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So the past few months have been a #whirlwind to put it mildly. My wonderful husband came up with the idea for our family to do a #gapyear in #Israel . There was a ton of details to take care of before we coukd even say "we are doing this" plus an insane amount of paperwork & planning. I would of quit many, many times if not for Tuvia & my kids excitement. I am currently in Israel on my 2nd (& final) "pounding the pavement trip" to prepare for next year. I visited with Danielle yesterday, didnt try the food she offered me, had a wonderful & special time, came back to my apartment a few hours later to this ( a sampling...) my apologies to @peaslovencarrots I didnt realize how "choshuv" (special) your food is and that you have almost 50,000 followers on IG!!!. P.S. Its worth traveling 6,000 miles just to visit her! P.P.S. she will be sending her 3 girls that line up with my younger 3 for some loooong "playdates" with us in Modi'in!
What a honor, our web developers from #effcreative came to visit our show room at 1263 37th