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“Last year took an L, but this year I bounce back! I knew that ass was real, cuz it bounce back! I’ve been broke as hell, get this check and cash back, if you real, you bounce back!” @bigsean
Lyrics: “No I don’t get told I’m beautiful much, I haven’t heard im worth it either, Instead everything feels like another closed door, Another, I would rather , I’ve spent time alone, Because not everyone who comes to your castle is a prince, Some could be the devil, There to destroy you, Not everyone is there to save you, Some only want to destroy you, It’s darkness it’s not beauty, It’s evil, there is no glory, But always remember the light within, You can shine bright, Even in the middle of the night, Don’t listen to cruel mad evil men, For they will corrupt a good heart too, Stay true to yourself, Stay true to you, Let that light shine from within, From within From within “
“I know the guy I loved doesn’t actually love me; but maybe I was in love with the chase of love, more than the actual ideal of love. Maybe I’ll never understand, but maybe one day someone will truly love me back ....for life without love, is a very empty life indeed....”
“I get depressed when im lonely. It’s a sadness of the worst type. I start to feel dead on the inside devoid of meaning again without someone else around to love through... it is as if I cease to exist again. Now isn’t that the worst ?”
“People forget, I’m a Mad Genius.... you know, when someone brilliant, goes through horrible traumas, yet still sees the good in the world and in themselves - the rarest of all, and the determination to still succeed in-spite of everything ; I don’t think it’s courage, or will power - it’s just destiny, the exact definition of it......Passion isn’t happiness , lost in confusion you can drown in delusion, if you don’t run... !”
Lyrics: “Why can’t you see the truth? Why can’t you see me for me? Why can’t I seem to get ahead? Why can’t you see me, Why can’t you see me, Why can’t you see me? Do I not shine bright enough, Why can’t you see me? For me? For the real me. Can anyone see me, For me? For me...”
@heathernikoleharper Heather Nikole Harper performs her song For My Daughter with Bobby Edwards from the Bluez Boyz at The Back Porch in Kilgore. #highwaywomen #texashighwaywomen #singer #songwriter #music #texas #blues #country #musician #tcma #etxmusic
“Just because it doesn’t affect me, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care - however, I still have to make the best moves on my own chessboard. We don’t all have the same moves to make either. And that’s where I believe debate happens....and where you must decide what you will or won’t stand for.....”
“Regardless what you think, I’m going to succeed!” 💖🌹😝
Lyrics: “Sometimes I go back in time, When things felt new, Life was starting over, What do we do, what do we do? What do we do , what do we do? When everything speeds up, Life seemed to make sense again, But nobody else understands, Sometimes I wonder why, What do we do, what do we do? What do we do, What do we do?....”
it’s the duality that’ll leave you spinning....
“Everything feels backwards, But that’s how it is when you walk asleep, You don’t understand me , bitch, I don’t sleep, that’s how I find peace, Are you gonna ride for me? Or fold on me? Baby girl, why you keep doin this? It never changes, we still ain’t linking up, Cut this lose, this isn’t our lane, I ain’t got no peace , Ain’t got no peace , No peace , No peace , No peace , You ain’t got no peace , When I can’t sleep...”
Lyrics: “Why you go so hard? Why you say the things you do? I have no heart, Grew up lonely, wishing for things you had, you don’t know this deal, I have no heart, No heart, No heart, No heart, No heart....”
“Sometimes the things we worry about, are the very things we should just go for...”
Lyrics: “Baby I miss you Baby it’s true Won’t you wait for me We got lost in time I watched you die They killed my brother I vowed revenge for you This is real life Baby I miss you Baby they took you from me My twin, my ying to Yang Meet me at the Point You and I You and I You and I Just you and I ....”
Lyrics: “You set yourself up, don't make it seem like I be buggin', b*tch And dudes hatin' on me, really be upset I don't know, make me wonder what you got between your legs You a real dude mad at a b*tch for getting bread? You's a b*tch from birth, you just grew a third leg, woo!” @iamcardib
Heather Nikole Harper performs her song For My Daughter with Bobby Edwards from the Bluez Boyz at The Back Porch in Kilgore. #highwaywomen #texashighwaywomen #singer #songwriter #music #texas #blues #country #musician #tcma #etxmusic
“Reality is I’ll fade away like the ghost in your dreams... I’m on the edge of delusions and sanity I scream for help in my night terrors, But I never die. I wake up alive. My memory hurts so bad, I’ll dissociate I’ll forget , I won’t feel anything And I’ll be gone again ... I won’t be real... Don’t let me die... help keep me alive... My dreams all but died ... She is not me, and I am not her .. I am not her... I am not her .... You face me - I face You ....”
Lyrics: “He dances in the moonlight It’s beautiful how he moves Those eyes pieced my heart The touch of his hands On my body feelings like heaven There’s no place else That feels so amazing He looks like sunlight He’s intoxicating, There’s a way about him, That takes you straight to heaven....”
“Smile , and the world smiles back with you... “
Lyrics: “Hey it’s Mel Pop, What did you hear? Rumor or My Album Bad Vibes Get Cut OfF It’s Mel Pop, and I still slay. I’m the Boss around here. Won my crown back, Yes it’s me, Yes I’m out here. I’m out here in East Texas... An entrepreneurs playground..”
Lyrics: “You’re rancid, outta date, another rat in these streets, You did it to yourself, Hold up, I keep flexing, Hold up, I keep standing, Hold up, I keep it real, Hold up, hold up, hold up, Hold up, hold up, hold up, You fake, one chapter book, No depth, one dimensional, How boring can you be? You play the same chess moves, I’m the Icy Queen, I’m the Princess of Precious, Look at me you weak bitch, See these calves, see these arms, see my eyes.... Don’t invade my privacy, You lied to me, so now you dead to me, You’re not a friend, you’re an enemy, look at me when I talk, Now they askin for my music, They see me still out here doin me, If you were really my homie, you would have got an album, sent it to Sony.... You did it to yourself, Hold up, I keep flexing, Hold up, I keep standing, Hold up, I keep it real, Hold up, hold up, hold up Now hold up, Icy Queen is your new fragrance Work is the purpose, I work hard for this, I put my heart in this, customized my image, for the betterment of the suns reflection, So hold up, hold up, hold up, Now hold up, hold up, hold up, Now hold up... I said hold up!” pic by @tony_torrio Thanks man!
Lyrics: “Whoa baby, whoa, Slow down, slow down Slow down, slow down, Whoa baby going way too fast. The question isn’t who’s right, Or what’s going on, what’s the best move? Can you really be that stupid? Same cloth baby, same cloth, Don’t be fooled , don’t be fooled. Chill, chill, chill, Let’s not turn this into Kill Bill, Now I can flip this into therapy, Or I can give back to my own charity, Whoa baby, whoa whoa whoa, Slow down, slow down, Slow down, slow down, Whoa baby... whatcha doing now... Slow down slow down, Slow down slow down, Whoa baby, whatcha doing now... Did you not hear me the first time? I’m that pyscho bitch. So slow down, now slow down....” pic by @tony_torrio
Lyrics: “the hardest part of failure, isn’t the loss, Not the sadness or the anguish, Failure is a gift, The hardest part, is knowing it will only get harder, You can’t pick yourself up by the bootstraps without boots, Love as if you won’t win, Fail as if you can’t lose, And don’t take my advice, Unless you want to be exactly where I am, What is seen is known, What is heard is fact, We are only human, We are only human...”
“They showed up, They were looking for me, But I said I wasn’t home, And they left me baby, Alone in the woods, With no TV, I grew up, Scared of everyone baby, They said I’m crazy, what’s wrong with me, But in my house, I was the savior and protector baby, In my world, I am happy, Once when I was young, Before I grew up, Before my work was done, I was the ghost, I was the Queen, A nobody to everyone. It’s not that I was hated, No it’s made me so strong, Everyone is scared of me... So I stay away.... so I just stay away... Back to the point ... where I said goodbye baby.”
“Sometimes laughter is the only defense, Sometimes tears aren’t enough, Sometimes, sometimes, Sometimes just show up.”
“The scary part isn’t how I am... the scary part is someone out there is this vast world , actually understands...”
Lyrics: “Just keep laughing, They don’t care anyway, Just keep smiling, The worlds gunna turn anyway, No amount of pain, Will distract me from greater days, What needs to be done, Will simply be done, What needs to be gone, Will simply be gone.”
Come out to Chandler and hang est some crawfish while being serenaded by the likes of us!! #wadesplace #livemusic #chandlertx #etxmusic
Getting to the point where I can calm down enough to get that smolder going is a big of a process... thank you @amanda.henninger for your patience. 🤣🤣🤣 #throwyourheadback #thatswhatshesaid #neveradullmoment . . . . . . #musician #photoshoot #bloopers #stillfun #sillygirl #neverserious #itried #sogoofy #guitar #bedellguitars #singersongwriter #easttexasmusicians #etxmusic #guitarplayers #citystreets #brickroad
So very blessed to have an amazing circle of friends, loved ones and supporters. Music is such an enormous part of who I am. Also being a photographer, I’m picky about what I like. @amanda.henninger @ @alittlebitofjoyphotography seriously outdid herself. Prepare to be spammed. #sorrynotsorry #singersongwriter #easttexasphotographer . . . . #singer #musician #guitar #texas #texasmusic #livemusic #newpics #beautiful #writer #performer #entertainer #sing #create #creatives #bloomwhereyouareplanted #nevertoolate #dreambig #dontquit #staycommitted #believeinyourself #workhard #etxmusic
“You only think you an OG, You let that pride get in your way, If you don’t go for what you want, Then you will never succeed, Then you never know the real sacrifice, For we all choose, Why would you make the wrong move? Oh bitch, then you must be really stupid after all.....” 🖤💖🖤💖💋💋💋
“Sometimes goodbye is a second chance...”
Lyrics: “Some people’s loyalty to you will change based on their need of you, Never have I had a truer statement , Takes me back to when I drove thru a tornado for you, I lost a track over you, Almost lost my apartment, Over you... But you took a risk with me, At my very worst, For some dumb reason, You’re not sure you could believe in me, Well.... you could never be mine I’m sure , You read me like perfect picture, And it was the very best I ever wanted, Maybe no one else was psychotic enough, maybe no one else was fearless enough, Am I forever meant to be alone... Wandering, with no sense of self, What happened to my confidence, I don’t know why, everybody discounts me, I show up unannounced, The baddest, never show off, No we keep quiet, You don’t know what you got until ya gone.... I watched you die, I buried you way too young, .....I miss you mom..... I am all alone in this world.... People come and go.... all I have is God.... I am not the lion, not the wolf, not even a feeble sheep, No, no ......I am .....a killer whale .... I have always been the outcast.... but I find happiness in my peaceful solitude ....
One day .... I’ll be there again... 💖💖💖#femalemusicartist
Had a wonderful time performing at the East Texas State Fair with K2 PERCUSSION over the weekend! See yal next year 😉✌🏻 Photos by Denton's Photography by Darius Denton #highwaywomen #texashighwaywomen #singer #songwriter #tcma #statefair #fair #easttexasstatefair #easttexas #etxmusic #tylertexas #music #live #performance #show
Lyrics: “Slow down its a science, It’s been waiting to bring you down, Snake eye, with the slight smile, They can hold you, Leopards lay at ease , On plush pillows, Slow down. Now what will it be? Wanna play cheap, says the sloth, Take your throne, from the ashes they rise,....to my brother , I miss you ...”
I am so excited about doing the country sides of my album. It will be of country/pop/rock. Here’s a sneak peek of my song Turn It Up that will be on my upcoming album also titled Turn It Up. Release date TBA soon. I have decided to go ahead and give a preview since this will also be used and released soon along with myself for the visit the city of Tyler, Texas promo video commercial very soon. I am thinking about going ahead and releasing this as a single even though it will also be on the album, as a teaser to get everyone pumped for this album!! HeatherHarperMusic.com #highwaywomen #texashighwaywomen #wearehighwaywomen #music #songwriter #turnitup #newalbum #country #tcma #etxmusic
#Repost @heathernikoleharper Really excited about this weekends show schedule. Check it out! 👇🏻 HeatherHarperMusic.com *Friday 9/28 - Yamato Tyler 8pm *Saturday 9/29 - East Texas State Fair in Tyler 5pm *Saturday 9/29 - The Grove - Tyler w/Lee Mathis Music 10pm *Sunday 9/30 - YesterLand Farm in Canton 1pm @easttexasstatefair @yamatotyler @thegrovetyler @yesterlandfarm #highwaywomen #texashighwaywomen #tcma #etxmusic #texas #statefair #music #songwriter #singer
Really excited about this weekends show schedule. Check it out! 👇🏻 HeatherHarperMusic.com *Friday 9/28 - Yamato Tyler 8pm *Saturday 9/29 - East Texas State Fair in Tyler 5pm *Saturday 9/29 - The Grove - Tyler w/Lee Mathis Music 10pm *Sunday 9/30 - YesterLand Farm in Canton 1pm @easttexasstatefair @yamatotyler @thegrovetyler @yesterlandfarm #highwaywomen #texashighwaywomen #tcma #etxmusic #texas #statefair #music #songwriter #singer
“Party of (1)! Ok, sorry that’s a lie , party of (3) it is!!!! Me myself and I beeotch!!!! 💖💖💖🎀🎀🎀🎀🌺🌺🌺
Lyrics: “Nobody ever said this would be easy, nobody actually even said it was possible, But impossible is nothing, I never knew I had it in me, I still remember when I knew nothing , When couldn’t complain, When I wasn’t free, When I was chained to a destiny that was not mine, When I told no one, When I split off, I remember , That’s what makes me an anomaly, She was not me, I was not her, We are like ying and yang, I stared into the pits of hell, the devil himself tormented me, And the death itself, I woke from a living nightmare, She and Me, we talked for 3 days straight, Broken hearts never heal.... they bleed on.....”
Lyrics: “Madness overcame the loneliness, Insecurities drove delusions, You can’t go buy what I supply, I’m the only supplier also, I’m stay icy, and I pray for more snow, This isn’t a game, this isn’t for show I am tormented and tortured Praying for God to deliver my soul It’s a big world, and it’s only getting smaller, I miss the days, when I lived in isolation, You know that does something to a person , The devil stole my dreams. But can never take me, I am the Red Scorpion, Tormented and alone, I learned how to survive ... No cancel that , I fucking learned how to thrive 🎶”
New instrumental up on YouTube https://youtu.be/pJAuVHaDEZA #femalemusicproducers #melinarose #newbeats #newmusic
“I am not the type of person who is loved. No, I am the type of person who is unloveable. I can wish, .....but I know better.”
Lyrics: “I was not her, and she was not me, We only met in the sweet escape, That madness of no return, For my soul was simply taken, I watched the devil himself speak to me, And I tricked him and got away... I fooled the Devil himself, I , I am the one who got away... Thank you Jesus for mother fucking saving me on my own deathbed, from an eternity of no return. I love you, but if I walk alone, I do. In my own madness , I chose to be more than I could think. I chose to be free, I chose to be all that I could be. Now I see the darkness within you, And it doesn’t scare me even still, No, I am only saddened for you... That you won’t choose to break free... I need someone as strong as me.... Who would be brave , for a Queen, like me 👑 ?”
“Your reputation doesn’t mean shit. Hate to break it to you, But everything can be broken. And everything can be fixed. Reputation is the illusion of the amount of energy you possess at any given moment.” #femalemusicians #dallasmodeling #selflove #youtubers #femalemusicproducers #femalemusicians #musicians #etxmusic #musicproducers #melinarose #dallasmusicscene
A little fun and mischief with Jason Misenheimer at Stretford at the Cascades last night. Fancy wine party. We so cool. 💁🏼‍♀️ #etxmusic #livemusic #musicians #performers #entertainers #alwaysagoodtime
I don’t understand who I am. But that’s ok. Because through God, all things are possible, and the truth, always shows in the end. All I have to do is be patient. No matter how hard it is to trust the process, no matter how badly I might hurt today, or how great others moments might be.... Whatever :/ .... lmao
Friday night!! Green Goat Winery, 6-8pm. #livemusic #singersongwriter #etxmusic #greengoat #winery
THANK YOU!❤️ • Last night I went to the @etxmusic awards show and was honored and humbled to receive the award for Songwriter of The Year! I am so excited about this and want to thank y’all! Because of your support and your votes I was able to bring this award home with me last night, so from the bottom of my heart thank you. • Really truly, I am so thankful that The Lord has given me this opportunity to chase these neon rainbows and do what I do. He has given me an amazing husband who supports and loves me while I’m running the roads and singing me songs. And again, I’m so thankful for each of you for believing in me as I try and run down this dream! • This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the future! It’s time to get back to work and live up to this honor. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without your support. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. • Let’s rock n roll! • • • #songwriteroftheyear #songwriter #singer #countrymusic #etx #etxmusic #texascountrymusic #texasmusic #texasgirl #thankyou #award #redcarpet #humbled #chasinneonrainbows #roadwarrior #gignforalivin #music #countrymusic #blonde #texashighwaywomen #texas #insideoutmanagement #letsgo #gettowork #onstage
Tonight (Monday) is the night! Come out the Gilmer Civic Center for the eighth annual East Texas Music Awards! etxmusic.com #etxmusicawards #etxmusic #easttexas #easttexasmusicawards #etxrocks
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