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Emotional Food Cravings are difficult to manage. I have been detailing the process of managing them more effectively through my last several blog posts and today’s is all about putting the process together to work for you. You can read on to learn about personalizing your OWN emotional cravings protocol—link in bio! When you read, I’d love to hear about how you put into action the Pause-Reflect-Release Protocol in your own way!! . . . . . . . #wellnessblogger #wellnessblog #mentalwellbeing #wellnessgoals #foodtherapist #mentalwellness #foodtherapy #wholisticfoodtherapy #emotionaleating #emotionaleatingcoach #foodcravings #emotionalawareness #emotionalintelligence #healyourself #makepeacewithfood #lookwithin #mindbodysoul #mindbody #mindbodyspirit #mindbodyconnection #healthcoach #wellnesscoach #healthyhappylife #healthblog #beyourownhappiness #stopdieting #dietculturesucks #listentoyourbody #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating
Do you have a teen? Very interesting findings tying emotional intelligence with high school academic success. Link in comments but the summary is ... ‘When the relationship between academic success and EI was examined using the total sample, overall EI was found to be a significant predictor of academic success’ #EIstudentassessments #emotionalintelligence #teen #highschoolstudents #coaching #teencoaching #education #mindfulness #development #mentalhealth #transition #emotionalintelligencetraining
No creo en milagros. Creo en mis logros.
s a f e //⁣ ⁣ I believe each human has the inherent right to feel safe at all times. Sadly, the reality is far from that, but something we strive for in hope nonetheless. People who have experienced trauma, especially as children, lost their sense of safety without the tools + resources needed to return that safety. This might have been a one time event, or an ongoing pattern. Safety is usually an important theme in of healing, growth, and recovery from trauma. There’s so much to say on the topic, but I’ll cover some basics.⁣ ⁣ What does it mean to feel safe? ⁣ —your physical and emotional boundaries are respected (you can say “no” without recourse)⁣ —you have reasonable confidence that your physical and emotional boundaries will be respected (there’s an important distinction there), when there are reasons to not believe this is true, we can feel unsafe⁣ ⁣ Emotional safety is a little more abstract, but here’s some definitions:⁣ ⁣ • emotionally unsafe—receiving insults, shaming, bullying, threats, manipulation, dismissal of your thoughts or feelings, blame, receiving or seeing someone’s lack of emotion management but instead directing them towards others ⁣ ⁣ • emotionally safe—a pattern of receiving empathy, support, honesty, respect, and clarity⁣ ⁣ Our bodies can tell us when we feel safe or unsafe. A few ways:⁣ —tightness in stomach, chest, jaw, hands, etc⁣ —increased heart rate⁣ —changes in body temperature⁣ —feeling an urge to hide, run, or lash out⁣ —changes in your emotional state such as feeling numb, extra on edge, cautious, etc⁣ ⁣ Perhaps you often feel unsafe, get curious about why that’s the case, and what you need to feel safe. Sometimes we shut off being aware of our physical sensation indicators of safe/unsafe, so we need to learn our body’s language.⁣ ⁣ Therapy is a great place for experiencing safety—sometimes for the first time—and exploring these themes. ⁣ ⁣ I hope this encourages you in your journey, and spurs some questions to consider. Take care 🖤
The #cardoftheday is the #kingofcups Rebirth does not necessarily mean freedom from the complex and torrential storms in your heart. You do have to feel what is there for you to feel, but you don’t have to be governed by it. Equanimity tastes everything, savoring the heavy cocktail and the bitter draft alike, and sets the cup down when it’s empty. You are stronger than the internal voice telling you that the drinks behind your heart’s bar are the most important and the truest part of this existence. Rather, they are one of the several ways you can interface with the world unfolding around you. Feel the stability of your throne, and drink deeply without getting drunk. #jodorowskycamoin #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreading #cups #tarot #tarotcards #divination #cartomancy #fortunetelling #theking #emotionalintelligence #emotions #emotion #emotionalbalance #openheart #feelings #stability #drunk #cocktails #bar #strength #equanimity
#selfcontrol #calmness #emotionalintelligence Today this was a needed reminder. So much frustration and pain accompanies the challenges of life... in the past I’ve given it to God after doing all I can. Let the chips fall where they may and may love prevail.
This picture tells a thousand stories. To live an Awakened life is to walk the path of discovery. Each day that we practice being present with ourselves, we begin to discover things that help us to feel at home in our lives. 🌙 I am a person who started from scratch: walking a pathless path, longing for belonging, and completely disconnected. One day life got my attention - I opened my eyes and made a decision to live an Awake life. 〰️ Each day that I pay attention, I have the opportunity to welcome in a new habit that will allow me to show up more fully as Me. 〰️ I look back and am amazed that each little opportunity has woven a story of healing and love. 〰️
to embrace and not simply withstand 💕 @beccaleepoetry
Herman explains in a published article that emotional intelligence and self esteem are two major factors in living a successful, health lifestyle. These are two principles that create comfortability, awareness and care for our own self and environment.
What story are you telling yourself?
We are human beings not human doings. Let’s quit being so worried about what we are supposed to be doing and be more concerned with how we are being. How does your mind feel right now? Is it scattered? Is it full of negativity? Does it feel overwhelmed? Or is calm,present, aware? How does your body feel? Is it tensed up? If so then where at? Is your body contracted because you are fearful? Or is it relaxed and in good posture,confident, and in your power? We think these little things don’t matter but they truely do and we have to find awareness of our own bodies. Do you feel anxious or stressed? Breathe. Slow your breath! Where in your body do you feel stress or tension? Ask that part of your body what is causing that stress? This heals the emotional mind as well. Breathe deeper into this area ask it what it needs!!! Let’s stop bypassing our mental and emotional health and listen to our bodies and our symptoms. This heals the physical body and is a long lasting fix.Our bodies will always communicate with us through symptoms like anxiety,stress,sickness,tension,our breath!! Let’s ask ourselves what is the symptom trying to tell me? What is my body trying to tell me? Numbing our pain with over the counter medicine is not the answer! It’s a temporary fix and does not get to the root of the problem. Let connect to our bodies and actually build a relationship with them. This is awareness. This is self love.
Бережная мерцающая энергия, чувство, которое помогает эмоциональному иммунитету. Сегодня мы говорим о радости☺️. ⠀ ⠀ Радость в нас сигнализирует о том, что мы добились результата, наши потребности удовлетворены, а запас энергии восполняется. Кроме того, радость помогает формировать защитную оболочку от внешнего стресса💛 И, как бы это ни было это парадоксально, мы не всегда умеем проживать и выражать радость и удовольствие открыто. Раннее неосознанное предписание «не чувствуй» может включать «не чувствуй радость», а иначе....!?! Сглазишь, стыдно, неудобно, и пр и пр... Масса вариантов, почему когда-то было нельзя выражать радость... Знакомо? А если задуматься - актуально ли это сейчас? Неужели стоит ли себя лишать такого защищающего и полезного ресурса-чувства? ⠀ Радость - это такой ресурс, который не может быть приобретён или украден, он только наш, и только изнутри. По словам Джеффа Фостера, радость — это изначальное чувство быть живым, нерушимым, выровненным с Вселенной! ⠀ Аутентичная радость - это наш компас, наша мотивация, наша защита и наш мощный индикатор того, что мы на верном пути ☺️✨ #Emmunity #emotionalintelligence #эмоциональныйинтеллект #чувства #радость #ресурсы #энергия
6. The Wannabe. You see yourself as absolutely indispensable and expects recognition for everything. But Wannabes aren’t usually very good at their jobs. To compensate, these bullies spend a majority of their time watching more competent workers and looking for areas of skilled workers’ performance to complain about. You automatically opposed to others’ ideas, and prevent changes to your work processes. . . . 7. The Guru. There is nothing wrong with your work performance. You are probably an expert in your niche area but you severely lack emotional maturity. You see yourself as being superior to your co-workers. As a result, you don’t consider how your actions will affect others, you see yourself as always right and don’t accept responsibility for your own actions. . . . . . 8. The Sociopath. You are Intelligent, well-spoken, charming and charismatic but you are the most destructive bullies of all. Reason: You have absolutely no empathy for others and are experts at manipulating the emotions of others in order to get what you want. . . . . What personality type best describes you as a bully? Have a turn around today and be more receptive. . . . If you need advice on how to make an attitudinal change, send me a DM or an email Naijaworkissues@gmail.com. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #NaijaWorkIssues #Workethics #Workissues #careergrowth #Entrepreneurgoals #careerdevelopment #careergoals #Nigeria #lagos #worker #wimbizng #personaldevelopment #nigerianlabourlaws #mentorship #Organizationalgoals #emotionalintelligence #smesinnigeria #workplacebullying #ForbesAfrica #Jobefficiency #Instablog9ja #instadaily #questionoftheday #femalepreneur #Naijabrandchick #Conflictresolution
Know thyself. Be true to yourself. That is true confidence. No one is stopping that one person who knows themselves and have the courage to be themselves. That is powerful. And freakin’ attractive! Drop a ❤️ if you agree!
➰ Deconstructing common phrases heard in the wellness world that don’t apply to everyone always: ➰ • “Trust your gut”: This is difficult and often impossible for people who have experienced trauma or are disconnected from themselves. . “Love yourself”: This isn't a simple choice or state to arrive in; it's a practice and not an identity, which means it might not always be that easy. . “Think positively”: While positive thinking can be helpful, it’s often used as a way to avoid sitting with real, valid pain. . “Good vibes only”: We are complex, multilayered beings who hold ALL experiences within us, including “bad” vibes. To disconnect from this is to disconnect from the whole of who we are. . “Be fearless”: None of us can avoid or escape fear, as it's an inherent part of being human. • There are so many more and I’ve written longer posts about many of them, but I wanted to re-address these wellness phrases that often sound lovely and are well-intentioned,, but aren't always realistic. There is an implied message that if we only try hard enough, we can be in a constant state of bliss and joy, which sets us up for failure. I know that when I read some of these phrases at certain times, I might think, "why can't I just think positively right now? What am I doing wrong?" As a therapist, I've developed an inner alert button that goes off every time I read sentiments like this, because I’ve grown to recognize that we are way more complex than these messages make room for. • I want to remind you that it’s okay if you can’t trust your gut at all times, and it’s okay if you don’t love yourself in this moment, and it’s okay if you can’t think positively always, and its okay if you don’t feel the “good vibes”, and it’s okay if you have fear. Those things don’t mean you aren’t trying hard enough; they mean you are human. The point isn't to get to or achieve these things; the point is to *practice* them, which ultimately supports us in accessing them more often. When we are gentle with ourselves in our humanness instead of trying to "self-love" our way out of everything, those platitudes become more meaningful and attainable in the long run. 🌟
{WORKING WITH THE WINTER BLUES} // After Summer, the season of extroversion, then Fall, which can stir up anxiety while challenging us to shed what’s no longer working, Winter asks us to s l o w d o w n and conserve energy. It’s important to recognize the necessity of this seasonal shift for the natural world, and for ourselves. All things need a counterbalance to bring meaning, context and equilibrium. We need sadness to understand joy, downtime to recharge, darkness to appreciate the light. Winter offers us time to embrace the shadow, the difficulty or the sad; it offers us a way in to restore and replenish in order to integrate all parts of ourselves and welcome spring with new vitality. • By making small adjustments to our days throughout the coming months, we can help bolster emotional wellness and facilitate a healthier relationship with the “winter blues”. Fresh air and daylight help keep the body’s circadian rhythms functioning properly, which affects the timely release of the hormones responsible for feelings of happiness and wellbeing- a brisk, 10 minute walk in the morning or midday will suffice. Similarly, movement helps the body stave off stagnation and also boosts production of those feel-good hormones. Try slower, mindful movement, like Qigong or Tai Chi, Yin or Restorative Yoga, or weight training. • Sometimes, seasonal depression can be brought on by stressful, demanding schedules in the colder months, which is against the natural inclination to slow down. Try removing even just one commitment from your schedule per week. What do you notice when you have a little extra space to breathe? • Finally, ritual can be greatly soothing for the system; I suggest implementing one small practice into your morning or evening routine to facilitate the transition into or out of your day- it can be as simple as lighting a candle. These daily cues are a beautiful way to ground and steady ourselves, and they provide consistency and containment which is highly regulating for our emotions especially during times of grief or melancholy, which is natural and healthy during this time of year. • How do you support your mind, body and heart during the darker months?
✨With the support of one another, we are managing our emotions this Holiday season and focusing on JOY! You are worthy of having support to experience Joy! We are here for you- click the link in our bio for an exercise to lead your emotions! Blessings & Love♥️ TC&A #blessed . . . #joy #choosejoy #joyful #love #blessingsonblessings #togetherness #holidaycheer #holidayseason #holidayparty #teamwork #hereforyou #leadership #selfcare #selfmanagement #selfawareness #askforhelp #supportoneanother #santaclarita #leaders #meaningful #intentionalliving #intuitiveliving #mindfullness #emotionalintelligence
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.... (Walt Disney) A very inspirational quote for those who don’t believe they can do it. Walt Disney always believed in focusing on the bigger picture as it takes a lot of courage to fight for your dreams, and focusing on the result is what got him so far in life.We all say we want to get started in advancing our education and career. Walt Disney’s 22 Academy Awards did not come from him simply talking about his ideas. It came from him doing what he believed in, even though he was rejected over three hundred times. Walt Disney is an inspiration to all, as we tend to believe that we aren’t good enough, that it isn’t the right time, or any other silly excuse. There is always a way to get what you want, reach your goals, and achieve your dreams. You just need to quit talking and start doing. One small step can lead to huge success. (Information from the Walt Disney educational group)
Dramatic has a whole new meaning when it changes your life ⠀ ⠀ We help integrate drama instruction and activities in your home or classroom. #drama #acting #theatre #theatreeducation #education #steam #steamnotstem #actoutinclass #adrianalita #emotionalintelligence #EQ #dramaintheclassroom
“Gifts for the Ghost” is a series of videos that offer a set of tools and practices for healing trauma or any psychosomatic imbalance. They are based on my chapter in the best-selling book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, "Exorcising the Ghosts of Sexual Trauma & Their Secret Shame"— an intimate chronicle of my journey with repeated sexual trauma and how shamanism gave me the medicine I needed, transforming my very cells and releasing energies from this lifetime and beyond. Each video features one of the main tools and principles that I discovered through my healing journey and that I continue to use with clients today, helping them to "heal their relationship with the body, repossessing themselves with an Emotional Presence that amplifies their healing and guides their lives forward in a more connected way—Embraced, Embodied and Empowered. Ghosts be gone." EMPOWER: This video is the 3rd in the series... after we embrace and embody, we empower: This is where we "put love in front of it". As you spend time embracing and embodying, you will organically discover the power of your renewed emotional presence. That power is Love, and specifically, Love reflected inward. (I told you it was an inner revolution!) In this video, I serve up a practice that combines the Toltec tools of Recapitulation and Dreaming, with another feminine twist: Recapitulating the beliefs through the emotions while Dreaming them into a healed presence in the body. P.S. Trust your tools and EVERYTHING else that brought you here, and go out and LIVE your life!!! It is a practice, and... you will fall. I can almost guarantee it. But that's okay because each time you pick yourself up—each time you Embrace, Embody and Empower—you strengthen those muscles. And perhaps you see something you hadn't before—a belief, a fear, a cellular memory—and that something WILL someday be THE something that finally breaks you... open. I am living proof of that, and I pray that each of you may become that proof for yourself. #iheartemotions #emotionalpresence #befriendyouremotions #e -motion #energyinmotion #emotionalhealing #healing #emotionalintelligence #shamanism #shamanichealing #shamanisminthenewmillennium
It’s always an energising & ecstatic experience with engaging & participative audience. We had an amazing Eastern Mindfulness intensive program today with the dynamic HCL Technologies teams. We explored over various scientific EM modules along with some intensive & inclusive self diving experiences. - WE are extremely stringent & particular about external optimisations but what we completely forget is about upgrading our internal softwares. Eastern Mindfulness offers some extremely practical, scientific & experiential frameworks which empowers an individual to instantly switch from a chaotic internal environment to a completely peaceful one, elevating the awareness & sharpening the focus. _____________________________ For any program related queries do connect at info@easternmindfulness.com _______________________________ Visit www.easternmindfulness.com #emwisdom #mindfulness #hcl #hclnoida #noida #noidadiaries #corporateevents #corporatelife #corporates #awareness #focus #mindful #worklife #leadership #emotionalintelligence #mindfulnessquotes #productivitytips #makeithappen #choose #easternmindfulness #aloktaunk #stressrelief #anxietyrelief #lifelessons #mindfulliving #
“Gifts for the Ghost” is a series of videos that offer a set of tools and practices for healing trauma or any psychosomatic imbalance. They are based on my chapter in the best-selling book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, "Exorcising the Ghosts of Sexual Trauma & Their Secret Shame"— an intimate chronicle of my journey with repeated sexual trauma and how shamanism gave me the medicine I needed, transforming my very cells and releasing energies from this lifetime and beyond. Each video features one of the main tools and principles that I discovered through my healing journey and that I continue to use with clients today, helping them to "heal their relationship with the body, repossessing themselves with an Emotional Presence that amplifies their healing and guides their lives forward in a more connected way—Embraced, Embodied and Empowered. Ghosts be gone." EMBODY This video is the 2nd in the series. After we embrace, we naturally begin to embody: Now that you have let go your stories about emotions, you are most likely experiencing them more rather than less. That's okay. Actually, it's good. It means the embodiment has begun. You are actually feeling what you feel, all of it-- the whole rainbow. And now that you can be present with those emotions, you can help them begin to organically unwind from the body. This video is the Toltec practice of Stalking with my feminine twist: giving the mind a backseat as we stalk the beliefs through the emotional body. P.S. This practice is best done on a nightly basis to review and clear the energy of each day. If done right before bed, you can intend for the "unwinding" to continue through the night. Or, perhaps your stalking raised some questions for you, in which case, ask them to be shown to you in your sleeping dream. Keep a journal by your bed to write anything down, but also trust that, no matter what you remember of your dreams, the "work" was done. But don't believe me; ask your emotional presence. It will be the living proof. #iheartemotions #emotionalpresence #befriendyouremotions #emotion #energyinmotion #emotionalhealing #healing #emotionalintelligence #shamanism #shamanichealing #shamanisminthenewmillennium
The holidays are depicted as a time of joy and cheer. But sometimes other feelings come through. What do you do when you experience negative emotions during the holiday season? 🤚🏽❤️ #blog #holiday #health #psychology #coaching #witnessing #holdingspace #becoming #human #whole #acceptance #compassion #healing #emotionalintelligence #endure #selfcare #charliebrownproblems
The biggest lesson I have learned at 24 is to focus on only doing things that aligns with my goals . This means learning as much skills as I can, constantly diversifying my portfolio, taking time off of social media once I start to notice I’m getting addicted, stop hanging out with people that aren’t influencing my life in a positive way. To find out more of the lessons I have learned so far, CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO❤️
CasaSoham. Casa de Retiros en Chemuyil-Tulum. Abriremos nuestras puertas a partir de Marzo 2019. Para informes y reservaciones hablar con Mery T. 044 55 18 47 41 94 sohamcasa@gmail.com www.casasoham.org - - - - #mentalhealth #control #equilibrium #compassion #SpreadLove #quote #JoyTrain #vegan #animals #wisdom #yoga #exercise #fit #yogi #creativetensions #leadership #gratitude #emotionalintelligence #embrace #embraceyoga #yogalife #innerlight #yogaeverydamnday #yogini #BJP
“Gifts for the Ghost” is a series of videos that offer a set of tools and practices for healing trauma or any psychosomatic imbalance. They are based on my chapter in the best-selling book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, "Exorcising the Ghosts of Sexual Trauma & Their Secret Shame"— an intimate chronicle of my journey with repeated sexual trauma and how shamanism gave me the medicine I needed, transforming my very cells and releasing energies from this lifetime and beyond. Each video features one of the main tools and principles that I discovered through my healing journey and that I continue to use with clients today, helping them to "heal their relationship with the body, repossessing themselves with an Emotional Presence that amplifies their healing and guides their lives forward in a more connected way—Embraced, Embodied and Empowered. Ghosts be gone." EMBRACE: As my chapter displays, the first step to healing my trauma was the alchemic embrace of Madre Sarita's love and acceptance. She had the eyes to see my shame and the heart to reflect love into it. The practice in this video will help you to develop those eyes for yourself through a blend of Toltec Stalking and Dreaming by stripping away the judgments against your emotions and, ultimately, expanding the connection between you and your emotional body. P.S. Don't forget to bring your practice with you! This type of stalking is great to do throughout the day because inevitably there will be triggers and challenges that show you yet another belief. If you keep a journal with you, you can write them down and then bring them into this practice when you are ready. #iheartemotions #emotionalpresence #befriendyouremotions #e -motion #energyinmotion #emotionalhealing #healing #emotionalintelligence #shamanism #shamanichealing #shamanisminthenewmillennium #giftsfortheghost #embrace #embody #empower #shamansister
Sometimes all you need is a little music 🎧
Life’s greatest treasure isn’t off in some distant future. . It’s available to you at any moment. . Your ability to experience the best of what life has to offer comes from your ability to be present. . This treasure is what people often start to tap into when they find out their life, or the life of a loved one, could be cut short. . But you don’t have to wait for bad news to come before changing your life. You just need to learn how to be present. When you learn how to be present, which is a skill, you can decide to live like you were dying in any moment that you want. . ☁️Excerpt from today’s blog post. Read the full post via the link in bio) ☁️ . If you plan to be present today, and to live like you’re dying, drop a comment below 👇🏻
Years ago a friend told me that he meditated for 20 minutes every morning. I thought “I would love that in my life too but I’ll never be able to do it. It’s way too hard”. And now I’ve been doing exactly that for some time and it’s not nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be. It’s amazing what we can do when we decide to drop the story we tell ourselves... . . . Message me to find out how mindfulness life coaching can help you. . . . #mindfulnesscoach #lifecoach #lifecoaching #meditation #mindfulliving #innercalm #selfdevelopment #ukcoach #mindfulness #personaldevelopment #selfawareness #emotionalintelligence #onlinecoaching #positivehabits @markpengelly
No one enjoys facing their deepest fears or wounds, but the inner exploration and self-discovery part of the upgrade journey is not one to bypass. You will continuously be bought back to square one, if you ignore the deeper lessons, time after time, without fail, no matter how hard you work at something If you are harboring deep blocks, they will not go away until they have been felt and brought to peace. So, embrace it, embrace it all, you are here, reading this because something inside of you is stirring, your desire to UpGrade is waking up.
👌🏻💪🏻👍🏻 ..... Repost By @theselfspace : Whether we find ourselves in a palace of joy or whether we find ourselves in a palace of sadness, anger, disappointment or rage - it is important to hold in mind that feelings are temporary. Just like everything else in life, feelings carry an energy of impermanence. The only way difficult feelings will last, is if you continue pushing them away. Instead, choose to feel your feelings, no matter how hard they feel. Eventually, that feeling will dissipate and healing can happen.
Always on (compassionate) point.❤️ #Repost @notesfromyourtherapist ・・・ ❤️ . . . . . . . (I put 53 notes into a small paperback - my self-published art & emotions project! ☺️ Maybe Notes From Your Therapist is a nice little something for someone you love. ❤️✍️☕️📖 blurb.com/bookstore) . #emotions #feelings #resilience #emotionalintelligence #emotionalneglect #relationaltrauma #relationalneuroscience #vulnerability #relationshipgoals #compassion #selfcompassion #selfacceptance #masculinity #tuneintoyouremotions #writersofinstagram #emotionstherapist #notesfromyourtherapist #nfyt #feelingintelligence #howtolove #depression #anxiety #loneliness #trauma #traumaresilience #interpersonalneurobiology #polyvagaltheory #neuroception #attachmenttheory
Oftentimes, people usually describe and consistently share two different narratives about themselves: regarding either their capabilities or their limitations. Which for you? Does this apply? What are your stories? And…how.are.they.serving.for.you? #People #ConciergeCounseling #TheIAMProject #YouAreYourOwnSOULution #TreatYourSelfThursday  #TherapeuticThursday #healing #Health #storytelling #WellBEing #Wellness #LifeSatisfaction #LifeStyleManagement #emotionalhealth #Emotionalintelligence #personaldevelopment
Atunci când ne creștem și ne educăm proprii copii avem oportunități zilnice de a crește și noi la rândul nostru. Uneori, desigur, rămânem blocați. Ne aflăm luptând mereu în aceeași bătălie. Blocajele ni se întâmplă tuturor și ne țin departe de îndeplinirea visurilor noastre. Din fericire, suntem puternic motivați de dragostea noastră față de copiii noștri, să mergem mai departe, să căutăm soluții. 😊 ☝️ 😊#parentingromania #emotional #tata #tati #romaniamagica #romania #copil #joaca #inteligent #parinti #iubire #bebe #mami #familie #emotionalintelligence #parentinghacks
You need to access, fully feel and release your emotions without judgement Surrender to joy and allow it to flow into tears and allow the laughter to rise up to the sky Anger to show your past, that you were holding on something what is not real anymore All the emotions to flow, show and go, then you can really feel what is there for you under all your emotions In silence , deepest harmony and wisdom lies Like waves emotions goes and come, but true essence of your being is harmonious, silent, loving and always in truth. Love you madly ♥️ Sini-Maria #loveyourself #emotionalintelligence #silence #harmony #core #love #truth #playthegameyourway #seeyourself #meditation #letgo #allow #life #yourebeautiful #youredivine #enjoylife #kundaliniawakening #yogasmic #reality #onelove #union #retreats #unelmaitsestä
#KidsYoga might be the first time in the whole day when kids aren’t being told what to do. . As a #kidsyogateacher my role is to offer suggestions & to create a safe environment for them to explore their feelings & impulses. The direction the class takes, is completely up to them. ✨ . Open #kidsclass TODAY at 4:15p @alperjcc Fitness Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #emotionalintelligence #familyyoga #partneryoga #acroyoga #littleyogis #littleyoginis #yogamom #diaryofayogateacher #bethechange #teachpeace #loveharder
#KidsYoga might be the first time in a child’s whole day when they aren’t being told what to do. . . As a #kidsyogateacher my role is to offer suggestions & to create a safe environment for them to explore their feelings & impulses. The direction the class takes, is completely up to them. ✨ . Open #kidsclass TODAY at 4:15p @alperjcc Fitness Center. . Intended for children 4 to 10, but all are always welcome. 💜 . . . . . . . . . . . #emotionalintelligence #familyyoga #partneryoga #acroyoga #littleyogis #littleyoginis #yogamom #diaryofayogateacher #bethechange #teachpeace #loveharder
“If empathy is the skill or ability to tap into our own experiences in order to connect with an experience someone is relating to us, compassion is the willingness to be open to this process." - @BreneBrown #riskhappy
HELLO again dear friends! 👋🏻 WooWee was that a rush?! I’m finally feeling human again and I can’t wait any longer to share my favorite takeaway! No, it wasn’t the crepes or castles (although those were divine) but rather it was the most valuable lesson given at the end of a VERY long week... the secrets to happiness... JOIN ME LIVE TODAY 10:30am MST as we recap and chat 13 steps to #success Who’s coming?! 🙋🏽‍♀️
Vibes. Vibrations. Energy. Physics. :: Where is your vibe today? What frequency are you transmuting? :: Make the choice to emit a harmony aligned with God, the Universe, the cosmos— whichever you believe. 🙏🏽 :: We are all capable.✨
If you pay attention, can you notice that gap? Between who you are, deep down, and who you are being who you feel you are expected to be How big is that gap for you? Are there any safe spaces where you can work gently at closing that gap? Mindfulness can help with this, get in touch if you'd like to find out more about mindfulness and mindfulness-based counselling #mindfulness #stressless #counselling #therapy #selfcare #pauseandnotice #emotional #mindbodyspirit #emotionalintelligence #itisrealtofeel #youarenotalone #slowliving #kindmind #emotionalhealth #patientpersistence #gratitude #creatingunderstanding #changeagent #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulmoment #norniron #fermanagh #enniskillen #outsideisfree #instanorthernireland
Some seek freedom through the new business, some seek freedom through the new hobby and some seek freedom through burying their deepest desires. Most feel disappointed when they don’t feel free. Freedom lies in letting go of your past. Find out more: www.brookelongmore.co.uk #selfdevelopment #emotionalintelligence #coach #coaching #brookelongmore #emotions #healing #energy #lawofattraction
The inefficient way of working is to put out one fire and the next one and so on..and so forth..instead out the root of all fires..(ignorance)..belief that you are the body and mind is ignorance and the way to erase ignorance is simple ...investigate within Who Am I?..no amount of hard work or struggle will.give you that answer...it's a direct search and investigation and meditation that will give you the answer... There are many clever people who are street smart etc but there is a higher quality of intelligence that operates when you observe the mind...it's ability is to pierce and see through the dream... #Therapy #emotionalintelligence #wisdom #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #lifecoaching #learning #leadershipcoach #mentalhealthawareness #depression #obstaclecourseracing #problems #freewill #willpower #spirituality #mindfulnesscoaching #teacherstuff #Meditation
You ever just feel like a little beam of light bouncing around in a grey world? Dats me today! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Come take practice with me tonight! 5:30-8pm at @ashtangacbus Drop in anytime during these open hours! Let me share some of this feeling with ya✨ #youaremagic #yoga #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #dontletthemugglesgetyoudown #authenticself #shinebright #youareadiamond #powerfulleader #emotionalintelligence #eq
|•#TrustingGod "If only we knew what He has in store for us, I highly doubt we would fight against Him so hard."•|-A.C.🖤 #message ... What or who is it that you need to release? Is it a life threatening habbit? Is it toxic relationships (of any magnitude)? Is it a career? Is it your self? ... Beauty for ashes is His desire. I don't know who this is for, but it is certainly for me. As I was looking through my messages between my bff & I trying to find a conversation we were having I saw a different conversation that reminded me of how far I've come. It didn't happen over night, but it happened through long nights with soaked pillows, migraines, with a side of mental & emotional brokenness. Today I realized that I didn't even have to be in that space or at least the amount of time I spent there if only I would have been more trusting of GOD.🤦🏽‍♀️I was straddling the fence. I loved that person so much that I made up everything under the sun to give me a reason to keep standing in the ring by myself shadow boxing for something that was a K.O long ago. ... I've operated in my flesh for so long & I always have to be in control, that I didn't even know where to start with letting go of the wheel. Fast forward to today where all I know is that I CAN'T DO LIFE WITHOUT MY GOD!🤞🏽🤲🏽🙏🏽We get so caught up in what we want, what we plan, what we said, & so forth that, we never even realize that we're going about it all wrong. Walking with my saviour has not been an easy task but it's the best walk I've had & I love taking walks☺. ... I say all of that to say: what if you got out of your own way? You know you're hurting, confused, frustrated, & more. You think you love something or someone so much but it doesn't bring you any joy: would it really hurt anymore than where you are now, to try what HE has for you?🤨Reading my own words over & not shedding a tear was a liberating moment for me. No one will ever fully understand that piece of my journey. #SwipeLeft to see where I was because today is so different & I'm so thankful! My GOD pulled me as I prayed🙌🏽💪🏽🤲🏽🙏🏽💅🏽👑💝Be honest with yourself: it's the only way! ... #LetsChat #ItsTime #SelfHealing #LetGoLetGod
What’s standing in the way of you being able to give yourself permission to live the life you envision? Is it fear? Shame? Guilt? Lack of confidence or self-worth? Anxiety? — Whatever it is, look it in the eye and welcome it into your life for a bit. Sit with it. Talk to it. Get to know it. Hear what it has to say. Then tell that part of you that is standing between you and your ability to grant yourself permission that they can’t drive the car. They can sit in the way back, and they’ll need to be quiet for the duration of the trip. You may have to do this again and again and again because this voice might be persistent. Then go and give yourself permission to live that life of your dreams. #livethelifeyouwant — [many thanks to @howamifeelingg for the image that inspired this post]
33% reduction in sick days when natural therapies are used says German study http://www.huffpost.com/entry/homeopathic-medicine-euro_b_402490 reposted from @bhahomeopathy #natural_rhythms #ilovehomeopathy
You have an #innate #gift of #curiosity and #creativity .⠀ ⠀ As a #child , you had #full #access to it.⠀ ⠀ You could #play , #imagine , #visualize , have #magicalthinking and more.⠀ ⠀ You #felt your #emotions more #vividly and in #color .⠀ ⠀ As we get older, we #learn to dampen down our #emotion , #selfexpression , and #experience of life, just so we can "fit it" a bit #better ⠀ ⠀ You are #meant to #live fully, outloud and in color!⠀ ⠀ Re-Engage your #curiosity and #creativity in some way today and see what #shifts for you!⠀ ⠀ #arttherapy #therapy #ilonatherapy #healing #emotionalintelligence ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Truth is , none of us actually reach maturity, it’s another illusion like perfection, however each and everyone has emotional intelligence, some are more self aware and some are simply ignorant. It has nothing to do with your physical age, but the level of understanding in terms of emotional intelligence. #evolveyourmindset
We all have those moments where we would just rather be somewhere else, or with someone other than who we're with, wishing we were feeling altogether different than we're feeling. 🙏💕 THAT'S OKAY. Give yourself an extra measure of love and compassion in those moments and do whatever you need to do in order to accept and endure. ((Focus on your breath, or narrate what is actually happening, or attend to one particular sense that feels safe and grounding, such as touch, taste, sight, or sound.)) Know it will all change very soon whether you're present and aware or not! 🎁 The gift of coming back to your senses, is that it brings you OUT of your wandering, ruminating mind and INTO what is real, where you can almost always find something to be #grateful for. 🙏 Wishing, hoping, even praying for things to be different prolongs pain and is a set up for disappointment if you don't happen to get your way later, thereby perpetuating suffering. 🤯 The wandering mind is guaranteed to keep you entangled in emotional responses. Mindfully accepting that you are caught up in aversion and then becoming present with what is real, will free you much more quickly than distracting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, or supressing. . . . ✒credit to the artist unknown googlepics
Mary Jean Billingsley is the CEO of Lasting Impressions. She is a certified Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant trained at the Protocol School of Washington. . . 🌝 Mary Jean is described as, “warm, welcoming and funny, “  and she brings a passion to engaging professionals who are seeking to develop skills needed to outperform their competitors. . . 🌏 She has conducted training sessions in etiquette and business protocol since the year 2000 to emerging leaders and executives across the US and in Europe. . . 🎤As a professional speaker, she has presented at national conferences across the United States. Also, she is a contributor to the book, From Campus to Corporate: Soft Skills and Etiquette Tips to Transition with Confidence. . . Her clients have included business organizations and professionals associated with a variety of industries including retail, technology, telecommunications, financial and professional services, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, engineering and colleges and universities. . . Her background includes serving as the director of career services in colleges and universities and First National Bank. She coaches individual clients from corporate vice-presidents to young professionals. . 🎧 Listen to her interview today. Link is in the profile @powerofinvestinginpeople
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