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Emotional and mental health are like a bank account. "If you are not making any deposits, don't expect to make any withdrawals." - Mary "Drop or throw" the mic. This is just one of many of the quotes about boundaries from my DIY workshop tonight. #emotionalbankaccount #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #boundaries #clearboundaries #healthyrelationships #contentcreatorchallenge #thehealthyboundaryexpert #thedigestivehealthexpert #austintexas #georgetowntexas
Happy December 1st ❄️ I see many people think about donating in this month more than the other month 🧐 what do you donate? Donating is not our kindness for people who needs our donations,it is a chance that universe gives us to share love and save happiness in our emotional bank account,I believe donating is not always about money 🧐 we can donate love, hug , smile or a positive words for people who needs it😍 then this beautiful energy we make ,will come back to our life 😍 please comment a beautiful word or quotes in this post and start December 1st with donating love😘❤️😍🙏#hodayoga #december1st #happydecember #donatinglove #emotionalbankaccount #yogaislove اول دسامبر مبارك،اخرين ماه سال ميلادي، چه چيزهايي رو خيرات ميكنيد تا به ادم هايي كه نياز دارن كمك كرده باشيد؟ تا حالا فكر كردين خيرات كردن كمك ما به فقرا نيست🧐 درواقع شانسيه كه در اختيار ما قرار ميگيره تا عشق قسمت كنيم وشادي پس انداز😍 هميشه خيرات كردن نياز به پول نداره، گاهي يك لبخند ، اغوش، حرف خوب ، وقت گذاشتن و شنيدن درد دل ادما ميتونه بهترين خيرات باشه! اروم كردن دل ادما و نشوندن لبخند رو لباشون يكي از با ارزشترين خيرات كردنهاست! لطفا تو اين پست كامنت كنيد يك حرف يا جمله زيبا وشروع كنيم خيرات محبت رو از همين الان😍❤️
#EmotionalBankAccount As we all know, we make deposits into our Financial Bank Account and build up a reserve from which we can make withdrawals when we need to. An Emotional Bank Account describes the amount of trust that has been built up in a relationship. It is that feeling of safeness you have with another human being. If I make deposits into an Emotional Bank Account with you thru courtesy, kindness, honesty, and keeping my commitments to you, it simply means I'm building a reserve. Your trust toward me becomes higher, and I can call upon that trust many times if I need to. Do you know I can even make mistakes and that trust level, that emotional reserve, will compensate for it? My communication may not even be cleared, but you'll still get my meaning anyway. When trust account is high, communication is easy, instant and effective. If a large reserve of trust is not sustained by continuing deposits, a marriage/relationship will deteriorate. May I suggest 6 deposits that build the Emotional Bank Account? - Understanding the Individual - Attending to the Little Things - Keeping Commitments - Clarifying Expectations - Showing Personal Integrity - Apologizing Sincerely When You Make a Withdrawal If any of those points is ambiguous, we may discuss further via Pchat. It's never too late to make corrections on the numerous withdrawals we might have made. #TaskoCares 😘 Cc: @taskoladfootwear
New Video!!! On My YouTube Channel (UnRickstricted) . Tekashi 6ix9ine | High Vibrations | Emotional Bank Account . FULL VIDEO https://youtu.be/GkmvW71wEGw . LINK TO CHANNEL IN BIO . #wellness #health #fatloss #weightloss #mindset #mentalhealth #comedy #jokes #youtube #meditation #positivity #love #selflove #selfworth #fitness #boxing #anxiety #depression #youtuber #film #funny #laugh #coach #obesity #confidence #overweight #tekashi69 #highvibrations #emotionalbankaccount
Who needs grand gestures when there’s so much romance to be found in everyday life? Repost from wonderful @catanacomics #interpersonalneurobiology #securesafehaven #coregulation #mentalhealth #brainscience #neuroscience #emotionalbankaccount
When they said that I had completed on the purchase of my new house and the keys were ready to pick up they weren’t kidding. Erm, which does what? Anyway, I am a home owner again. It feels good. Not great but that’s down to the fact I sold and left a house I loved to move into a family home and that family home had to be sold because someone else destroyed my marriage (all the bitterness has gone, honest). But, this one has potential. I can make it mine, while avoiding the urge to completely bachelor pad the crap out of it. Despite not having had a home for a couple of months, I have not been homeless. Claiming to have been would have been insulting to those that do find themselves on the streets. My family and friends have ensured that I have always had places I can call home. Actually, home for me has been more about the people than the places. I really do feel that they have made me feel like I’ve come back home. So, a couple of walls to come down, a couple to go up and all the rest but as soon as it’s done, the door is open to them all whenever they need it to be. Time to refill the Emotional Bank Account because I feel like I might be living in my overdraft a bit at the moment. Anyway.... this really does feel like a fresh start rather than what has felt like limbo. Time to really let other people’s actions sit in the past, what they did is theirs to live with. I’m a good man, a bloody great dad and a good friend and right now that’s what I’m concentrating on remaining. No grand plans for world domination that are unachievable. Pipe dreams are for others. One step at a time, forward. Which is all a very dramatic way of saying HOUSE WARMING!!!!! #newhouse #project #emotionalbankaccount #housewarming #newstart #onwardsandupwards #orderaskip #exciting
"Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you have been buried, but actually you have been planted" #christinecaine #quotes #emotionalbankaccount #inthered
Relationships should always have balance. If you find others taking more than they offer over and over again, something's wrong. . . . #healthyrelationships #healthyboundaries #emotionalbankaccount
5 ways to enrich your #emotionalbankaccount inspired by John Gottman @gottmaninstitute
Today, I am tired. Today, I am stressed. Today, I am emotional. Today, I let people drain me and chip away at my balance. So when I got home, I dumped my bag in the floor, walked in my closet, turned up the music and danced in front of the mirror. I danced for all the people that make me the strong, determine, independent and caring person that I am today. I danced for the things that make me happy and alive and healthy and want to wake up in the morning. I danced for all the people out there that are emotionally drained by others. I danced away all the bullshit and now, I feel stronger because if push comes to shove I can always dance in my office toilet. #selfcare #lookingaftermyself #fightingforwhatsright #danceitout #iamstrong #strongwomen #mindfulness #wedoitall #emotionalbankaccount
Look at that! Stealth mode ha! 😆 I love these memories though, it was taken at our Cultivating Confidence clinic in California that I did with in September. . Breaking news however 💁‍♀️ new blog post! You can get to it by clicking the #linkinbio . It's all about your "emotional bank account"... here's a snippet! . Imagine that every morning when you wake up, ten credits are deposited in your emotional bank account. A withdrawal is made every time you do something which costs you energy; anytime that you are required to draw on your inner resources or need to step up in some shape or form. . It’s possible to gain credits also. Credits come from anything that “fills you up”, supports you, from positive experience, and from joy. Deductions and deposits are made physically also. If you don’t get enough sleep; if you don’t eat well, or at all; if you don’t drink enough. All of these things cause you to withdraw on the balance that you have. All of these things “tax” you in some way, and vice versa. . Read the full blog by jumping on the link in my bio! 💃💃💃
At #pretamanger I see a girl crying on the phone. I can’t help but feel for her, hold space for her, my heart aches to see this stranger sad. It’s who I am, one of my strengths, to feel, it’s what has made me excellent at the work I do. However, it has been abused, taken advantage of and taken for granted, and you know what, it’s ok because I’m wise enough now to know when that is happening and I do what I need to protect my energy and detach myself. I’m also untarnished and unchanged by these negative experiences - so when I see that someone would value from me holding space for them, I continue to share love and hold space in my heart ❣ #holdspaceforothers #holdspaceforyourself #respectandvalueyourfeelings #neverstopshining #shinefromyourheart #takingpsychologytothepeople #mediapsychologist #stopthecycleofabuse #emotionalbankaccount #healyourselffirst
‘Emotional bank accounts’. A concept popularised by Stephen Covey in his classic book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. It highlights the importance of compassion and kindness in human relationships. Whose emotional bank account do you pay into daily? #emotionalbankaccount #relationships #compassion #kindness #love #respect
If you don't fell any of the above emotion at one point or the other say Hi It's mental wellness Tuesday #emotional being is what we are created to be. As human we all have #emotionalbankaccount But guess what all your emotions are the result of you interpretation to other people action or reactions. Take home "you are the lord of your emotion never allowed your emotion to over ride your reasoning capacity".
When your #glamsquad gives you reason to be sassy...you SASS okurrrrrrrr🤣 #onset shenanigans! Sometimes you gotta... 💄: @makeupbyarmee 👗: @dleestyle There are times in life when we are guilty of tolerating people, circumstances, situations... We know what that formula looks like. Then there are times we engage, encourage, tune in, take care with each other. I imagine those times are the "Good Times", J.J. and the Evan's family kinda "Good Times" 💡 When you realize it's not your circumstances that dictate who you are, it's what you Do that does. Why not #DoIt full out, with style and flare💃🏽 "Keeping your head above water Making a way when you can AIN'T WE LUCKY WE GOT 'EM Good Times" #createluck 🍀 No matter what your circumstances may look like. WhatEVER life dishes out, you can take it! Do not dilute the truth of your potential. Cuz you Di-No-Mite 💣💥 #tuesdaythoughts *** #PlanA #NormanLear #actress #setlife #GoodTimes #tunein #actorslife #potential #purposedriven #emotionalbankaccount #limitlesspossibilities #pourintopeople #sass #workingit #womeninfilm #abundantgratitude 🙏🏽 #midwesttalentmanagement #shenanigans #nickstagram
Where are the Having It ALL Trust Challenge folks at?! We wrapped up the mental deposits from last week. Be sure to check out the Facebook group for an exclusive performance showcasing the ukulele practice throughout the week. (This is a flashback photo back when Maya was just a little babe.) This week is all about social deposits. And if you missed out on the beginning, or you’re wondering what the heck the Trust Challenge is, go to the link in my profile to learn more and you can still sign up!
Great time with my friend Arlene @arleneleech Thank you for ☕️ 😘🙏Every person we meet sure changes our reality ❤️#feelinggrateful #awesomefriends #paradigmshift #emotionalbankaccount #positivevibes #positivethinking #greatfriends
Günaydın! Bu pazar sabahında duygusal banka hesabınızı gözden geçirmeye ne dersiniz? Hazırlayan: @pijigetto #pasifikpsikoloji #psikoloji #pazar #duygusalbankahesabı #insanilişkileri #pazarkahvaltısı #pazarkeyfi #psychology #sunday #sundaymood #emotionalbankaccount #sundayfunday #rainy
ไม่มีหรอกลักยิ้ม.. มีแต่ยิ้มแล้วรัก..😂❤ บัญชีออมเงินไม่มี มีแต่บัญชีออมใจ #emotionalbankaccount #dimples #smile #captionthai #instrapic #instragram #me #lifequotes #love #funny #funforfriend
What makes a great client? I believe it’s a client that has a personal connection with you, where your partnership or relationship benefits both of you (win-win). I’ve discovered that if you can benefit each other early on, and produce big-wins, clients are far more likely to stay with you when things get rough or unknown. I call it the “emotional bank account”. A great client has you invested in them and they know it. . . . . #branding #brand #winnipegbrands #branddesign #leadership #alignment #winning #leadershipquotes #emotionalbankaccount #kreativinc
Today I was introduced to Stephen Covey’s Emotional Bank Account 💭 Much like a regular bank account in which we save, deposit and withdraw, he explains the emotional bank account as one built with trust instead of money. It’s a account based on how safe you feel with another person 👍🏻 This for me is very simple, and I’d like to think that although I am not perfect, I do deposit more often then I withdraw, and I love to invest in all my relationships. I also think that this explains perfectly why I have consciously drifted away from certain friendships and relationships over the years. I have had a number of people in my life that eventually did not deposit the same investments that I did, and that’s ok. But it was also ok for me to walk away from that! 💡 #lightbulbmoment #itssimple #stephencovey #rulestoliveby #emotionalbankaccount #growandchange #investinyourrelationships #friendships #change #trust #expectations #bekind #dowhatsgoodforyoursoul #invest
COACHES!! What does it mean to "Fill Someone's Emotional Bank Account"? How do you make a deposit? How do you make a with drawl? This runs parallel to integrity. You can fill your clients/athletes (anyone you want to have a relationship with) bank account by simply doing the things you say you are going to do. Compliments. Remember and acknowledging certain dates. Going to events to support your client especially on your long days. Offering to help your client/athlete with task outside of class. All the behaviors that are outside of your class that you "don't get paid for" fill emotional bank accounts. Fill everyone's bank because (1) you are a good person but also (2) when you need a favor, you have a number of people to ask help from :) *** #fitness #behavior #business #EmotionalBankAccount #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #empathy #kindness #Good #DoGood #giveback #kindness #emotion #mental #mindset #mindfulness #coaching #Leadership #integrity #values #CoreValues
let that land. how are you managing your emotional bank account? it’s never too late to reimagine and redirect where your time, energy, and love is being deposited. take a breath and then take responsibility. if you’re feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, or dissatisfied with the relationships in your life; it’s time to clean shop and create space for the humans who understand the true meaning of giving and receiving. 💫#emotionalbankaccount #relationships #relationshipgoals #selfcare #dating #friendship #accountability #therapylounge #gottman #growthgamestrong #growon
Thankful Thursday. I’ve met 1000s of people in my life. Rich. Poor. Happy. Unhappy. And I’ve noticed that the happiest people do not have the most money in the bank, but their happiness bank account is full to overflowing and they’re happy to share it with others. Let’s stop exhausting ourselves by chasing money and let’s focus on what we already have. 🙏🏻💖
25/30 #randomtalkingvideo (Vid 3) This is a three parter- I am making an attempt to talk about vibration and raising it and how other people might affect it. However I’ve never spoken about this before so I’m giving it a go. 1: The first video I ponder how our thinking can make us feel 2: The second video is on perceived negativity 3: How loaded is the word ‘vibration’ & this is all an inside job . . PLEASE NOTE: I am in NO WAY WHATSOEVER implying that the inside job is easy in ANY WAY. However over time ... given attention... it might be.... after some sweating 😅 #emotionalbankaccount #insidejob #allforlove
25/30 #randomtalkingvideo (Vid 2) This is a three parter- I am making an attempt to talk about vibration and raising it and how other people might affect it. However I’ve never spoken about this before so I’m giving it a go. 1: The first video I ponder how our thinking can make us feel 2: The second video is on perceived negativity 3: How loaded is the word ‘vibration’ & this is all an inside job . . #emotionalbankaccount #insidejob #allforlove
25/30 #randomtalkingvideo (Vid 1) This is a three parter- I am making an attempt to talk about vibration and raising it and how other people might affect it. However I’ve never spoken about this before so I’m giving it a go. 1: The first video I ponder how our thinking can make us feel 2: The second video is on perceived negativity 3: How loaded is the word ‘vibration’ & this is all an inside job . . #emotionalbankaccount #insidejob #allforlove
the emotional bank account .. making deposits or withdrawals .. 5 to 1 is the lowest number you’ll see from research .. often 7-1, even 12-1 positive to negative inputs in order to grow and thrive .. what we say, how we say it matters .. what we hear changes us. blaming, shaming, transference .. human beings are fragile .. more fragile than we’ll ever understand, admit, or get used to .. the power of an encouraging word, an affirmation, is incalculable. . (illustrations from The Gottman Institute) . . #emotionalbankaccount
START NOW.. ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ ANYBODY MAKE A NEW HABIT.. ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ When Are you going to Step up and Start a new Habit .. Your tired of feeling fat, ugly, and that you don’t belong.. You want hide rather than Shine..The Time Is Now... ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ When I was 19 I had put the freshman 15 on.. I had a belly , I felt fat, I did not feel like I belonged, I was depressed and felt alone..I was tired of feeling that way so I joined my first Health Club.. I had gotten a taste of playing racquetball in college so I started to play and then I found the lifecycle .. the instructions said ride for 12,18 or 24 minutes for cardio.. I did waist it said.. then I found myself upstairs in the Wonans only weight room where I ran into my first instructor who immediately put me under her wing and gave me my first workout plan.. She told me to do it 3 times a week and I did.. I did exactly what she told me to do for the entire summer.. plus she told me to eat less so I halved my food portions .. By the end of the summer I looked good, I had more energy, And The depression lifted..I was ready to go back to college..Best Summer Ever.. ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ Steps to Start a New Fitness regime How much Time do you have.. Once you figure time then put it in your schedule..repetition creates a new habit..Please make it Realistic especially just starting out.. this prevents burn out and giving up.. .........Convenience.. Make sure whatever you are going to do make it convenient in location and time.. Make it Doable .. Join a gym ........Hire a trainer especially if you feel self conscious also he/she will keep you accountable ........Can’t afford a gym or trainer.. grab a buddy .......Join a walking , hiking or Running club ........Most Importantly make sure it’s Fun and you find Value in your program ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ What is your goal? Make them both Realistic and doable.. And don’t have a time frame.. It’s for Life..Keep it always in the front of your brain and feel it in the center of your core.. And ask the question? How bad do you want it? Repeat.. ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ Start Now to build new Habits.. Your Worth it.. ⠀⠀⠀💭⠀⠀⠀ Follow me on Instagram, UTube and Facebook.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Superstar Supporters: Special Th
•The Emotional Bank Account• Ok, so this section really made a deep impression on me! The emotional bank account is really a metaphor for the amount of trust that is built into any relationship. Or as the book also put it “the feeling of safeness you have with another human being.” By making ‘deposits’ into that account through acts of kindness, courtesy, keeping commitments and understanding, the level of trust increases. It can increase to the point that even if mistakes are made the reserves that the emotional bank holds would be enough to compensate for it. However the same holds true if the opposite repeatedly occurs. Broken promises, lack of courtesy, no effort to understand, will result in the bank becoming so depleted that it becomes overdrawn. This is a powerful thought because it leads us to a choice. Either continue depleting those reserves (wether it’s consciously or unconsciously done) or to be proactive in our ‘Circle of Influence’ and to nurture the relationships in our lives through patience and true understanding of the other individual. What is one thing that you can do today to begin building up those emotional bank accounts? 🙌🏼😊 • • • • #readingchallenge #7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople #personalblogger #emotionalbankaccount #startreading #alittleeachday #bekind #itsthelittlethings #circleofinfluence #live #starttoday #commitment
Building positive relationships with the people in our lives is like making deposits in a bank account. Read this great article from csefel.vanderbilt.edu about how to make emotional deposits to build relationships♥️ http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/modules/module1/handout5.pdf #education #kindness #emotionalbankaccount #connection #community
I love going on a bike ride with my husband. 💕 🚲 Bike riding is one of his total favs and when I go with him he takes extra care to lead us on rides by lakes & good bird watching spots b/c he knows those are my favs. 💕🕊 What a good man! What a wonderful way to spend time together as a couple. 💞 If you are in love relationship, what can you do with your partner that honors what they love to do too? Keep building that loving friendship! Make deposits in your emotional bank account 💞 What are you doing this week to follow your bliss? Share below, it helps others have ideas of what might bring more joy 🤩😍 • • #followyourbliss #dateyourspouse #relationshipskills #emotionalbankaccount #lovinghim #bikeriding #playoutside #lovematters #couplestherapy #feelpeacenow ☮️
Be in control of your own destiny by taking charge of the purpose in your life. In today’s Lifestyle Video Olivia goes in depth into Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and how they can help you achieve true success and enduring happiness. Watch full video @ http://bit.ly/happynowolivia_the7habits Favorite 7 Habits Recommendation! http://bit.ly/happynowolivia_the7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople Please help me spread my message of happiness, health, knowledge and inspiration by subscribing to my channel on YouTube. It’s free! :). You can subscribe at http://bit.ly/happynowolivia_subscribe Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Olivia A complete and annotated list of all Happy Now Olivia! recommendations can be found at http://bit.ly/happynowolivia_recommendations #happynowolivia #healthvideos #inspirationalvideos #veteran #the7habits #the7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople #thesevenhabits #thesevenhabitsofhighlyeffectivepeople #7habits #7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople #stephencovey #circleofinfluence #emotionalbankaccount #timemanagement #timemanagementtips #timemanagementskills #personalleadership #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #leadershiptraining #effectiveliving #lifeskills #beproactive #beproactivenotreactive #seektounderstand #beginwiththeendinmind #franklincovey #franklincoveyplanner #familyvalues #values This description may contain affiliate links. If you click on one of the product links, and purchase it, I’ll receive a small commission. This will help support Happy Now Olivia! and allow me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! © Happy Now Olivia!, LLC, 2018.
To be effective the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. ⠀ ⠀ In this Lifestyle Video Olivia goes in depth into Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and how they can help us achieve true success and enduring happiness. ⠀ ⠀ Watch Full Video @ Happy Now Olivia! on YouTube⠀ ⠀ Please help me spread my message of happiness, health, knowledge and inspiration by subscribing to my channel on YouTube. It’s free! :). You can subscribe at http://bit.ly/happynowolivia_subscribe⠀ ⠀ Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful day!
***NEW BLOG POST*** ⬆️⬆️Link in the Bio⬆️⬆️ “Mommy, do you love This Little Baby more than me?” Read about the moment I was asked to weigh my love by my own eldest child! 💔💗💞We have just got back from our family holiday. We hit up Weston Super Mare, Woolacombe and Ilfracombe. It was hard to swallow that, after weeks of the most beautiful summer weather, we spent the majority of the time in raincoats and hoodies. The boys still explored rock pools, dug in the sand, climbed precarious cliffs and ate luridly coloured ice cream. I managed to sneak an hour in the holiday camp’s spa but I spent twice as long in the laundrette, trying to dry damp clothes that couldn’t be hung outside our cloud shrouded caravan. At this time in our life, this is where we must be. The memories will be laughed about, shared and relived and that is what matters. I will keep browsing the All Inclusive deals until then... #woolacombe #ilfracombeharbour #ilfracombe #rockpools #sandyfeet #holidayswithkids #newblogpost #blog #mommyblogger #parentingblogger #blogpromotion #readmyblog #ukmoms #ukblogger #ukparents #emotionalbankaccount #memoriesaremadeofthis #ukholidays #greatbritishsummer #rainydays #beachdays #love #lovemychildren
It still surprises me that so much time is spent knocking people down instead of lifting them up. When was the last time we said "you look great" "thank you so much for what you did for me" "what a great job you did" " you have made a difference", "thank you". Instead of expecting others to make us feel good and lift us up. Maybe we should stop taking so much and starting giving more. Let's start focusing on lifting others, a simple kind word or complement will do. #makeadifference #happydubai #itsnotallaboutyou #ribbonoflife #liftingothers #selfawareness #coach #beaware #emotionalbankaccount #quotes #quotestoliveby
Building Emotional Wealth: When going through this game we call life. You have an emotional bank account that most people don't take the time to build up. And what ends up happening is that people break or snap. This is Part 1 of building the emotional bank account series. Be sure to like and subscribe to the channel. This is the intro to the channel. This channel is going in showing the journey Or go order Gentleman's Code Book with the link below: https://tinyurl.com/gentlemanscodeboo... #money #emotionalbankaccount #wealth #emotionalwealth #bankaccount #buildingwealth #gettingrich #gentlemanscode , #jojotwilliams #lifeskills , #mentorship #business #entrepreneur #mindset #belief #opportunity #wealth #spirituality #Health #emotional #emotions #buildingwealth #feelings #youtuber #youtube #youareenough Follow Me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jojotwilliams/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jojotwill/ Website: www.jojotwilliams.com Business Opportunity: https://www.amway.com/JojoWilliams Want To Mentored Or Meet Mentors? Send me a message. Just A Dude That Has Alot Of High Energy And Wants To Share Wisdom That He Has Learned From His Mentors And Help Other People Realize Their Ideal And Make Money Through Mentorship! DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
Hello! I almost forgot that it’s a Wednesday!!! 🙈😆 Here’s your dose of #midweekboost where I share something that I am personally working on as well. I started it this week and it feels great! Watch the video to find out more. Have a great week! #midweekblues #happywednesday #emotionalbankaccount #investinrelationships #intentionalliving #mindfulness
Start today and do it every day: upload with positive actions your emotional bank account. Loaded your emotional account with positivity, will change your life forever. 😍😁😎💪🙏 Incepe schimbarea in viata ta adaugand actiuni pozitive in banca emotionala si asa iti vei schimba viata in mod pozitiv. #cristinaschmeiduk #positivity #todolist #emotionalbankaccount #blessings #kindness #letgoofcontrol
Takeaway Tip Tuesday. It’s wonderful to love others and to give love, compassion and kindness but you can’t give what you don’t have. This is a great tip to make sure your own emotional bank account is full to begin with.
😊Great time with my soul sister 😍😍😍🙏 #greatfriends #morethanmakeup #coffeetime#personalpleasure #emotionalbankaccount
HBD Khun Kim,may you have all the best wishes ka from all of us ✌️❤️🎂🍰 #happybirthday #dpgsupplies2018 #metroway #metrosystems #7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople #emotionalbankaccount
I found these today. They are some of the notes I made for Nunu for her lunches in kindergarten. If I were to do a pile of all of the love notes she's made for me it would be overflowing. . . I know that two of her Love Languages are words of affirmation and gift giving. It feels good for her to receive them as well as give them. Knowing this brings me closer to her. . . As the Gottmam Institute's research shows, we need to know the "Love Maps" of those we are close to. What makes up their inner world? What makes them happy? What are their dreams? . And doing Small Things Often, like leaving note or telling someone how much you appreciated something that they did for you, no matter how small, brings us closer together. It fills our tank so when we do experience struggles, it's that much easier to handle. . . Have you filled someone's cup today? #lovemaps #bringingbabyhome #gottman #lovelanguages #smallthingsoften #consciousparenting #positivediscipline #positiveparenting #singlemom #coparenting #kindergarten #emotionalbankaccount
Are you listening to understand or to react? Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. #the7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople #saturdaywisdom #personaleffectiveness #personalgrowth #empowerment #emotionalbankaccount #ironovaries #womenscoach #womenstherapist
A final date with my love at our favorite chocolate shop in Berlin before we leave for home. We both make sure that we find time on holiday and in our regular lives to spend quality time together. It fills our emotional bank so that we can make withdrawals when we need without it depleting our relationship. We top it up in so many ways and enjoying a simple iced chocolate together is one of the most delicious 😋. . #happytime #timetogether #thoughtoftheday #icedchocolate #happymarriage #myguy #mixedmarriage #summerinberlin #emotionalbankaccount #filledwithlove #❤️ #cheektocheek #delicious
What are you depositing in peoples Emotional Bank Account? _ In respecting each person’s individuality, we must recognise that everyone is motivated by different things. Often, people are drawn in by a relationship of trust and how one makes them feel — more or less by how much you invest in them (time, words, details to little things, communicating, keeping commitments or even, praying for/with them). That is, what you deposit into their Emotional Bank Account. _ Emotional Bank Accounts work in the same way our regular bank accounts work — except that the instrument here is not finance but trust. The same way we feel when we get ‘alerts’ of a deposit into our bank accounts is almost the same as how people feel when you make emotional deposits to build trust, respect/understand their individuality and a solid relationship. _ Be it in the workspace or at home, this is what makes people loyal and willing to give their best according to their ability. We must thus intentionally work on creating true heart connections with those God has placed around us; minimising withdrawals and constantly depositing good. Also, regularly assessing our commitments to people, in this light, will bring immeasurable growth to you and the other party. _ image: koinoniahomes.org
When you’re in #business with other people, it’s important to keep your word. If you can’t, immediate notify the other person and make arrangements to follow suit. This question is asked quite often and it’s a very good one. From #friends , to #business #associates , to #family members. The moment you don’t keep your word, withdrawals in the #emotionalbankaccount happen. You begin losing the #trust of another person and leads to a complete fallout; all of which can be avoided if you’re just a diligent person. Always keep this in mind! #life #entrepreneur #thailand
Bruce Lund, Founder & Director at @90daysales , shares the importance of focusing on progress over perfection and leveraging your connections. Be sure to visit www.FluentHustle.com to access all our VIDEOS & AUDIOS of the entrepreneurs we have interviewed.
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