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🇯🇵 My Japan trip 🇯🇵 Day 3 Part 1 Once again I had to stand up early in the morning because I wanted to go to Osaka castle before going to the venue. My room mate @kyungsz decided to come with me 😊❤ That morning I ate a lot more then on the first one 😂 But I already knew that we probably wouldn't eat anything else then breakfast so I was allowed to eat more 🍒🥐🥟. Because we wanted to go to the venue directely after Osaka castle we had to take our stuff with us. Keelia actually walked around in high heels the whole day 😱 My feet would have been dead 😂 We found our way to Osaka caste pretty fast. Both of us were to lazy to take the stairs and we went up with an elevator. Thanks to going pretty early we didn't have to wait to go upstairs (when we came back down there was a long line). The view on the top was stunning 😍 The weather was so nice and the morning sun was just beautiful. First I was a bit scared to just take out my doll and take pictures. But in the end I didn't care and just did it 😄 There were actually some girls who said 'kawaiii' when they saw us with the dolls. Slowly we made our way back downstairs and looked at all the exhibits that were there. It was really interesting to see all those old art pieces. Especially because their arte style is so different to the european one. Back downstairs our struggle began... Finding the train station. Damn. We were so confused and had soooo long to find that train station 😂 At one point I actually thought we wouldn't make it 😅 In the end our teamwork worked out and we found it 🤣 To be honest I was pretty tired when we sat down in the train. We walked sooo much and I couldn't imagine how Keelia survived it in her shoes 😂
🇯🇵 My Japan trip 🇯🇵 Day 2 The second day started pretty early because we wanted to be the first ones to pick our tickets + we wanted to eat breakfast before that. As you can see I didn't eat that much 😂 But this is totally normal for me. I am not really hungry on travel days or the day after. But the food was really good 🥐🥟. After breakfast we waited till it was time to go pick the tickets and planned the day because we wanted to go to the venue earlier then the global package. When we picked the tickets I was pretty happy because I already knew that we were on the left side and this is Sehuns side! 😍 With packed bags we went to the venue and the slogan hunting started! There were so many fansites who sold them and I got like 10 new slogans 😅 Because of all the haunting we got pretty hungry and went to the food stands in the mall next to the venue. Sadly there were so many people and we didn't find a table to sit on. Well eating while standing works as well 🍲. Soon it was time to get into the venue. It was so damn cold in there! 😭 But it was okay. Plus our seats were amazing! Near the main stage and only a few seats away from the stage. We were so close 😍 The concert was amazing and I really really loved the japanese songs 😍 Plus I managed to get eye contact with Minseok and Junmyeon! 😭😍 The concert was over way to fast! 😭 On our way back we got a snack bag which we ate after we were back in our room. Tbh I didn't really like it and gave most of it to my room mate 😂 As always I watched many fancams before I went to bed. I just can't sleep right after a concert. But since we wanted to stand up early the next morning I had to go to bed soon 😴😴😴
🇯🇵 My Japan trip 🇯🇵 Day 1 I was so excited for this trip but it actually didn't start too well. I planned to stay up all night and pack my stuff so that I will be able to sleep in the plane. Well. Guess who fell asleep and woke up in the morning with an empty suitcase 😅. I had to rush a little bit but made it in time. Next problem: Finding a parking space. This was the first time we didn't find any and I actually started to panick a little bit. In the end my dad just droped me of and I had to go check in alone. Stressfull but I still had enough time to go to that one café at the airport where we always go 🥐☕. Then I had to catch my flight to Dubai. The plane was nearly empty and I had the whole row for myself 😍. I wasn't really sleepy so I watched Thor. I ate the first meal which was okay but then I got a terrible headache. It was really really bad. I took a pill and slept for the rest of the flight. Sadly the headache wasn't gone when we arrived in Dubai. I took the second pill and searched the gate for my flight to Dubai. I felt like shit and really wanted to cry. I was just sitting there like a dead fish 💀. 3rd pill 😅 But thanks to that third pill my headach went away and I felt a lot better. Shortly before I had to board I met two girls from the UK who went to the concert as well! We knew that we would be on the same flight so we said that we would meet before the flight. Sadly we were not sitting near each other 😔😄 But thanks to the 3 painkiller pills I slept really well during the flight. I arrived savely in Osaka and I was never this fast through security check. It was amazing!!! The two girls and I checked the arriving planes because we knew that Exo would arrive soon as well. We waited for a bit but I had to catch my train to Osaka station so I had to go. To be honest I was a bit scared and worried that I would tske the wrobg train or won't be able to buy a ticket 😂 But everything went fine. I actually felt a bit proud of myself 😂 My roommate @kyungsz was already waiting for me at the hotel room. I took a shower and we were able to go take our merch and the global package pass. After that: Sleep 😴😴
Thanks for my Osaka fds’ precious gifts...Especially for the CBX MAGICAL CIRCUS Baekhyun folder and the ElyXion in Japan Xiumin cardholder😭💖 Love all of them so much!!😆 #ThanksALot 💝 #ElyXion #Exo #elyxioninhk #elyxioninjapan #elyxioninosaka #Arigatougozaimasu
: ・0223・ 『EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn – in JAPAN 』 in 京セラドーム : 初EXOのライブ! 掛け声とか歌を完璧に予習してなくても とっても楽しめました˖☽°.* そして無事EXOの沼に堕ちました ありがとうそうこ誘ってくれて : #EXO #elyxioninosaka #京セラドーム #かいくん #ぎょんちゃん
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