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Boycott Wendys! These are outtakes from Wendy’s protest @as.teck and me stumbled across while looking for bangers in the city. Though he was reluctant to go at first this is an experience I really wanted to undergo especially photographing the entire thing on film. I’m unaware of what actually occurred to make the protest arise but as of now, after I’m finished posting I’m going to go research it. This is an experience I’ll never forget but this is only part one, can’t wait to get the second half developed and scanned. I hope you guys enjoy this photography journey and it’s me as much as I do! Things like this make me so happy! #shotonfilm #ishootfilm #filmsnotdead
Play with me, BITCH ! #feedtasik
| D E P R E S S I O N |
| L A U G H W H I L E Y O U CAN |
| C R E A T U R E |
Sungguh menakutkan jika apa yang kita lakukan sebatas ingin mendapatkan uang, popularitas, dan pujian ciiihhhhh! #feedtasik
Menantikan perubahan. #feedtasik
R E U P L O U D ! #feedtasik
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