuse the bags that stay clean, recycle any that tear, and I’ll compost any that get dirty/oily. As I was filling a paper bag with brown rice pasta, a WinCo employee came up, frowned at my paper bag, and asked, “are you sure you want to use paper bags?” He seemed befuddled as to why anyone WOULDN’T use the provided plastic bags. I explained that I try to avoid single use plastic, and I know WinCo won’t tare, so I brought paper bags. “But you can’t see inside them...” I told him I’d clipped them shut and if the cashier wants to open them, it’s easy and fine with me. He told me I have to write down the code, and I said I was, and thanked him. He was nice, I just think he thought what I was doing was weird. At the register, however, the woman ringing up my groceries told me, “they look so pretty like this.” And I had to ask her to repeat herself because I was shocked to have a cashier who wasn’t complaining that I had loose potatoes and jalapeños and avocados bouncing around on the conveyor belt. I told her that and she was like “wow, no they look pretty and it’s better for the planet! It’s no problem.” And she liked my paper bag & binder clip system, too. I always think it’s interesting to see people’s reactions to low or zero waste, how sometimes you can see the⬇️
Beyond the Greggs vs Piers debate... 🤔 Ecological Veganism isn't about substituting sausage rolls made with plant-based ingredients for those using products of the slaughterhouse, yet which are still part of the corporate capitalist global food production system. 🌭 Whether plant or animal based, our current global agricultural model has massive social and environmental implications and effects, including soil degradation (including erosion), global water depletion (including mining aquifers and ground water sources for irrigation), pollution (including nitrification of rivers and oceans, and releasing long term systemic pesticides and poisons into the environment that will continue to impact for future generations), dependence on external inputs (including genetically modified seeds and industrial farming machinery, rather than creating 'closed loop' localised growing systems), loss of genetic diversity (including the erosion of food sovereignty, global inequality (including exploitation and dispossession of agricultural workers, in both the 'west' and two-thirds world) and perhaps most seriously of all, massively contributes to climate change through clearing forested land and releasing soil carbon into the atmosphere through massive ploughing and industrialised cultivation of land for growing annual crops and grains. 🌱 Ecological Veganism isn't just about excluding animal products from our diets, it's about fundamentally rethinking what and how we eat, how we produce our food, how we use and relate to the land and how we organise our communities socially and economically... 🌳 Written by @burnett.graham @graham.burnett.92 of Spiralseed and author of the wonderful new booklet - Forest Gardening - A Beginners Guide
An interesting year of data collection, in the name of an art project. For about a year, I collected all my fruit and veggie stickers for @hellozerowaste , who is turning them into a wearable art project. I started collecting them just to help her out and give the stickers another life instead of trashing them, but it also became a really neat data set. Looking through them before I mailed them off, it was really interesting to see a sample of what produce I ate in the last year, where it came from, and what I eat the most of. Most things were grown in the US (lots were grown in California where I live) and lots of things like avocados and melons came from Mexico. Bananas came from Peru, Mexico, or Ecuador. A couple Bartlett pears came from Argentina. A few bell peppers came all the way from the Netherlands. I’m glad most things were grown in my part of the world, but I could do more to reduce my food miles. I’m also grateful to be able to live in a time and place where I have access to fresh produce year round, even if it gets shipped here. Apparently I eat a lot of citrus, apples, and avocados🍊🍎🥑 and you can tell my favorites are @sumocitrus and @opalapples by how many of those stickers I collected😂 What do you do with your fruit stickers? I’m not sure what I’ll do now that I’m not collecting them for someone. It’s such a habit to keep them! Anyways I just thought this was cool. Comment a fruit emoji or something if you read the whole caption, I never know if anyone bothers to read it all when I type something long like this😂
The sun came out just in time to photograph these chickpea omelettes🌦 @susanffvk has this amazing recipe for a chickpea omelette mix- you make the mix ahead of time, and just add veggies and water when you want a gluten free, vegan omelette. I’ve been making (and loving!) this recipe since last summer, and I love it even more now that I can get all the ingredients #zerowaste from local bulk bins!! #veggiesforbrunch
Why buy frozen fruit in plastic when you can buy the borderline rotten mangoes for dirt cheap, mash them into an ice cube tray, and then proceed to keep them in your housemate’s freezer drawer cause yours is already overflowing with rescue food? Seriously though ice cube trays are amazing, portion out your scrap stock, bulk cans of tomato paste... one tray, 1000 ways. #sustainableliving #whatveganseat #sustainability #sustainablefood #mango #ecovegan #veganeco
Oops, did I go and share the truth again🙃 My bad! _ Who else grew up on Friends?🙋🏼‍♀️ I cant even explain how many times I’ve seen these episodes! Little did I know I’d grow up to be phoebe lol _ #vegan #crueltyfree #midwestvegan #plantbased #ecovegan #consciousblogger #veganuary
Aldi at it again! I haven’t tried any of these, but let me know if you have....I’m super curious. * Not pictured, but new to me: Mushroom risotto burgers Lentil burgers Beef-less crumbles Grilled chicken strips Southwest burger Premade pasta Bolognese
Quem treina por gosto não cansa e com o tempo o impossível alcança! #ocrtraining #ocr #spartantraining #spartan #veganathlete #veganlifestyle #nosupplements #EcoVegan #run #trailrunning
100% organic mandarin juice in a cup with straw made entirely from plants 🌱
謝謝 #wedonteatanimals 讓我有機會好好把這些像星星般的回憶翻出來。 🐔雞爪事件 在韓國的那段期間,實驗室的中國同學分給我吃她盤裡的雞爪。我搖頭,因為雞爪形狀太赤裸,會讓我聯想到活生生的雞。 「那妳還好意思吃雞肉!」這句話深深烙印在我腦海中,當下一個字也說不出來,鼻子好酸好想哭。硬著頭皮把雞爪吃完後,這也是我人生中最後一口雞肉。 ㅒ 🌎環保 一直以來都明白畜牧業碳排放量之大,再加上雞爪事件的催化,對環保很在意的我直接開始吃海鮮素。回台灣後因為吃素環境方便,慢慢減少海鮮的量。 ㅒ 🐽最可愛的豬豬-Okja 沒有特別喜歡韓國,但與這個不算素食友善的國家有著奇妙的緣分。我的故事在韓國開始,並以一部韓國電影做收尾。 那ㄧ天,我和 @vegangirltw 參加Veganday 舉辦的Vegan 電影分享會,主角是一隻韓國豬Okja(옥자),一直沒有接觸動物權相關資訊的我哭著看完。無論是貓、狗、豬、魚,全部都有活著的權利,而非人類經濟體制下的「商品」。於是我決定結束將近一年的海鮮素,在半年內轉Vegan。 (電影非常好看!!!大家可以去Netflix搜尋Okja) ㅒ 這一切像微風一樣拂過我的臉龐,卻徹底改變我的人生,身心靈變得滿足,不由自主的趨向更光亮的地方。一路上,意外的讓一點點人也開始蔬食、環保生活,我的心像一塊吸飽了快樂的法國吐司。最後,謝謝那個vegan女孩的存在,沒有妳我可能早就迷路了。
Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. An abnormally warm day when you’re able to play outside with your dogs, sleeping in an extra 30 minutes, a really well-made cup of coffee, being sore after an intense workout, getting cozy and cuddling on the couch, vegan mac & cheese, finding a pair of jeans that fits correctly. Instead of always seeking more....take a little time to appreciate what you have. Simple, crazy, complicated, joyous, messy....it can all be beautiful ✌️
Any guesses of what I had for dinner? Did you guess stir fry? Was it that obvious? Anyway, I’m back in the IE so I’m back to mostly home cooked meals! I just found out that Ralph’s (the supermarket) does this thing where they take unwanted or small or misshapen produce and heavily discount it so that’s where the yellow squash came from! I’m really trying to use less plastic so I’m trying to shop at Ralph’s instead of Trader Joe’s 🥺 BUT the teriyaki sauce I use is from Trader, it’s the Soyaki and it’s AMAZING! Easily my favorite TJ’s product hands down. #vegan #veganfta #veganism #veganfood #vegansofig #veganofig #collegevegan #veganonabudget #plantbaseddiet #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #whatveganseat #whatvegansdo #ecovegan #animallover #yogi #traderjoes #produce #tofu #veganstirfry
Suuuuuper excited to be back at @surreyveganevents this month. We really enjoyed the day last month despite the rain! - Remember to bring your empty containers to fill up with household essentials 🌏 - #ourlaststraw #ecovegan #vegansofig #zerowaste #zerowastevegan #zerowasteliving #zerowastereading #saynotoplastic #precycling #reuse #refill #localbusiness #wastenothing #vegan #planetearth #forourfuture #rdg #startingsomething #bethechange
Hola Covegans como llevais el 2019, desde Ecovegan queremos haceroslo más ligero con esta pedazo de tarta, redoble de tambores para, la Red Velvet!!! Para que veáis la vida un poco más de color de toda y os suba la temperatura con este frío, corred que vuelan!! #vegan #Elche #Elx #Ecovegan #elchesolypalmeras #redvelvet #tartasveganas #achuparselosdedos #foodporn #haceunfriodelcarajo
As girl babe likes to say, "I'm summoning say-tan". So on break from household chores I found a recipe for super low carb pita bread that I want to make for dinner but I have nothing to go in it. Seitan with some romaine and yesterday's tahini dressing sounds pretty good, so make some I will. If you've read this far I'll share my secret ingredient with you, dried mushrooms. I've heard you can buy dehydrated mushrooms, but I usually just buy some ugly ones or near expiration ones at the store. Dehydrate them and grind them into dust in a blender or food processor. It adds that umami taste that is often missing from home seitan. 1 cup vital wheat gluten 3 Tblsp Nutritional Yeast 2/3 cup water 2 Tblsp Tamari or soy sauce 1 Tbl vegetable oil 3 garlic cloves Mix all that together, divide into 4 portions flattened into "steaks" In a large skillet heat 6 cups of water, 1 Tblsp vegetable buillon and 3 Tblsp soy sauce. Simmer for about 45 minutes. Very low and slow simmer. When done dry off and fry up in a skillet. Reserve the simmering liquid, it makes a great soup broth for soups or rice. :)
I love Wild Sage Co. soaps. Locally(ish), made in UK Herefordshire in a family cottage. I tried a few soaps and so far these are my fave. Made from carefully selected, natural ingredients, these soaps glide like silk on skin when wet. They are moisturising and smell divine! I'm 'soap' happy to know now that I don't need a product stored in unnecessary and incredibly polluting material, and still enjoy quality shower time!🧖‍♀️ ▪▪▪ #wasteless #wellness #ecovegan #ethical #eco #ecology #environment #relax #restorenature #tips #youarechange #plasticfreeoceans #plantbased #slowfashion #slowliving #saynotoplastic #slowdown #Sustainable #freefrom #gozero #healingherbs #lesspackaging #lessplastic #lowimpact #lesswastemorelife #lowwaste #zerowaste #vegan #minimalist
New wipe clean food wraps available. They're not up on the website yet as we haven't managed to get product pictures done but send us a DM if you're interested. . . . . . . . #plastic #plasticnotfantastic #leavenotrace #zerowasteuk #ethicalconsumer #ecovegan #smalltrader
I’m sat on this windowsill to tell you to go buy a reusable water bottle, okay bye🌍🌍
Everything looks better in glass jars🌎 low waste meal prep for the week🌱 #vegancurry
The external world is a reflection of the internal. How can you expect the world to change if you don’t first? Keep improving yourself and watch the world around you and as a whole improve with you. 🌊🙏🏻💙 . . . . #plantactive #veganlifestyle #veganworld #veganuary #veganinspo #veganshare #veganfit #vegangoals #ecovegan #bekind #benice #becompassionate #sentientbeings #vancouvervegan #vegantraveler #vegantravel #vncvrvegan #eatplantsfeelgood #plantsonly #govegan
My avocado is having twins😍 I'm a proud plant grandma. I'd love to tell you I've been good, but truthfully I forgot I had tossed the seeds in with some other scraps to compost. Haven't even watered. I am watering some now. And the nice thing is it's a giant pot so they can live in there forever. Yay ❣️ Tropical plant peeking it's little head up in the middle of a snowstorm. I love the contradiction 😁
Kumbaracı Yokuşu’nu sek sek oynar gibi şarkılar söyleyerek inen bir kız görürseniz o benim:) Çünkü radyoda karşılaştığım yüzler, bir kişiye dahi ulaşabilecek olmak, her gidişimde bir ağacın, bir hayvanın, bir insanın yaşama döndüğü düşüncesi beni yaşama biraz daha bağlıyor. Daha iyi bir dünya için #ecovegan 🌿 @acikradyo
Worth every single carb. Romaine Lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, Bella mushrooms=😊 I made a tahini dressing made of 1/2 cup tahini, juice of half a lemon, a cup of warm water and 2 Tblsp nutritional yeast. Salt and pepper to taste. So freaking good. I needed to fuel up for lunch and this hit the spot. Muscle cramps are near gone and just a mild headache now, but that could be the weather changing again. Going to start a batch of tempeh tonight. 🤞I can nail it 😁 there is a first time for everything right?
5 days is a loonnng time lol. I've been addicted to Brami lupini beans for awhile but they are quite pricey and plastic packaged. They do meet requirements for my new #veganketo way of eating though. So I found bulk dried beans online at Amazon and make them myself it is. It's quite a process. Soak for a day, simmer for an hour, then soak and rinse for 5 days or so. When that's done you put in a brine. Yup, quite a process lol. You can't even taste them until at least 5 days because they have a toxicity that takes that long to dissipate. But they are soooooooo good. I only did 2 cups of dried beans this time, but next time I will do the whole 2 lbs. Once they are done, I know I'll be snacking on them every day. 2 more days. This is torture for a non patient person LoL 😂 But hey I found a more cost effective and less wasteful way to have my favorite treat so I'll call that a win😁 Slide 2 shows the nutritional run down on these babies. Check out that #vegan protein level 😍
Our name is Leave No Trace and we have a problem with buying too much fabric 😂 . . . . . . #lessplasticplease #meetthemaker #etsy #cotton #sustainableliving #ecovegan #ecoliving #leavenotrace
Anti-bacterial, organic bamboo tongs. A lovely addition to an eco-kitchen. These tongs come in two sizes, Small (as shown in 1st photo) and Tiny (as shown in the 2nd photo) Now available on G.0 platform: 🌿generation-zero.com🌿 ▪▪▪ #eco #organic #bamboo #zerowaste #sustainable #minimalism #ecological #ecovegan #ethicallysourced #plantbased #plasticfree #saynotoplastic #freefrom #generationzerouk #generationzero #lessplastic #lowimpact #lowwaste #lesswaste #zerowaste #vegan #beatplasticpollution #noplanetb #noplastic #minimalism #mindful
Virgin resources are precious. Why use new when there is so many unique, quality materials already available on the market, and planet (some inspiring individuals are working on methods to transform plastic waste into useful materials once again)? Due to unnprecedented growth of human population, irresponsible consumtion and waste, now, more then ever is the time for innovative upcycling techniques, circular economy and sustainable living habits. ▪▪▪ #wasteless #health #ecovegan #ethical #eco #ecology #environment #reuserefuserecycle #tips #youarechange #upcycled #unpackaged #plasticfreeoceans #plantbased #protectnature #slowliving #slowfashion #sustainable #saynotoplastic #secondhand #foodwaste #lesspackaging #lessplastic #lowimpact #lesswastemorelife #lowwaste #lesswaste #minimalism #mindful #vintage
So.....Keto Flu is a real thing. I feel like garbage my mouth is dry and tastes like metal. This better be worth it lol. I never crave sweets, but here I am, craving sweets. Avocado, cacoa powder, fresh stevia, a tsp of vanilla and a pinch of salt = pudding right? Close enough for me 😁 There is another half in a cute little container for tomorrow, but right now the tiny food processor container is just fine for me. How are you doing?😊😁🤗❤️
Mashed sweet potatoes, grated cabbage and carrots, chickpeas and sriracha ...vegan, zero waste, budget friendly and ready under 20 minutes. Happy Veganuary 🐷🐥🐮🐔
Se mangiare in modo etico è questo io vi auguro una buona cena. #justveggie #terraw #ecovegan #organic #natural #life ...
I don’t understand why when we destroy something man created we call it ‘vandalism’ and when we destroy something created by nature it’s called ‘progress’ _ Image from @woke_to_the_planet _ #vegansofig #crueltyfree #midwestvegan #plantbased #ecovegan #lowimpactmovement #consciousblogger #veganism #veganuary
The generic toothpaste tubs are non recyclable or difficult to recycle, therefore most of those that are not incinerated end up in the landfills. ▪▪▪ This is a plastic-free, completely recyclable clay based toothpaste. I have tried a few eco toothpastes and this one is my favourite! They come in two flavours Peppermint and Wintergreen, and Fennel. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and despite having similar texture to standard toothpastes, which I like, it is completely natural, and free from harsh chemicals. @truthpasteuk Good for me and much better for the planet. Highly recommended! ▪▪▪ #wasteless #ecovegan #ecofriendly #ethical #ecology #environment #reuserefuserecycle #yayforearth #plantbased #planetearth #slowliving #sustainable #saynotoplastic #freefrom #eco #lesspackaging #lessplastic #lowimpact #lesswastemorelife #lesswaste #lowwaste #zerowaste #cleanliving #consciousconsumer #circulareconomy #vegan #beatplasticpollution #plasticfreeoceans #toothpaste #uk
Cashew nut butter, delicious and a great milk replacement mixed with water. #packagefree #nutmilks #plasticfreejersey #ecovegan #organicvegan #morethanvegan
Günaydıııın☀️ Makyaj ile iyi hissedenler ve yoğun güne başlarken şu an son dokunuşları yapanlar kimler? Makyaj hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz? Zehirsiz, atıksız, vegan, #crueltyfree #zerowaste kozmetiklere nasıl ulaşıyorsunuz? . .📷@yesimertem_tmuchdesign . . . . . . . .#vegandiyetisyen #vegitisyen #veganbeslenmeokulu #veganbeslenme #vegansağlık .#vegan #vegancosmetics #veganfood #veganmakeup #plantbased #beslenme #sağlıklıbeslenme #sağlıklı #diyet #diyetisyen #beslenmeuzmanı #kadın #kadınsağlığı #veganturkey #veganturkiye #veganistanbul #ecovegan #veganfriendly
If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’ve always cared about the environment but 2018 was the year I got serious about plastic. 🌏🐾🧡 Along the way I’ve ditched plastic in several areas of my life and I also learned some lessons about balance and doing what you can. Kind of like veganism, you have to do what’s right for you and what’s manageable for you without causing excessive stress and anxiety. ⠀ For instance, I still buy berries in plastic containers like this. 🍓I still buy the giant plastic bins of fresh spinach. 🌱I still buy things packaged in plastic. Even the kind that’s not recyclable. Living more eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to live off the grid and only consume that which you can make. ⠀ Our culture and economy isn’t exactly set up to support eco-friendly lifestyles but by making informed decisions, supporting makers and companies that make serious strides to reduce waste and harm to the environment, and living with less, we can make a real difference. 👇🏽 Tagged some eco-inspirational accounts in the image! 👆🏾 ⠀ It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 💖 That being said, would you guys like me to share more about the awesome earth-friendly products I’ve discovered this past year?
Being all bougie drinking out of my reusable straw and water bottle from @mannahydration while saving the oceans from disposable plastics 🐳
These award winning free-from natural deodorants are a beautiful zero-waste and cruelty-free alternative to standard harsh deodorants. ▪▪▪ Gentle on your armpits + our planet , and smell great! ▪▪▪ Check these beauties and other eco/vegan products on our platform at: 🌿 generation-zero.com! 🌿 ▪▪▪ #wasteless #ecological #ecovegan #ethicalconsumer #ecofriendly #ethical #ethicalbusiness #eco #reusereducerecycle #plasticpollution #plantbased #plasticfree #plasticfreeuk #animalwelfare #sustainable #skincare #sustainbleliving #saynotoplastic #smartpackaging #slowliving #freefrom #generationzerouk #lessplastic #lowimpact #lesswaste #zerowaste #consciousliving #crueltyfree #vegan #beatpollution
I've decided, it's official, I'm a masochist 😂 You've probably noticed I love to cook. I love food. When I first went Vegan, I just worried about it being vegan. I started antidepressants because who knew depression comes with fibromyalgia 😂 I put on soooooooo much weight. I've been trying high carb low fat vegan for a few months now and even when I'm being good I'm gaining. So it's a new year so I'm trying something new. Vegan Keto. For us who a restrictive diet just isn't restrictive enough😂 So I may post about it once in awhile if you are at all interested in how it goes. Let me know in the comments if you are😁 So this mornings breakfast is a chia seed pudding. 1 cup almond milk, 3Tblsp Chia Seed, 2 tsp cacao powder. Super yummy way to start the day😁 Also did day 1 of 30 day yoga challenge. Let's see how this goes😁
Let's talk food waste! Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to our landfills, especially in areas where there's no compost. 🤯🌱 To be honest, I used to be the worst at this! I wouldn't eat something that had been in the fridge for more than 3 days, no matter what! 😱 Now, I love to create strange (but always delicious) buddha bowls with veggies that are about to go bad. This bowl was made with a few leftovers I had from last week -- and voila, no food waste! When we open our mind, change is possible. ❤ It's important to remember, it's all a journey and everyone creates some waste. But we can all make a difference by adjusting our mindset and really being conscious of what we produce. #foodwaste #veganbowl #buddhabowl #govegan #zerowastevegan #lesswaste #veganlunch #easyveganfood #zerowastetips #vegan
@rainbow_grocery is definitely one of my favorite places in the bay. They make it so easy to bring your own containers, tare them, and get pretty much anything in bulk (even tofu and beauty products)! It's also a #vegetarian grocery store, so while they do have dairy products, it's great to not have to see all the meat. If every store was like this, it would be such a game changer for our environment. What's your favorite grocery store? Let me know in the comments! #zerowaste #lowwaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastevegan #lessplastic #plasticfree #ecofriendly #vegan #bulkshopping #groceryshopping
I don't use the shampoos, conditioners or masks laden with extravagant and unnecessary packaging. What I do love is a minimalistic bathroom where I can really unwind and pamper myself with products that are natural, unpackaged or in smart , easily recyclable packaging, . I do not want my bathroom routine to be an unnecessarily wasteful activity. ▪▪▪ This is a 2in1 moisturising shampoo/conditioner which I simply lather into my hair. It last a long time and is perfectly moisturising for my hair. I don't need anything else. I love the storage tin, as it is practical for travelling and home use, and does not take alot of space. The shape of the shampoo is comfortable to hold. There is only a couple of things that I am not sure about and that is the fragrance, I believe it is predominantly Jasmine mixed w something else, it is quite strong, and the second is the synthetic ingredients. 🌾 I love what LUSH is doing, the company is innovative and has high standards, in addition, to always striving to run the business in an ethical and fair way, therefore I will continue to keep my I on their products and activities. ▪▪▪ I am currently looking for a completely natural, organic, easy to hold shampoo with smart packaging (so completely zero-waste) and suitable for normal to dry hair + natural, gentle fragrance. Preferrably local to UK! Let me know if you have a favourite! 》》》 #wasteless #ecovegan #ecofriendly #eco #ethical #environment #reducereuserecycle #tips #yoga #unpackaged #plantbased #planetearth #slowliving #sustainable #saynotoplastic #slowdown #sustainableliving #greenliving #lesspackaging #lessplastic #lowimpact #lowwasteliving #lesswastemorelife #lessclutter #lesswaste #minimalism #mindful @lush
Friendly reminder. 👋🏼 Always be kind to animals... all of them. #GoVegan @the.conscious.life.co
Lemon garlic fettuccine with “scallops” (king oyster mushrooms) . . Did you know with the plastic polluting our oceans/seas that it’s most likely seafood consists of micro-plastics 🌊👀? Therefore consuming seafood can result in taking in all those micro-plastics into our digestive systems. Unfortunately with the plastic problem, plastic isn’t just found in seafood, but our drinking water and other resources as well. There isn’t an easy way to avoid consumption of plastics, other than going tackling our plastic waste by reducing and reusing. Sure a vegan diet does reduce the amount of micro-plastics eaten, but do your job in changing or improving your plastic habit 🌏. . . 🚨 recipe in the comments 🚨 (forgot mention: I “flavoured” my scallops before cooking them - soaking them into a container with seaweed/kelp powder, salt and water overnight!) #vegan #veganbudget #scallops #veganscallops #fettuccine #lemonpasta #dairyfree #highcarbvegan #cheapvegan #veganuary #veganuary2019 #healthyfood #healthyvegan #kingoystermushroom #fishfree #ecovegan #sustainable #pasta #veganpasta #lunch #vegetarian #poorvegan #veganism
Human rights? Environmentalism? Animal rights? The future of our sons and daughters? You need only care about one of these to take the time to watch 13 minutes of this well thought out important message that could change how you live in 2019. Link in bio above! #climatechange #climatecrisis #environmentalism #green #gogreen #environment #wildlife #planetearth #saveourplanet #ecofriendly #climateaction #planet #environmentalstudies #earth #actonclimate #savetheplanet #ecovegan #climatevegan #veganfortheplanet #eatright #cleaneating #environmentallyfriendly #eatfortheplanet
Slow down Saturday I harvested these beautiful grapes at the end of the season and just tossed them in the freezer because, you know, life. I was inspired by @ecofriendlyfaith yesterday to start dipping into the reserves and really take stock of the food we already have in our home. Our winter has been super warm with very little snow since the November storms. That means I haven't had times when I couldn't get to the store. Also means I'm at the point of winter where I feel comfortable starting to use the reserves. At first I thought maybe I should make a super micro batch of wine😁 but the kids could really use jelly for their lunches. Jelly it is😊 I have to say this is the first time starting this process with frozen grapes and man does it make it easy to get them off the stems. As a side note, I bought this food mill almost 16 years ago when my son was born to make his food and it's still going strong 😁 I'm excited to have home canned jelly back in the cabinet 😍 So what are you beautiful people up to today? I'd love to hear about it ❣️
Took an old friend to my favorite ice cream shop today before I head back to school Sunday night. This is their new birthday cake flavor! 🧁 #vegan #veganfta #veganism #veganfood #vegansofig #veganofig #collegevegan #veganonabudget #plantbaseddiet #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #whatveganseat #whatvegansdo #ecovegan #animallover #yogi #vegantravel
Air purifiers part 2. I trully appreciate natural materials, as well as Zen like plant pots hung on macabre style hangers on the ceiling as they every now and then move gently as the gust comes in. Omm... I also love and support makers and designers who care about the environment as much as they care about their craft. 🍀 #wasteless #ecovegan #ecoliving #ethical #environment #eco #relax #yoga #meditate #slowdown #slowliving #natural #minimalism #sustainable #plantbased #plantsofinstagram #saynotoplastic #simpleliving #design #greenlife #greenliving #vegan #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #lessplastic #lesspackaging #lowwaste #lovenature #lesswastemorelife #lesswaste @fringetheoryfibers
Silicon bottle.... Ayudemos al ambiente un poco... Y llévate tu botellita a todos lados #ecovegan #vegan
#veganuary wer ist dabei? Who is in? Sich vegan zu ernähren kann verschiedene Gründe haben. Vielleicht ist es die Liebe ♥️ zu Tieren🐮, die das Essen dieser Erdenbewohner unmöglich macht oder die Liebe ♥️zu unserer Erde 🌎, deren Ressourcen wir schützen und mit ihr sorgsamer umgehen wollen? Oder es ist der Wunsch nach einem besseren Bauchgefuehl und Wohlbefinden 🏋🏼🤸🏼durch eine pflanzenbasierte Ernährung oder einfach der Wunsch nach einer Challenge, um selbst zu spüren ob es möglich ist, auch trotz des ausschließlichen Verzehrs von Pflanzen und deren Produkte zu überleben 😂🤗 Es ist ganz egal welchen Hintergrund du hast, ein Versuch ist es definitiv wert! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌱Probier es aus und teile deine Erfahrungen mit uns! 🌱Wenn du Fragen hast, beantworten wir sie dir sehr gerne! 🌱INSPIRATIONEN mit Rezepten zur veganen Ernährung sowie Wissenswertes, Tipps und Tricks findest Du auf unserem #veganblog Link in BIO. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #eatvegan #tryvegan #mitbauchgefuehl #crueltyfree #plantbased #healthyfood #gesundessen #veganchallenge #awareness #bewusstessen #bewusstleben #mitbauchgefühl #dowhatmakesyouhappy #dowhatyoulove #veganblogger #eatplants #plantbaseddiet #cleaneating #whatveganseat #foodspiration #veganfoodporn #sustainable #veganvienna #ecovegan #spreadsustainability #mindfuleating #raw #plantprotein
Make 2019 the year you take the time to write down your intentions for the year ahead AND stick to them!👊🏼 I wrote up a post with some ideas for sustainable, conscious lifestyle New Years resolutions! If you need any ideas, click the link in bio! _ Love this photo by @mihokishares 💚 I like resolutions but I prefer to pick one word to represent my year ahead. This year is the year of ACTION✨ So, naturally I loved this post. Words a good, actions are better! YAS _ #vegansofig #crueltyfree #midwestvegan #plantbased #ecovegan #sustainabletravel #lowimpactmovement #consciousblogger #veganism #veganuary
Carrot Peel Ginger Soup You can see it's bright orange creamy goodness on the second slide. I was prepping a million carrots for snacks and a batch of carrot dogs. I always clean them before I peel because I always use them somehow. Yesterday I had way way way more than usual so I tried something different and I'm so glad I did. I tasted the leftovers this morning to see how the flavors melded overnight and you know what? It's just as good cold as it was hot❣️ I'm adding this to my repertoire of recipes 😊 I think it would be a great summer soup as well as a hearty cold weather one. ⏺️⏺️⏺️ If you ever want to give it a go, here is roughly the run down . You can of course just use whole carrots, but I love that it it uses up what might be considered waste. 1/2-1 lb carrot peels, tops and bottoms. Half inch piece of ginger, 1/4 of a medium yellow onion, 4-5 cups of water or veggie stock, the zest of one small orange,1 clove of garlic smashed, salt and pepper to taste. I think I'm going to garnish with some onion or garlic greens today for lunch just to add another flavor level, but I'm thinking pepitas would be tasty too. ⏺️⏺️⏺️ Super easy. You ready? Saute onions. I use water because I'm working on oil free, but I'm sure olive or another light flavored oil would be great. Add all other ingredients to the pot and simmer until ginger and any larger carrot pieces are tender. I don't have one, but an immersion blender would be wonderful here. I just toss it in batches into my blender and blend until smooth. I somehow magically nailed the consistency I wanted, but if you would prefer a thinner texture you can add more water at this point or some non dairy mylk. ⏺️⏺️⏺️ So there ya go 😊 fight #foodwaste and a yummy recipe for #veganuary I hope you are having a beautiful day ❣️I love you ❣️
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