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Made the BEST chili I’ve ever made! Also added a dab of sour cream to top it off! #ericandjessiechillE #ericandjessie #CHILLE #sogood
Wish I had the ingredients to make the #ericandjessiechillE !, but having the next most @jessiejamesdecker meal: Gumbo! #ericandjessie
// @jessiejamesdecker inspired me to make homemade chillE! today & it turned out AMAZING. it was the first chilllly day in Seattle today so it was perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ½. thanks Jessie, can't wait to watch the show tonight on E! 😍✨ #ERICANDJESSIECHILLE #HomemadeHappiness #JessieIsMyFAVVVV xo
Jessie James Decker wearing an AllSaints jacket on Eric & Jessie #jessiejamesdecker Shopping info at www.starstyle.com
Sooo I should've used a little more ground beef, but am so in love with @jessiejamesdecker chili recipe! I used shredded carrots instead of sliced and chopped those in half so the kids couldn't tell 😁and my kids will only eat chili with Fritos so they had frito chili pies. But they loved it (all except for my 2 picky eaters who wont really eat anything but pb&js and chicken πŸ˜‚) and the husband loved it too!!! Definitely will be using this recipe again! #ericandjessiechille #CHILLE #ericandjessie
Ready to watch #EricandJessie with my #ericandjessiechillE #CHILLE ❀️ #titans
Feeling under the weather on this rainy night so no better way to cheer up than with some chili and a little #EricandJessie ... and of course wine πŸ‘πŸΌ #CHILLE ! #EricandJessieChillE !
Let's do it!!!! Making my #ericandjessieCHILLE ! Right now for the second episode of our show #EricandJessie ! Head over to insta story for the step-by-step!!
When @jessiejamesdecker tells you to make chili for the new episode of @ericandjessie #chillE πŸ˜›πŸ€€