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The mountains are calling and I must go. #mountains #outdoor #naturegirl #naturetherapy #rejuvenate
A reminder that I'm alive, that I'm breathing and that I'm young. Constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to live so close to such beauty and serenity. #peace #bc #beautifulbritishcolumbia #chinabeach #canada #explorecananda #beachbeach #youth
This is a dream - right? Oh #beautifulBC , what a magical province we live in!
Glad to be home after a week of work. Up early walking along the sheep river checking out all the fresh snow we received. Happy Holidays #explorealberta #explorecananda #leefilter #nikoncanda #yourshotphotographer #getoutside #chilly #winterwonderland #winter #ice #canada #morningmotivation #yyc #travelalberta #townofokotoks
The sunsets are just a little better in Banff. #banff #banffnationalpark #canada150 #twojacklake #mountains #sunset
Early morning tea over looking frozen Peyto Lake ❄️ Photo by Seek ambassador @benleodavis | #theseeksociety
Hey everyone, @benleodavis here from 🇨🇦 • As some of you know, i've been in Canada for the past 5 weeks and it has been unreal. @shenequasheraya and I traveled throughout British Columbia and Alberta in our RV with a combined total of 9,500km. We drove through blizzards and got stuck on the sea to sky highway, they had to shut down the road to pull us out of the ditch. We froze our asses of in -20 degree Jasper, but that was all apart of the adventure and the main reason we came in Winter! We met so many cool people along the way that now we call life long friends and shared so many special moments and I hope y’all enjoyed the content that came out of this trip. • I have put together a Canada album on my website, the link is on @benleodavis bio. check it out and us know what you think! | #theseeksociety
Good morning everyone, @benleodavis here from 🇨🇦 Yesterday I visited this amazing waterfall just outside of Whistler. It is believed that the walls of Brandywine Falls are made up of more than four different basalt lava flows dating back around 34,000 years ago. Amazing right! | #theseeksociety
Hey everyone, @benleodavis Seek ambassador here in 🇨🇦. • The other day I witnessed the most amazing sun rays I have ever seen. These rays are really hard to get as you need to be in a fairly dense area to see them. With the right amount of light and a little bit of dust/mist everything came together perfectly! | #theseeksociety Photo by @rorycourt
2017 recap. Lake Minnewanka September 15th, 2017 #latergram
Hello everyone! @benleodavis here. As most of you already know I’m currently in Canada and it has been unreal and I don’t want to leave. I’m sorry that I haven’t been keeping y’all up to date with stories and what not, been having some troubles with the phone company that I’m with. I’m getting super excited to go home to the warmer weather and thaw out, I hope you have been enjoying my posts and can’t wait to show you more! ✌🏼✨ | #theseeksociety
Hello everyone, @benleodavis here. • I’m currently in Jasper National Park and this place is so quiet and filled with wildlife! • The Earth Eco bottle is a necessity on all of my travels, with it’s lightweight and portable design I have access to cold drinking water for 24 hours and hot water for 12 hours. | #theseeksociety
There is only one way to describe these woods, mystical.
Above the clouds in Oregon.
Exploring the Oregon mountains.
Counting down the days till I can head back out west where views like these are a typical weekend sight 🦊 Where is your favorite place to back travel to time and time again?
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