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I enjoy these times shooting in the long green grass.
Fogliame bello 💚
Tag #portslike Image by @notename with @mesklan Credit @tonestoday
This is your last second chance.
Meet me by the lake. 💦 -✨✨ Model: @tessmotuzas Photo: @jesswharehingaphotog 📸 - Thinking about doing a live stream Q&A to answer any of your burning questions related to photography and my personal journey with it. Would that be something you guys would be interested in? X ❤️😄
And I watch as the sun goes down, another day lost for now, And I wonder where you woke up this morning, Cause it was just last night but oh your kiss, it was just a touch but oh your lips, She was beautiful, We put our hands up to the sky, screamed the lyrics loud not shy, Then you put your hands in mine and, They fit perfectly together, She looks like pocahontas but she wears these high top sneakers(elephant shoes) -Ziggy alberts . . . . . #portraits #portrait #portraits_ig #pixel_ig #portraiture #expofilm3k #portrait_perfection #portraitstyles_gf #snowisblack #portraits_universe #featurepalette #bleachmyfilm #portraitmood #featurepalette #rsa_portraits #makeportraits #profile_vision #top_portraits #life_portraits #postthepeople #quietthechaos #2instagood #way2ill #justgoshoot #artofvisuals #l0tsabraids #ftwotw #igPodium_portraits #ftmedd
GUM (Main supermarket). And of course I have chosen the image with something from Saint-P.: this branch is painted by someone from my northern capital 🤗
Set your life on fire.. Seek those who fan your flames..
happiness is a good flow of life 🍃🌾🌹
Some@more stuff shot for the lads @lostartshop 👊🏼🐊 here’s @morleyman looking fierce 😬👌🏼 1/3
that background doe.
So, usually I don't really shoot a lot of people. But for this special occasion my aunt and uncle asked me to do a photo shoot of their daughter which I of course couldn't refuse. So off I went, and I very much enjoyed doing the shoot!
Thank you for always being down to model for me 😆🌼✨ You the real MVP bby 💛 @siddadawg ❣️
GOPIKA ☀️ @gopikakanangot ☀️ @giant_mgmt Stylist : @style_commune Hmua : @annamarcusmua
High key stressed cause I’m running out of photos and losing followers
Chasing fog
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