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#Empowering Can Can Fly at #SoundPortsİstanbul : Elektronik müzik sahnesinin yeni isimlerinden olan Can Arın Işıkman, solo projesi ile “Can Can Fly”, elektronik, deneyimsel, hiphop ve indie sesleri bir araya getiriyor. Sound Ports İstanbul'da bu harmanın için de siz de harmanlanın. #SoundPortsİstanbul #SoundPorts2018 #SoundPorts #EmpowerOneAnother #Festival #MusicFestival #GulbabaMusic #İstanbul #cancanfly @cancanfly
The trees at the park this morning were buzzing with life. 🐝 Have you ever stood under the umbrella of the vibration hundreds of tiny wings seemingly effortlessly floating from flower to flower create?🐝 It is inspiring and humbling at the same time. 🙏 The vibration and sound of such cooperation is a gift to experience. 🎁 I have such a tremendous amount of respect (life threatening allergy will do that😁) and admiration for these tiny ladies. They truly embody the "each one teach one" mentality I strive for with Aries Holistics. If you haven't been outside yet today I highly recommend it😉🐝😊 * * #savethebees #eachoneteachone #empoweroneanother #teamwork #pollinateyourlife #highvibes #vibratehigher #work #bees #sanger #ladieswhowork #momtrepenuer #momswhoboss #justadayatthepark #inspired #respectnature #getoutside #naturerocks #naturessong #goodforthesoul
Gearing up for the October 11th Activate Your Life #WeNation ‼️FREE‼️ ReEntry Conference &Expo for Women! Our mission is focused on Celebrating, Supporting, Educating and Connecting women together for re-entry into the community after hardship and difficult transitions. Activate Your Life recognizes the need to rebuild, restore and reinvent women by leveraging their brilliance to re-integrate into the community, reentry into the workforce and promote entrepreneurship for economic advancement. Learn More or Register Click the Link in BIO⬆️⬆️⬆️ 👑 👑 👑 #wenationconference #activateyourlife #womenreentry #womenempowerment #womenveterans #womenintransition #activateyourvision #lucindacross #JLUSA #DELTA #L3Technologies #empowerment #leadership #inspiration #support #empoweroneanother #lifecoach #women #boss #entrepreneur
Badass and always fierce! Tag your favorite bossbabe that slays no matter what! Shout your girlgang out!!! 💄💋 #ShopsNU
Aaaand we’re back! In today’s edition of The Alyssa & Hillary Takeover: Sunset Harbour 👯‍♀️👠 Swipe to sneak a peek at 2️⃣ of our newly listed residences in the trendy neighborhood of Sunset Harbour! ____ Hillary and I had so much fun showing off our listings in Miami’s most walkable neighborhood. Both listings are just steps away from world class restaurants 🍽🍸 the Sunset Harbour marina🛥 Miami’s best fitness studios 🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ and 🛍 boutiques. ____ Listing #1 : Two-story 2,634 SF loft featuring impressive 20 foot ceilings and incredible sunset views over the Miami Skyline 🌅 GREAT DEAL ALERT 🚨 this is the lowest priced 3 bedroom in Sunset Harbour with over 2500 SF. ____ Listing #2 : Just listed turn-🔑 3 bedroom apartment in Sunset Harbour’s only new construction boutique building, #Palau 🌿This open layout waterfront residence boasts a massive wraparound terrace with views of the prestigious Sunset Islands. ____ Full tour now ☝️ in my story! #1 Updated two-story loft $1.549M #2 New construction 3bd condo $2.53M Located in 📍Sunset Harbour
#Empowering Chinese Man ft. Youthstar at #SoundPortsİstanbul : ""Tireless warriors of the sound, and a true reflection of the zen spirit and sounds; Chinese Man, the three brothers in arms; are ready to unleash the joy with you at Sound Ports 2018 via their sonic identity. Influenced by pop, rock, rap, hip-hop and jungle growing up, Youthstar first began Rhyming to UK Garage at underage dance parties in London, and now off to İstanbul Sound Ports! #SoundPortsİstanbul #SoundPorts2018 #SoundPorts #EmpowerOneAnother #Festival #MusicFestival #GulbabaMusic #İstanbul #chineseman #youthstar @chinesemanofficial @chinesemanrecords @mcyouthstar
I love Jesus. He gives me purpose. He gives me life. Everytime I'm done with a workout I am overwhelmed with joy because I know He's looking down on me, proud of the woman I'm becoming. I know He's proud of all the lessons I'm learning from my trials. I'm not fighting Him anymore--I'm accepting. . At times I want to throw in the towel and say F it--and TBH I do for a little while. I ain't perfect. But I come back around because I know that life...and I don't want it anymore. . There is no greater feeling on Earth than having the joy of Christ in your heart ❤️ . . Accept your life the way it is RIGHT NOW. Don't try to change overnight, over a week, over a month. Take the journey you're on NOW and let God show you the next steps. . Trust Him. He's got your back. . . ❤️C
Be Unstoppable, Unbreakable, and Unshakable... because God has a plan for our lives, and it is better then we can even imagine... trust in Him. #GritandGrace #MorningMotivation #bodymindsoul #empoweroneanother #LiveyourPURPOSE #mindfulness #Godisgood #loveyourself
Today and everyday #forgive yourself and decisions you made. I challenge you to do the work ❤🙌🏼 👏🏼 Reasons why you can't move forward or ahead is because you have yet to forgive yourself for things or for souls you've allowed to stay longer in your life or decisions you made. I challenge YOU to forgive yourself for one different thing every day. 👏🏼🙌🏼❤ It's okay, you are growing. You are learning. You are loved. Know thyself. Love thyself. Keep going! Set up some #selfcare for yourself ❤ xoxo, @brightdollface °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 👉🏼❤Turn on post notifications to receive #positivity , #Makeup looks and deets including interests of an appointment with me and #fashion /#lifestyle always and follow @bloomingkisspoetry for poetry & self love affirmations ❤👈🏼
Motivation the wants, needs, and desires we have to accomplish our goals!! Making a change to a healthy lifestyle can be exciting and even fun in the beginning!! We start off great, eating healthy, working out, making all the right changes. And then life happens, we get busy, lose motivation, and make excuses. We lose motivation!! Determination quickly fades...and we go back to your old, bad unhealthy habits. The thought of working out again seems like a chore, cooking healthy meals seem boring, packing healthy food with us seems like too much work, but in reality it is exacting what we were doing before, we just lost the motivation!! Remember how much better you felt when you are good, clean food, when you cooked healthy meals, when you did some kind of exercise? We CAN'T make a TEMPORARY CHANGE and expect PERMANENT RESULTS......it just doesn't work!! To be successful you have to change the bad habits, and make better, healthier choices!! Your Actions Speak Louder Than Words, stop saying it, stop saying I'm gonna lose weight, get healthy, start working out....take action, take the steps!! MOTIVATION GETS YOU GOING & HABIT GETS YOU THERE!! ZIG ZIGLAR PM me to get started making the change 💪🏼
It could all be so simple .....
So how's your day going? With this quarter at my job closing fast and quotas are being looked at... I turn to the one dependable energy source.. FIZZ STICKS!!! A healthy energy drink that fizzes like a soda, yet without all the harmful chemicals found in traditional energy drinks. No jitters or shakes! No crash later! And with 3 wonderful flavors! Blackberry, citrus, and pomegranate
Every time you say "I can't"... • Every time you give into your fear... • Every time you say "I'm too busy"... • Every time you say "I don't know how"... • Every time you worry more about what others will think about you... • ...you are depriving the world of your gift. • So no, you can't wait. • No, you can't avoid any longer. • No, you can't stay in your comfort zone. • There is a dream within you waiting to be birthed. • There is a dream within you waiting to be seen. • There is a dream within you others need. • Someone is praying for you. • Yes, you. • Not someone else. • You. • How much longer are you going to make us wait?
This weekend I’ll be attending a Ladies Event & I get to be around positive, strong, enthusiastic, empowered women....I CAN’T WAIT!! This lady here will be there and I hope some of her energy rubs off on me💪🏼🤗 Shout out to @emily for having an awesome 60 days of sticking to the plan! 17 lbs down & multiple inches....way to go girl 💃🏽 #teamadvocare #empoweroneanother #gogirl
Yeeesssss it takes a village and a support system, ladies let’s keep focusing on our health goals 🙌🏽💪🏽and finish the year S T R O N G and feeling H A P P Y with ourselves 👭👭👭👭#friendpower it is ! Thank you @drmarkhyman for the reminder ! #goals #healthylifestyle #behealthy #healthgoals #empoweroneanother
#themaxwelldailyreader What does this passage mean to you? How can you apply it to your life, work-wise or personally? Please comment and share. #mycontinuingeducation #selfdevelopment #whatareyoureading #isithelpingyoutogetwhereyouwanttogo #mymorningread #myanytimeread #timefreedom #financialfreedom
I came across this and had to share. Perfectly said! This is my why, this is why I’m here, this is why I create, and it’s why I have passion to show up! Forget competition, and comparing...why not lock arms with one another and get through this crazy life together!!! Can I get an amen on this quote 🙌🏻👯‍♀️🙌🏻#sandypearls #empoweroneanother
#wellnesswednesday • The next time you are struggling stop and remind yourself....in this moment that you are growing and that growth is going to give you something you didn’t have before. • Without the struggle our opportunity for learning and change might be missed. • In the haze of our struggle it can be so easy to turn towards failure and miss the learning opportunity. Some where “the struggle” received a bad rap. That is just a disguise for our ego. When it comes to growth there is not a lot of room for our ego. • The truth is we all struggle. It’s not a competition, you don’t get extra points for struggling more than others. When we appoint ourselves as judges our struggles will always seem more superior, so why do we entertain the comparison game. Chalk it up to what it really is...we each struggle in our own ways and on different levels. • Our struggle is what we make it. Do you need to work towards recognizing the opportunity or do you need to push aside your ego?
To all the ladies who are still standing strong amidst all the battles you have been facing, you are a warrior! Keep going! *powerhug* 💕 To all the gents, just replace "she" with "he" and let it speak to you also. *high five* #EmpowerOneAnother
Just in case a non-believer told you otherwise... #empoweroneanother #potsempowerment #youarethedreamnowgoliveit
So excited to share my passion in this article by @voyagelamag 🙌🏼 I’ve put the link to the article in my bio Incase you’d like to read it🤗💚 thank you to all my IG peeps who have been so supportive, sweet, and encouraging! This community is simply amazing ~ love to you all😙☺️ #lifteachotherup #empoweroneanother #smallbusinessowner #encourageeachother #feelingblessed #supportsmallbusiness #supportyourfriends #thankful #grateful #gratefulheart #fennysflowers #voyagela #voyagelamag
Yes I’m a big woman, I have hips wider than most, cellulite on my ass and thighs, I don’t have the roundest ass or the perkiest boobs....I am a real woman who struggles at times with self love yes🙌🏻 Women are expected to have a big smooth round ass , a little waist and big perky tits-Not all of us do. We are so much more than our bodies though❤️ #fuckyourbeautystandards #tattedbbw #selflovequotes #empoweroneanother 😘
This is my favorite time of the day!! Healthy energy and Mental Focus......Yes please!!! What is favorite go to energy drink?
COFFEE!! Healthy coffee? Yes, there is such a thing.. Low carb, low cal, keto... Yes I have so many recipes for all kinds of coffee drinks! I decided to do this project after so many people asked me how to keep coffee in their life while trying to change or keep a healthy lifestyle. I will also have a SPECIAL STARBUCKS SECTION!
I am not perfect I fall off the wagon like everyone else. I gained some weight from being in Funk and not tracking my foods. I said to myself on the weekend "I feel like shit, I am getting sluggish and I don't want to feel this way anymore I know what I need to do so I need to start this shit up again and get back to me! So on a Saturday I started, yup why wait til a Monday you can start any day of the week of you have the drive and desire to change. I sure did. Saturday I weighed myself first thing in morning.. Cringe at the weight of 181.8 then I started the nutrition program and tracking everything that goes in my mouth. As of today Tuesday (today) 4 days later I am down 5 lbs. With no exercise Dr's orders. It goes to show it can be done and I am going to continue on this nutrition program and see where it takes me. I would love company on this journey you want to join me so I am not so lonely on this journey the more the merrier 😉 #MINDSETiseverything #mindset #desiretogrow #desiretohelp #desiretogrow #desiretochange #weightlossjourney #myweightlossjourney #journeytohealthy #josette_kim #beyourbest #inspire #empoweroneanother #inspireothers #beyourself #beyou 💯 #begenuine #nutritioniskey #nutrition #nevergiveup #nevergiveuponyou #neveralone #neverstopstriving
Surround yourself with the believers and thinkers, the dreamers and doers, the and the ones who challenge you to be a better version of yourself 👭👫This one is for all my peeps who have been there for me since the beginning!! ⭐️ 🌟 💫 #whatisyourInteriorMotive #cantdoitallbymyself #ittakesavillage #rideordie #flywithme 🦅 #framily #empoweroneanother 💪🏼#behappyforeachother 🤗#postivevibesfromthistribe #thesocialunveiling #thesocial #downtownorlando #InteriorMotiveDesign
1/3 Make a difference. We are all committed to something: our jobs, families, relationship with God, lovers, the list goes on and on. Many of us just get by with the minimum. Try something different and push yourself- see what amazing great things come from it. It’s all about your attitude and showing up. So make a change, push harder gracefully in different parts of your life. You won’t regret it. #remainhumble #hussle #husselandmotivate #empoweroneanother #bosslady #bossbabe #norcal #cali #ca #bayarea #startwithtoday #startwithwhy
There are still spots for tonight’s workshop! Link to website (in bio) • • • #arsmyrna #empoweroneanother #createbeauty
Every morning I feel a little guilty going to spin. Crazy, right? You're not supposed to feel guilty when you wake up early to work out. The thing is every morning to get to spin I have to drive past mountain bikers in the outdoors under the sun on trails 3 minutes from my house, while I drive 20 minutes to go sit in a dark room on a bike that doesn't go anywhere. When you think about it that way, it seems weird. So why do I do it? In all honesty, I'd rather be outside, but the class is just a means to get what I really desire: empowerment. In a world where I constantly feel like I can't do things and I'm trying to impossibly run up a wall, for 45 minutes there's someone telling me that no matter how hard it feels I can do it, and most days I leave thinking maybe they're right and letting that tide of enthusiasm and confidence take me into the day. Repost of @maddiedai @newyorkercartoons #tnycartoons
Even #God knows what she can handle. 🗣Keep on #blooming warrior 👑❤🌹✨ °°°°°°°°°°°° * Tag someone or to inspire ❤Turn on Post Notifications* ⤴️❤ Thank you for reading my craft and words ! 🙏❤🕊 love and light to you all!! 💋 For more #poetry , words of #selflove & #empowerment follow @bloomingkisspoetry @bloomingkisspoetry 💋💋
I love reading @mr_iceboxstudio
Lessons from leaders. An evening with David Rubenstein.
Lessons from leaders. An evening with David Rubenstein.
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