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Double up and conquer! 👊 Saturday morning power cakes for the littles AND I doubled the batch for meal prep. Win! Now we have chocolate pancakes for the entire week. I love weekends! • Simply make pancakes as usual, line in single layer on parchment paper in freezer, when frozen transfer to air tight container. 🥞 Do you buy prepackaged frozen pancakes or make your own in bulk?!? I’d love to hear! • • • • • #beautymeetsbeast #weekendwarriors #kodiakcakes #saturdaybreakfast
>> My mum has been on my mind all week; she had major surgery on Monday and she has faced a series of challenges to get back on her feet. 💃🏻 I’m super proud of her for how positive she has been throughout. Despite having bolts screwed into her spine, she has barely mentioned the pain. I think I would have been going out about it all the time. 🙊 Anyway, today is the day - she’s going home!! I feel awful that the circumstances meant I couldn’t visit you in hospital, @andrea_asw , but I promise I’ll make it up to you. I know the next few months won’t be easy but, hopefully, it will all be worth it!! 👏🏼 The photo is totally unrelated by the way, but I promised not to share the photo of her scars from surgery since it features her bare bum; so this seemed like the best best thing!! 🙈 #prouddaughter #wonderwoman
>> Living with anxiety is an everyday battle - and some days are worse than others. Today is a not so good day. There’s a lot going on in life just now; a lot which feels out of my control. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mainly to do with (let’s face it) trivial life admin, but dealing with incompetent people is a major bug bear of mine. BT, I’m looking at you. ☝🏼 I’m super grateful for the people that surround me and support me (and don’t judge me for my anxious outbursts). To the girl who took me for a spontaneous breakfast this morning, you are flipping ace. I love our real life chats. Tell it how it is, yasssss!! 🙊 Anyway, here’s to the weekend. I’m currently in a coffee shop and have a plan for later that will definitely put a smile on someone’s face. ✨ #behonest #livingwithanxiety
How I long to be back outside 🌿 - Yesterday took it out of me. I was so ill, the worst I’ve been in a long time, all whilst solo parenting both the boys. I can’t remember a time when I’ve been as ill and had to be a full on mum to the boys and I don’t know how I actually made it through the day. My sickness bug has gone but my tummy is now feeling super tender and I’m still in a lot of pain. I had lots of plans for this weekend but I can’t even bare to sit and look at my phone for longer than a few minutes let alone anything physical! Today and tomorrow are going to be more day of rest so I’m raring to go with a busy week ahead next week. - Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! . . .
Today's Global Climbing Day so whilst I relax with a cup of tea before heading to @manchester_climbing_centre for the @thenorthfaceuk #ClimbWalls event here's an old (and not so flattering) candid of me chalking up for the training wall at @depotmanchester 🧗🏼‍♀️⛰️ -- #adventure_culture #gooutdoors #stepoutside #shewhowanders #createtoexplore #challengeyourself #thevisualones #thewildthings #provenciallife #pursuepretty #explorelikeagirl #bouldering #climbmore #wanderfolk #outdoors_mentality #thevisualscollective #wanderer #exploretheoutdoors #boulderinglife
Old Arabian towns are the most fascinating , beautiful thing. Joined by 40 degree heat and high humidity and you have yourself a normal day in the desert - I love exploring this country 🌴
Как провести ленивый день на Панглао? 😋 Все, кому лень ехать по экскурсиям, плыть на соседние острова, а хочется просто полежать на белоснежном пляжике, вот так лениво дергая ножкой... ребята, наш любимый план дня специально для вас: . 1️⃣ Просыпаемся в 9... 10 (в силу своих способностей), и плавно перемещаемся на пляжик Alona beach. Окончательно просыпаемся пока будете нырять с морскими звездами, и обязательно берем вкуснейший манго милк шейк (попробуйте также вариант с мороженным, такой есть по пути на пляж слева, желтая будочка).🍹 . 2️⃣ 🍤Устали отдыхать? Идем обедать в Buzz cafe, здесь же на пляже. Они подают более-менее здоровые и вкусные блюда (хорошие кальмары-гриль с красным рисом, паровая рыбка). Если хотите пробовать традиционный десерт Olaola - то в базз он самый лучший! . 3️⃣ 🏝️Отдохнуть от суеты и туристов здорово на длинном и совершенно пустом (в будние дни) пляже Libaong (он же соединяется с White beach и Dumaluan). Самый вкусный ужин это ресторан отеля South palms - тут была обнаружена лучшая паста, крабовый рис и очень достойная пицца с морепродуктами. 🍚🦀🍕Такие хорошие повара встречаются только при самых дорогих отелях, а так как в рестораны вход разрешен и гостям, пользуемся, тем более что цены приемлемые! Ресторан находится прямо на пляже, удобно встречать закат. . 4️⃣🍸После заката перемещаемся на Алону чтобы расслабиться в одном из маленьких баров, например Aluna bar. Для любителей живой музыки тоже есть ресторанчики. А если повезет - можете застать еще и фаер шоу на пляже. Я думаю ленивый день удался! 👌😉 . #tropicrepublic_филиппины_панглао
Some adventures are harder than others, but you must find the silver lining! 😅🏜
♑️⛔ Limited Time FREE Gear Giveaway to the next 25 Loyal new followers. Thank you Instagrammers for supporting us!. Just cover shipping. ⇨⇨⇨ Follow Us & Tap our link in our bio to CLAIM yours today!🍠 In Peru things were different. If you went against the government, you could lose your job. You couldn't express yourself completely. In contrast, in this country you have freedom of expression. (Quote by - Wendy Vasquez) 🍠 / ➩ | ♑️ | 📎 / ➫⚙ | We're doing a workshop over the first two weeks of December, I believe, with Graciella Daniele directing it. (Quote by - Cy Coleman) #getoutstayout #trekk #exploretheoutdoors #campingcollective #thatoregonlife #takemebackpacking #jj_oregon #bullylife #thatpnwlife #findyourpark #camplife #craterlakenationalpark #outdoorslife #heatercentral #westbysouthwest #americansouthwest #explorearizona #modernhiker #rando #nationalparkservice #montagnes #pnwisbeautiful #downtownpdx #nps100
Sometimes I can't decide on color or b&w. So I do both.
Pure tranquility....
Lovely spider web art
I just joined this app called Peanut, where moms can find other moms with similar interests to hang out with. Anyone in or around Cleveland use this? Wave at me!
Took this photo a few weeks back but wasn't sure how to edit it at first. The raw photo is amazing but so intense. I had to lower the saturation and vibrance to get it a bit more viewable. Haha! All in all, I'm sad the summer went by so quickly. Here is to squeezing in as many hikes as I can in the coming weeks.
Já sorriu hoje? @qualityoflifesjc
The last Jedi ! Tag a friend who loves star wars Photo Credits : @murilofolgosifotografo
Aurora hanging with her big bro in the backyard ❤️ Clip- @nayvieandco (aurora) #summertime #playtime #exploretheoutdoors #runwildmychild #siblings
Sextouuu e fim de semana é uma oportunidade de Mini #trips 🌄⛰️ Click para inspirar 📸@gilbertomoulin • • • 🗣️ @andre.a.silveira Sem palavras para descrever a experiência que é acompanhar de perto o @wsl e poder fotografar os melhores surfistas dando um show no mar. Fotão feito pelo meu brother 🙌🏼📸👊🏼 . . . 🏝Local: Saquarema. _ ✅marque aqui quem vc gostaria de levar para esse paraíso 🛬❤️💕. _ 📌 Use #saquaclick em sua foto e ela pode ganhar destaque em nossa galeria. _ #trilhandoeseaventurando #paraisoradicalrj #liveoutdoors #travelingourplanet #achadosdasemana #adventurepic #adventure_alive #enjoyadventure #outdooradventurephotos #beautifuldestination #nationaldestination #bestdestinations #adventureinspired #adventure_culture #outside_project #modernoutdoors #travellingthroughtheworld #trilhandomontanhas #trilheirosdobrasil #fantastic_captures #exploretheoutdoors #sobrelugaresrio #followmefaraway #trilhandotrilhas #trilhaseaventuras #everydayadventures #destinosesonhos #sobrelugares
Made the boys pose for a cute photo. 😂 They were making bets about who could wiggle their butt hard enough to make my phone fall into the river.... #TrueLove 🙄😉 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TresselBoys #Outnumbered #BoyMom #CarterIan #RobinLucas #JosephKale #getoutdoors #gooutside #exploretheoutdoors #406 #Montana #SavorLifeIntensely #theaspiringmama #childhoodmoments #letthembelittle
🌏🌏🌏🌏 The world is amazing ! ❤️ Follow @mr_world_adventure for content like this ▪️▪️▪️▪️ Tag Your best adventure's photo with #mwadventure 😊 ▪️▪️▪️▪️ All right reserved to their respective owners , Dm for Tag 📌
Follow your own path
T h e G R E A T o u t d o o r s 🌲
Beyond the sea🌊 Have you ever went to the sea with someone special? Comment below Photo Credits: @joancarolphotography 👇🏿
f r i d a y f e e l s ⌇⌓ ◠ ◦ #blancalake #northcascades #choosemountains
Photo Credits :@trungywin
Growing up, my grandparents always had the best of the best motorhomes and 5th wheels with more luxuries than we had even at home. They would take my cousins, sister, and me camping several times every summer. They were the best times and we all looked forward to our camping trips. . . My husband never went camping at all as a child. But he developed a love for tent camping in his late teens. When he first told me he wanted to tent camp, I thought he was crazy! 😂😳 . . He convinced me to go tent camping in college. And I sorta enjoyed it. The first place he took me didn’t have showers, though... so that wasn’t cool. The next time we went, we went to a campground with showers. I liked it a little bit more. . . Now that we have kids, we try to camp at least once a summer. As a parent, tent camping is so much work! But the kids absolutely love it and we love to see their carefree joy. So we do it.. without too much complaint. 😉 . . This may or may not be our last weekend of tent camping, as we’ve begun the search for an RV. So we will enjoy this time! ❤️ . . #camping #northernmichigan #tentcamping
“There are 3 things you can’t recover in life: The moment after it’s missed, The word after it’s said, And the time after it’s wasted.” -unknown
This should explain our patent pending bikepacker strap... attaches to your top bar, lift it off the Velcro when you need to carry... fits almost any frame 💕. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ #bikepacking #backpacklife #survivalist #shelter #courier #bikemessenger #bikelife #campsetup #exploretheoutdoors #forgeyourownpath #gocamping #homeiswhereyouparkit #intothewild #instacamping #itsnotaboutthebike #keepitwild #liveoutdoors #wearethewild
Goodbye Mammoth! Until next time. Thanks for quenching Gatsby's thirst, I've never seen his pee so clear. #mammothlakes #mammothvacation #dogmom #quenchyourthirst #stayhydrated
After spending 9 months in New Zealand, it's finally time to leave the beautiful country. From establishing close relationship with the locals to exploring scenic places, I can conclude that it has been a worthwhile stay! See you again New Zealand!!!! ❤ • • • • • #wanderlustoutdoors #happinessissimple #happytravels #roamtheearth #roamtheplanet #nz 🇳🇿 #oceania #positivevibesonly 💯 #beautifulplace #beautifulsoul #fallinloveagain #exploring_shotz #exploretheoutdoors #naturephotography #exploringglobe #discovering_paradise #havenonearth #worldtraveller #wowpictures #globelletravels #globaltrotter #sonycamera #taupo
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