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ABAIXA QUE É TIRO! Ezra Miller, o nosso Credence de #AnimaisFantásticos está confirmado na #HeroesWeekend , a primeira convenção de heróis do Brasil pela @spotbrasil . Mais informações aqui: https://spotlightbrasil.com.br/evento/heroes-weekend/ . . . . #EzraMiler #spotlightentretenimento #Convencao #FantasticBeasts #Credence #Instanews #instafandom #HarryPotter #CrimesOfGrindelwald
The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky What an incredible book! The book is written as if you are reading the main characters (Charlie’s) letters to an unknown person, who he heard about from listening to a random girl in class talking about this really nice guy. In the letters he explains how his life is and the events he gets up to. ~ You read about his new friends who are seniors (Patrick and Sam) dispute him being a junior. You read about Patrick being gay and how he deals with it. You read about Charlie’s Aunt Helen who plays a massive role in the book and Charlie’s mental health. You read about Charlie’s sister and how her boyfriend abused her. And much more. It really is a book that covers a lot of topics not usually talked about. It’s based in 1991 and 1992 and I feel that that is important to know, as topics like these weren’t common topics back then. ~ I absolutely loved the book! I decided to read it after watching the movie about 12 times. I love the fact that you read about Charlie’s self discovery and learn a lot about what type of person he is, and what really happened in his childhood. I love that Stephen does have gay people in his book and people who smoke and drink and people who are abused and people who are mentally unwell. It sets up a conversation to have and gets people to learn more about those topics and how to help someone in that situation. ~ This book made me think about a lot of different things. About how I shouldn’t be afraid to talk to someone, and how you should say what you want, and how everyone has stuff going on behind closed doors that you may be unaware of. I thought of a lot more but it is very personal. I recommend you read this book so you can think about all these things as well. I rate it 5/5 - - - - - - - - #booklover #book #books #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #stephenchbosky #perksofbeingawallflower #gaypride #mentalhealth #bookclub #safsbookclub #love #valentines #emmawatson #ezramiler
Me rei muy fuertemente con este mene. Alguien mas piensa que #ezramiler es como un #finnwolfhard de mayor? Y que finn debería hacer de #nicodiangelo si hacen la serie de #losheroesdelolimpo ? . . ~Mrs Jackson🖤
Happy Bithday Fastest Man Alive! We Love You So Much❤️Thank You Very Much For Entering Our Life With Flash⚡@grantgust #flash #grantgustin #cw #arrow #ezramiler #stephenamell #melissabeonist #legoflash #wonderwomen #dc #dcflash #supergirl #happy #birthday
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