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The Sky is Falling! - the sky descended over the city mid morning making it appear somewhat mystical #exploreedmonton #yeg #edmontonrivervalley
I'm so grateful I get to spend a couple of hours of each weekend walking and playing in this beauty. It never looks the same way, and always looks stunning. #nofilter #reset #downtime #begrateful #gatherinspiration #yegrivervalley #edmonton #edmontonrivervalley #beautifulyeg #beautifulnature #ilovetheoutdoors #yeg #nofilter
...insert inspiring sentence ending here. #runninginspo
I love to skate! And the freezeway is in great shape at the moment. I highly reccomend you get down there if you're local to the Edmonton area! . I actually LOVE to be active outdoors. It's my favorite way to get in some good exercise. Particularly because it really fills my cup, so to speak. . About 4 years ago, I suffered a nerve issue that would lead to charlie horses and muscle spasms that I had to work really hard to get to release...even days later. You could say I had some exercise trauma. . It's been lots of trial and error to learn what is happening with my body and working through lots of fear to get to where I am today. . I started skating again last year. At first I could really only skate about 10 mins before I needed to take a break because of cramping, and then every few minutes after that. And the next morning I would wake up and have to self massage to get everything to release, and it didnt always. On top of that, all the sitting required at my day job really compounds it. . Anyhow, I share this because I want you to remember that little steps don't seem to get you far, but sometimes it's the only way to start. The journey is often made of little steps, determination and the courage to face your fears. It's your loved ones not understanding and often them "knowing" the "obvious answer" for you. It's big emotions, it's missing out, it's failure, it's quitting, it's trying again and pushing edges. . Health issues are not for the faint of heart. If you're struggling today, I want you to remember that it's ok to be where you are today, that your body is a very willing and adaptable partner, and that it's actually your HOPING muscles that will get you there. . My usual sign off is ❀ xoxoxo but today I'm signing off with... . Hope πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Does anyone else have this deep seeded fear that the duvet is trying to eat your human so you’re always having to be on alert for sneak attacks?!?
Holy fog where did you come from!? Was nice and clear this morning now you can't even see across the river. #edmontonrivervalley #northsaskatchewanriver #yeg #fog
Well, that was pretty. 😍#fridayrunday
A city on the horizon as nature stands by πŸŒ†
Happy Friday! The weekend is here and it is looking beautiful. We know you are going to be outside enjoying that sunshine so tag @Rivervalleyhealth showing us what you are doing outside this weekend and leave us a comment below to be entered to win one of our RVH Runner Buff’s. Winners will be contacted Monday January 22nd. *Alberta Residents only eligible for giveaway.* #rivervalleyhealth #chiropractor #massage #giveaway #tgif #fitfriday #yeggers #yegfitfam #outdoorworkout #edmontonrivervalley #yegstairs
Secret places in the River Valley. . πŸ“·: @yegfairygarden
The Dwarves still have their Christmas tree up πŸ€ͺ#yegfairygarden #dwarves #redTelephonebooth #yegRivervalley #edmontonrivervalley
New bridge at night. . πŸ“·: @joshkwonn
When you’re hanging out solo at the Highlevel stairs, listening to a little Valerie June πŸ’— #takingitin #solitude #justlove #slipslideonby #valeriejune #glenorastairs #beautiful #yegfitness #edmontonrivervalley πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Days are getting ever so slightly longer πŸ™ŒπŸ» #overthehump
Your β€œselfies” do not amuse me. #grump
Shine bright and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. #edmontonrivervalley #edmonton #yeg #river #snow #winter
Grasp the light and never let go. #edmontonrivervalley #edmonton #yeg #nature #river
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