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Selamat sore readers Marvelbase! Karena akusisi Fox oleh Disney sebentar lagi akan selesai dan X-Men dikabarkan akan melalui tahap pengembangan oleh Marvel Studios dipertengahan tahun ini maka kita mau kasih liat nih siapa aja sih yang cocok memerankan anggota X-Men selanjutnya? Langsung simak yaa! swipe left! 😁👍 [PART 1] . Ini hanya sekedar fancast jadi jangan dianggap serius. Kami hanya mencocokannya atas dasar wajah dan look saja (bukan acting). Aktor dan aktris didapatkan dari riset kita dari bebagai sumber di internet dan kita ambil yang potensi untuk menjadi anggota X-Men yg baru 😁 . PART 2 akan di up nanti malam, jadi stay tune terus yaa! . . #XMen #Recast #Fancast #MarvelUniverse #MarvelComics #MarvelCinematicUniverse #MarvelComics #MarvelStudios #MarvelbaseID
Last #ScottPilgrim Casting. My Top 5 Choices For #WallaceWells : 1: #EzraMiller 2: #DevonBostick 3: #TimotheeChalamet 4: #ColeSprouse 5: #LoganLerman Let me know what you think! #fancast #scottpilgrimvstheworld
A DCEU Pitch Phase Four Aquaman-The Dead King Directed By-Fede Alvarez The Pitch The Seven Seas shall know peace no more! The Great King Atlan rises from the grave and will do anything to reclaim his throne! The most tense and horror styled in the trilogy, The Dead King is a harrowing run towards the inevitable! After fighting through The Trench and finally showing no mercy to Black Manta the final conflict is war! With the reluctant Ocean Master by his side as well as Mera and Kaldur, The Quartet take down the Great King Atlan...However Orm let's his greed take over taking the Dead Kings Trident and driving it in to Arthur before the power proves to much allowing Mera the kill shot on Orm! As Arthur bleeds out he returns to his fathers Lighthouse with as he smiles at the thought that he was King, a good man. In his dying breath he tells Mera he loves her and the Throne is now hers, dying in her crying arms...The Film ends with the funeral of Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis...Aquaman! The Mid Credits sees King Neures awaken and rise as the Xebel people stand outside his throne...The Post Credits reveals Constantine and Swamp Thing in matching trench coats as a Tarrow Card falls to them hinting at The Demon! Let me know your thoughts down below!#Aquaman #Mera #DC #DCEU #Comics #Movies #Fancast
FAN CASTING! Sam Claflin As Aquaman / Arthur Curry Jason Mamoa now owns Aquaman, but if somebody else had to play the role then I would want Sam Claflin to get the part. If you need a reason just watch The Hunger Games Franchise. He's the dude with the trident, Finnick Odair. He also can be seen in other films where he proves that he would make a great King for Atlantis. Sam is a talented actor who looks and acts like Arthur Curry. Hopefully he will be able to play other Comic Book characters like Adam Warlock, Human Torch, or Booster Gold. For now, Jason Mamoa should continue to play the DC Superhero. #samclaflin #aquaman #finnickodair #arthurcurry #thehungergames #trident #atlantis #jasonmamoa #dccomics #dc #dcuniverse #fancast #justiceleague #superheroes
FAN CASTING! Johnny Depp As Tony Stark / Iron Man Technically Nick Fury casted Johnny Depp as Tony Stark first. Not too many actors can pull this character off besides the true Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. The character needs to be a genious billionaire whose main focus is creating technology that keeps Earth safe. Johnny Depp has played creators and eccentric people so many times that this role would be nothing new for him. For us however, we would get a new Iron Man that could be more comic accurate. Johnny Depp's humor and wit along with new suits would make for a welcomed new version. Johnny Depp needs to star in a comic book movie since he could fit well with basically any character. Him as a superhero would help him get back into blockbuster franchises. His version should be more serious and heroic. Johnny Depp is the only actor that I can think of to play the next Iron Man. #tonystark #johnnydepp #ironman #fancasting #fancast #armor #marvel #nickfury #avengers #new #marveluniverse #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvelcomics #ironmanmovie
#MilesMorales #fancast Coming February '19
After watching Reign of Superman I kind of want to see #cyborgsuperman #hankhenshaw in a movie here are 14 actors i can see in the role 1.#patrickfabian (he voicedhim in Reign) 2. #cillianmurphy 3. #noahwyle 4. #tomcavanagh 5. #patrickdempsey 6. #ioangruffudd 7. #reidscott 8. #johnkrasinski 9. #caseyaffleck 10. #jamesmarsden 11. #ewanmcgregor 12. #julianmcmahon 13. #alexisdenisof 14. #eddiecibrian Who would you cast as Henshaw? #comics #dc #dceu #fancast #casting #upcoming #movies #superman #clarkkent #henrycavill #justiceleague #villians
BIOPIC: So to complete this section of learning about me, I casted two groups of 3 actors that could play me fully throughout my life. —— Cast 1: #asherangel , #jackfalahee , #jakejohnson Cast 2: #noahjupe , #johnbubniak , #johnkrasinski #fancast #biopic #worldoffancasts
My #fancast picks for the new #ghostbusters : @grantgust #saoirseronan @therealsonequa @mvegapena With the @rubyrose serving as the main villain. :)
Rumours of Marvel making an Eternal movie and @orlandobloom is my choice to play Druig in the mcu. @marvelstudios @marvel @orlandobloom #orlandobloom #druig #theeternals #marvel #marvelstudios #fancast #mcu
FAN CASTINGS! Seann William Scott As Deadpool Seann William Scott is loud, funny, and well built which means he could make an awesome Deadpool. Throughout his career, Seann has played characters that are similar to the Merc With A Mouth. He would be just as good in the role as Ryan Reynolds, who did the best interpretation of Wade Wilson. Seann's role in American Pie and The Rundown is the reason I cast him. He's a goofball with the ability to pull off an action scene. Most importantly, he's extremely funny. All of these elements would make for an original version of the character. To be honest I'm not a fan of the character but this is who I would cast to play him in a movie. #seannwilliamscott #deadpool #americanpie #therundown #wadewilson #ryanreynolds #mercwithamouth #fancasting #fancast #funny #xfactor #xmen #heroic #marvel
John Mulaney and Nick Kroll as Andre and Firmin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #phantomoftheopera #poto #johnmulaney #nickkroll #broadway #fancast #dreamcast
#TheBraveAndTheBold : S2 E2: Harvey Dent ———•——— #HarveyDent (Skeet Ulrich), the former criminal Two Face, is released from Arkham Asylum after being rehabilitated by #HugoStrange (Kelsey Grammer). However, Strange publicly blames #Batman (Anson Mount) for Dent’s criminal past, claiming vigilantes do more harm than good. Bruce and #AlfredPennyworth (Charles Dance) feel a bit discouraged. Meanwhile, #TimDrake (Ryan Potter) gets a bad vibe from his neighbor #ArthurBrown (Matt Letscher). Later, #RolandDaggett (Rutger Hauer) is killed by a mysterious masked man. ———•——— #dc #dccomics #fancasts #fancast #fancasting #dctv #batmanandrobin #dynamicduo #dcuniverse #dceu
The Legend of Zelda fancast Rated PG 13 Directed by: Shigeru Miyamoto, Russo Brothers #Fancast #fancast #Nintendo #nintendo #Zelda #Link #Ganondorf #Fi #Linkle #Impa #Midna #Twilight #JohnCena #Darunia #Volga #Ghirahim #Ruto #GreatFairy #Zant #Navi #Yuga #Cia #Wizzro
My first fancast here! Should I continue these? Who would you want to play John Stewart? - - #greenlantern #johnstewart #dceu #mahershalaali #movies #dccomics #greenlanterncorps #dc #fancast
The Dark Knight Season 6 It’s been three months since #brucewayne found out about his son and has been searching for #taliaalguhl but to no avail. Meanwhile in Arkham Asylum, they’ve hired a new psychiatrist after Harley’s turn to evil. His name is Dr #jonathancrane , a specialist in hallucination-based therapy mainly involving drugs. One day, Crane wanders to the weapons lockup. There he finds, Jason Woodrue’s last batch of drugs. He steals them and takes them home. Feeling his drugs and his work is ineffective he begins altering the drugs so they induce fear in his subjects. Eventually, what he does is exposed by Aaron Cash and he has his license revoked. Feeling useless he goes home and decides to get revenge upon Cash. So he follows him home one night, drugging him with his fear toxin. Cash falls screaming and is found the next morning. He’s paralysed with shock and forced to under go deep psychological therapy. Bruce gets to work on tracking down who’s responsible. He figures out that’s it Crane and goes to confront him. He threatens him with his toxin before spraying it in Bruce’s eyes. He sees the #Joker and #Gotham in flames. At Joker’s feet are the bodies of Jim, Renee and Barbara and he’s holding Dick by the throat. He’s found by Jim and cured by Dr Leslie Thompkins. He analyses the chemical while Crane starts falling in deeper. Mob bosses like #carminefalcone have begun coming to him asking for some of his toxin. He agrees and begins wearing a ragged mask to cover up his identity. Bruce is struggling to find where and how the toxin is produced while Crane has begun to make an empire. He has Gotham’s underworld under his thumb and anyone who steps out of line gets dosed in fear toxin. Eventually, Bruce tracks him down after realising it’s based off of Woodrue’s drugs. He housed out in an old warehouse. Batman, along with some of the GCPD and #batwoman , storm the building. They fight through Falcone’s henchmen who are serving as Crane’s bodyguards. When Crane hears of the break in, he tries to run but is grabbed by Falcone whom he incapacitates with the toxin. Falcone is sent to Arkham while Crane remains on the run.
The Flash: Scarlet Speedster Directed By: Matthew Vaughn The Plot: The Flash: Scarlet Speedster Directed By: Matthew Vaughn Barry Allen (Nicholas Hoult) story begins when he was a boy one day after he won his spelling bee he went to go get a comic book at his local store. When he returned he was heartbroken to learn from the police that his father (Aaron Eckhart) had killed his mother and that he would have to come with them but one officer named Darryl Frye (Denis Leary) came foward and took Barry in as his own. Barry knew deep down though that his dad did not kill his mom. Barry swore that day he would track the real killer down and get his father out of jail. Years later Now Barry has a job at the local police station as a forensics scientist so he could begin working on his mothers case but it wasn't just his mothers case he wanted to help other family's just like his but one faithful night a bolt of lightning came through the window and struck the chemicals behind Barry. It was a very select combo of chemicals that spilled all over Barry. Barry was in the hospital and Darryl Frye, his lab partner Patty Spivot (Britt Robertson), his boss David Singh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and his girlfriend Iris West (Sophie Cookson) were not sure if he'd ever wake up but he finally did and even know Barry was notorious for being very late he discovered he had new speed based powers and being a scientist Barry told his lab partner Patty and the two of them ran test on these powers. Barry soon realized he was the fastest man alive. So he thought about it and he realized he could not only help people through his work as a scientist but also as a superhero. He took inspiration from his favorite comic book character Jay Garrick AKA The Flash and became the real life Flash. He made a costume and he has started fighting crime in Central City. Deep in the jungles of africa advanced gorillas have created there own society and there ruler a gorilla named Grodd (Vincent D'Onofrio) the gorillas have decided to take over the world and there first stop happens to be Central City. Gorillas are running rampant all over Central City and Barry must stop it. Rest in commemts
Acho que isso seria perfeito #jakelacy as #syndrome /#buddy #theincredibles #fancast
DC Universe: The Batman Fancast Part 1: Bat Family Steven R. McQueen as Bruce Wayne/Batman Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth Tanner Buchanan as Dick Grayson/Robin Willow Shields as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl Eiza Gonzalez as Selina Kyle/Catwoman #dc #fancast #batman #robin #titans #catwoman #gotham #batgirl #stevenrmcqueen #tannerbuchanan #willowshields #eizagonzalez #batman #fancasting @steven_r_mcqueen @seanpertwee @tannerbuchananofficial @willowshields @eizagonzalez
⚡ 🎥 Fan Cast DC Extended Universe 🌟 Bill Skarsgård as Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow • • • 📽 Best Works: ✓ I rymden finns inga känslor (as Simon) ✓ Hemlock Grove (as Roman Godfrey) ✓ Anna Karenina (as Captain Machouten) ✓ The Divergent Series: Allegiant (as Matthew) ✓ Atomic Blonde (as Merkel) ✓ It (as It/Pennywise the Dancing Clown) ✓ Battlecreek (as Henry) ✓ Assassination Nation (as Mark) ✓ Deadpool 2 (as Axel Cluney/Zeitgeist) ✓ Castle Rock (as "The Kid") • • • 🏆 Awards and Nominations: ✓ 2011 Guldbagge Awards for Best Actor - I rymden finns inga känslor (nominated) ✓ 2012 Berlin International Film Festival for Shooting Stars Award (won) ✓ 2018 Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actor - It (nominated)
NIRVANA BIOPIC #JoeAnderson - #KurtCobain #MatthewLewis - #KristNovoselic #DevonBostick - #DaveGrohl #TaylorMomsen - #CourtneyLove Come as you are, as you were, as i waaaant you to be🎶 For my part, that was it, see you in the next one!✌🏻 - - #Fancast #fancasting #biopic #Nirvana #NirvanaBiopic #Nirvanaband #NirvanaMovie
⚡ 🎥 Fan Cast DC Extended Universe 🌟 Stanley Tucci as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze • • • 📽 Best Works: ✓ Winchell (as Walter Winchell) ✓ Conspirancy (as SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann) ✓ Big Night (as Secondo) ✓ The Lovely Bones (as George Harvey) ✓ Easy A (as Dill Penderghast) ✓ Captain America: The First Avenger (as Abraham Erskine) ✓ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (as Caesar Flickerman) ✓ Some Velvet Morning (as Fred) ✓ Transformers: Age of Extinction (as Joshua Joyce) ✓ A Little Chaos (as Philippe I, Duke of Orléans) ✓ The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (as Caesar Flickerman) ✓ Spotlight (as Mitchell Garabedian) ✓ The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (as Caesar Flickerman) ✓ Beauty and the Beast (as Maestro Cadenza) ✓ Transformers: The Last Knight (as Merlin) ✓ Submission (as Ted Swenson) ✓ Patient Zero (as The Professor) ✓ A Private War (as Tony Shaw) ✓ Nomis (as Commissioner Harper) • • • 🏆 Awards and Nominations: ✓ 3 Primetime Emmy Awards ✓ 2 Golden Globe Awards ✓ 1996 Satellite Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy - Big Night (nominated) ✓ 2003 Tony Awards for Best Actor in a Play - Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune (nominated) ✓ 2009 Academy Awards "the Oscars" for Best Supporting Actor - The Lovely Bones (nominated)
⚡ 🎥 Fan Cast DC Extended Universe 🌟 Eddie Redmayne as Roman Sionis/Back Mask • • • 📽 Best Works: ✓ My Week with Marilyn (as Colin Clark) ✓ Les Misérables (as Marius Pontmercy) ✓ The Theory of Everything (as Stephen Hawking) ✓ Jupiter Ascending (as Balem Abrasax) ✓ The Danish Girl (as Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe) ✓ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (as Newt Scamander) ✓ Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (as Newt Scamander) • • • 🏆 Awards and Nominations: ✓ 2010 Tony Awards for Best Featured Actor in a Play - Red (won) ✓ 2011 BAFTA Awards for Rising Star - My Week with Marilyn (nominated) ✓ 2012 Satellite Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture - Les Misérables (nominated) ✓ 2014 Academy Awards "the Oscars" for Best Actor - The Theory of Everything (won) ✓ 2015 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama - The Danish Girl (nominated) ✓ 2017 Empire Awards for Best Actor - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (won)
Pt. 2 THE PERFECT BOOSTER GOLD MOVIE Forgive the graininess! I’m not @bosslogic Soon we pick up with Booster Gold after a montage of terrible infomercials and sponsored brands by Booster Gold. Patrick O’ Brian (Andy Samberg) is found stealing a bunch of Booster’s stuff from his newly acquired mansion. They have a little skirmish but Booster finds him so ridiculous it’s impossible to fight while laughing so the just end getting a drink. The two explain their powers.They find they’re pretty similar, crazy about women and money. They go for a joyride and get crazy wasted then the big bad roles into town.... What do you think? Would you cast differently? • • • • • • • • • • • • #plasticman #dceu #dc #worldsofdc #boostergold #dcextendeduniverse #andysamberg #brooklyn99 #zacefron #comics #fancast #comicart #comicmemes
#spidergwen #fancast Coming Soon...
Just realised that @idriselba can play Bishop from X-men
Just got done watching ‘A Star Is Born’ and I loved it. Here are fan casts for three decades of remakes. 1986: #cher & #mickeyrourke 1996: #jlo & #willsmith 2006: #fergie & #hughjackman . . . #astarisborn #jenniferlopez #80s #90s #fancast #fancasting #movies #remake #bradleycooper #ladygaga
A DCEU Pitch Phase Four Blue and Gold-The Ballad of Jamie Reyes Directed By-The Duffer Brothers The Pitch Young Jamie Reyes has his life flipped on his head when tech giant Ted Kord and Time Traveller Booster Gold fall in to his life after he becomes holder of the Scarab! The Fallout A dramedy that looks in to the life's of our heroes and goes on to explore what it means to be a hero as they overcome their fears! Each has a respective rival; Kord has one in Maxwell Lord,Reyes has one in the Black Beetle and Booster Gold in his father! Lord retreats in the endgame but not before getting hit by a concussion like wave! Meanwhile Black Beetle us trapped in a time loop and Jonar Jon Carter imprisoned! The heroes take the day! The Post Credits sees Kord and Gold in a college interview skit with Jamie Reyes as they look to do what's best for him!#BlueAndGold #BlueBeetle #BoosterGold #DC #DCEU #Comics #Movies #Fancast
GREEN RESULTS (COLOR : PINK) ———————— The videos are in this order Slide 2 : @heychipsters : 5.5/8 Slide 3 : @broadway.elizaaa : 6/8 Slide 4 : @fabulissacovers : 6.5/8 Slide 5 : @temilliaa_sings : 5.5/8 Slide 6 : @aria_sings_arias : 5/8 Slide 7 : @redhead.sings : 5.5/8 Slide 8 : @saralovesbroadway : 6/8 Team Score - 8.5/10 —————————— #musicaltheatre #cover #singing #dreamrole #fancast #fanalbum #musicaltheatrecasting
BLUE RESULTS (COLOR : YELLOW) ———————— The videos are in this order Slide 2 : @fantine.lovett : 6/8 Slide 3 : @westbroadway_singss : 5.5/8 Slide 4 : @broadwaybinges : 5/8 Slide 5 : @hamiltonfakecasting : 6/8 Slide 6 : @broadway_obsessed_nerd : 6.5/8 Slide 7 : @georgiascxtt.sings : 6.5/8 Slide 8 : @hopelesslydevotedtomusicals : 7.5/10 Team Score - 8/10 —————————— #musicaltheatre #cover #singing #dreamrole #fancast #fanalbum #musicaltheatrecasting
RED RESULTS (COLOR : PURPLE) ———————— The videos are in this order Slide 2 : @butterfly.sing : 4.5/8 Slide 3 : @songbirdvsrattlesnake : 7/8 Slide 4 : @bway_fakecasting2002 : 6/8 Slide 5 : @ginger_songbird : 6.5/8 Slide 6 : @crutchierobel : 5.5/8 Slide 7 : @briarlouwhite : 6/8 Slide 8 : @i_say_no_to_this : 6/8 Missing : @xox.maura (free pass) Team Score - 7.5/10 —————————— #musicaltheatre #cover #singing #dreamrole #fancast #fanalbum #musicaltheatrecasting
OLDER JUSTICE LEAGUE: This idea sparked from Kingdom Come, having older versions of the characters. Each of these actors are about 10 years older than my ideal choices for the characters. So they’re not exactly in the same range as Kingdom Come, but I think with makeup could easily play that style. —— #batman - Jon Hamm #superman - Bradley Cooper #wonderwoman - Charlize Theron #theflash - Jake Johnson #greenlantern - Sam Worthington #aquaman - Brad Pitt #martianmanhunter - Denzel Washington #fancast #justiceleague #dccomics #kingdomcome
The Dark Knight Season 5 It’s been three months since Jason’s passing. Bruce is now violent and a killer. He’s shut himself off from everyone. His one goal is to kill the Joker and he will do anything to achieve that, killing his thugs. Both Dick and Superman go to talk to Bruce but Bruce just pushes them away, even fighting Superman. One night, a man in a red hood arrives, killing a group of thugs. Bruce is shocked and tries to reach out to this man but he begins shooting at him. Bruce researches the identity of the hooded man and realises it may be Jason returned from the dead. He freaks out running to Jason’s grave and digs it up, finding nothing in his coffin. He’s furious and enraged. He tracks Jason down and tries to appeal to him but they just end up fighting. He eventually knocks off Jason’s mask to reveal a “J” branded on his cheek. They talk and Jason’s says how Ra’s Al Ghul brought him back it’s the Lazarus Pit but he came back empty with only hate and anger in him. Bruce finds Ra’s and confronts him. They fight but Bruce is beaten. They take him prisoner and lock him up. He is greeted by Talia Al Ghul who tells him that the League will kill him if he doesn’t join them and that Ra’s is planning to blow up every significant religious site and major city around the world so he can build a new world order with the League at the top. Bruce agrees to join the League with his new pro-murder view. He trains and moves up the ranks of the League. However, with Gotham now unprotected, many villains have been emerging from the shadows, most notably Poison Ivy, an eco-warrior tracking down and killing those who harm the environment with her new pheromone based powers. With Ivy running the show, Gotham needs a new hero. Enter Kate Kane, Bruce’s cousin who decides to protect Gotham enlisting the help of Lucius Fox and Barbara Gordon who becomes Oracle. Kane becomes Batwoman and protects Gotham. Ivy breaks out Harley Quinn from Arkham and jewel thief Selina Kyle while Kate and Renee team up to take down the Gotham City Sirens. Meanwhile, Bruce is in deep with the League and dating Talia again.
It’s been a year since Black Mask’s arrest. Dick meets a girl named Barbara Gordon and they become fast friends while Bruce has been pouring himself into finding his parents killer and eventually finds a name, Joe Chill, a low-tier thug. He goes to interrogate him and very nearly kills him, even revealing his identity to Chill but is stopped but Alfred. He learns that Chill was paid by someone named “Thomas Elliot”, Bruce’s childhood friend to kill the Waynes. Bruce leaves him comatose and when Chill comes out of his coma runs to Elliot who kills him. Rumours spread about “Bruce Wayne, the Billionaire who’s been missing for months. Bruce Wayne slowly becomes the mask. He pushes everyone away, including Alfred, who is the last one to unwillingly leave.. Batman becomes Bruce’s way of dealing with the unresolved trauma from his parent’s deaths. He eventually tracks Elliot down, a now successful plastic surgeon. It is revealed that Thomas still hates Bruce because he cost him his fortune. He paid someone to run his parents off the road so he could collect their inheritance. When Thomas saved them, he grew a hatred for the Wayne’s paying Joe Chill to kill them. They fight and because Bruce is enraged, Elliot wins, locking Bruce away. He uses his plastic surgery skills to change his appearance so he looks like Bruce. He infiltrates his life discovering pushing Dick away through insults, seducing Vicki and ultimately ending her engagement with Harvey and threatening Jim. Harvey, after hearing what had happened, snaps going on a streak intending to kill Vicki only to be stopped by Jim and Renee who scar one side of his face. Only Alfred thought anything was wrong and tracked down the real Bruce before being drugged and captured. He takes Alfred and, while still looking like Bruce, kidnaps Dick, Barbara, Jim, Renee and Lucius, taking them to the Wayne Enterprises building. Killer Croc, Deadshot and Catman (villains from the early parts of the season). Dick frees himself and everyone else. They go to escape but Alfred refuses to leave Bruce so he and Dick go to save Bruce. Catman jumps the two so Dick fends him off while Alfred runs. Meanwhile, Bruce and Elliot face off
My DCTV Universe - The Dark Knight Season 1 At the age of 10, Bruce Wayne watched his parents die in a mugging-gone-wrong. The only people he had left now were his butler Alfred Pennyworth and childhood bestie Thomas Elliot, who vanished not long after. When he turned 20, he left Gotham and Wayne Manor to go on a journey of self-discovery. It was in the mountains of the Himalayas where he found Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Bruce and Talia get together while the League trained him to become a warrior, but Bruce could never bring himself to kill and thus was expelled from the League. He returned to Gotham at the age of 27 and found Roland Daggett an old business associate of the Waynes, running Wayne Enterprises and Gotham to be overrun by gangsters, crooks and psychopaths. Bruce sees how inefficient the GCPD are in the fight and so he decides to take matters into his own hands. He gains the help of Lucius Fox, a tech designer at Wayne Enterprises and employs him to design him a suit. Bruce then goes out that night as THE BATMAN!!! With a list of all the crooks and corrupt in Gotham, Bruce begins checking off his list. This attracts not only the attention of the GCPD, but also Roman Sionis, the Black Mask. Sionis is a dangerous and powerful mob boss, always for some reason wearing a Black Mask. Now with Sionis and Commissioner Jim Gordon and Det. Renee Montoya hunting him down, Bruce must evade capture and take down Black Mask’s drug making operation. In his mission he encounters villains such as Great White Shark (a low tier dealer of Black Mask) and Jason Woodrue nicknamed “The Floronic Man” for his addictive drug concoctions. During his investigations he discovers that Daggett has been paying Sionis making Wayne Enterprises an illegal company. During Bruce and Sionis’ first fight, Sionis is caught in a fire fusing the mask to his face. Throughout the season, Jim and Renee investigate Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises finding the payments Daggett had made to Sionis.
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