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This is for someone. They say little drops of water 💧 fills the bucket with time. No waste remains little if allowed to continue for a long time. A little waste here and a little waste there adds up to a big waste in the book. Everything boils down to money. What or who is it that is causing wastage ? What are you doing to stop this? #biqnetwork #eliminatewaste #qualitystrategist #nigeriansmes
Are you wondering how this 👆🏽 could be possible folks? I will show you. Good morning. Another Saturday for a good rest, a party, an outing etc for some it’s the last Saturday with the little ones before school resumes. Have all the fun.💚 As you plan to resume business fully, here are a few ways you may have been unknowingly encouraging your customers to seek better products and services elsewhere: 1. You are not backing up your good customer service with quality product and vice versa 2. You are not delivering generally as promised 3. You are not aware that your high paying customers appreciate after-sales support and so you don’t see the need to render such 4. You are desperate, you want to produce more with less and make more profits 5. You don’t really have the time to put into creating a quality product so you rush/shorten production time. 6. You have refused to upgrade yourself; knowledge wise and technologically where applicable. 7. You have trusted your employees more than you should 8. You have not given your staff adequate training. 9. You don’t meet deadlines. 10. You are overbooked and understaffed. 11. You don’t understand your clients’ preferences. Too many misinterpretations 12. You take the grace of God over your life for granted. Etc etc Maybe your own is not listed here, repent and take a bold step to do the needful. There is a page I take daily tips for good customer services. @bentoriacompany does a good job on this. You can find them useful too. PLAN • EXECUTE • GROW • IMPROVE #biqnetwork #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #sustainability #nigeriansmes #serviceexcellence #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
Gotta find ways to get up high even when I can’t fly... this is Landmark 81, it was completed this year and is the tallest building in Southeast Asia, for now.
Are you ready for the shift? Good morning fam, do you know that people are getting more aware of the availability of excellence? Recently, social media business is helping to make available many options for buyers and investors. Options are becoming more visible and will even get better in 2019 are you aware? How are you going to do things better this year so you stand a chance of being the most preferred many times? There is no more time for procrastination. Spend January planning your improvement journey for the months ahead and sit back and watch your quality game change like film trick. All of these with 0 cost of implementation. Services are available in my bio. IMAGINE • BUILD • GROW • IMPROVE #biqnetwork #improvement #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #sustainability #nigeriansmes #serviceexcellence #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
Fensterputzen, trittfest. Riskless window cleaning. #hamburgcity #alwayslookup in #brandstwiete
Let no body rush you. Need time to nurture, groom etc? Take all the time. We will wait. For the world waits in eager expectation for the manifestation of the sons of God. Romans 8:19. Do not let no body put pressure on you.💚 #biqnetwork #inspirationthurday #hustlersquare #naijabrandchick
Single shot>> Nikon D90 + fisheye lens>> LR correction!!
As an Entrepreneur, starting a business and putting yourself out there and taking on all the risks associated with launching a startup isn’t easy. There are so many things to think about and decisions to make; the pressure can cause you to make a poor decision that can hurt your potential for success, or at least set you back. That is why I have gathered an inexhaustible list of common errors curated from successful businesses that started out like yours and doing very well today. These are mistakes you are most likely to make or already making that you need to start avoiding now. I know you do not have so much time to throw around, that is why I made them in 18 consumable points in my bio. Enjoy! IMAGINE • INNOVATE • GROW • IMPROVE #biqnetwork #plantosucceed #intentionalceo
What type of product do you send to the market? Are you truly proud of it? If you are not, start looking for how to change things. No one will help you bring your lit game on, except you! Do what you gat to do...yes start doing this before you get busy with other things in the course of year. Growth is constant. #biqnetwork
Schöne Architektur im Flur! Zu Gast bei Google Hamburg (SWIPE!😀)
Are you in this 👆🏽category? Do you want a game changer this new business year? do you have quality improvement goals but do not know how to achieve them? Or maybe you know you want to improve your product quality (not referring to branding or packaging now ) but you don’t know how to start? Then why not join the moving quality boosters train and let me help you achieve your quality improvement goals ASAP! You can either choose a one off purchase for the easy guide, an 8 weeks one off purchase or a 3 months subscription. Now if you are going with the 8 weeks options or the 3 months option, I get to do the following with you; 1. guide you in setting your quality improvement short term goals if you do not have one already, 2. Guide you on the implementation of each goal during this period and finally, 3. help you assess your achievement rate at the end of the end of program. To purchase, click the short link in my bio and choose your preferred option. It’s going to be empowering. Program start date is 18th of January, 2019 For Jan-March 2019 QIS (quality improvement subscribers), I hope to take on a specific number of businesses for an effective exercise so slots are limited please. This means it will be on a first come first serve basis as spill overs will be booked for the next session. Thank you for your understanding 🙏🏽 I can’t wait to welcome our first set of online subscribers. I offer both online and on site services. For further enquiries, call Chayilanne on 09056009240. INNOVATE• GROW• IMPROVE #biqnetwork #businessgrowthstrategy #qualityimprovement #qualityproductsmaker #sustainability #qualitystrategy #madeinnigeria
Checking another must shoot place off the list in Kyoto, where unsurprisingly the people were as numerous as the shrines. Just a reminder that serene pictures do not equal serene places... and just because a bunch of people are there with you doesn’t make a sight any less breathtaking (ok maybe a little).
You all made 2018 a very good year for biqnetwork. I launched out in fear and you guys took me seriously😍. Thank you!💚 A chapter is closing tonight for another to open. 2019 in a bit! I am crossing over in church, where are you crossing over?😊 #2019inabit #crossovernight #2019crossover #awesomeGod #happynewyear #grateful #awesomeGod
Absolute towers
📷 The effect of FISHEYE lens!! Correction in LR!!
2019 will be lit! I have been working on this for so long🙌🏽👌🏼 but for some reason, I couldn’t make it available earlier than now due to how occupied we had been at the factory but I am glad it’s up now. This had been tried and tested. It’s weekend and maybe a good time to read. Find out the little and big things we sweep under the carpet. Don’t let me spill everything here. Please check the link in my bio and grab yours for a little token. Cheers to #VALUE , #EXCELLENCE , #KNOWLEDGE , #SUCCESS and #GROWTH You ROCK! ———————- #startups #pitfallstoavoid #mistakestoavoid #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #sustainability #nigeriansmes #serviceexcellence #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
😎😎had a bit of fun in London with my Nikon D750 follow >>>> @reteghivictor Where?>>Winterwonderland When?>> last week How?>> Shot with my Nikon 20 mm f2.8
everyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of big cities, but I guess even they offer nice views and perspectives from time to time
had a bit of fun in London with my Nikon D750 follow >>>> reteghivictor Where?>>Winterwonderland When?>> last week How?>> Shot with my Nikon 20 mm f2.8
Good morning fam, Having come to the concluding part of 2018, can you tell us ways you improved your business (or a section of it) during the last months? Now let’s reflect intentionally. Pull out your business planner and do this exercise. 1. Did you identify any challenge area in your business you that required improvement? What was the challenge and in what area? That is, what needed to be addressed or fixed? 2. How did you fix it? 3. Was there a strategy to help you and your team achieve this? 4. What strategy did you adopt? 5. Having implemented, did you succeed? 6. If no, have you re-strategized or dumped it the idea? 7. If yes, congratulations! Have you documented your strategy for future reference? You should! Do not be in a hurry to discard an improvement plan maybe cos it didn’t work out for any reason, instead create a team to see to it that the right steps are taken with no room for discouragements. You can change your strategy, adjust it until it best suits the situation. Improvement is a constant thing in any business, so you are not alone. Save your answers and use it to market your business. Tell you customers you have improved in so so and so, we want to serve you better. And let it show! Actions they say speaks louder than words! #biqnetwork #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #sustainability #nigeriansmes #serviceexcellence #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
I always manage to find the color...
Blockplay. . Saw this building on Instagram once upon a time and thought “damn that’s cool.” So of course I had to see it when I went to Tokyo... and it was even more awesome in person. So Instagram isn’t always the worst thing ever, right?
Spent some time recently in SoCal with an amazing group of people and visited @janineanarvaez ’s alma mater. Hands down the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen. ⛪️
Excellent waterproof, anti-oil, anti-dust structure design. Supports wall hanging function. Visit and Contact us! HOIN HOP – E801 USB / Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer $85.44 10 in stock Quantity http://www.giftsandjewels.com/product/hoin-hop-e801-usb-bluetooth-thermal-receipt-printer/ #HOINHOP #E801USB #Bluetooth #Thermal #ReceiptPrinter #onlineshopping #onlineselling #online #shop #gift #perfect #waterproof #antioil #antidust #design #printer #efficiency #fastprinter #aesthetic #excellentstructure #maintenance #lowpowerconsumption #lowcost #greatfinds #amazing #awesome #hugecompatability #accessories #gadgets #digital
Last one from Austin, until next time ✌🏼. - - Sony a7rii 24-105mm f4 G OSS
I didn’t move to Austin. - - Sony a7rii 24-105mm f4 G OSS
Important things happen here...I think. - - Sony a7rii 24-105mm f4 G OSS
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