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✨34✨ . I spent the day with mom at one of my favorite places, @hughspa. We had the most relaxing afternoon, which was much needed after a busy start to October. It was wonderful to share this day with her, especially since she was helping me get through chemo this time last year. . On this day 34 years ago, she brought me into this world. Since then she has spent every day making sure I know that I’m loved and can excel at whatever I want to achieve. . There was a time when I thought Mom was done with the most involved part of her “mothering.” Then cancer came into the picture and it turns out she still had lots of things to teach me. Any time I show resilience, kindness, thoughtfulness, forgiveness and strength, it’s because she has empowered me to find these qualities in myself. . Happy birthing day, Mom. Love you.
Hard to describe how special this trip was for me. Got to see the Northern lights more than ones, they are officially off my list ✅ Traveling by yourself is so beautiful and empowering. #selfgrowth #empoweredwomen #independentwoman #blessed #memyselfandi #wink #adventuretime #wunderlust #happy #lifeisgood #northernlights #iceland #nightsky #stars #clouds #travel #travelled #lifewelltravelled #icelandtravel #solotraveler #solofemaletraveler #dimples #cookies #neversettle
Love invents us. ❤️ #couragetobecome
Thank you universe for this gift from me to you is nearly full 💚💚How exciting! . Details on my website www.yogaeast.com.au/retreats/ . #yogatetreat #bali #yogaasana #feelmore #universe #sattva #baliretreat #myyogapractice #myyogagarden #spirit #spiritual #meditationrhythm #womenscircles #empoweredwomen #lunarcycles #moon #mooncycles #womenscycles
Really just enjoying life on a reverse. Testing out new combinations with my current macros and feeling so satisfied. Generally, with a macro based diet, I prefer the 80/20 approach to whole and processed foods. Not only has it brought in curves like I’ve never seen them before, it has allowed me to spend quality time with family, something I missed so much on prep. My current workout split is kicking my behind, but next year won’t know what is coming to it after this well deserved off season. Time to grow, embrace the curves, and just keep feelin myself (not that way). Thanks to #bairaesthetics and @dylanbair_rd for the seriously kick a** new lifestyle. #selfieseason #noshame #curvy #offseason #fitness #bikiniathlete #npc #ifbb #imcomingforyou #2019 #gonnabelit #untilthen #food #family #fun #fitspo #veterinarian #empower #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #theconfidencejourney ————————————— @ethos_co @theconfidencejourney
Words of Wisdom! #empoweredwomen #empowerotherwomen I learned the other day that there is such a thing called social media envy🤔. Remember, people aren’t going to post their downs and lows! They will post their successes and victories. Before you sit and become depressed because their life looks so much better than yours, don’t forget that to get to a higher point you had to start low and work your way up. S$:& just don’t start levitating in midair. To levitate you have to first elevate—again start from ground level. If you feel some kinda way from scrolling down the IG timeline—UNPLUG for a week or two. Reconnect with your own goals and create some action steps. Hit me up in the meanwhile so I can show you how to create a powerful entrepreneurial mindset so you can elevate and create some super dope timeline posts too!!!
偶然ひいた1枚のカードからも大きな気づきが得られるセラピーカード。 今のあなたに必要なメッセージが与えられます。絵を見てあなたは何を感じとりますか? #セルフセラピーカード #気づき #心理学 #サロンドミカ_bne #オーストラリア留学 #人生の目的 #人間関係 #australia #brisbanespiritual #healing #empoweredwomen
There comes a time when you are called to be brave. I have one last spot for the Mindful Energy Apprenticeship until next year. Head to my profile @hadleysarah and click the link to learn more. Or drop a comment. #empoweredwomen #womenhelpingwomen #wakethewitches #therevolutionisnow #dontmissout
To my team... I am blown away by your love, your trust, your authenticity and your unwavering pursuit of purpose. This weekend has been one of the most incredible, mind blowing weekends and each of you played an important role in that. Extreme gratitude is what I feel. Simply, THANK YOU. Thank you for fighting for your dreams and helping others to do the same. I truly believe that this weekend was perfect but 2019...we will make history. Continue to share your vision every single day and be the light of hope and opportunity to everyone you meet! Then, witness the magic ✨ Xoxo #TeamCandela #jointhemovement #womenempowerment #seelcambio #empodoramentofeminino #bossQueen #faithdriven #empoweredwomen
She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans... so can you isn’t it ??? 😉 ohh London I got your 🌟 in my ❤️ So when life tries to do a pirouette with you bring out your dancing skills 😉 *************** #missuniversemauritius #confidentlybeautiful #empoweredwomen #missuniverse2018 #missuniversemauritius2018
I have spent less time on my personal social media accounts for the past week and a half and let me tell you, the clarity that has come from it has allowed me to work on balancing life. I had to let go of a few things, say no to people and things, and narrow down and minimalize business projects. I have been able to be more self aware and truly open up myself to others. Creativity has been flowing so much more easily and I feel like my mind has been a lot more quiet too. With that quiet, I feel like I have been able to hear and feel the spirit more. ❤️ I am grateful for stillness in such a noisy world. I am grateful for balance which allows me to live more intentionally and more presently. I am grateful for social media because of the success it has brought me but more so the goodness from it that continues to bless my life which in turn, allows me to bless other lives as well. ❤️ What has your social media fast taught you? ______________ #mompreneur #socialmediafast #empoweredwomen
A little #Mondaymotivation ☺️ I realized one day that if I was not willing to make changes no one was going to do it for ME 😉 sometimes we think in this such thing called magic to happen overnight but if you are not willing to sacrifice, put in the work, change eating habits and anything that needs to be done for changes and progress 👉 IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ✨ #gettingolderlookingbetter #35lbsdown #momof3boys
✨✨✨Being a mum does not mean forgetting about yourself.✨✨✨ * In fact, this is the time you need to pay special attention to YOUR needs. To how good you FEEL in your clothes, to how much energy you have and how heard you feel! * I've tried the other path and it does NOT work... When forgetting about ourselves we're also letting our family down. I've experienced it first hand and the reality is: They thrive when we thrive. Being 100% aligned with our woman power has nothing to do with being less of a mum, but totally the opposite. * In fact, this (my) style philosophy was what got me out of the yoga pant cycle after baby #1 . And now I want to help YOU. * Tell me, what is that ONE thing you struggle with when getting dressed in the morning? Sending you much love and lots of style power, XX A* * * * * * * #stylepower #mumstyle #womanpower #mumwardrobe #mumoftwo #proudmum (📸: @hipster_mum )
Savoring each an every moment of my journey before reaching my destination 😇🌸🌟 #missuniversemauritius2018 #missuniversemauritius #missuniverse #confidentlybeautiful #usa #empoweredwomen #travel
#myfavoritedaughter joined me in a workout today which isnt uncommon but today she said something that crushed me . She told me she just wanted to be "skinny" 😔 In our house we dont body shame..we may think negatively about ourself once in a while but we NEVER speak that way #littleearsheareverything ... since starting my health and fitness journey it has reinforced that this is so much more than about a number on a scale . This is about making better food choices to properly fuel my body...this is about getting off the couch and moving, becoming a stronger being inside and out . I explained to my sweet daughter that what I am doing isnt about being skinny...its about being healthy . My daughter is 7! A 7 year old shouldnt have to worry about things like this..Im not sure where she got this idea of needing to be "skinny" but its my job to teach her self love not just by speaking about it but by doing it!
Excited to have this beauty waiting for me when I got home!! . Who’s up for a new scan?? . #itovi #travelholic #doterra #essentialoils #mompreneur #momof3boys #mumof3 #lovemylife #empoweredwomen #lowtoxliving
#empoweredwomen https://coachcery.goherbalife.com/id-id
• FEMALE BOSS CO WORKSHOP • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Back for the final time - our live Perth workshop on the three fundamentals to growing your business. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Networking and establishing your Values Social Media and Attraction Marketing Mindset and Vision ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you want to join us for 3 hours of hands on learning and networking with out female bosses, make sure you grab your seat! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Link in bio, tickets are limited 🙋🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who’s joining us? 👇🏼
Rooting for the girls who are told they’re too dark to be pretty. Rooting for the girls who are told they aren’t thin enough to be pretty. Rooting for the girls who are told they are too skinny to be desired. Rooting for the girls who are silenced. Rooting for the girls who are told to make room for others rather than being allowed to create space for themselves. We are rooting for you, brown babes 🌺 resist and reject their beauty standards and their twisted gender roles. You are strong and beautiful. You are enough.
This does me good🙏 The water, the sun, the warmth. The no-clocks, the no-where to be. Just time and being exhausted and filled by the end of the day☀️❤️ #gittebenedikte #motivation # inspiration #workfromhomemom #network #tonyrobbins #ericworre #workout #workoutmotivation #womeninbusiness #womenunited #strong #healthy #mom #momoffour #empower #empoweredwomen #payitforward #free #online #group #entrepreneur
. ✨💜 Reiki + Energetic Balancing 💜✨ . 🧚‍♀️ Session availability from Tuesday 16th of October to Monday, 22nd of October 🧚‍♀️ . 🌸 Available Distant sessions 🌸 . Tuesday 16/10: Unavailable. . Wednesday 17/10: Evening available. . Thursday 18/10: Evening is BOOKED 💜✨ . Friday 19/10: Morning, afternoon and evening available! . Saturday 20/10: Unavailable. . Sunday 21/10: Afternoon and Evening available! . Monday 22/10: Afternoon or Evening available. . 🧚‍♀️ . 🌸 Available In Person sessions 🌸 . Tuesday 16/10: Unavailable. . Wednesday 17/10: Unavailable. . Thursday 18/10: Unavailable. . Friday 19/10: Afternoon available. . Saturday 20/10: Unavailable. . Sunday 21/10: Afternoon available! . Monday 22/10: Afternoon available! . The price to nurture and invest in yourself: ✨ 30 minute mini session - $30 ✨ 60 minutes - $50 ✨ 90 minutes - $75 ✨ 120 minutes - $150 You will receive a sample size bottle of the essential oil that is most beneficial for you at the time of the session* 💧as well as a full write up of your session as a pdf that is emailed to you. Session notes are generally sent within 24 - 48 hours after your session. * Essential oil sample not included in mini sessions. . My prices are increasing very soon. At this stage, early November. I will announce when the changes have taken place as I am also completely rebranding and launching my website 😊💜✨ With this price increase will also come payment plans, if they are needed! I offer payment plans for those in need, please just let me know when you're booking in 🌸 . Please PM me or comment below to book in or find out more 😊 . Be mindful, gentle and loving with yourself + your thoughts, Paula 🦋 xx
🧚 Trust your intuition, find your courage and speak your truth! These are just some of the many gifts offered by the beautiful Bush Fuschia...which is in full bloom right now 😍 This gorgeous group was found during a bush walk in a sacred part of Woy Woy 💖 We soaked it up 😉 @scott_collins_medicalmedium
Snaps for all of the women and men who started their week strong by smashing a Monday PB workout! What better way to overcome the Monday blues than hitting up your happy place? Keep up the hard work ladies and gents! And see you tomorrow! 💪🏻 • • • #purebarrelife #purebarre #purebarrestrong #purebarrestyle #purebarrelove #purebarreaddict #purebarrefamily #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #strongissexy #strongisbeautiful #strongisnotasize #empoweredwomen #empowering #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #workout #barre #monday
First Order of Queendom? Self care. Renewing your capacity gives you the resources to bless your realm. It also keeps you from burnout, and helps you not resent the ones you serve. Whole foods, walking in nature, journaling, connecting with beloveds, and detox are some of my go to strategies. What are yours? You've got to Root Deep before you can Rise Up. 🦋👑🙏🏼 image by @cloudy_thurstag #risesisterrise #mujerespoderosas #empoweredwomen #selfmastery #susansanellihammack #rootdeep #riseup #selfcare #selflove #cloudythurstag
I am building my empire! I will succeed. 💪🏽 #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #businesswoman #errands #business #buildinganempire
If you know me, you know I love camo print and anything green! I can’t wait to pair this oversized jacket with a leather legging 👻 My friend does some pretty awesome custom pieces - check her out 👉🏼 @cashie.shop @cashie.shop @cashie.shop • • • • • #selfmade #empoweredwomen #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #womeninbusiness #fashion #customclothing #customjacket #tailoring #customdesign #designer #runway #oversizedjacket #denim #khaki #falloutfit #fall #camo #camojacket
Just curious—how do you define your purpose? Our team has been talking a lot recently about ours... Who are we as individuals? As a small business? What matters to us? What can we do? Asking ourselves and each other these questions has been such a helpful exercise in gaining perspective and establishing direction. Where there is intention, there is possibility for change. Do not doubt your influence.✌️💪✨ ___ 📷: True Art of Giving
Did you know the network marketing industry produces more 6 and 7 figure income earners than any other industry? I am looking for TWO highly motivated individuals ready to learn how to crush your own goals! I invite you to take a look at this opportunity with me that can truly change your life! Pm or text me 801.391.1313 for more info because YOU DESERVE IT😍 #JoinMe #Change #FinancialFreedom #residualincome #PathWithPurpose #MomLife   #BusyMom #SingleMom #SoberMom #Momunity #LegitMomStyle #MotherhoodInspired #DailyMotherhood #MomGoals #Mommasheart #MomItForward #Women #EmpoweredWomen #HealthyWomen #BuildingDreams #Dreamer #BigDreams #ThinkBig #Priorites #PushingThroughFear #GrowingThroughChallenges #HoldingVision #Today
We spent the morning getting my car inspected & a recall on it fixed. Yay adulting. 👎🏻. We then treated ourselves to a lunch date at one of Scot’s favorite spots where I treated myself to a grapefruit mimosa 🍹 My shirt is another by me, I think it sums me up pretty well 😂 What’s your least favorite “adulting” task? . . . . . . . . . . . . . #midwestjess #adulting #adultish #shirtbyme #midwestjess #bloggerlifestyle #bloggerbabe #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersgetsocial #girlboss #bossgirlbloggers #midwestbloggers #kcblogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #adayinthelife #stylecollective #scsister #scsisterlove #stylecollectivefollow #mobloggers #midwestgirl #midwestblogger #plussizeblogger #excelsiorsprings #missouri #midwest #monday #empoweredwomen
🧚🏽‍♂️/💫✨ “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting...” ✨🌟💫 J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan . . . #PeterPan #QOTD #Neverland #Hook #LostBoys 🧚🏽‍♂️ . . . #EmpoweredWomen #Fierce #FindYourStrong #HealthyNotSkinny #EffYourBeautyStandards #ProgressNotPerfection #IntuitiveEating #GirlOnAMission #Badass #Loyal #IChooseMyself #BOPOWarrior #BOPORevolution #SelfLove #SelfCare #PositiveVibes #HealthyMind #GypsySoul #Wanderlust #HelloBeautiful #Unapologetic #RideorDie #KnowYourWorth #ItsRealForUs #UntilTheVeryEnd
This week we’re crushin on one strong mama!💪Sarah Armstrong is a regular in our early morning Body Back class. This super sweet mama has a great attitude and always gives 💯👊 Mama to 2 year old Madeline and 5 year old Ella, she’s one tough mom who pushes herself in EVERY class! Sarah has been attending Body Back since March of this year. She loves class and her fellow mamas and feels bad when she misses a workout.🙃 We so admire her dedication! Much love mama! 🤗 #strongmama #bodyback #strengthinmotherhood #empoweredwomen #fit4momwesternwake
🧚 You attract customers into your Soul Business who have experienced similar issues that you have resolved within yourself {or you have almost resolved!} When you're wanting to reach, engage and communicate with them, remember who you were somewhere between 1 to 5 years ago. Be curious and ask yourself... 🤔 How did I feel back then and what was I experiencing? 🤔 What language did I use when sharing with my friends and family about my issue? 🤔 What did I want most and what did I think would resolve my situation? And talk/write to that person, the past version of You. Ezy Pezy! ✨Your Mess transformed is your Magick✨ For more Sales Magick, join our growing community of Soulpreneurs...details are in my bio link 😘
#EmpoweredWomen 👄 Choose kindness and laugh often! Women compete, compare, undermine and undercut one another, at least that is the prevailing notion of how we interact. It’s considered exceptional, or at least noteworthy, amongst famous women. This makes them feminist heroes. . Feeling on guard around other ladies is normal for a lot of women, and it’s exhausting. I exhausted myself for years trying to understand how other girls could have gone from my closest allies to my scariest foes. But trust and believe you me, Women can pick their lane with me but most times, unless I want to know YOU, you can count on being ran over 💯 #TaurusLife . Hash Tags: #swagggirlicious #blackculture , #blackbloggers , #blackbloggersunited , #blackfamily , #blackkings , #blackqueens , #blackswhoblog , #blackwomenwhoblog , #browngirlswhoblog , #blackgirlmagic , #blackgirlbloggers , #blackgirlswhoblog , #blackisbeautiful , #blackandproud , #blackandbeautiful , #melanin , #unapologeticallyblack , #blackexcellence , #blackpride , #blackpower , #blackhistory365 , #BlackLivesMatter , #melaninbloggers #africanamericans , #blackcommunity
#EmpoweredWomen 👄 Choose kindness and laugh often! Women compete, compare, undermine and undercut one another, at least that is the prevailing notion of how we interact. It’s considered exceptional, or at least noteworthy, amongst famous women. This makes them feminist heroes. . Feeling on guard around other ladies is normal for a lot of women, and it’s exhausting. I exhausted myself for years trying to understand how other girls could have gone from my closest allies to my scariest foes. But trust and believe you me, Women can pick their lane with me but most times, unless I want to know YOU, you can count on being ran over 💯 #TaurusLife . Hash Tag: #swagggirlicious #blackculture , #blackbloggers , #blackbloggersunited , #blackfamily , #blackkings , #blackqueens , #blackswhoblog , #blackwomenwhoblog , #browngirlswhoblog , #blackgirlmagic , #blackgirlbloggers , #blackgirlswhoblog , #blackisbeautiful , #blackandproud , #blackandbeautiful , #melanin , #unapologeticallyblack , #blackexcellence , #blackpride , #blackpower , #blackhistory365 , #BlackLivesMatter , #melaninbloggers #africanamericans , #blackcommunity
Tonight's Abs & Shoulders workout pushed up to our limits, but our post-workout shakes make it oh so worth it 💪🏽 . . #fitnation #DMV #empoweredwomen #melanin #fitness #igfit
#EmpoweredWomen 👄 Choose kindness and laugh often! Women compete, compare, undermine and undercut one another, at least that is the prevailing notion of how we interact. It’s considered exceptional, or at least noteworthy, amongst famous women. This makes them feminist heroes. . Feeling on guard around other ladies is normal for a lot of women, and it’s exhausting. I exhausted myself for years trying to understand how other girls could have gone from my closest allies to my scariest foes. But trust and believe you me, Women can pick their lane with me but most times, unless I want to know YOU, you can count on being ran over 💯 #TaurusLife . Hash Tags: #swagggirlicious #blackculture , #blackbloggers , #blackbloggersunited , #blackfamily , #blackkings , #blackqueens , #blackswhoblog , #blackwomenwhoblog , #browngirlswhoblog , #blackgirlmagic , #blackgirlbloggers , #blackgirlswhoblog , #blackisbeautiful , #blackandproud , #blackandbeautiful , #melanin , #unapologeticallyblack , #blackexcellence , #blackpride , #blackpower , #blackhistory365 , #BlackLivesMatter , #melaninbloggers #africanamericans , #blackcommunity
Let's talk about the best perks of being 🤰pregnant; First off, you're guaranteed to stop traffic whenever you cross the 🤣 street. Second, you get extra attention you get from everyone 😂 smiling at your baby bump! ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ #innerstrength #newmum #family #motherhood #parenthood #mommylife #momlife #mothernature #mommytobe #mothercare #girlpower #empoweredwomen #commitment #loveyourself #knowyourpurpose #knowyourworth #strengthtraining #purpose #womenempowerment #strengthandconditioning #selfworth #selflove #motherslove #purposedriven #embraceyourself #mommy #kegels #mom #momwholift #betterlife
Never chasing the bag always and forever chasing my purpose and passion for changing lives and living my dreams 🖤
::—feeing so #grateful !!🙏🙏😊😊 . In this picture I am with one of my greatest teachers #markwhitwell ..beside him is one of my recent students Lisa. Bright eyed across the room, my heart came alive as I witnessed her seeing his light and then realizing this too was me. And so the journey continues from one teacher to next.. one light being to the next, we make waves 🌊 and ripples of positive impact in the world for the benefit of all. . I feel so utterly blessed and humbled by the ability to share the gift 🎁 that is Yoga to the world. With this gift we hold the potential to remind all beings everywhere that they too are the great power of the cosmos. We are not merely humans, but direct reflections of divine light and divine intelligence living as creative life force in form. . So humbling it is to connect with my teacher and friend and be reminded over and over our precious yet, simple, this living with life as life truly is. 🙏 . At the heart of Yoga there is a place of stillness where sun and moon meet. . 🙏 . This is Ha-Tha Yoga. ☀️ 🌚 🌙 . Sun and moon. . The divine ecstatic dance and beloved union of opposites. 💗 Two unique energies both grand and mystical yet one in the heart of all the cosmos. 💗🙏 . Blessed are we to witness through the divine intelligence of our bodies this celestial Love of tantra. 🌟☀️ Allow your bodies to be the conduits of light which house the very power of the cosmos. Here in these temples we remember who we are. . 🙏🙏 . Blessed be family. . #heartofyoga #livingintheheart #lovelife ❤️ #dailyyoga #liveyouryoga #empoweredwomen #changemaker #tantra #tantrayoga #hathayoga #lovebali
This one, goes out to all the girls who QUIT when life gets tough + throw in the towel when life throws a curve ball. I want you to know, I was that way, I’ve changed immensely + you can too.👊🏻 These two photos might not look that different to you, but... . On the left? I was waking up at 5:40 am, intense 1 hour/6 day a week workouts, timed nutrition + pushing my physical and mental limits. I LOVE a challenge and feeling STRONG, not skinny and how it transfers into life.😍 . On the right? Last week. During the 5 months in between... . Two urgent care trips. Costochondritis. Chiropractic visits. An ER visit. I paid out of pocket $600 for an MRI, only to find a cyst in my spinal cord, a rare diagnosis of syringomyelia and severe disc protrusion in my neck. Two more MRI’s. A visit to a neurosurgeon, finding out that I don’t have the rare disease, have no concern about the cyst in my spinal cord, but much concern about my neck injury. Restricted from workouts for over a month and physical therapy to rehab. Fatigue, mood swings, headaches, pain, appetite change, muscle spasms, brain fog- persist. Intuition leads to go see the OB/GYN, blood work which shows under active thyroid, adrenal fatigue, deficiencies related to it. Start a natural medication, order a ton of natural supplements and after my research remove gluten, dairy and eggs from my diet. Last week? Found mold/ air issues that needed to be addressed in our home. . You get the point. #WTF 🤣 It’s been a ROLLERCOASTER of a few months. . Feeling more like myself everyday is taking a LOT of work, self reflection, discipline, personal growth and patience to keep forging forward. I felt defeated, but I NEVER quit. . When you face challenges in life, remember— that’s when you can to LEAN into taking care of YOU most. . I’m not 100% yet, but I’m still ALL IN with the girls who are joining for our Fall into Freedom group next week. If you’re READY to lean in, let’s connect. I have a few spots left! . There is no perfect time, no season without resistance, there is just the day you decide. You’re worthy and work the hard work.💕
Things like this make me so extremely happy because I feel so loved ☺️❤️ I was introduced to @goodwipes at a @lululemon event and my life has forever changed since then. I’m the person who rushes from workout to work so these wipes have been a godsend!! They’re not sticky like regular baby wipes, you actually smell clean, and my favorite part is I don’t feel sweaty after 😅 They’re Atlanta based, environmentally friendly.. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?! . . They just launched in @target which is HUGE and also came out with a new scent (peep the picture) 😍
MIRACLE MONDAY✨ After 15 years of a painful separation from her children, family and friends (due to a heartbreaking drug addiction) My mother @jami.smith.161214 stands here today 30 days clean, present and full of life again😭 HEALING IS POSSIBLE: It takes fierce love, radical acceptance, and full forgiveness; but if you are willing to transform your own life, it ripples in every direction. #restoration #healing #itstartswithme
Sometimes when we’re not actively taking a direct and obvious step towards our goals we tend to judge or doubt ourselves and use future oriented language like, “I need to get back on track. I shouldn’t do X, I ought to do Y.” But what if we consider all the action and non action things we do as steps towards our goals? • Wouldn’t you say it’s hard to maintain momentum? On one hand an act of self care like sleeping in could be considered “avoiding” but on another hand it could be a natural and needed step towards the goal. In this lens sleeping in becomes a way to manage your energy and mental health, so you can keep fueled up, for your goal. • Using present oriented- language like, “I’m doing it— and I’m gonna sleep in because I trust my self. This is for my goal, I’m on my way towards achieving my goal” feels different — doesn’t it? • What does trust look like in your life?
1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ As a woman, I know it is essential to do everything I can to prevent those odds. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ That is why I turn to essential oils. Proven to support your body on a cellular level. Yes, cellular. Since they are made of aromatic compounds, most oils can therefore penetrate the cell membrane. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ So many women who know the power of essential oils are starting to do a breast detox as part of their wellness routine. Me too! How about you?⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ {Breast Detox}⠀⠀ Apply 4 drops each with a carrier oil ⠀⠀ • Pink Pepper⠀⠀ • Frankincense ⠀⠀ • Grapefruit ⠀⠀ 2x a day for 30 days⠀⠀ 2-4 times a year ⠀⠀ ⠀ Know better, do better⠀ ⠀ In October we wear Pink Pepper 💕
We can be so hard on ourselves when our lives aren’t ‘balanced’ all the time. But what does that even mean!? Everyone’s definition is different & equally as valid so how can we possibly compare. Using the term work/life balance may also make you feel you are trying to mould yourself into this box that society has constructed for you. For myself, an ideal balanced day means ensuring that I have made time for consistent self love practice (journaling, meditation, dance) • some study & work for my business • play time (gym, yoga, chilling by the water, sipping coffee, reading, family & friends time, Netflix) • sleep 💤 Some days I don’t even touch work & take the day to play because for me, I become inspired when I let life lead the way instead of it being so structured & planned. And some days I neglect self love & play because I have loads of work to catch up on. Life will throw you all sorts of challenges, some so hard you may believe you’ll never have balance ever again...but I promise you will. It’s all a mindset game. Start having faith in every ‘failure’ being a redirection towards something great, part of your divine plan. Sometimes we need to be out of whack to regain clarity on what’s most important to us & where we need to focus our energy more. See everything as a blessing, even in the toughest of times...it’s all for a reason 🙏🏼
There are a few articles I saw on autologous stem cell therapy specifically in Multiple Sclerosis. 🦋 In one study of 4 patients, 3 were stable over 2 years (Saharaian, 2018, Immunol Invest). No progression of MRI abnormalities were seen... 🐠 Stem cell treatment is thought to work as a neuroprogenitor which reduces the neurodegenerative processes.. 🐢 There may be an anti-inflammatory component. In one study, after infusion of autologous hematopoietic stem cells, natural killer cells reduced Th17 cells (not Th1) which are pro-inflammatory (Darlington, 2018, Front Immunol)... 🌸 There are other research articles elucidating other possible mechanisms. The investigational studies were in small numbers of patients. 🦋 Large well-designed studies are needed before it can be widely used.
My compassion stems from the fact— life. is. hard. My patience and understanding increases from recognizing the nature of life— it is complex and seemingly since the beginning of time, it has always been hard. • This speaks to Buddhism’s first noble truth “life is dukkha” directly translates to “life is suffering” or “life is stressful.” • Perhaps it’s a false notion to think “life should be easy”.... while it’s true our attitude, expectations and choices can make our situations easier or harder, I think the nature of human society is innately complex and well, hard. And this makes my heart, compassion and understanding for myself and fellow humans want to explode 💥and drives me to want to peruse and share love, peace and freedom. • 📸Artist @swigmiller
While mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality helps us create meaningful and happy lives — our bodies are our vehicles or space suits if you will ;) • There seems to be a symbiotic relationship between our physical and emotional health. How do you keep your body healthy? Right now for me— I’m enjoying running, yoga and long walks around the city or when I can in the mountains. What kinda exercise are you into these days?
In the stillness there’s something more than me and it’s where I can feel connected, trusting, and alive • 📸💛@Unsplash
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