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Guess what's cooking at #ShiFuGe ! That's right, it's our delicious Salted Egg Crab 😋 Order away at www.order.shifuge.sg now!
@iamhezo I Heard You Didn't Have One Of These So Here You Go. #hezogang #exploresingapore #views #youtuber
Confetti commodity 🎉
[The Places We Know] The familiar steps of the stairways, the familiar turns along the corridor, with the setting sun casting long shadows after a day at work. All, would be lost. A time will come when what’s left are just faint memories of the place we once called home. --- Series of 15 photographs, 2018 Cheong Jun Hong . . . . . #ThePlacesWeKnow #Singapore #HDB #thecreatorclass #createexplore #vscocam #sgvsco #monochrome #bnwphotography #bnw_legit #blackandwhitephotography #createexplore #agameoftones #visualmobs #visualsoflife #artofvisuals #spicollective #visualambassadors #aovmag #exploresingapore #royalsnappingartists #wearethestreet #createcommune #citylimitless #guardiancities #architecture #exploresg #archdaily #rsa_bnw #blackandwhite
Just under 8 hours left in our Interiors & Antiques online auction. Check it out NOW online or in our app, for goodies such as these with the Midas touch! #hotlotz #auction #onlineauction #singaporeauctions #gold #midastouch #allgoldeverything #bidonline #buyonline #tiongbahrufinds #exploresingapore #sgig #supportlocal
As a child, I always wonder why adults need coffee every single morning. I tried a taste of my dad's Kopi O and hated it. Now as an adult, I finally figured out why. I'll get a massive headache halfway through the day if I don't have my caffeine fix. . . . . #lifeofanadult #coffeeaddict #nokopinogohome #coffee #coffeebeans #sgcafes #sonya6300 #sigma #ig_shotz #igsg #visualsingapore #exploresingapore #hypebeast #agameoftones #moodygrams #singapore_art #kilogrammerz
The fun doesn't stop even when the sun sets in Universal Studios Singapore. We're extending park hours till 10pm on 23 - 24 Mar, so book your tickets, grab a friend or two and make your way down to the park! Credit: @misterkitt _ #singapore #yoursingapore #exploresingapore #visitsingapore #instahub #igsg #instatravel #instasg #rws #rwsentosa #rwsmoments #resort #uss #universalstudiossingapore
Special occasions deserve special venues like #TheHideOutSG , call us at 9337 8600 for more details now! ☎️
Keep Calm and Beef Away- Brisket King Beef Noodle #lunch
The world is quiet here. 💚🌿
Taking Thursday to explore our neighbourhood as we admire the beauty of the picturesque Sultan Mosque in historic Kampong Glam district - also known as the Masjid Sultan. Did you know the history of the mosque traces back to 1823? . We would like to know what are the 'must-visits' on the top of your list! 😉 . 📸: Lovely shot you got there, @him_brian :) . #parkroyalbeachroad #parkroyalhotels #parkroyalpicks #kampongglam #masjidsultan #exploresingapore #visitsingapore
We made a useful thing 🙌🏻 Financial dates you need to know!
‘The sun tires of summer and sighs itself into autumn.’ #kanken #thewalletshop
‘One person’s weed is another person’s wildflower.’ #kanken #thewalletshop
Art Science Museum
What's better than eating your fave famous hawker food? Using WhyQ so you can eat them at home without having to wait in line 😂👌🏻☺️ - Here's the popular Outram Park Fried Kway Tiao, Tian Tian Chicken Rice & Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee ✨ @whyqsg has over 600 popular hawker brands (including Michelin star/guide stalls) to select from, and offers the cheapest hawker food delivery to your doorstep! - Don't wait any longer - this is the perfect opportunity to indulge! ✨ Tip: make sure you order early for the famous hawkers, as they might be sold out late afternoon onwards! #whyq #whyqsg
First, there were Chupa Chups sliders. Now, we've got Pokémon sneakers! For those of you who are faithful fans of Pokémon, these FILA Court Deluxe shoes are for you. • Sold exclusively in South Korea with 5 adorable designs available - Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Jigglypuff - these gems are going for just 69,000KRW (~$85 SGD) a pair. With international shipping available, it's not that hard to get your hands on one - all you have to do is to act fast! • 📸: @fila_korea
Dancing Fountains
We're really not sure what's sweeter, #PizzaMaruSG 's Mud Crack Bingsu or our Neomu Kyeopta (Adorable) little customer! ❤️😍 . P.s We've even sweeter news coming up these couple of days so stay tuned! . 📷: Thank you @antonoho for the lovely shot!
“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can."#pacsafe #thewalletshop
Bask in the moment. The Esplanade
Brb, we’re planning our summer campaign. Hope you’re as excited as we are! 😍🌞
Managed to catch a glimpse of our new dishes in Gastrobeats’ new promo video? It’s already our third week here at The Promontory, serving up our signature fish and chips together with some whimsical new additions including our very own Circus Ramen and Sakura Soda. Head down now and experience a culmination of fun and food on your palate like no other. If you’re hungry, I guess we’ve got ‘eat’ covered!🤡 #SFCSG
Hit.every.single.spot 🤭 If fresh milk is not your kinda thing, look out for the milk tea version - coming soon! #Repost @thefussyfoodie_ 〰️ I don't drink bubble tea very often but should I be nearby Suntec City in future, I don't think I would be able to resist getting this Brown Sugar Boba Milk that is currently selling at a promotional cost of $3.80. Not technically bubble tea but fresh milk with hot, luscious brown sugar syrup for maximum infusion and pleasure, one is to drink a little of the syrup followed by the milk before mixing. These components alone would probably be pretty good on their own, but that's not my highlight of this beverage. I usually DETEST pearls in my bubble tea because I find them tasteless and texturally unnecessary, but I wanted MORE in this! These sweet and addictive three-hour brown sugar soaked pearls are my new favourite bubble tea condiment and every BBT stall should make it a point to have it! 🤣 So would this drink be worth the calories? My answer is a straight up YES - Every. Single. One.
Desserts - Nature's way of saying "Well done, it's only one more day to #TGIF !" #VictoryBoatNoodleCafe !
Ini dia.. Affordable Singapore Private Tour ada lagi untuk kalian yang mau tour ke Singapore secara private. Price includes: • HOTEL** 2 Stars (TOURIST ATTRACTION CENTER @ BUGIS) • CITY TOUR as PROGRAM • PUBLIC TRANSPORT BY MRT • SENTOSA ENTRY TICKET • PROFESSIONAL TOURMATES • AIRPORT PICK UP @ CHANGI AIRPORT • AIRPORT TRANSFER FROM & TO AIRPORT by MRT • WELCOME SNACK DAY 1 • Meal 1x • BONUS ENTRY TICKET (OCBC SKYWAY @ GARDEN BY THE BAY) • BONUS FREE YUMMY ORCHARD ICE CREAM • TIPPING . # Harga dapat berubah sewaktu - waktu. # Minimal booking 2 Pax. . Mau holiday ke Singapore tapi takut nyasar? Atau mau ke Singapore dengan private tour? Booking saja tournya di DS Tours & Travel 😀. . #dstours #dstoursandtravel #noweveryonecantravel #tourpackage #tourmurah #privatetourmurah #privatetour #toursingaporemurah #tourmurahsingapore #toursingapore #singaporeholiday #liburansingapore #singapore #ExploreSingapore #singaporetrip #trusted #trustedseller
Bask in the moment. City lights ✨
Anda penasaran dengan makanan Kaki Naga Ikan buatan SAKANA yang satu ini? Makanan Kaki Naga Ikan ini sebenarnya adalah camilan seperti nugget tapi disajikan dengan tusukan sate. Berbahan dasar ikan, Anda tak perlu ragu lagi dengan kandungan gizinya. Camilan yang satu ini bisa juga dijadikan bekal untuk anak Anda sekolah ataupun ketika Anda berlibur bersama keluarga. Berat/Isi : 500 gram / 16 pcs Mau coba? Yukk langsung order contact admin di WA 0815 4733 3772 #frozenfooddepok #makananenak #makananbekumurah #makananhalal #sosispromo #jajananenak #cemilansehat #fooddelivery #deliveryorder #bogor #jakarta #depokshop #citayamcity #jakarta_photography #womendays #visualgang #kfi_depok #Womenesia #exploresingapore #artofvisuals #moodygrams #ftg_polimedia #artofinspired #KMDbersahabat #Jepretphotographycomunity #canonindonesia #canonphotoid #photohuntersjkt #anakpwj #nikond3xxxcikarang
Eat, Love, Pizza! That's our mantra. What's yours? #altpizza
Lamb neck, lamb fat potatoes & charred shallots.
🎈🎪🎠 °In frame: @gwenyummy
DRILLS DRILLS DRILLS! I actually struggle a lot with my right hand, there’s a defect on it and thus I always had a problem gripping anything. The push to learn calligraphy was not to do it professionally or as a career, but to build on self confidence and hand muscles as a form of physio therapy 🥕: @ash_bush Lovin’ this carrot pen from Ash Bush awaits suitable and comfortable for my hand grip, I can see the difference in my calligraphy! You could get customised modern calligraphy products from my Etsy! (Link in Bio) 〰 #sgcalligraphy #calligraphykch #calligraphysg #calligraphymy @ash_bush #ashbushholders #exploresingapore @etsy @etsystudio #handmadesg #madeinsg #makersmalaysia #makersmovment #moderncalligraphy #moderncalligraphysg #moderncalligraphyph #igsg #sgvsco #sgworkshop #workshopsg
Okado merupakan makanan yang dilapisi kulit kembang tahu dan bagian dalamnya berisi olahan ikan serta tepung bercitarasa seafood. Biasa disajikan di restoran makanan Jepang, namun kini SAKANA menghadirkan makanan lezat ini langsung ke rumah Anda. Sebelumnya, produk ini bernama Ekado. Produk: - Bahan dasar utamanya adalah ikan tilapia dengan kandungan 60-70% - Simpan beku dalam freezer: -18C - Lezat, Halal, & Tanpa Pengawet Komposisi Okado Ikan: - Ikan tilapia - Tapioka - Maizena - Gula - Garam - Telur - Kulit tahu - Lada - Minyak sayur - Minyak wijen Berat/Isi : 500 gram / 16 pcs Mau coba? Yukk langsung order contact admin di WA 0815 4733 3772 #frozenfooddepok #makananenak #makananbekumurah #makananhalal #sosispromo #jajananenak #cemilansehat #fooddelivery #deliveryorder #bogor #jakarta #depokshop #citayamcity #jakarta_photography #womendays #visualgang #kfi_depok #Womenesia #exploresingapore #artofvisuals #moodygrams #ftg_polimedia #artofinspired #KMDbersahabat #Jepretphotographycomunity #canonindonesia #canonphotoid #photohuntersjkt #anakpwj #nikond3xxxcikarang
Any fresher, you'll have to catch it from the sea yourself! 😜 "SEA" you at #AtmosphereBistroSG !
[jelly星期四] Lunchtime! Tried out Muslim stalls at the NEW Pasir Ris Central Hawker Ctr last weekend and love the dishes from Ayam Penyat station. Their curry stew could be better than any chinese stalls, I felt. Definitely will pop by again to see if they keep the standards. 💚 Stall 01-02 Ayam Penyat • Ayam Panggang Set (Grilled Chicken) $5.50 • • Curry Stew w/rice $2.80 💚 Address: Pasir Ris Central Hawker Ctr 110 Pasir Ris Central Singapore 519641 From 10.30am onwards
Grilled Pork Neck at #SoiThaiSoiNice - Aroi Mak Mak! 😋 . 📷: Thank you @ksherena for the lovely shot!
A Private Condo with Subsidies and Housing Grant? You Heard it Right! Don't miss the only opportunity in 2018 if you are looking to buy your first home or upgrading. 1st time home buyers are eligible for housing grants to buy a private condo! Comprising 3-5 bedroom unit configurations, this subsidised condo offers the same exclusive lifestyle and security just like any other private condo. More importantly, the lack of investment units in this subsidised condo means that all units are actual owner-occupiers and there is more emphasis on living quality and spacious living for the whole family. Opens for viewing from 1st April 2018, register now at 91393360 to gain Express Pass to view the showflat. #sengkang #punggol
Break away from the confines of your workspace this lunch and treat yourself with our ever popular dish 📸: Stir Fry Cube Beef. It comes with free flow of salad as well. Call us at 63271123 to book a table. #marusg
Introducing Toasted Rice Parfait, an indulgence crafted to perfection for your taste buds - available on our set lunch menu.
Really saddened by the news that one of my favourite cafes @artistrycafesg will be closing its doors this coming Sunday 25 March. Paid my last visit for some of my favourites there 😭 Till then, hope to see you guys back again soon!!
| I’ll Prove It |
Yes #budgetnation ! Here are the rest of the coupons from Burger King Singapore! Flash to redeem! Enjoy! 🤗 • 💎Do refer to the respective coupons T&Cs for more details • Promotion period: Valid till 31st March 2018! 😉
Heritage temples - My Eyes opening experience. 😊😊😊 View from the Telok Ayer Green, I was attracted by the beautiful structure of the pagoda known as Yu Huang Pavilion in Yu Haung Gong, a small temple next to the famous Thian Hock Keng. I just found out Yu Haung Gong has an interesting history, it used to be a private temple and was not open to public until recent years (after the transfer of ownership to Taoist Mission and completed the restoration in late 2014). This historical temple formerly known as Keng Teck Whay Building (there is a building at rear of the temple for the association) belongs to Keng Teck Whay association, founded in 1831 by Peranakan merchants. The association functions as an ancestral temple and a private temple dedicated to the worship of Jade Emperor. Take a walk inside you will find a huge statue of Laozi, An European spiral staircase, and Peranakan titles.
21st March this year is #InternationalDayofForests . This day celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests. On this day, countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organise activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns. The theme for #InternationalDayofForests2018 is Forests and Sustainable Cities. Even though much of the our original forest cover has been lost, small pockets of lowland tropical rainforest and freshwater swamp forest still exist in Singapore, largely in the middle of the island. In many areas, secondary forests of varying ages have grown in locations that were previously cleared, especially in abandoned plantations and land formerly used for agriculture and villages. Along the coasts, mangroves persist, with the largest patches in the north. Why are forests so important to Singapore? 1) Forests and trees store carbon, which helps mitigate the impacts of climate change in and around urban areas. 2) Trees also improve the local climate, helping to save energy. 3) Strategic placement of trees in urban areas can cool the air, reducing air conditioning needs. 4) Urban trees are excellent air filters, removing harmful pollutants in the air and fine particulates. 5) Trees reduce noise pollution, as they shield homes from nearby roads and industrial areas. 6) Forests in and around urban areas help to filter and regulate water, contributing to high-quality freshwater supplies for hundreds of millions of people. Forests also protect watersheds and prevent flooding as they store water in their branches and soil. 7) Well-managed forests and trees in and around cities provide habitats, food and protection for many plants and animals, helping to maintain and increase biodiversity. 8) Forests in cities and surrounding areas generate tourism, create tens of thousands of jobs and encourage city beautification schemes, building dynamic, energetic and prosperous green economies. 9) Urban green spaces, including forests, encourage active and healthy lifestyles, improve mental health, prevent disease, and provide a place for people to socialise.
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