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W I E N 🇦🇹 | September 2018 #vienna #austria
It is five minutes to 2019 and about time, that I visit Sevilla, which @lonelyplanet calls the Best City to visit in 2018. One of the reasons is Metropol Parasol (on the photo) also called ‘the mushroom’. And then I can also try the New direct flight from CPH to Seville with @ryanair - - - #ig_sevilla #ig_sevilla_ #metropolparasol #seville #estaes_sevilla #loves_sevilla #ok_sevilla #total_sevilla #be_one_architecture #ig_spain_andalucia #igersspain #excellentstructure #ryanair #viveandalucia #visitspain #total_arquitectura #estaes_andalucia #loves_andalucia #total_andalucia #visitspain #lonelyplanet #total_arquitectura #visitspain #ig_spain_andalucia #be_one_spain #igersspain #rejser #rejseinspiration #spain_greatshots
This is a continuation from part 1, I had to post the part 2 now, right after the Part 1, before I get swamped with work at the factory. 5. Communicate expectations: Research has shown that to achieve better quality from employees, corresponding expectations must be communicated beforehand. Take note of the beforehand. Did you know, at Toyota, “each member is responsible for the quality of his or her work and aims never to pass on poor quality to the next stage”. 6. Provide regular feedback: If employees do not know the areas of improvement then they will continue with the wrong procedures which will trigger a decline in quality. “Providing regular feedback makes them aware of the scope of improvement”. Do not hoard praises and improvement feedbacks. 7. Appreciate and reward performers: Good performers in an organization should be motivated by giving them suitable rewards or benefits. This will not only motivate them to continue performing well but also will encourage others to do the same. We wish for every member of the team to be a performer, however sometimes, others may outperform others so here is an opportunity to reward the best performance. It’s important to know that you need a highly motivated team and is committed to delivering quality. Have a great business day. #biqnetwork
This is one of the many questions I get from #entrepreneurs with growing businesses. You are the one who has the vision and you want them to see it too and most importantly implement it too. Here are a few tips and learnings from Toyota on how you can accomplish this. ———— 1. Initiate it: of course by now assumption does not benefit so it should be out of the way, initiate it. #Communicate it clearly, no reservations and ambiguity. 2. Identify what quality principles and procedure your production or service is based on, the incorporate it with learning. “Toyota has achieved a reputation for the production of very high quality vehicles in all countries around the world. This has been achieved by an approach to #qualitycontrol and #qualityassurance , which is unique to Toyota and has been developed over many years” #toyotauk 3. Involve employees: they are the hands and brains of your company, #encourage them to be creative and incorporate #teamspirit . “To achieve #totalquality control Toyota #Manufacturing UK involves each and every member to ensure that only the best work is passed on to the next process”. 4. Be #customer -centred: your ultimate goal in business is to gain acceptance by customers and build a long term relationship with them. Customer needs are at the center of every #production activities carried out at Toyota. (To be continued) I will add, #beintentional . #biqnetwork
My view from the #BurjKhalifa 1,821 feet above... #TheDubaiExperience
Made it to to #Top of the #Tallest building in the World. #TheDubaiExperience
Good morning y’all. As promised, here is a recap on the A to Z of quality improvement for entrepreneurs. Did you miss any? Enjoy!👩🏼‍💻☕ ——— •A-agility: an agile business can adapt to changes, we know the business environment is ever changing, internal and external impacts could cause these changes. An agile is one business who seeks improvement continually. Is your business agile? • B-Big Q and small q: The big Q is used to different an improvement or business transformation steps that involved the whole org. thats at macro level, could be transformation related to information technology like installing computers and wiring the across departments. This is migration from analog to digital. Small q indicates that the changes are occuring in smaller units like departments and teams. The post on this carries other examples. • C-cascading: as an entrepreneur who aims at delivering the best, what form of communication do you use to pass vital quality improvement journey information to your staff? • D-dependability: it is a plus when a customer thinks of your product or service as dependable. No mago mago moves for a business that wants to stay winning or has come to win. Are you dependable? • E-eight waste: there are 8 standard wastes that could be present in a manufacturing layout or process, eliminating them is the beginning of your growing a global standard.(see post on this for explanations). • F-force field analysis: measure your driving forces (see post on how to use this tool) to equip your decision-making. • G-gap analysis: what do I need to get to where I want to be both as a business and individual? Are you filling that gap? • H-hazard identification: are you taking the safety of your work environment seriously? After identification hazardous factors, do you actively work to eliminate them? • I-internal failure: no marketing classes will help you if the internal system of your business is bad. What you you need is restructuring, its always good to know where we stand so that we do not use the wrong weapon at war✅ J-just-in-time manufacturing: This is helpful for new startups with little capital. JiT take pressure off you. ———- K-Z will be featured next.
in TV land there is saying...stay in Frame...I did just that #LargestPictureFrame #TheDubaiExperience
C R O W D E D | September 2018 #budapest #szechenyibaths
Hello Fam, hows your day going? So if you have been following our posts on the A to Z of quality improvements you would agree that there is so much to know about producing and rendering quality services. We have made it to the letter Z!🙌🏽 please to catch up, see previous posts. —— In one my previous posts I did mention benefits of quality improvements. Now here is one ☝, fewer to zero defects, as in, it means you can travel on a vacation or baevacation and NO alarm whatsoever because your workers have been shown the way to do it -the defect-free way! ( no error) and production process has experienced several redefinition and recalibration to produce what it sets out to and at the quality it should. Little to no waste whatsoever! Yes, its very possible. Continuous quality improvement is the only way a small business can grow and compete with large sized ones in the industry! Quote me anywhere. Don’t dull yourself and bank account. Improve! Be committed to it. I will put a recap of A to Z of quality soon, be on the look out. We all love quality things😁 so lets encourage our local/naija producers to produce right. ————- #biqnetwork
If you are a mountain climber you will understand the power of the little steps taken in the direction of the mountain ⛰ top. Really, it is usually a step at a time until you arrive at the top. ——— I want you to see your business improvements journey as though you are climbing a mountain. It will seem impossible at first especially if all you see is the work involved and not the benefits (which I will cover in my next post). Same applies to any new feat or goal you aim to achieve. Push until you get it. ———- • • • #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #sustainability #nigeriansmes #serviceexcellence #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
A new business week comes with much anticipation for all, today is not an exception. Your anticipated growth may lie in the your ability to improve service or product quality or both. See how 👇🏽 1. Make a commitment. Set out to give your best at every time. It definitely requires a conscious effort. 2. Track mistakes during design, production and post-production. Don’t assume everything is fine or procrastinate fixing a faulty process. Create correction plans and stick with with it till it’s done. 3. Training: this one is key, even a skilled worker can be nonchalant sometimes. So you need to make them understand that they ought to always comply with your quality plans. 4. Organize quality circles: create an in-house team to oversea that every product is of the required standard. Correction plans and changes are effected. 5.Talk politely with your employees and clients to identify what areas they would like to see improvements. Tricky but very vitals. Be very polite and ready to adjust. 6. Frequently compare your product with your competitors and find out where you are winning and where you are losing. 7. Carefully seek out for technical/social developments opportunities that could useful to you and your products. 8. Be positive. Whatever is worth doing is worth well. Small you will get there as long as you are willing and doing. ———— Your product will attract the kind of customers you want it to attract first, then more so does your service. ———— • • • #biqnetwork #qualitystrategy #serviceexcellence #qualitycontrol #sustainability #businesstips #mondaybiztips
BY FAR the most amazing train station interior! 🛤
A building and a 🚗!!! In Paddington London
H I G H up to the S K Y🏢🏢
Do you know a company that was in business since you were 5yrs? and today you are 20+, 30+, 40+ and they are still selling? 😁 The truth is their product is quality and they are practicing business sustainability measures.🙌🏽 What’s your long term business plan? Is it failure-proof? What are you putting in place to achieve this? 🧐 Generational business are a very good source of inspiration and they always serve as examples for the startups. Generational business also help sustain the economy. ———— Have a pleasant Tuesday ☀️ • • #biqnetwork
Lines& lines& lines🏢🏢🏢
Wishing a beautiful week ——- 📸: dalbit_flowershop • #biqnetwork
Iphone 6s+ Snapseed= building in Paddington! ❤️❤️❤️
Novotel hotel in Paddington London> second pic@is a huge panorama processed in Snapseed
A hidden car in Paddington!! 🚙 🏡
Up to the sky!!!🌎 Buildings of LondonUK
Architecture and fashion /like the traditional Spanish dress 💃🏻#dots & #curves #curvesaresexy #zarashop #London #oxfordstreet
Monster building 🏢🏢🏢🏢
➡️➡️ swipe. 🇺🇸 embassy in London
The weekend is here, who is doing or planning to do a thorough cleaning out of their workspaces, workshop, factories and warehouses? Some of you need to plan towards it because of the work that is involved. The year is gradually coming to an end, stop procrastinating😁 we know its long over due. 🙄 —————- • • • #biqnetwork #workplacecleaning #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #nigeriansmes #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
This 👆🏽up here is very important. In the short term, it may be profitable to shorten a production time but not in the long term. With shortened delivery time, clients may troop in but alteration in quality or poor quality will soon turn them off. Be sure to maintain standard. Your ability to do this is what makes you a Superman or Superwoman. They say, anything worth doing is worth doing well. Do not compromise with quality. —————- Quality production is a choice. 💯🙌🏽 —————- • • • • • • • • • • • • • #biqnetwork #qualityresult #qualitystrategy #nigeriansmes #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
I dont know but very high 🏢🏢🏢
Quality is always in vogue Excellence is always in demand. Build your structure around these and you will always be in vogue and in demand. #beintentional ————- Good morning Quality leaders. ————- • • • • #biqnetwork #qualityresult #buildingstructures #nigeriansmes #africanbusinessss #growandimprove #intentionalceo #entrepreneurforum #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #madeinnigeriang #africanleaders #africanbusinesses #TQM #excellentstructure #businessgrowthstrategy
Before and after!! ➡️➡️ SWIPE Edit in Snapseed! Its incredible what you can do these days with a smartphone!!!🏢🏢🏢
Straightl lines is what i like the most, after food of course!!❤️❤️
Dubai London version🏢🏢🏢
#tbt ...As a lifelong student of #architecture , #art and #interiordesign , I've always had a love affair with ceilings and #rooftops . This red roof was captured near my former design studio in quaint, seaside, historic #Speightstown , Barbados, a sister-town to #Charleston . Settled around 1630, many of the original structures have withstood hurricanes and stand the test of time.😍 (From my Historic Buildings series) @julbeartinteriors @julbeartgardens . . . . . . #artist #photographer #interiordesigner #architecturelovers #architects #architectural #architecture_lovers #fineart_architecture #dormers #excellentstructure #architecture_details #dormers #gable #design #roofs #redroof #historicalarchitecture #historicarchitecture #historypreserved #historicpreservation #Barbados #historicbuildings #design #JulBeArt #JulBeArtInteriors
Architecture is the thoughtful making of a space -Louis Kahn
There is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses
G O I N G P L A C E S🚶🏻‍♀️| #vienna
A peek through one of the battlements of the Castelvecchio Red Brick Arch Bridge in Verona, Italy, on the River Adige, a couple of months ago. . The bridge was built in 1354. Australia was still 400 years off being discovered at that time! . We all know that William Shakespeare gave Verona fame and immortality with his tale of two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet 💕and the story of their tragic love . It always takes me a while to come to grips with the age of these amazing structures in Europe. How about you? . . #gypsyat60 #travelbloggerlife #visititaly #bridge #castelvecchio #archbridge #redbrick #view 😍 #viewoftheday #veronaitaly #visitverona #riveradige #citybestpics #excellentstructure #ig_italy #romeoandjuliet #famousbridges #beautifulcity #romanticcity #archbridge #smallgrouptours #backroadstouring #babyboomer #coupleswhotravel #emptynester www.gypsyat60.
It’s difficult to believe that only 6 weeks ago we were wandering along the Arno River in Florence admiring Pont Vecchio, the famous old medieval stone arch bridge. . Well… this photo isn’t of Pont Vecchio - its the next one downstream! The reflections were better in this photo because just as I was about to press the button on Pont V a small boat went past and created lots of ripples. Grrrr! . I think I have to agree with the masses that say Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. (A big call I realise). Maybe it’s because it’s the home of Michelangelo’s David? For whatever reason, Florence should be on everyone’s wish list. . Your turn - what your favourite city visited so far? Is it your own backyard or over the water in another land? . . #gypsyat60 #travelbloggerlife #visititaly #bridge #florence #pontvecchio #arnoriver #citybestpics #excellentstructure #ig_italy #famousbridges #tuscany #reflectionshot #visitflorence #florenceitaly #michelangelo #beautifulcity #archbridge #medieval #smallgrouptours #backroadstouring #babyboomer #coupleswhotravel #emptynester www.gypsyat60.
Oh my beautiful blues 😍 I remember I was too excited for this litter to drop because I know what King and Venus can produce and combining the two has brought us a glorious litter. Every single one is perfection. This outstanding blue female is available now. Ready to show off her crop and that beautifully structured body covered by that desired blue coat #nitedfamilykennels #bluexlfemalebullypup #purebred #ukcpapered #xlfemalebully #bluebully #blueandwhite #kingandvenus #doinitright #producingtopquality #xlbullies #americanpitbulls #puppies #perfection #shesgotitall #excellentstructure #beautifullybuilt #itsinthebloodlines #shesavailablenow #canyoubelieveit #azdesertdogs #familydogs
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