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🧚 I am here to support you in transforming your fears and avoidance of selling, so you can thrive in Business and Life! ✊If you’re a conscious entrepreneur, I want you succeeding, not struggling in business nor stuck in some day-job that’s hurting your Soul! I want to facilitate a breakthrough in your mindset around Selling and discover new Sales Techniques that are aligned with your core values. Could this be you? This week I have 5x 90min spots left in my calendar to have a chat with anyone wanting a breakthrough in Sales and considering Mentoring to support them in doing so. 😇These are Complimentary Soul Centerd Sales Breakthrough calls, which are normally $222AU! During the call, you will get crystal clear about: 🔮Your No. 1 Obstacle to succeeding in Sales 🔮What Beliefs are driving your experiences in selling and how you can begin to shift these 🔮The very next steps to increase Sales and bring more money into your business This is perfect if you are at the very beginning of your business...or well-established, but wanting better sales results. You will leave this call feeling inspired and ready to implement changes that will support you in increasing your Sales and open up more flow of Money💰 into your business. Please only respond if you feel connected with what I'm sharing, thank you 🙏 🌏 Simply comment below, your next dream holiday destination and I will message you the details. Mine is Ireland! And I'm leaving next week YEOW 🤩 🤗 Big Hugs, Julia
Looking back on my professional life, I’ve been involved in a lot. . . I’ve tried to work for myself for years now, as you can see I’ve started a lot and things haven’t worked out yet. I’m still working from a large company and I still haven’t got where I want to be. . . Sure, I’ve thought about giving up. Committing to a career for someone else and I wouldn’t be wrong to do so. Certainly, you can do just as much, be just as enterprising and have just as much impact in the employ of someone else. But its not me, I’m not sure I’d be happy. . . The reality is something like 1 in 10 businesses succeed (maybe its more I can’t remember off the top of my head) and I’ve only started a few now! So, I’ve got a way to go. I know it will happen, eventually, I know my goals will be a reality, in time. So, I’ve just got to keep my head down and work
ROI, Yes! From time to time I will write something about ROI (return on investment) and KPIs (key performance indicators). . Methodology and measurement are essential for E-VE-RY business and defining them is a very important part of every Strategy. . Return ob Investment is directly connected to your goal (you should always define a S.M.A.R.T Goal) What do you want to achieve? . What do you do to earn some money? If you are a store, you need to sell right? Your first KPI can be “sales growth in value”. . Some other examples of KPIs: New followers, sign-ups for newsletter, generated traffic in a website, customer acquisition, market share, profit, leads, cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per conversion (CPC) . Methodology and measurement are essential to ensure the best execution and enable the strategy implementation. Set the KPIs and measure it! #ROI #KPIs #Methodology #measurement #smartgoal #sales growth #newfollowers #generatetraffic #website , #customeracquisition , #marketshare #profit #cpa #cpc #startup #marketingconsultant #startupfrankfurt #strategy #business #businessplan #marketing #strategie #results #leads #unternehmensberatung #entrepreneurwoman #numericaldata #statistic #independentconsultant #improvement
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“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt ————————————————————————- Don’t restraint the possibilities of the future with your doubts and self limiting beliefs. Believe in yourself always! Think you can and you will always can ————————————————————————- Follow me 👆👆👆 @you.can.have.it.all ————————————————————————- #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurmotivation #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneurwoman #EntrepreneurTips #entrepreneurship101 #EntrepreneurSpirit #entrepreneurgoals
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“To see what is right and not do it is a lack of courage.” – Confucious ————————————————————————- What’s stopping you? Be brave. Stand strong. Go for it. ———————————————————————— Follow me 👆👆👆 @together_we_win_ ———————————————————————— #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneurwoman #EntrepreneurTips #entrepreneurship101 #EntrepreneurSpirit #entrepreneurgoals #EntrepreneurWomen #entrepreneurtip #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurdose #EntrepreneurClass
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"Es ist so einfach, nur wir bestehen darauf es kompliziert zu machen!" . Ich sehe sooft, wie Small-Business Owner sich das Leben mit ihrem Papierkram & ihrer Technik schwer machen. Oftmals ist der Gedanke, wenn es teuer ist, ist es gut oder aber, wenn es kompliziert ist, muss es richtig gut & clever sein. . Über 10 Jahre habe ich in meiner Rolle als Controllerin Prozesse im Administrations-Bereich optimiert, v.a. im Controlling- & Finanzbereich. Alle Lösungen, die zu kompliziert oder zu teuer waren, wurden nicht oder erfolglos umgesetzt. Denn teuer bedeutete nicht einfach oder praktikabel. Und kompliziert, bedeutete enorm viel Schulungsaufwand. Es geht leichter! . Mit meinem Controlling-Team haben wir immer versucht mit den Tools zu arbeiten, die es schon gab - MS Office, v.a. Excel, Access & Sharepoint. Mit den Tools haben wir bspw. komplette Budgetprozesse in wenigen Wochen erstellt. Diese Prozesse/Tools waren flexibel und von uns unpassbar. Denn wie oft hatte das Management noch einen Zusatzwunsch oder Änderungswünsche. . Genau das was ich dort jahrelang miterlebt habe, gilt für small businesses analog. Wir können mit der Technik, die uns Windows, Android oder Apple zur Verfügung stellt, extrem viel erreichen, wenn wir es clever nutzen. Nur selten bedarf es fancy Zusatztools. Und wie schön ist es eine einfache & wenig pflegeaufwändige technische Basis zu haben. Technik, die im Hintergrund EINFACH funktioniert & uns das Leben leicht macht. . Es ist möglich... verabschiede dich von kompliziert - let's rock it, small business owners & business girls. Digital love... my way❣ Nadine . #entspannteordnung #ordnungscoach #digitalesleben #professionalorganizer #ordnungmachtglücklich #entspannungfürdieseele #digitalenomaden #digitalernomade #minimalmood #minimal_perfection #prozessoptimierung #girlbossmagic #smallbizlife #onmydesk #creativelifehappylife #entrepeneurlifestyle #entrepreneurwoman #startuplifestyle
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Te Protegere Te veo desde el cielo Hace meses que me fui Me lloraste como nadie Y me amaste hasta el fín Gracias a tu vida Yo fui muy felíz Te prometo que desde el cielo Yo estaré junto a ti Te protegere en cada momento Y a tu lado yo estaré Combatiendo los peligros Que a tu lado, puedan suceder Eres mi princesa La mujer que me hizo ver Que existe el amor verdadero Cuando nadie lo quiera entender Te amo y te amaré En esta vida o en la que me puedas ver Mi vida fiel Eternamente siempre te cuidaré . . . . . #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #happyquote #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurslife #happy #entrepreneurmotivation #inspirations #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurquote #escritos #success #entrepreneurmon #entrepreneurmind #exito #inspiration #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationquotes #letras #tbt #escrito
Boston is definitely a top 3 ranked city of mine! Love the atmosphere of knowledge and diversity of thought. There is such a big comparison that can be made between Raleigh, NYC and Boston. I love the business saturation of NYC, but I also love the amplitude that the students of the Boston and Cambridge area hold themselves up to. This next month will be a ride! * * * #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneurmotivation #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurquote #success #entrepreneurspirit #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurmom #entrepreneurship101 #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurtip #inspiration #motivation #business #motivationalquotes #entrepreneurn #entrepreneuress #businessowner
We are here to have love for every person born on earth. Their earthly form might be black, yellow, brown, handsome, ugly, thin, fat, wealthy, poor, intelligent, or ignorant, but we are not to judge by these appearances. Each spirit has the capacity to be filled with love and eternal energy. - Betty Eadie #mompreneur #momlife #girlssupportinggirls #girlssquad #girltribesonly #girlbossesunite #girlbosses #sheconquers #girlbossing #girlbosstribe #girlpreneur #bandogirlgang #livepretty #alittlebeautyeveryday #seekinspirecreate #aseasonalyear #alifeofintention #posttheordinary #pursuewhatislovely #happyselves #lovelywanderings #entrepreneurwoman #femaleentrepreneur #businesswoman #bosslady #businesscoach #entrepreneurlifestyle #businesswomen #bossbabes #leadersoftomorrow
Nunca te Olvidaré Viviré como el primer día En que estuve junto a ti Donde éramos felices Sin tener que discutir Fueron momentos perfectos Llenó de felicidad La sonrisa que cada día Tu me dabas al despertar No se que sucedió Pero poco a poco nuestro amor murió No se si fuiste Tú o si fui Yo Pero te pido perdón Recuerdo cuando caminábamos En un hermoso atardecer Mi corazon se llenaba De tu bello querer Fue causa del destino Que esto sucediera así Mi alma te sueña Y mi corazon llora por ti . . . . #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #happyquote #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurslife #happy #entrepreneurmotivation #inspirations #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurquote #escritos #success #entrepreneurmon #entrepreneurmind #exito #inspiration #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationquotes #letras #tbt #escrito
I’ve been battling the longest summer cold ever and haven’t worn much makeup lately, but you can bet I make sure to wash my face and at least apply some moisturizer and eye cream every night!! Taking care of your skin is SO important 😊 So why not treat it like it’s a Chanel bag?! 😂👛💰#skincareroutine #investinyourself #skincareluxury #chanelbag
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To keep a roof over your head: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To operate your cell phone: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To have car insurance: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To have health insurance: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To own you car: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To work out at the gym: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To send your child to daycare: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To keep your electricity on: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To watch cable: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To have Netflix account: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! To utilize your internet service: YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! TO MAINTAIN A HOME BASED TRAVEL AGENT BUSINESS, IN WHICH YOU CAN EARN ENOUGH EXTRA INCOME TO COVER ALL OF THESE EXPENSES PLUS SOME--->>> YOU PAY A MONTHLY FEE! INVEST IN YOURSELF! BE YOUR OWN BOSS! BECOME A TRAVEL AGENT! MESSAGE ME FOR MORE INFO! @secondnature6 #Travels #Traveling #TravelHolic #TravelAgent #TravelBusiness #Traveler #TravelLife #EntrepreneurWoman #TravelTheWorld #GlobeTrotter #WorkFromHome #MoneyMoves #MakeMoney #Hustler #Business #Boss #RakeItUp #Agent #MoneyBag #Coins #Flights #SeeTheWorld #Airport #JetSetter #Luggage #Life #CatchingFlights #GetPaid #EntrepreneurWoman
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Happy 36th birthday to me, tiara and all!!! First one ever 👸🏻😍😘🙏🏽
NEW ART now available for you to take home Today! Female Hip Hop and RnB Legends Last Supper exclusive to @urbangallerybne Come down to Urban Gallery, Bakery Lane 694 Ann St, Fortitude Valley and you can have one of these original pieces in your home by dinner time tonight 🎨 . . . #lastsupper #urban #rnb #hiphop #hustle #hustlehard #wshh #theshaderoom #entrepreneurlife #businesswoman #bosslady #businesswoman #bossbabe #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurship #instagood #instapic #millionairelifestyle #legends
Summer days, I went outside to clear my mind, joined by my daughters. When I see them growing up, I realise for who I'm doing all of this. They are my pride, my joy and the reason I keep pushing threw all the hard times. I love them and someday the dream will come alive and Ill have something to give them. · · · · #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneurmotivation #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurquote #success #entrepreneurspirit #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurmom #entrepreneurship101 #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurtip #inspiration #motivation #business #motivationalquotes #entrepreneurn #entrepreneuress #businessowner
Interested in learning all about how Illuminative is shaking up the direct selling world? Come listen to our founder, April Bernal-Cleek, as she shares all about the Illuminative Difference. . Get your invitation to our closed Facebook group by visiting Illuminative.com and click on Learn More! . We promise - you don't want to miss it! . . . . . . #successfulwomen #directselling #workfromhome #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurlifestyle #femalemotivation #successfulwoman #thinkbig #thinkbigger #bizopp #businessopportunity #femaleboss #freedom #womeninbusiness #passions #inspiredwomen #wahmlife #sahm #sahmlife #workfromhomemom #mompreneur #mompreneurlife #workfromanywhere
Who had the time to explore the new website and who's totally loving it?! 🎉✨ If you didn't see, the brand new CristinaPhotography website is officially live and livin' and lovin'!!! We are still in launch giddiness over here, 🎉✨ Now can we get some high fives??!!! Also, stay tuned because some giveaways are coming soon!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (PD. Our website may be loading slower than normal since it is still propagating across the web. Please be patient). . . . . . .#cristinaphotography #newwebsite #rebrand #newlook #websitelaunch #branding #websiteupdated #smallbusiness #onlinepresence #launch #entrepreneur #girlboss #smallbusinessowner #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurwoman #creativeentrepreneur #cristinaarce #cristinaphotostore #photographer #bloggerphotographer #portraitphotographer #fineartphotographer #torontophotographer #vaughanphotographer #webdesigner #graphicdesigner
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers! Share this to a Mother! • Today is the best Mother’s Day ever because I get to give to all of you deserving and worthy Moms! • Living life in service has been the happiest state I’ve ever been. It’s also been the most fun and the most challenging. • I don’t know what lies ahead from here but when I decided in February I was going for it, becoming a published author lied ahead for March. When March came, what lied ahead for April was my Bootcamp. When April came, what lied ahead for Mother’s Day is the launch of my podcast @motherhustlerpodcast and my online school, Motherhustler School... • Take a step and the answers will always show up because in order to balance the energy or the force of the universe it naturally gives you an answer. The answer will show up, trust in the process! • Here’s the amazing episode 1 with Jennifer Gelman of @bwmcfitness I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to screenshot it and tag me after you listen and let me know what you like best about this episode! • Forgive me, it’s so imperfect but like I said it only gets better. More answers are showing up for me! This is a one-Mom show and I believe it turned out pretty good! 💗🙏🏽 • It’s currently only available on this one platform. The team of the platform I’m using is trying to figure out why it’s not loading on Spotify, iTunes and all the other platforms so hang tight and enjoy this one! • Happy Mother’s Day to all the Motherhustlers out there! I so love what you embody and represent! • • • Let’s go Mother the world! ••••• LINK IN BIO...
Launching this beauty tomorrow!!! • Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough!!! • • • Happy Mother’s Day to all my Moms out there!!! • • • Checkout @motherhustlerpodcast episode 1 tomorrow!!! • Will share link here tomorrow!
From the amazing well of wisdom of @jayshetty ! His relationship advice in less than 1 minute! • • • “The problem is we have a list for the one that we want and we don’t have a list for what we need to become. • And I don’t mean become to attract I mean become to just be. • To just get to understand yourself. • You don’t know what you need in your life until you figure out who you are. • So I find too many people rush into relationships without really recognizing and being fully aware of what they need from a relationship. • So it all comes back to how aware are you and how much understanding do you have of yourself and what you need and what you want.” • #Word
It’s pretty cool to get your book review of the book that’s changed your life forever, The 4-Hour-Workweek by @timferriss featured on your local Chamber of Commerce newsletter and then a review of the book you authored on another page featured as well. ••• Ahhhhhhh such an honor @karmen_ayres !!! Thanks for the review of my book! You’re a blessing! ••• Thanks love! 💕
Ladies, we don’t have to ask for equality, we can dominate. Get i$h done! • • • write my own content • manage all of my social media accounts • create my own quote boxes • write my own blog • designed my Personal Brand course website and another course website for my other business Game Changers using a platform • launching my own Podcast on Mother’s Day and have batched recording for one and a half months worth @motherhustlerpodcast • wrote a book in 28 days • run my LegalShield business during the day • ran a networking group for 14 months and built a brand new system around it [with a biz partner, can’t take all the credit on this one] so we launched a business around the system we built. • workout regularly • all the while domesticated Mom and Wife making home cooked meals [if you don’t believe this it’s all behind the scenes on my IG story] • Credit to: surrounding myself with Winners who elevate my game! This includes mentors and mastermind groups, husband and business partners! No one is ever self-made! • If we want to be equal with those boys, we MUST get i$h done ✅ and own it. Because being equal is such a small ask. Let’s become MORE! Go BIG! #MotherhustlerPodcast
Let’s go change the world... let’s go mother the world Mothahustlas!!!! • • • If you change yourself and become a better version of you we wouldn’t need to change the world.
#Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ @dionnahickox on FEAR and fear of failing... • “Failing beautifully forward” is a philosophy she often instill in her health and fitness accountability groups. • “We do it anyway...by doing what you’re scared of it slowly starts taking that fear away. Not only does it stop 🛑 giving fear that power it also starts slowly growing your own confidence. And you’re like,wow. • The biggest thing about fear is that we build it up so big in our head but then we do it and we’re like that wasn’t that bad? Ok, if that wasn’t that bad, what else can I do that might not be that bad?” ••••••• I’m telling you, these Moms knows exactly what they’re talking about and it’s so much fun to finally speak with people who speaks your language! 💕💗💕💗
Just finished journaling about Episode 5 and holy moly...it’s nugget city with this one! • Had fun with this Mama of 2 teenagers and online health and fitness influencer @dionnahickox on the @motherhustlerpodcast today!
This is so true! • • • And when your write those goals down, your actions seems to lead you there.
Tonight’s workout was a short one but sure as heck tough! • Amazing workout! • Working out is part of running a business. In order to run your business you must have a healthy and fit body if longevity of your business is a goal. • Why do we go into business in the first place? • Don’t become a slave to your business and do nothing to self-care. Self-care is truly an investment into your business success! • When you live a healthy and fit life... everything in your life seems to follow suit.
Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ My oldest had a bad day the other day and he was pretty upset about it. • • • Then little brother started having a bad day, then shortly after Dad... • • • Then it dawned on him, no one cared to ask Mom how her day has been so he came to my home office and went... “Mom, you’ve heard enough of our bad days, hows your day?” • • • You can just imagine me crying. Such a selfless young man he’s becoming! I couldn’t help it! #grateful • • • It’s truly an honor to Mother my kids!
I can’t wait! • • • Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ As I prep and set my mind for the week and review my calendar I couldn’t help it but be excited, emotional and feel so grateful to be a woman and a mom in this generation. • And as I think of all the women and moms in each of our lives who has paved the way for all of us to be strong and independent yet so love dependent to either our children, our husbands, friends and family...I couldn’t help it but be thankful to grandmas, moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriends... • I am so beyond blessed to have the opportunity to interview these Motherhustlers this week! • Each of their stories are unique. I have had the opportunity to meet two of them and the other two I met on social media. • The opportunity to connect with all of you is a gift 🎁 that is priceless! • I’m super pumped and so looking forward to this week with... • @dionnahickox @dodieglover @rachelorourke @melissa_jaffe_ • • • This will probably by far, the best Mother’s Day I will have because of this tribe of Moms and women!
Why is this? • • • Build your belief strong. Find a community of go-givers. This will help you remain strong 💪🏾 with your purpose no matter how tough life can get. • • • Amazing things always happen after a rough pocket. • Have a blessed Sunday friends!!! • Don’t let go of that purpose...keep searching!
#Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ Such an honor to have Ramona Locken @rkauhi.hockpwt , Designated Broker of RealtyOne Cascadia for Episode 4! • • • This last question I ask always gets me but I have managed to hold it together until today. • So much wisdom and tears of joy! • I can’t wait to listen to it again tonight and journal! Keep an eye out on my one takeaway. I always post it after!
Clear the clutter off your mind. Take time to write down your goals. • Identify the steps you must take daily to get close to it and just take action. • It doesn’t matter whether it’s perfect or not, just take it.
When you finish batching 1 month worth of your @motherhustlerpodcast episodes all in 3 days... • • • Today I recorded my 4th episode and we both cried. 😭
I am myself is learning from the women I am interviewing and I have only interviewed 3 so far! Imagine when we hit that 100th episode? Dang!!! • #Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ @bwmcfitness Jennifer Gelman on working out 💪🏾 🏋🏾 and self-care. • • • “It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In fact it’s better to create a habit of working out for 10 minutes daily than going to the gym twice a week for one hour... • When you create a habit of 10 minutes all of a sudden it becomes 15, 20, 30...it’s the habit that needs to be created first and the belief that it’s ok to do 10 minutes here and there.” • • • What a great advice to Moms especially new Moms out there. We know it can be a struggle. • This episode is our launch day episode and it will drop on Mother’s Day, May 13th!
Woot woot!!! ••• Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ Excited to record Episode 3 today with the one and only Business Matchmaker, eWomen Network Managing Director of the #VancouverWA location, and of course fellow Motherhustler, Ms. Brittani Nelson!!! @bv0215 • • • BIO: “As an established networking expert and business strategist, she match entrepreneurs with the people and opportunities that move their businesses forward. She is intensely passionate about connecting clients and everyone she meet with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to thrive. A perfect match between business and client or business and timely resources creates mutually beneficial relationships and, ultimately, builds a stronger community.” • I can’t wait!!!
Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ @evolveyourimage on how a Mother in transition can break barriers with whatever identity their grappling with in life. • • • What a powerful and insightful episode guys! ••• We drop this one on the Sunday after Mother’s Day...May 20th
Super pumped!!! • • • Repost @motherhustlerpodcast ・・・ I have the amazing pleasure of interviewing this amazing woman on Episode 2 of my Podcast today! • Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD, AICI CIC, FFSM is someone I follow closely from a distance and I look up to her a lot! • I am honored and grateful that she said yes to be my special guest on my podcast even with her super busy schedule! • Motherhustler Podcast is launching this Mother’s Day! • Tag someone you know that would be perfect to come on my Pod! @drcarolparkerwalsh
Doubts can sometimes feel like fear! • If you can honestly immediately say, NO, then it’s not for you. • • • BUT... if you have to think about it, pray about it or talk to someone about it, it’s probably your future talking to you. • It’s probably an answer to a prayer or the hope you’ve been waiting for the change you’ve been hoping. ••••••• I’ve got room to mentor 4 other women in my GO FOR GOLD Mentorship Program! This is a high level mastermind! Got 1 I’m already working with this month, room for 4 more... READY, SET...GOLD!!!!
MCM • My rock and the president of my fan club. My one and only! • Love this man! This life has no meaning without Ty and his support. 💗💕 • #ManCrushMonday
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