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And this begins my next chapter in my photography. I felt as though instagram was driving my work and I only created what I thought would get me likes and followers. It felt empty. Colors have always caught my eye and they are my main source of fuel for creating. I am enamored by how gorgeous colors appear in the world. I am attempting to be much more intentional with my work by creating a story through colors and thought provoking captures. Chapter 1: Cityscapes Chapter 2: Portraits Chapter 3: Stay tuned... • • • #hcollective #moodygram #moodyports #pursuitofportraits #portrait_vision #expressportraits #portrait_shot #portraitvision_ #wwgrams #agameofportraits #portraitgames #agameoftones #portraitsociety #xelfies #portrait_mood #theportraitpr0ject #portraitfeed #portrait_planet #aovportraits #explortraits #ourportraitdays #earth_portraits #gramkilla #savageframes #chi_shooters
Gonna be havin some fresh content pretty soon for you all❤️
Honestly getting tired of feeling fragile towards people. Like my past defines who I am, if anything I don’t let my past hold me from who I am as a person, but having to be reminded of it, is what puts me on the line of shutting down even more. The reasons why I become such a cold bitch, just cause I’m tired of others refraining themselves just because I’ve had a “rough” start. The number one thing that has stuck with me all this time is still having the love towards new people, and never holding back just because I’ve had a few bad people. Self love, and love towards others is a big part in life. Treat others how you want to be treated, look at others how you’d like to be looked at, and most importantly do not let your scars define who you are. Let them define valuable lessons, and why you should continue to stay the beautiful person that you strive to be.
Was so happy to be back at seaport I already miss it ☹️
We saw many ben and Jerry cows in seaport 😝
Enjoyed the afternoon in my favorite city little Italy ☺️💫
Enjoyed the beautiful mid-morning at Ben and Jerry’s at seaport❤️ thanks my bestie for tagging along with me
You can’t protect everyone around you, sometimes you have to have others fall in order to get back up without your help.
My face after someone tries to start shit😂❤️👌🏼
It’s funny cause a year ago I was a bitch that basically pushed everyone away, I hit rockbottom and now I try my hardest to be a positive person n just be completely genuine to everyone, but some reason people miss me being a bitch🤷🏽‍♀️ heh can’t please everyone
•they may never understand your fire, but they will always long for your flames•
Look at my beautiful positive ladies ❤️❤️❤️
Hoes before bros
Maybe my time just isn’t right now.
+ Tonight, the gods are sick of being gods. Aphrodite drinks your worship straight from your lips and chases it with scotch, crashes a cigarette, flicks the ash on the floor and leaves without so much as a thank you. 🚬 • You find Apollo in a nightclub on 55th and 3rd, his prophets writing in the intermittent darkness, baseline pounding in their ears, liquor coursing through their veins, smoke and strobe lights clouding their eyes. 🍾 • You watch as Ares starts a fight in a dive bar, takes a knife from his pocket and uses it without flinching, smiles as he wipes the blade on his thigh, smashes a bottle on the floor and lights a match. 🔪 • Artemis spends the night in a jail cell, blood on her knuckles and on her shirt and in her mouth, the smell of metal lingering in the air 💉 • Athena chain smokes in an alleyway, waits for a boy with dark eyes and a mouth like sin. ⏱ • Dionysus shoots up in a basement in the seedy side of town. 🌃 • Hades stalks the streets, hazy in the fog of streetlights. 🌫 • Tonight the gods are sick of being gods and somewhere in the city their forgotten divinity waits for morning. - M.C.P _______________________________________________________ • • • • • • • • • #portrait #photography #photographer #moodygram #themysterypr0ject #blackandwhite #portraitmood @rsa_bnw #photograph @theportraitpr0ject @portraitmood #theportraitpr0ject #ourmoodydays #portraitpage #moodygrams #makeportraitsnotwar #explortraits #pursuitofportraits #createcommune #photooftheday #picoftheday #photo #photographyislifee #Cleveland #blackandwhiteisworththefight #artofportrait #moodylookz #gods #goddesses
“You’re my Persian Shamu. If you get lost in the great, big, ocean, I’ll harpoon you.
It’s been a beautiful day, and I got so much done so content.☺️
Catching up on the editions, whose a DC fan?
Life goes on and that’s all you can really say with the first step of moving on. I never hate or dislike anyone, I just loose respect. Especially when people try to say they respect you but that’s after they fuck up 🤷🏽‍♀️
•your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel•
•you’ve got a broken heart. Not a broken life. You’ve got a broken dream. Not a broken future.•
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