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autumn essentials via @hartwood_house || putting this on our easter list. this label is doing amazing things for the environment and communities that mean the most to them, and they do it with style, which is just another reason why we want them on our supply list this year ✨ #communityconceptstore #communityclub #comingsoon #hartwoodhouse #bagsforgood #treatyoself #slowfashion #consciousfashion #wolfpack #supportyourlocalgirlgang #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #perthlabels #labelswithlove #communityvibes #coastvibes #style #thesearch #want #passionproject #girlgang #ladieswholead #empoweryourtribe #empoweryourcommunity #empoweryourplanet #slowfashion #minimalism #communityovercompetition
Graffiti is nowhere near harmless. The act of graffiti sends the message of neglect-that nobody cares for the community. It leaves the public feeling unsafe and disrespected. It traps families in a cycle that encourages destructive behavior and more serious crimes. Don’t let your community be vulnerable to this cycle. Empower your community with the necessary tools to stop petty crime from spiraling into dangers that threaten your community! Visit: www.qstartech.com • • #antigraffiti #graffitihurts #graffiti #protectyourcommunity #empowerment #empoweryourcommunity #pettycrime #stopgraffiti #safecommunity #respectyourcommunity #qstartechnology #fightgraffiti #fightcrime
“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life. And the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs _ As an employer we all want to hire the people who believe the work we are doing is great work. _ So how do you find these people?! And once we do find them, how do we nurture and develop them so that they continue to feel empowered, invested and motivated? _ The number one thing you can do for your employees is to add value and meaning to their work. Hire the best people you possibly can and then get out of their way! Give them the power to make the job their own and do it in their own way. Genuine satisfaction comes from accomplishment and the feeling that we have completed something difficult and important. So if you want to keep your employees satisfied you must consistently give them harder and more meaningful work! _ It seems so intuitive but unfortunately more and more company’s are straying away from this model. They assume that job loyalty is dead and therefore investing time or resources into growing and retaining employees is a waste. It’s a vicious cycle because the less company’s invest in their people, the more employees feel the need to leave in order to grow and progress their careers. _ The downside to this is that for employees: the working conditions are quickly decreasing, and so the level of responsibility and the meaningfulness of their work. For employers: the quality of work and motivation of their employees is also decreasing. It’s a loose, loose situation for both sides!! _ Before starting AMR, I worked for several companies where this was the standard. And as a low level employee it totally sucked! I felt discouraged, lost, unmotivated and replaceable every day. _ As AMR continues to grow and as all of your businesses do the same, we have the power to stop this cycle. We have the ability to bring loyalty and satisfaction back into the workplace! We can choose to invest in our employees and empower them! 🔥
And the truth is we all have wounds; 🌸 do it now, heal yourself now, don’t wait for a better time, there’s never a better time. #empowersocial #empowerwomen #empoweryoungmen #makepeace #empoweryourcommunity #bestrong #becourageous #letthatshitgo
The Empowerment Brunch was amazing! Join us for The 2nd Annual Empowerment Brunch! 3/24/18! #theempowermentbrunch #brainsnbeautyllc #eventplanner #womeninbusiness #empoweryourcommunity
I didn't sign up for this.... . . I didn't sign up knowing I was going to find some of the best friends of my life! . . I didn't sign up thinking I was going to be a part of such an amazing support system... a #sisterhood . . I didn’t know I was going to be part of a community full of such amazing, strong, loving women! . . I didn’t imagine I was signing up to be in a group of #empoweredwomen working together to lift each other up! And I sure as heck didn’t know that by signing up I would HAVE my #dreamjob ob!! . . But I know now! And I want to do everything I can to show other women that they can too!! . . I am@forever grateful I said yes to this opportunity. . . #metoo #youtoo #findyourtribelovethemhard #empoweryourcommunity
We are so thrilled to have showcased our impact at the NYU Entrepreneurship Festival #NYUEF . It's very promising to see so many college students ecstatic about empowering their friends by encouraging them to save their work study income as a collective. Download Esusu today in the iTunes store.
I am sooooo happy that Spring is on its way! With it comes new partnerships, collaborations, meeting new amazing women like @curlygirljules who remind me that it’s about all the positive paths you can chose. If you’re interested in working with us please give me a shout out, a message, a carrier pigeon whatever just let me know!! 🌿🙌🏻 #empoweringwomen #empoweryourcommunity #collaborate #coolfloor #blono #organicfarming #sustainableliving #slowliving #partnership
Project leader desk created from a collaborative of amazing sources. New volunteers time and talent in building, @homedepot cull cart wood, and @thetoollib workshop in bringing this all together. This workshop is going to be a game changer 🙌🛠🛏🚪 #WBRP #toollibrary #freedesk #empoweryourcommunity #builditnow #workshop #homedepot
Consumers have more power than ever before because of social media - they can find out competitor's offerings and prices at the touch of a finger tips. They can make positive or negative reviews and recommendations that can impact your business. . So what can a business do? Embrace communication - show your background story, show your community, add value to your offerings so people want to connect with you and build a relationship. . The more you build a strong community, the more likely they are to act as brand ambassadors and lets face it, word of mouth is a powerful tool! So start connecting and think how your business can add value to your community through your social media communications. .
TODAY!! SPACE IS STILL AVAILABLE. Send us a DM if you are interested. No one is turned away for lack of funds. We are excited to gather with you all for this very important conversation. •••February 17th from 11-12:30pm••• Reclaiming Our Consent: Confronting Harm: Gender, Race, & Class Borders: a workshop, discussion, and activity expanding the conversation of consent from interpersnal relations towards larger oppressive systems of domination. Highlighting the social hierarchies and Western Colonial Binaries responsible for Rape Culture. Activities include watching short clips to assess popular/mainstream culture's consent(or lack their of) and a participatory activity on what prior informed consent can look like. These conversations hope to display how getting collective / individual consent is an imperative aspect of autonomy. Edxie Betts is a Black Pilipinx BlackFoot Queer Trans Gender Non Conforming Anti-authoritarian Femme neuro-divergent, autonomous organizer, political cultural producer and liberation artist. They often lend their time towards autonomous direct services for targeted communities in need. While presenting and workshopping at different schools/events throughout the kkkountry to raise awareness of their collective work, lived struggles, decolonial struggles and the power of collective consent. Much of their work is used as a means to counter current dominant media propaganda and co-optation with autonomous self-organization, critical reflection and direct action. They are in direct support of political prisoners. You can follow their work on IG @bettsurevolt. Limited space available! 🌟 asking for sliding scale $20-$25 donation which gets you space, zines, pamplet and info on consent. no one turned away for lack of funds. JUST RSVP I'll also be slingin prints & posters #consent #floraytierra #empoweryourcommunity
Tonight I am headed to Central Phoenix to speak in font of @napoaz group. I love getting a chance to speak in front of other groups of business owners and share how impactful photography can be for them. I also like to show how working with me is so different from working with other photographers out there. I believe in staying true to your niche. Do you have a niche within your industry? -- - - - - - - #crystalclearphotographyaz #mycreativebiz #findyourniche #findyourfire #growyourbrand #entrepreneurmindset #findyourtribe #buildyourtribe #mycreativecommunity #entrepreneurmindset #businessminded #bschool #createdtocreate #communityovercompetition #buildingmyempire #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbiz #creativeentrepreneur #beyourownboss #photographerlifestyle #womensupportingeachother #communityovercompetiton #empoweryourcommunity #businessideas #businessgoals #beinfluential #beinspiring #publicspeaking #publicspeaker #phoenixphotography
#stolengram #loveit #bodyboss #bodybossmethod I’ve never experienced a more supportive community of ladies that are open to each other’s struggles and victories. In other news- I want it framed and put in my office 🤩. #empoweredwomen #empoweryourcommunity #empowerwomen #forthefemales #girlsgym #wecandothis #happygalentinesday #happygalentines
In our #WhyISave campaign, Vivian shares why she saves to prevent dealing with stress 😩 💸 *snaps* Check out the video to learn more and download the app in the iTunes store today!#EmpowerYourCommunity
@thewavefoundation We had the pleasure of working with Open Doors last week. We love working with schools, non profits, & groups! _ _ #discoveryourpower #seattle #nonprofit #selfdefense #empoweryourcommunity #class #seattlelife #school #groupclass
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