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preset on sale at the dolla store. I call it.. "David Blaine the street magician" it was either that or "knowledge" Ty Lopez how to buy a Lamborghini *cough (rent) wth swipe left already...
Be like nanas! Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.
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R E F L E C T I O N 🔮 Be the change you want to see in the world. What does that mean and why does it matter? Large-scale movements are important and powerful, but far too often change seems too out of reach to compel us to act. I’m here to remind you that it is not too far out of reach. It starts with you, the individual. What you put out there will reflect onto the world. If you project maliciousness and resentment, it will follow you and contaminate the people you meet. But the same goes for love and kindness. - What I’ve learned from meeting people around the world is how we all have more in common than differences. Everyone has flaws and their own personal demons. But I think the more we see each other as common humans and not ‘those’ people or people from ‘that’ place, the more sympathy and compassion we can have for one another and show/act with understanding; and in turn reflect that upon the people we encounter. - Imagine if everyone was just 10% kinder to the people they meet everyday, how much of a difference that would make on the world, the country, or even the local community. If it changes only one person’s outlook and mood on the day, that person may just carry it on to the next person they meet. This is how we defeat widespread loneliness and alienation. So when you think of reflection, think about the person you want to reflect out onto the world. Now go out there be the change you want to see in the world 🙏 #MondayMotivation #Reflection 📸: @jtranyo
Эх))) Весна, и в школу идем не спеша🌝😎😉😊
Bridal style shoot with this lovely and spunky model! A huge thank you to the bridal designer Maggie Burns for letting us use her design for this modern day bridal photoshoot💕 Your bridal designs are gorgeous! Model: @dorotka777 Designer: @mariemargotcouture . . . . #stylist #wedding #modernbride #weddinginspiration #stylemepretty #vcsowedding #photography #portrait #featherbouquet #loverly #junebugweddings #thatsdarling #Denver #buzzfeedwedding #huffpostweddings #chenglorryphotography #portraitfeed #exklusive_shots #buildandbloom #bravomood #filmpalette #featuremepf #portrait_ig #photobugcommunity #pursuitofportraits #theknot #weddingfashion
Make things what you want them to be.
¶¶Sister's portrait°.°
Live free
Son and Dad
... 🚈 ...
The coolest places are always the most crowded.
Streets of #Berlin
He is my M.A.N ( Meets all needs ) 😎 #thenonbeardedman #butfirstletmetakeapoopselfie . ❤️
Tutto nacque davanti ad un gelato... ~ ~ #100happydays #tellyourstory #igerstorino
Last one from this series 🤗 . Model: @jeffdyble
The Watchet Harbour Lighthouse is a marine navigational aid marking the entrance to the Marina situated within the town of Watchet in Somerset. ⠀ Three tenders were received in 1860, one of them was by Isambard Kingdom Brunel but it was rejected. This lighthouse was built by Hennet, Sprinks and Else of Bridgwater at the sum of £75. ⠀ The cast iron structure was topped with an oil lamp. The lighthouse stands at 22ft tall and unlike traditional lighthouses, this one displays a fixed green luminare marking the approach to the Marina. ⠀ #ljb_snaps
Poppy’s best friend Noel in the garden🌱 (Btw, tomorrow is Poppy’s birthday😉)😊
How do you like the new welcome sign for house!?
If cameras had feelings, mine felt happy.
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