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Skiing in Levi, Finland. When Cooper hit the slopes he hits them full of adventure, persistence and determination. Thanks to the amazing adaptive ski program here at @levilapland @levi.ski @leviskischool and his instructor Heidi he was bundled up in the sit ski and taken on a wild ride! 3 hours of thrill seeking and adrenaline rush as he watched the sunset over the mountain for the last time this season. If you want to try adapative skiing then this is the place to do it! Private lessons and adventures from 1-3 hours with bookings in advance. Just head to @leviskischool to book! Thanks so much for making Coopers snow dreams come true this Christmas ❄️🎄♿️ Don’t forget to watch our stories for all the action!
We have found a new found love for Washington. We’ve been Talking to sea lions and chasing sea gulls. What more could you want from life?
Gimme your energy 😴 . This pj-party started a bit early this morning. Don’t forget you can still participate to win won for you and your friends. Sponsored by @_fredandginger_. They donate one euro to @bednetvzw for every friend invited. Convinced? See link in bio. (And now...coffee!) . . . #esméepatée #mielievanillie . . . . #fredginger #ikkoopbelgisch #pjparty #gekregen #children #earlymorning #childrenphoto #thatsdarling #kidsfashion #kidsforreal #simplychildren #momlife #momtogs #childhood #cc #modainfantil #win #cosy #enchantedchildhood #motherhoodsimplified
One of my favorite things this season is him enjoying his Christmas bedroom with his own tree 🎄 and his own ornaments 🐧
Fitting in some Christmas activities before I pop! Decorating cookies with sprinkles has never been so much fun. Sorry @andychuds who I made vacuum the entire house at midnight just in case bubs decided to arrive last night. We might have to vacuum again! 😬#overdue
That d🍩nut life!
Matilda is feeling better 🙌🏻 so we went on a little adventure this afternoon. Lately she has had a thing about climbing trees, she’ll point them out and say “I can’t climb that one, it’s too high.” Anyway she asked me to lift her into a tree and just look at how happy it made her 😍 swipe to see her “thumbs up” #loveher
And here it is. The ✨week 22✨ word announcement. Another amazing print coming your way on Saturday. 🖼 I can’t wait to show you. Someone is on an awesome mission. Make sure you check out the artist’s hint page tomorrow afternoon 💜 Thanks again to all who played with words because who doesn’t love words 🙌🏻. ☘️ Lucky me ☺️. 💫Winners 💫 announced tomorrow morning for #freeprintfriday .🤗🖤 * * * ‘Swing’ 😊 will go to print for the first time this 🌿Saturday @ 12🌿 so make sure you get your orders in by then so you don’t miss out on this round. 💌 should be able to get it out to you for Xmas 🎄 If you miss out, it will still be available after that but it is always nice to be part of the first 🥇 See you tomorrow. * * * * #prizes #winners #giveaways #swing #childrensillustration #childrensbookillustration #childhood #childrensart #artforkids #blackbirdandplum #illustration_daily #illustrationdaily #illustration_best #illustrationartist #illustrators #kidsbook #picturebook #nurseryart #artprints #playwithwords #littlepeoplebigideas #childhoodunplugged #aussiemums #enchantedchildhood #mumlifestyle #mumlife #melbournekids #melbournemums #nurseryart
Half decorated tree 😁 my little helper has done a great job taking them down lol
Life has been a little crazy lately. As if added another little human to the mix wasn’t enough chaos my husband called me from work after his first week back to inform me he had been laid off. I believe his exact words were “don’t freak out but I just got laid off. Everything will be fine”. I tried my best not to freak out but that’s not really me 😂 I’m the one that freaks out and he’s mr.optimist. Fast forward 5 weeks he just started his NEW job today and loves it. It’s been a crazy few weeks but everything happens for a reason. I’m so glad he is now working for a company he likes and is excited about all the projects. Looking forward to seeing what next year has in store ❤️❤️❤️ Mr.Optimist was right *this time* everything is fine. 😂 While I’m glad he was able to be around a few extra weeks after Johnny was born I’m not going to lie I’m SOOOOO excited for him to be back at work so we can all get into a routine again 😂 • • • • #newbornbaby #watchthemgrow #onemonthold #babynumber2 #perfectbabies #writeyouonmyheart #littlefierceones #nestingly #thecuriouschild #pocket_sweetness #enchantedchildhood #wildandbravelittles #my_magical_moments #celebrate_childhood #awanderfulchildhood #thesearethedays #purejoy #littlehumans #ourwhimsicaldays #childrenseemagic #childhoodeveryday #throughachildseyes #thesweetlifeunscripted #siblinghoodlove #littlebrother #twoundertwo
Probably thinking bout all the things she asked Santa for #amillionloldolls • • Can’t get enough of the girls Christmas photos from @jenniferveitchphotography 😍🎄 She always outdoes herself!
I am so excited for this girl's first Christmas.
Avalon is at that fun age - right at the cusp of five- where fantasy and reality blend together in really fun ways. Whenever we go to the zoo, I always tell the kids the animals are excited to see them and “hey, he’s looking right at you!” Or “wow, she moved over to get a better look at you!” The older girls have no interest in this kind of play anymore, but Avi is *so* into it right now and it is so incredibly endearing - and you know, the way all of the big cats responded to our passing today, I’ll be darned if I didn’t start to believe in it too! We had a long day of playing catch up yesterday on work we missed last week while I was sick. All math and nitty-gritty language arts stuff. It wasn’t particularly edifying, but I’m glad to have that chore crossed off our list. Speaking of chores, I *finally* got around to making some elderberry syrup. I even made some cute little labels, because why not? Hopefully this will help boost our immune systems and chase that darn lingering cough away 💜
Those AZ Golden rays 🌅 @lynzy900
Hiiiii babies who sleep make every parent happy. But lets be honest those first couple months are just freakin hard. Perfectly hard and amazingly frustrating. If that makes sense. Praying all your babies sleep tonight!
repost via @instarepost20 from @bovalesya 23 декабря приглашаю всех девушек и девочек ко мне на сказочный фотодень! ⠀ ⠀ • Локация @studio_milk_klin ( 2 зоны, смотрите в карусельке); • Макияж и прическа от одного из лучших мастеров нашего города @anesthesssiya ; • Любое платье из гардероба @podium.klin ; • 30 минут съёмки; • 5 фото в авторской обработке + 100 фотографий в цветокррекции. 💜 Стоимость фотопроекта 6.500₽! ——————————————————————————— Фотограф Бова Леся Запись на съёмки по телефону 8(916)533-20-52 ⠀ ⠀ #pocket_sweetness #enchantedchildhood #click_vision #ig_kids #впредвкушенииннового #cameramama #stillagirl #thegallerycollective #dearphotographer #ourcandidlife #documentyourdays #cameramama #wildandbravelittles #runwildmychild #unpluggedchildhood #follow_this_light #portraits #enchantedchildhood #thesincerestoryteller #mydays_kt #celebrate_childhood #letthemexplore #momtogs #magicofchildhood #фотографклин #yourkidssmile #lookslikefilmkids #fineartphotography
Beyond the glitter and glitz of the season...it’s all about them! #family . It’s been a minute since I’ve shared my bird girls on here because someone’s always sick these days (ugh)... But they’re what it’s all about. The reason why I decorate so much and search high and low for all the magical touches! It was actually such a joy snapping pics of them by our tree, they were actually into it this year lol! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Which just means they’re growing up and I can’t take much more thought or talk of that...so im done! #herecomethewaterworks . . . . #siblinghoodlove #magicofchildhood #themagicofchildhood #ig_kids #ourchildrenphoto #childhoodeveryday #kidsforreal #enchantedchildhood #childofig #pixel_kids #worldoflittles #the_sugar_jar #pocket_sweetness #momofgirls #girlmom #lettherebedelight #mommyblog #apinkchristmas #motherhoodalive #infinity_children #illuminatechildhood #childrenseemagic #candidchildhood #letthekids #simplychildren #mylittlewildbirds #mylittlewildbirdsnest #madisonandmila
just two girls waiting for the weekend 😅
We get to see this Lil guy & his awesome parents in the morning for a quick holiday session😍 Then I get to go back to this very hospital because my sister @mrs_griffin212 is having her baby TOMORROW!!!! 💕🎉🎉 I think it's safe to say I'm more than a little excited!! . . . . . . . . . #letthembelittle #letthekids #candidchildhood   #magicofchildhood #fresh48 #childofig #dearphotographer #mom_hub #pixel_kids #simplychildren #cameramama #momtogs #bp4ublog #documentyourdays #follow_this_light #celebrate_childhood #atdiff_kids #the_sweet_life_unscripted #sharejoy #letthemexplore #the_sugar_jar #enchantedchildhood #heaventhrumylens #lifewellcaptured #childrenseemagic #jj_its_kids #runwildmychild  #shotwithmoxie
Heading home | First week back from vacation is always the longest and coldest. I’m ready to go back 😪
Guys, Flynn got another school award at Town meeting today and Etta performed the crap out of her School Winter performance yesterday. Proud ☝🏻💫 Babes head to toe @cottononkidsusa #cottononkidsusa
Do you ever feel guilty for doing adult things while your littles are at home? This might be the working mom guilt talking, but any time i don’t absolutely have to spend time away from them there is a constant inkling of doubt about weather I’m making the right choice or not. #momproblems #lucinané
Siempre, todo es acerca de la transformación. Todo trata sobre las partes de nosotros que cambian...ya sea por decisión propia o porque la vida nos obliga. La existencia misma nos hace (a nosotros y a nuestras circunstancias) inevitablemente cambiantes: un día es esto, mañana será lo otro, y así. La mayoría de nosotros, caeremos en la trampa y nos frustraremos al no encontrar una línea recta...la tan anhelada "estabilidad". Pero otros, serán los pocos afortunados que aprenderán a encontrar refugio al mismo tiempo que resuelven, al mismo tiempo que avanzan. Serán pocos los que entiendan que la única salida se encuentra entrando... . Y que de paso se detengan a tomar un café con la incertidumbre. . El mío negro, sin azúcar. . #documentlife
When your friends have babies and those babies become your friend and your heart explodes every time you see them because they are so perfect and wonderful. ❤️
My baby girl. My best friend. I’m so proud to be her mom. She exudes happiness and light. She is fearless. She teaches us so much every day. There is No doubt She will know her worth and she will be the hero of her own story- and she will make sure that her brothers know it too. ❤️ . . . 📷: @rozedgephotography . . .
I thought I ordered 4 battery operated candles. Turns out, I ordered 4 packs of 6 battery operated candles....Could be worse! SWIPE to see the shot from the other side of the window. Which do you like more? Inside or outside? (I like inside, Lulu likes outside)
“A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen” I hope I am raising one amazing little man, everything we teach and instil in you will impact the man you will become #matchymatchy
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We all want results in our lives, whether it’s in relationships, fitness, nutrition, career, family, personal development, hobbies, sports, etc. Isn’t it easy to get comfortable in our current methods that may have worked at one time but now seem to only provide a plateau? 💥It’s TIME to change it up! Try something different if you aren't achieving your desired results. So, I challenge you to not fall into the same time-wasting insanity that most people accept. Train “insane” instead!! 💥TURN UP the intensity, and GET OUT of that comfy spot you are in!
I grew up with 6 sisters, so I’m so glad these two have each other. 💖 There is a 4 1/2 year age gap between them, and even though they bicker, they remain close. My hope for them is that they stay best friends when they are grown!
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Because everyday is an adventure!
Obsessed with our holiday cards this year! @artifactuprising has the best quality, I love how thick the card stock is and the foil lettering is 😍. They even have a feature where they will print your return address and the recipient addresses to make things easier🙌🏻 See my stories for my mix up about this feature, I’m such a dummy!🙈🤣 And thank you @kentavenuephotography for our family photo😍 • • • • • • • #instamom #momsofinstagram #motherhoodrising #motherhoodinspired #momdotme #ohmamamoment #mommasgirls #candidchildhood #littleandbrave #clickinmoms #oureverydaymoments #momtographer #momtog #cameramama #enchantedchildhood #themagicofchildhood #ig_kids #childhoodeveryday #worldoflittles #childofig #umh_kids #ourchildrenphoto #illuminatechildhood #artifactuprising #familyphotos #holidaycards
Chrismas's coming 🌲
The look on poor Santa's face when he realized there were not two, not three, not four, but FIVE kids to fit on his lap was priceless.🙈 #blesshisheart . We get a lot of questions at this time of year about the whole "not doing Santa thing".🎅🏻 We still go to take pictures because-- hello--they're CUTE and fun memories to have. My kids still get excited about going, in fact they've been looking forward to it for weeks!🙌🏻 . Not doing Santa in our house hasn't made Christmas less exciting or magical for our kids. But it HAS resulted in less stress for Mike and myself. It's also made it easier to focus our efforts and time on the Savior during this time of year.⭐ . The most important thing is that you do YOU. Don't feel pressured to celebrate the holidays any particular way because society dictates it.🙅🏼‍♀️ If you love the whole Elf on the Shelf craze that's great. Rock that little stuffed man.🤷🏼‍♀️ If you want to throw him in the trash the next time your child's eyes are averted that's swell. I won't judge.😉 . Christmas isn't about elaborate gifts, magical elves, Santa footprints, or sparkly reindeer food. "Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more."💕🎄 . Have your kiddos gone to see Santa yet?? #thereasonfortheseason
She had a low fever last night and she was really clingy today so I didn’t get anything done today... but fa la la la la life is good! 🎄😌💕
Hey Santa baby🎅🏾 Have you been a good boy this year?!
First day of school holidays started with a storm ⛈ 😩 We will be a bit quiet here while we are busy making memories ❤️💙 . Gorgeous @briellemerle wearing our patent leather pink bootie style Mary Jane, we have this style pearl white and both are perfect for the coming holidays ❤️
{giveaway} Teaming up with @planttherapy to give away one of their essential oil Lil Stinkers Aroma Plush animals! Reagan and Riley have been enjoying the snuggles and scents from Coco the bird. See my stories for a photo of where you will put the essential oil that's included with the Lil Stinker! They take theirs to bed with them and snuggle while enjoying a kid-safe scent. And bonus, how cute are these plushies? #planttherapy ... To win your own Otis and accompanying oil- ... Follow both myself @sweetlittlereagan and @planttherapy ... Like this photo! ... Tag friends (1 per comment) for additional entries ❤ ... Giveaway will run for 72 hours and then I'll announce the winner here!!! #LilStinkersGiveaway
These little reminders in my day that say being a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me #wildandfreechildren #enchantedchildhood #runwildmychild #adventuresofchildren #theeverydayproject #atdiff_kids #mulberrychildhood
So excited that you’re ours, baby 💛
Who doesn't love the grace and charm of a bygone era? ♥ As a child, one of my favorite book series was "Das Nesthäkchen", based on the adventures of a little girl growing up in a doctor's family in Berlin around the early 1900s. And so, inspired by adorable retro looks (and the crazy calendar day "Pretend to be a time traveler" which was observed on Dec.8), we have gathered a few of our favorite bows reminiscent of simple, nostalgic pioneer days through Victorian times, and the 1920s, 50s, and 70s. Hope you feel inspired! Link in bio!
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Happy Santa Lucia Day ✨ Lussekatter buns for breakfast made with Tasmanian grown saffron gifted to us from our neighbours saffron farm ❤️, coffee strong enough to wake the dead (still recovering 😅) and 3 earnest little children knocking on the bedroom door with the breakfast tray at 6:30am 😍✨ I’ve added a link in my profile to a gentle St Lucia story for those looking for a gentler story for young children 😊 Now to finish the last homeschool day of the year before summer holidays begin! 🎉
It's a winter wonderland outside. . A foot of snow fell last night and it was magical outdoors this morning. Snow had encased all the trees and paved all the streets and in the early morning light it was still and perfect. I hope M grows up loving this weather they way I do 💫
I’ve been really sick these past few weeks. Today I asked Eli if he wanted to go to Disneyland or if he wanted to visit the ponies while Oliver was in school, he said “I want to go to the ponies mom!” ☺️ #feelinggrateful
Christmas is such a magical time of the year and can it get any more special than writing a letter to Santa under the tree? . Check out my stories for a photo of Mercedes and the Christmas tree.
Love love love traditions. Lifting the boys to pop the angel on tree, reading Christmas books sat by twinkly lights, ✨ writing letters to post to Santa.. I love it all and the best bit is making new ones with these gorgeous boys too. 💙💙 #itsallabouttraditions
This picture was taken right after a man looked directly at my almost two year old son and asked him, “Are you a girl or a boy?” I was a bit taken back because he doesn’t look like a girl and he was clearly wearing boy’s clothing, but I smiled and said “He is a boy.” The man then went on to look at him and say “I didn’t know because you were carrying a baby doll. Hopefully your parents didn’t name you Sue.” At this point I was annoyed, but politely I told him “No his name is Foster and we are teaching him to love and care for others. One day he might become a big brother, or a father and will love and care for a real baby.” Some may ask why let your son play with a baby doll, but I say why not? In the eyes of a child there is no such thing as girl toys and boy toys. Society has made toys this way with the separate toy aisles and the colors designated for boy or girl, but to kids like my son, a toy is a toy. I want him to play with whatever his little heart desires. He can learn so much from anything he plays with whether it be the rocks out in the yard or the baby doll kisses and says “Be careful baby.” He loves and cares for his baby doll as if it were a real baby. This is a nurturing and compassionate behavior I can only hope he carries with him later in life. His doll in no way is going to make him anything but a better person and for anyone to think otherwise is just asinine. Wonder what this fella would’ve thought if I told him my son loves his cleaning set too!
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