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Our accredited exercise physiologists can design a fun and effective exercise program for your kids. . Get them active and set them up for a healthy life. . Plus, private health rebates are available. . #exerciseright_aus #exerciserightweek2018 #peakhealthcentre #greenvalley #ESSA #exerciseismedicine #motivationtomove #kidfit #activekids #children #obesity #overweight #preventionisbetterthancure #prevention
Our emotional and #physicalhealth are interrelated.. #Healthyhabits are essential for #healthylife https://healthylife.werindia.com/body-and-mind/healthy-habits-healthy-life #HealthyLiving #healthylifestyle #healthupdates #Exercise #exerciseismedicine #bodyandmind #WeRIndia Body and mind play an important role in making #HealthyYou
Exercise Right Week rolls on, and today our focus is on diabetes. Having an understanding of a person’s metabolic health is paramount in prescribing an exercise program, as blood sugar levels can impact significantly on the timing, intensity and duration that is appropriate for each person. This is particularly important in Type 1 Diabetes as the body has to cope with fluctuations over the course of the day, depending on insulin administration, diet, activity etc. However, when it’s right, exercise can have profound effects - in fact, we’ve had experiences of Type 2 Diabetics actually going into remission in undertaking and exercise program and improving their diet. In general, resistance exercise is important, as muscle helps in glucose storage and metabolism. Working the large muscle groups on 2-3 days per week is a priority, in addition to good bouts of cardio. On top of improvements in blood glucose control, clients often also experience improvements in body composition, mood and functional strength. All points towards reduced cardiometabolic risk and quality of life! #exerciserightweek2018 #exercisephysiology #exercisephysiologists #exerciseismedicine #diabetes #diabetesawareness #diabetestype2 #neutralbay #mosman #cremorne #northsydney #northshore #health #wellness #essa
Exercise right week 2018. What’s your motivation to move? I have been sick with a cold the last 2 days and unfortunately that meant I wasn’t able to do the seminars planned for this week. They are going to occur next week though don’t worry!! #exerciseright #exerciserightweek #exercisephysiology #exerciseismedicine
Here’s a pic of me doing yoga again (sorry but not actually sorry because I love it) . . . I have always been fascinated with nutrition and wrote some stuff about it so check out the link in my bio if you want to read my newest piece #yogaeverydamnday #foodismedicine #exerciseismedicine #takecareofyourself
MOVE | Being at home all day with a toddler means I don't have too much opportunity for formal exercise / training...especially with a husband who works 12-hr days & no family close. . But just because you can't 'exercise' doesn't mean you can't 'move'. . I try to find opportunities in my day to move through play...it's not only a great way to exercise but it's also great to connect with your children, and model fun & playfulness which is our birth right! . Here's a few great play-exercises with kids: - horsey rides on hands & knees (challenge yourself to do it on your toes instead of knees!) - hanging from tree branches or swinging on monkey bars - push ups, triceps dips, planks or stretches at the park - chasing games with kids . What's your favourite play-exercise with your kids...?! . . . **please make sure you have followed a rehabilitation guideline post-birth for exercise safety 🙏🏼 . . . . #play #exercise #exercisephysiologist #exercisemotivation #exercisetherapy #exerciseismedicine #movement #moveyourbody #getactive #getoutdoors #healthyrolemodel #healthylifestyle #healthykids #mumlife #holistichealth
Time to twist and whack! So satisfying. #parkinsons #exercise #exerciseismedicine
What’s your motivation? Regular movement and physical activity is essential for optimal health and wellbeing.
Play , explore , experience. ✅Day 233/365 of my #yoga and #calisthenics journey . Fun day with new skills and challenges ! 😊If you would like to join the challenge, please post a video a day of a new movement skill or progression and tag #movementparadigm 🔶If not , I hope you enjoy being part of mine! Like my Facebook page -Dr. Arianne Missimer's Movement Paradigm #exercise #fitnation #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitness #gymmotivation #inversion #mindbodyspirit #girlstrong #fitgirl #cancersurvivor #physicaltherapist #dietitan #strongereveryday #fitnessjourney #fitness #girlsthatlift #bodyweight #fitgirls #fitspo #calisthenicsgirls #fitchick #fitnessaddict #fitfam #handstand #exerciseismedicine #strength
I reckon a muddy #rugby game is even better than a dry one. #exerciseismedicine #kidshealth #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #rainyday
Motivation to M O V E 💫 One of the most common reasons we have clients coming in is to reduce P A I N! They have tried everything and have finally decided to see an Accredited Exercise Physiologist either by referral from their GP, specialist or word of mouth. Many of clients attend because a friend, family member or work colleague comes to the clinic. Check back for our member spotlight post this afternoon for another Optimum Superstar ⭐️ #optsylvania #exerciserightweek2018 #motivationtomove #exerciseismedicine
Did you know 1 in 3 women have bathroom accidents after childbirth? #PhysioCanHelp #PhysioCanNPM #injury #recovery #pain #exerciseismedicine #prevention
I couldn't be happier with how this session with @kathyelissat went. Deadlifts with 2X24kg bells and goblet squats with a 50lb dumbbell. One thing we're working on is keeping the spine 'quiet' during the movements and a cue I'm trying out is 'let the lower ribs guide the body'. If we are thinking about pushing the hips back, there may be a tendency to anteriorly tilt the pelvis (more) which puts unnecessary tension on the lumbar spine and hip flexors which compromises your ability to achieve full hip extension at the top. It's much easier to explain if you (trainer/coach) are able to guide a rep with your hands. #raincitystretchtherapy #vancouverpersonaltraining #girlsgonestrong #exerciseismedicine #vanfitfam #weightlifting #kettlebell #squats #deadlift #weighttraining
Tonight i am doing an hour yoga class. Here are some #yoga poses that are good for #thyroid and #parathyroid . Bridge pose is done by lying on your back and bring your heals close to your rear. You can place your hands flat beside you, or as shown here, you can clasp them underneath. Then slowly raise your bottom up, keeping your neck stable. Raise up as high as is comfortable for you and hold. Try to keep your knees close together. In the second pose, try to go as vertical as you can with your back (mine isn’t a great example). Make sure to protect your neck, keep it still. . . . . #yogaposes #AnkylosingSpondylitis #aswarrior #crohns #crohnsdisease #autoimmune #spoonie #autoimmunediease #exercise #exerciseismedicine #health #healyourgut #backpain #chronicpain #invisibleillness #inflammation #chronicinflammation #arthritis #healthylifestyle #refusetofuse #healthyliving #backhealth
Caption this video and share it with your friends if I helped answer your questions👍. The Simplest Way To Reach Your Fitness Goals🔥 - Tell other people you care about what you're trying to achieve. - Let them know that you're taking the steps to live a longer and healthier life. - Put a note on the refrigerator if you have to. - Make sure you're keeping track of your progress by writing down the details of your workouts💪. - To ensure you are moving forward➡. - I didn't start making any real progress until I starting writing down all of my fitness goals. - This kept me focused and accountable for my progress😀. - Follow me @andreissuave for more tips on fitness, performance, and motivation. - Check me out on my other social media accounts to always stay updated with fresh new content:) - YouTube: Jawann Fitness Facebook: Andre Brown
10,000 STEPS A DAY IN MAY STILL GOING! We are fundraising for Gynae Cancer research, we know how fantastic exercise is as a medicine for cancer, but not enough research has been done for the gynaecological cancers, including ovarian, cervical, uterine, vulvar and others. Please sponsor our Pear Ex Phys team via the link in our bio - we really appreciate your support! #exerciseismedicine #gynaecancer
Post leg and ab workout!! - I did a 1/2 mile run as a warm up, I hardly ever do cardio but I’m wanting to get a little leaner so I’ve incorporating a little bit into each workout recently. LEGS: • Back squats - 8 reps; 4 sets • Curtsy Lunges - 10 reps each leg; 3 sets • Romanian deadlifts - 10 reps; 3 sets • 7,7,7 Goblet squats - 3 sets ABS: • V- sits: 12 reps • flutter kicks: 15 seconds • scissor kicks: 15 seconds • hollow hold: until failure • ab roll out w/ exercise ball: 12 reps. *REPEAT 3x*
This week is all about finding your motivation to move more! Walking is the lowest cost exercise form available, and can easily be incorporated in to your day to day life. Ideally walk continuously for 15-30 minutes daily at a pace which makes you slightly short of breath. If this isn’t possible try these ideas: - get off the tram a stop earlier and walk the extra block - organise a walking work meeting - try walking to a coffee shop further down the road - walk whilst talking on the phone - instead of meeting friends at a cafe to catch up, grab a takeaway coffee then walk and talk - walk to the local shops for your newspaper and milk rather than driving - park at the back of the car park and walk the extra distance to the shopping centre @exerciseright_aus #walking #walk #exerciseismedicine #exercisephysiologist #exercisephysiology #melbourne #morningtonpeninsula #fitness #corporatehealth #exercise #walkingmeeting
If you experience chronic pain, have you considered gentle exercise and stretching as a form of relief? . Our Exercise Physiologists regularly consult with our Osteopaths and Myotherapists to develop the best, comprehensive treatment plan we can. From acute relief to ongoing management, we have a holistic approach that means you can get your care all in the one place.
"A symbol of hope and friendship, an eternal expression of the hospitality of a nation that warmly welcomes the people of the world with open arms every day." . . . . . . . . . #inukshuk #myhood #gratitude #hiketoronto #active #getoutside #fitwithkids #exerciseismedicine
💥Tight hamstrings? 💥Try this stretch!🙌🏼 There are 3 muscles that make up the hamstrings – biceps femoris (long and short heads), semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. The hamstrings are found on the backside of your thigh, and function for: knee flexion (bending), hip extension, and lateral & medial rotation with a flexed knee. Swipe right👉🏼 to see the video of to✅ (and how not to🚫) do this stretch!! . 📋Instructions: ✅Place your foot up on a bench/chair/elevated surface. ✅Bring one ‘toes towards your nose’ and keep you leg straight ✅Keep your back straight and lean forward ✅Hold for at least 30 seconds 🔍Just like all stretches, this should never be painful, only uncomfortable! . What’s your favourite hamstring stretch? Comment below 👇 . 📸 @kms_health . #amandathephysio #thephysiogirls #hamstrings #stretch #physiotherapy #exerciseismedicine
EXERCISE AND PERSISTENT PAIN Often when we experience chronic pain we avoid activity in an attempt to not cause pain flare ups. Although, science shows that exercise and movement is one of the best things you can do for persistant pain. Research has shown that exercise can and does reverse the downward spiral of deconditioning and worsened pain, this gradually over time results in individuals not being able to perform the activities they previously enjoyed. Remember that you should always start slow, especially if performing movements for the first time or your not aware of the correct movement patterns. Mobility is also of great importance to make sure the muscles used are not getting too tight, especially after prolonged exercise. As always, we are here to help in whatever way possible. Email: admin@nichehealthandrehab.com.au Phone: 0412 591 473 Book an appointment: https://www.healthkit.com/profile/niche-health-and-rehabilitation/location/314399
Makes me happy :: after a marathon day attending to my mom who’s in hospital in Sacramento [broken tailbone and a fractured vertebrae!] I got home late last night and woke up exhausted. But I knew the work I do would make me feel better, and it did. Proud. #exerciseismedicine #getactive #personaltrainer #training #movement #mentalhealthbreak #doyouevenlift
Everyone meet the Rocky’s ohh and @dudgo24 ! Initial consultations don’t always have to be in the office! Vitamin D is great for the body and the brain! Andrew is coming out the other side of stage 4 brain cancer and is ready to get fit and strong again with @valerehealth 💪💪
Interesting little article in the West this morning.. Exercise is the key!! But we already knew that 😉💪😎 #exercise #goodhealth #mentalhealthawareness #qualityoflife
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin important for bone growth and remodeling, cell growth, immune function, and management of inflammation. There are two major forms: D3 and D2. — 🐟Vitamin D is surprisingly uncommon in foods. But moderate to high levels of D3 can be found in animal products like fatty fish (things like salmon, herrings, and sardines) and egg yolks. Vitamin D2 can be found in mushrooms. — 🥛Because of the lack of wide spread vitamin D, many foods such as milk and oatmeal are fortified with vitamin D. — ☀️Fun fact: vitamin D doesn’t actually come from the sun. UV light converts a precursor molecule in the skin to vitamin D3. — 🤷🏻‍♂️The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin D is 600 IU for ages 1-70 and 800 IU for those 70 year and older. It can be tough to consume this much via diet and sunshine, which is why many choose to supplement. . . . . . #vitamind #thed #eatfish #eggyolk #oatmeal #sunshine 🌞 #mushrooms #functionalmedicine #familymedicine #integrativemedicine #nutritioniskey #foodismedicine #exerciseismedicine #docswholift #eatwholefoods #wholefood #fitdoc #cltfitlife #cltfitness #medicine
🌤 typical Monterey weather
Stop by our Paradise Premium location today for your FREE Fitness Assessment and welcome to Tumon, NASM Certified Personal Trainer Ali Equi. #CERTIFIED #PERSONALTRAINER #CHANGINGLIVES #GETFITGUAM #EXERCISEISMEDICINE #TUMON #PARADISEFITNESS #PARADISEPREMIUM #SINCE96
Truth!!! Do your thing...let the chips fall where they may #S2uaredFit #S2uaredsays #trainsmarterthenharder #stronger2gether
Shoulder stability work this is just a flow i like to do. •Windmill 3 reps •Windmill press 3 reps •Upside down hold 10sec •Upside down press 5 reps (Each side)
"1 out of every 4 dollars employers pay for healthcare in the U.S. is tied to unhealthy lifestyle choices" Personally I would argue that it is likely even higher than this already astounding 25%! Because so many of teh things we often call genetic are just lifestyle lessons that have been passed down thus the same conditions have been passed down.... Positive lifestyle choices such as exercise, proper nutrition, and mental wellbeing are PROVEN to help create a healthier, longer, higher quality way of life! This is our Mission in the Healthstyle Emporium! To teach and make these lifestyle choices easier! AS a perk...we provide FREE Whole Foods to your children (or maybe your niece, or grand baby, friends kids, et) for all who join us! #TheHSE #healthylifestyle #itsachoice
These cloudy/rainy days here in Michigan sure have been putting me in a mood...and when I’m in a mood I’ve learned to turn to exercise for relief. It fuels my soul, perks me up, and my baby girl is enthralled with watching me do it for some reason. She stares at my the entire time, just kicking her little feet, happy as can be. 💞 #exerciseismedicine #excercisedaily #leglifts #noexcuses #postpartumfitness
12 DAYS OF SUMMER ABS! Day 3 - Frog Squats • Day 1: 1 minute- Crunches with elevated legs Day 2: 1 minute - Flutter Kicks Day 3: 1 minute - Frog Squats . . . #12daysofsummer #absworkout #abs #healthcareworker #fitlife #crunches #coreworkout #physicianassistant #medicine #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #exerciseismedicine #healthylifestyle #boxersofinstagram #goldensofinstagram #boxerpuppy
Exercise Right Week - Day 3 🤗
When you can still have taco Tuesday even though you haven’t been to the store yet this week 🌮🥙 Thankful for a healthy option out @b.goodofficial 🤗 It was my first time there and it was delicious! 😋
This National #exerciserightweek we’re talking about your #motivationtomove - what gets you up and gets you active! 🤸🏽‍♂️ • Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is a big problem for many people going through treatment. Unfortunately it can also hang around years after treatment has finished. But did you know exercise has been proven more effective than any other intervention - including pharmaceutical medication 💊 - in helping boost energy levels in this situation? • A couple of important points to beat CRF: • 1. Despite intuition, movement WILL improve your energy levels. While it may make you feel tired initially, looking after your body with the right type of exercise boosts the number of mitochondria - little energy-making factories! - in your cells over the long run. 🔋 • 2. Consider when exercise might best fit into your day to maximize motivation to get it done. Feel your energy levels dropping in the afternoon? Schedule your activity in the morning when you’re feeling better. ☀️
Thrown together lunches are always the best. Call them what you want - nourish bowls, Super Bowls, salads, tasty mess 😋 I always make sure there are lots of different flavours, textures and a variety of macro & micronutrients! . This bowl consisted of: 🌿salad greens 🍅 red & yellow tomatoes - different coloured veggies contain different vitamins that give them that colour 🥒 cucumber - to add to those vitamins & minerals 🍚 left over brown rice - for that slow releasing carby goodness 🐠 chilli-flavoured tuna - I always try to make sure the tuna is sustainably caught and that the ingredients label is tuna & chilli, that’s it. 🌰 linseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds - for a combo of good fats, protein and lignands 🍶drizzled with garlic infused olive oil and a splash of vinegar to dress it ❤️ . Most of my meals usually incorporate greens, unprocessed carbs, loads of fruit & veg and healthy fats! This combo usually keeps me full and satisfied whilst nourishing many processes within my body. . Try throwing together a bowl of your choice, focusing on greens, veggies, a good protein source and some healthy fats to create not only a taste wonderland, but a bowl bursting with love for your body 💕
We enjoyed the opportunity to present to Pfizer employees today about our services, and are looking forward to informing more Lee County residents about FirstHealth’s expansion in Lee County. Interested in having a FirstHealth representative speak to your organization? Call our Speaker’s Bureau at (800) 213-3284. #fitness #firsthealth #exerciseismedicine #medicalfitness
Here's a great mobility technique using a tennis ball that can relieve neck stiffness and tension headaches. Start on the base of your skull and slowly roll the ball until you feel a tight area. Add pressure for 20-30 seconds. Can be done a few times a day and for me, had a positive effect within 3 days. #painrelief #naturalpainrelief #personaltrainer #bonnyville #mobilitytraining #athomeworkouts #olderadultfitness #goodhealth #athomeexercise #exercisemotivation #exerciseismedicine #kehewin #health #trainertips #yourpersonaltrainer #healthandwellness #mobility
Happening in 1 HOUR! See you there. Repost from @beautifullyrestoredinc @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a time to highlight the importance of staying active through sports and other fitness activities. Join Beautifully Restored, Inc. and HYPE Academy for a Mother Daughter Zumba Dance party to practice self-care through exercise and connection with others. Our fitness instruction will be led by Miss Black US Ambassador 2017, LeighAnna M. Kingvalsky @honestleighme After the workout, stick around for fresh drinks made by @hi5juice . Proceeds will benefit Beautifully Restored, Inc. . . . . #beautifullyrestoredinc #nolamentoring #hypeacademy #nationalphysicalfitnessandsportsmonth #moveinmay #fitnessmonth #mentalhealthmonth #getactive #moveyourbody #exerciseismedicine #healthybodyhealthymind #healthylifestyle #activelifestyle #activelifestylefiness
Motivation to Move: Marian and Alan 1. What motivates you to keep coming to the gym and exercising? A: After completing the healthy hearts program, I was empowered to continue exercising for my health and well being. M: I have committed to attending, I enjoy it and I feel better for going 2. What have you learnt since beginning exercise physiology sessions with Achieve? A: The correct way to exercise to reach the goals that you set for yourself M: Heaps, but most importantly correct techniques and exercises that will assist me as I age 3. How do you think exercise has influenced your day to day life? A: I am fitter, healthier, drink less and feel good M: I feel better 4. What advice would you give to someone who isn’t seeing an exercise physiologist? A: An EP can detail exercises for your individual needs, to prevent injury and exercises within your limits to prevent further damage. M: Go! . . . #exerciseright #health #exerciseismedicine #exerciserightweek2018 #EP #DVA Read Less
Brand new abs track tonight in class. You’re going to love it. Here’s a little snippet. Wearing @lornajaneactive POUND - Rockout. Workout. Fitness class on tonight. ST IVES COMMUNITY HALL 7.15pm start See you there. #poundfitsydney #poundlife #poundfit #ripstix #thepoundgirls #northshorefitness #exerciseisfun #northshoretimes
Are you one of the 1 in 5 Australians experiencing chronic pain? . Pain does not necessarily mean missing out. Exercise is readily tailored to you, how you’re feeling on the day and what you want to achieve. . It’s not “no pain, no gain,” it’s “no train, no gain.”
. 💥Chronic Pain. . Let me put the myth to bed, REST will not fix your problem! Pain is an output of the brain 🧠An output that is multi-factorial including a combination of previous experiences, beliefs, fear, avoidance, previous injuries, lack of pain neuro-science, sedentary behavior etc. . Chronic Pain can be beaten with Exercise and Education. Save money on MRI’s, Scans, Medications, Time off work, specialist appointments, and empower yourself to overcome this with the help of us 🔥💪🏻🙏🏽. #exerciseismedicine #exercisephysiology #walkingtall #exercisedaily #chronicpain #pain
Wore all grey (grey or gray?) today to match the color of south Florida. Will we ever see the sun again😩 ANYWAYS. I’m def going to be doing a @repp_sports Reactr giveaway because you guys NEED TO TRY IT! It’s the only pre workout I like. It’s the BEST for mental focus and energy without the intense tingle. Keep a look out for it💃🏼
Biscuit continues to get stronger each week! We could barely slow him down during our latest session! 🤗🐾 • • • #ageisjustanumber #14yearsyoung #exerciseismedicine
Earlier in the day we mentioned starting an exercise program, no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, health status, ability/disability to get stronger. Reducing your risk of falls is one of the benefits of undertaking a strength program with an Exercise Physiologist. . As we age, the risk of falling increases. Falls are one of the leading causes of hospital admissions in Australia. . If you're concerned about your risk of falling, or have recently had a fall, get in touch with Caitlin or Laurelle - they're happy to answer any questions you may have about how to take control of your health.
Do you have to book appointments with a health professional at regular intervals to feel better? Do you feel you have control over your health, instead of leaving it in others' hands? . For Exercise Physiologists, it's not a bad thing if you don't see us after a treatment - it means you're striving and thriving. . We take pride in seeing you become confident and independent, meaning you don't need to see us every week to feel better. . We trust you to know what you're doing, meaning you have control over your health. . It's all about you.
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