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My friend wm some vids for me and I ain't even tell her to💀that hoe so extra omg💀 #love but hey if this go viral...If Viewing Follow Me (@daggerspams.ss 💚) #edits
¡¿Champions?! ¡No! ¡Hoy juega Peñarol! El manya se enfrenta ante Atenas a las 19:00 horas en el Campus de Maldonado. ¡Vamos Peñarol! #hoyjuegapeñarol #peñarol #manya #torneointermedio #atenas #auf #uruguay #edits #championsleague
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SPOILER 🚨 ohh tyler☹️☹️☹️
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।। ভিক্টোরিয়া মেমোরিয়াল ।। . . . . . . . . . #victoriamemorial #oldmemes #oldmemories #travel #kolkatadiaries #kolkata #mobilephotography #mobilography #passion #love #excitement #edits #lightroom
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as you are and as i am.
The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly 📸|🦅 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• He really outdid himself on this creative portrait! We came up with it together but he made the magic happen with those birds! Super greatful to be able to work with such a talented photographer! Photographer:@dpowellphotography
Slump Flow out now w/ @chappoxx Directed and Edited by Me
This edit is sooo beautiful.....😍😍😍😍 . . Pc- @alltootayedits
Not gonna lie I made this because this photo of Ezra Miller looked like Sirius black.#siriusblack #aesthetic #edits
'Til Death Do Us Part (Pt.2) Of A Metaphorical Friend 🖤 Do you have one? So many regrets, tantrums, mistakes. So many missed opportunities. So much damage I can never take back. She’s the reason I toss and turn at night for hours before I can fall asleep. She keeps me alert: thinking until my stomach hurts. She’s the reason I want to stay asleep forever because my dreams offer the escape from reality that I adore. She’s the reason I want to die. She makes me want to hurt myself because I deserve it. She makes me pull my hair out until my scalp feels numb. She makes me scratch and tear at my flesh until it rises and bleeds. Poke in dents, holes to be set free. She makes me attack myself just out of need, each bruise and drop another token of glee. Pain endlessly. She stops me because she says that people will say I do it for attention. That I’ll be lumped together with those who depend on sympathy for their ego, to add that pretty, aesthetic, misunderstood vibe to their feed. She tells me that I’ll become another statistic of those made weak, quote society. She tells me that I’m stupid because people die everyday without wanting to and here I am taking it for granted. People die so that we don’t have to. Yet we think we have to. She tells me that I’m selfish and don’t think about my loved ones. That the sight of my death will not be well discovered by my brother. He'll cry to my mother. It'll destroy father. Grandparents will shake with the weight of a last goodbye to their granddaughter. Friends will wonder why, where it went so wrong. She tells me that outside of my coffin, people will recite what a failure I was. How I lost at life. How the coldness of my hands is no different from when I was alive. You don’t want that, she says, so wait. You’ll make them understand. She’s the fantasy in my books, the fake realities in my favorite shows and movies, the avatars in my games, the words I write down in my notebooks. She makes me want to go home even when I’m already there. She makes me feel empty even when everything’s well. She’s the inspiration behind my prayers for a better tomorrow. My friend, she makes me so tired. It's her and I until we die.
‘Til Death Do Us Part (Pt.1) Of A Metaphorical Friend 🖤 Do you have one? My friend, she brings out the worst in me. I try my best to keep her at bay and for the most part it works. Yet sometimes people encourage her to pop up and wreak havoc on my soul. They excite her. They ignite her. Then they blame me for the behavior she provokes. You don’t know me, leave her alone. It’s such a blow to the heart. At least by this point I thought you would’ve known. My friend, she makes me want to explode. She’s the ringing in my ears, my distant look, the stiffness in my pose. She makes me feel like I’m stuck in a cage of air and I can’t even break out of it because the bars aren’t there. She makes the pressure rise in my chest, and my body shake and gasp for breath. She leaves me restless, with no idea how to release the turmoil she builds in me. She makes my head bubble intensely, my thoughts to frantically tear at the stability of my mind. She’s a disturbance to my peace, and with her at my side I’m never at ease. My friend likes to tell me lies. She tells me that everyone is out to get me and to stay away from their wandering eyes. She tells me of my imperfections and how they will make me stand out in a crowd: the ugliest, the stupidest, the lonely piece of trash. She tells me that going where there’s others is a mistake. She tells me not to bother because they’re not my friends, even though they said something nice the other day. She makes me shut myself up, isolate, and push people away. They don’t like me, that’s what she said. The only friend I have is her. She keeps me from doing things by making me feel insecure. She makes me say I don’t want things when I do and she makes me stop liking things that I used to. She makes me not trust. She makes me lash out at the people around me because she leaves me defensive and irritable from her abuse. She’s the glare in my eyes, the upside down smile, the tears when I see you pass by. I love you, I swear. Sorry for acting like I don’t care. -continued-
"The Loneliest Swing" At night all alone stood the swing. A fitting piece to the park blanketed with empty darkness. The park as attractive as a void where all the lively things go to die. There was I. I can't help feeling so defeated at times. No matter how hard I try. From all the effort I put out, nothing is ever put back into these yearning hungers of mine. It always ends up not being enough. No way to fill my gauge of happiness, but with the silver mercury that the moon hands to me. Instead the gauge overflows with that liquid misery. Driven with insanity, everything intoxicates me. I feel empty inside. Sad to have everything look so meaningless, so small. To be happy one second then realize that I was wrong all along. That it was a lie I decided to try out because on everyone else it looks fine. On me the lie is a mantle that chokes my heart tight. I can't breathe. And wherever I am I want to leave. Into the solace of a place as dark as the thoughts I carry within me. As empty as the gap left between them and me. I have to understand that it shouldn't hurt, that I should let it be. At night I realized alone is what some of us are always meant to be. - Push me as hard as you can, I want to fly high. I could do it all by myself but I won't say no to you for wanting to try. Your hands on the small of my back aren't light. I feel a steadiness, a force that makes my heart feel more than alright. Leave me swinging, fingertips just at the edge of the sky. I can do this all on my own, I am fine. Let me remember your grip on my waist, the swing’s whine. Don't worry about me. It's okay if you have to say goodbye.
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