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About last night’s Truffle Burger with a fried egg from @5napkinburger.... #ChowOrNever #DISHcover #NYC #UpperEastSide #yolkporn
Cheers to the time I went to @sidecardoughnuts and they somehow cooked an egg in a donut and I have no idea how this magic was done but it was delicious 😂
เมื่อมีการรวมตัวของไข่ ความน้ำลายไหลก็บังเกิด 😛🍳 ----------------------------------------------- Share your fav dish #Hungrylist 🍴 ----------------------------------------------- 🍴: ซาลาเปาทอดไต้หวัน (Taiwanese Fried Bun) 📍 : Chiayi, Taiwan 🎥 : @howeat219
SAVORY breakfast plates always WIN 😎🙌🏼 two crispy pasture-raised eggs fried in ghee with sautéed spinach & half an avocado sprinkled w/ hemp hearts 🥑✨ happy almost WEEKEND friends💛#thefitdelish #feedfeed #realfood
Uni Ikura Ebi Don at 📍Teppen (@teppenbangkok ) • - ⭐️ Everything on this bowl was super fresh but the star for me was the marinated egg yolk. It made the dish unbelievably creamy and with the uni...UGH 😭 so good 👍🏻 #VariHungry
@rupertollivier out of retirement for your Sunday 🔥
เงินเดือนยังไม่ออก บอกพี่ ! เดี๋ยวเจียวไข่ให้นะจ้ะ 😆 เมนูง่ายๆ แต่ได้กลิ่นทีไร พุ่งเข้าชนทุกที ----------------------------------------------- Share your fav dish #Hungrylist 🍴 ----------------------------------------------- 🍴: ไข่เจียว (Omelette) 🎥 : @ptmangkut
Wagyu Rib Eye & Duck Egg ‘Sunny’sides w/ Cambozola blue, sweet Honeycomb, flake salt & smoked pepper... Those big bright creamy Yolks☀️! So dippin’ delicious ! Might just be the best Steak n’ Eggs combo I’ve ever had. I actually licked the plate clean. ( I hope no one was looking). Steak:Yolk Ratio 💯 - #wagyu #ribeye #duckeggs #cheese #honeycomb #steakandeggs
A breakfast platter for when you want a bit of everything. . 🍳🥓🍉🍓🥞 . . #baregrillonbourke #breakfasttower
Flavor heaven... Where sweet and savory meets umami 🍳 🥓. 📸: @bombbfire_es #tbjgourmet #baconjam
Para el desayuno de este domingo relajado, preparé algo igual de simple y sin muchas pretensiones. Una tostada de pan de masa madre, palta, oliva y un huevo poché. La palta no tiene ningún secreto, sal, pimienta y oliva. El huevo, de campo, hecho en agua hirviendo con un chorrito de vinagre. Una vez que hierve el agua, hacer un remolino y colocar el huevo en el centro por unos 3-4 minutos y listo. Después cortar el pan con un buen cuchillo y darle un lindo tostado en una @kitchenaidlatam. Nada más. Gluten Morgen a todos.
Hoping for a sunny weekend | Chao fan by @zixmann @noname_chinese fried rice + organic market veggies + farm egg + chives + garlic bomb + choice of protein
Morning campers. @arlos_steak avocado on sourdough with @brindisaspanishfoods chorizo on the side. Beaut. Reflecting on a lovely time with my mum @hobnobs1293 over the last few days before she flew back to Malta, and a fun street party yesterday with lovely neighbours. Family and friends ❤️
This hash disappeared in a flash 🤤 #grubshotsSF
@SONOFABAKERAU 'S NEW MENU IS WAITING FOR YOU 😜🍴 If you're looking for a quality cafe and Sydney's answer to @champagnepapi 😍 — then this is the place to be! 🙌 You'll be licking your lips over lobster benedict, butterfly pancakes, oozy red velvet lava cake and their fresh af pastries all baked in house including old-school burek infused with new-school taste 🤤 | Son Of A Baker, Sans Souci #lickyourphone @roman.uro @m.gorge
The @rollieeggcookermakes log shaped omelets! 🍳 #insiderpicks If you want to buy one, see the link in the bio. It won’t cost you anything extra, and we'll make some money to support our videos.
Finished off the birchbenders banana pancakes I prepped earlier this week before heading to the airport to catch my flight to Philadelphia 🤗✈️ So many wonderful memories were made this past week and a half in Boise, and while I’m sad to say goodbye to the sunshine and family time, I’m excited for all the adventures that await the rest of this summer 🙆‍♀️💃. - #whatsonmyplate : @birchbenders paleo banana pancakes (prepped according to package directions, stored in the fridge, and reheated in the toaster oven this morning 🥞) •• fluffy scrambled eggs •• sautéed spinach w/parmesan & red pepper 🍃🌶 •• avocado w/ EBTB seasoning 🥑. - I just boarding my flight to Las Vegas, have a one hour layover there, and then it’s off to PA for two days before I head back to DC for the 4th of July 🇺🇸 Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday! 😘
wanna know how to kick off your week right? MAKE breakfast tacos 🌮 these were top notch and the color of those yolks do not lie! they are THAT orange 🙌🏻 . details: 2 @vitalfarms pasture raised eggs cooked in grass-fed butter in @sietefoods cassava and coconut grain free tortillas with avocado, goat cheese, cilantro, green onions and @sietefoods HOT SAUCE 💯happy Monday to all of yewwwws ✌🏻#nurturingbodyandmind
// couples who brunch together... thank you @jacob_botany for the picture perfect capture // #circaespresso
. さぽり飯 . わーい! いつもの極ゆる、ゆで卵かけご飯。 と、お父ちゃんの青唐辛子醤油がけ♡ . . ▶︎作り方 ▷お湯をボコボコに沸騰させる ▷卵を1つ入れて一番弱火にして2分 ▷お米にパカッ♡ . 明日は豚八戒の貸切だし休肝日にしようと思ったけど無理でした! . #おやすみ #さぽり飯 #深夜の飯テロ #tkg #卵かけご飯 #夜食 #おうちごはん #卵 #食べスタグラム #おいしい #自炊 #手抜きごはん #レシピ #簡単レシピ #ゆで卵 #料理記録 #温泉卵 #クッキングラム #クッキング #食べスタグラム #飯テロ #辛いの大好き #青唐辛子 #自家製 #rice #eggporn #instafood #japanesefood #yummy #맛있는 #好吃
sometimes i want a big ole hearty af breakfast and then sometimes i want a smoothie or a even just a protein shake and then othertimes i just wanna eat the damn rainbow 🌈 . how u do it: plop some pretty little things on a plate that God created and enjoy every.single.bite 🙏🏻 happy humpday friends #🌈 #nurturingbodyandmind #snackplate
this is what a busy post weekend breakfast looks like 😴 i had the best time catering to my daughter and her little friends for her birthday sleepover and even took some time off of the gram to be present. THATS what it’s all about guys! it felt so good to give my undivided attention instead of worrying what i was going to post or what everybody else was posting. point is...BREAKS ARE GOOD. try it, you’ll be surprised how much you actually like it. tbh it makes you appreciate life so much more when you really focus on your own instead of worrying about missing other people’s posts 😏 . plate deets: couple of fried eggs with spinach, whole wheat sourdough with sprouted sun dried tomato @majesticgarlic hummus, avo, home grown cherry tomatoes and fresh basil #mondaze #nurturingbodyandmind
Prawn Aglio $24.9 - The spartan, generic-looking hotel restaurant interior and lackluster service did little to assuage my initial worries, fortunately the food sufficiently outshone Froth's other issues. It's obvious the chef favours bold flavours, as evidenced in my outwardly simple looking prawn aglio olio. Besides the plump, smoky grilled prawns oozing buttery sweetness, the al-dente linguine was suffused with the umami of prawn oil and garlic, as well as packing a not inconsiderable punch from chilli.
Because a vegan breakfast can never be plain & boring 💆‍♂️ . Baked avocado with sunnyside egg topped with bacon bits #vegan #breakfast #jaycelab 🌱
Ooo, that good good hash 🍳 @poyntnewburyport Smoked brisket and Yukon hash with poached eggs and jalapeño barbecue hollandaise
Pork belly from #traderjoes and eggs.... Day 1/32 can I really go dairy free? We shall see- wish me luck my peeps 😘
A version of huevos rancheros. Seasoned refried beans, hot salsa, topped with cheese and finely diced onions, broiled until all hot and melty, topped with a poached egg, and for a little freshness, and crunchy texture, some diced jalapeno and more minced onion. Beans, cheese, and eggs are perfect together:)
Seoul | Jungsik | Scallops with brown butter 💯
台式野🇹🇼 唔係淨係得珍珠奶茶嘅🙈🙈,呢個滷肉飯唔會太鹹☺️👍🏻,肉質幾嫩口,配埋溏心蛋就仲正啲🥚😍😍,但係多啲汁可以撈埋最底啲飯🍚就好喇😗😗 Other than bubble tea, braised pork rice is well-familiar for Taiwanese cuisines also🇹🇼☺️. The braised pork is rather tender👍🏻and definitely good to pair with the soft boiled egg🥚😍😍!!!
The Croque Madame Yi... have I finally made it if I have a sandwich named after me? 🌟 From @hazelrestaurant ’s Sunday Brunch! If a sandwich were to be named after you, what would it be called and what would be in it? Tell me below 🤗 #CYeatsWAS
花雕鸡面加 poached egg ☺️
My lil egg maketh thy salad💜
Kagoshima Beef | Maitake | Egg Yolk 💰 HK$480 📍Ronin 8 On Wo Lane, Sheung Wan 🇭🇰 上環安和里8號Ronin It is not surprising that this is one of Ronin’s signature dishes. The richness of the marbled Kagoshima beef is cut through by soy and a dash of mirin. I didn’t mix the egg yolk properly to the pieces of beef at the edge of the plate so the pieces in the center were definitely more buttery with the addition of the egg yolk. 這道菜的確是大家口中說的招牌菜之一。Ronin的大理石鹿儿岛牛肉油而不膩,非常好吃。只可惜這道菜不跟飯(明明是一道主食,但份量和前菜差不多)。記得要把蛋黄攪拌得均勻喔! #kagoshimabeef #eggporn #egg #japanesebeef #wagyu #finedining #hkfood #hkfoodie #topcitybiteshk #hkfoodstagram #foodiehk #eeeeeats #foodphotography #foodporn #nomnomnom #afoodieworld #foodie #foodiegram #dailyfoodfeed #hkig #bestfood #buzzfeedfeasts #artofplating #foodblogger #foodlover #machunkitchen #相機食先
Weekends are meant for eggs and brunches. Here's my truffle eggs benedict from @focr.sg , amazing amazing space with pretty decent brunch fare. Can't wait to be back again! Every new cafe opening excited me these days because like becoming lesser and lesser and lesser ah. 😭
TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES CHEESE🧀 What’s your favorite dish you’ve had while traveling⁉️🍳🍳🍟🍟🍳🍳🍟🍟🍳🍳🍟🍟🍳🍳🍟🍟🍳🍳 #cheese #cheesy #eatingfortheinsta #nyceeeeeats #foodpicture #americancheese #myfab5 #parisfood #nyceats #breakfastfordinner  #frenchfood #nycrestaurants #newyorkfood #foodilysm #cheddarcheese #France 🇫🇷 #nycfood #cravings #foodiepics #foodjournal #france_vacations #eat 🍴#nycfoodies #feedme #eatingout #eatinggood #france #cheeses #cheeselover #cheesey
[New] Taiwan’s Favourite Dry Hakka Chilli Flat Noodle // A-Sha The highly sought after A-Sha noodles from Taiwan is finally here in Singapore! Whipped up a simple meal yesterday (tried their original flavour) with some of my favourite ingredients and thought I should share it with you guys! Loving the texture of the noodles as well as the seasoning! Also, they are FREE of preservatives and MSG, and made with strictly selected high quality ground meat (means healthier choice). Oh yes, you can get them at all NTUC outlets @ntucsingapore ! Super convenient!