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sorry it took so long😂 also thank you for all the support everyone!!!❤️💘 - - - - - -tags: #tomholland #filiming #mj #spidermanhomecoming #edits #spidermanfarfromhomemovie #fanfiction #peterparker
I wanna do a Pokémon fanfic or something so yeah sry if I didn’t do ur pfp requests I’ve been getting a lot and with skool and my life I wanna do this for fun and stuff note this will be done at my own pace and in this Pokémon fanfic the viewers get to vote in this thing I’ll explain later but stay tuned for that obviously my partner is piplup but the region Pokémon trainer Ciera will be exploring is Unova! - #pokemon #fanfiction #anime #edit #edits #werid #like #love #likesforlikes #followforfollow #fun #survivor #2018 #cute #battle #game #games #hi #hello #bye #idk
Part 7.5 told you both parts are up tonight lol😍❤️💜#tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfics #tomholland #fanfiction
Part 6!!! I’m separating this one into 2 parts cause it’s long but both parts are going up tonight❤️!!#tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfics #fanfiction #tomholland
Here is a short fanfiction post since I haven’t posted one I awhile and I will post another LONGER one tomorrow!! But enjoy this one💖🦋 Chapter 7 Kenzie’s P.O.V School seemed like it would never end but finally it did. I was so excited for the date! L: hey want to hangout today I had totally forgot to tell Lauren that I was going on a date with her cousin K: umm actually I have a date tonight L: omg who? Do I know him? Is he cute? K: you definitely know him idk if you will think he is cute L: who is it!? K: it is Andrew L: like my cousin Andrew?? K: yes L:... K:.... L: OMG IF YOU GUYS GOR MARRIED WE WOULD BE RELATED!! K: *laughs* I thought you would be mad L: why? K: because he is your cousin L: I don’t control his life K: ya I guess I thought it might be weird for you though L: nahh K: well I have to go and get ready for my date L: yasssss!! @kenzie @johnnyorlando @maddieziegler #kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler #maddieziegler #johnnyorlando #fanfiction #jenziefanfiction #explorepage
Guess who wants to fucking die? • • • • • It's me. #drarry #fanfic #fanfiction #kiss #kissing #fanart #dracomalfoy #harrypotter #gay #boyxboy #2boyskissing
I love this boy💘 □□□□□0% ■□□□□20% ■■□□□40% ■■■□□60% ■■■■□80% ■■■■□90% ■■■■■100% #shawnmendes #shawn #mendes #boy #canada #toronto #confessions #illuminate #handwritten #concert #picoftheday #fanfiction #europetour #america #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesimagines #shawnimagine #shawnmendesedits #edits #videos #shawnmendesimages #video #edit #textimagine #imagine
Title: Don't Know Where to Go By: dreamlittleyo Genre: AU (science fiction) and Angst Plot: In which Hamilton does not want to consider his general's mortality. Ships (if any): Whamilton Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/16049825 #hamilton #whamilton #alexanderhamilton #georgewashington #fanfiction #fanfics #fics #besthamiltonfanfictions #bestfanfictions #hamiltonfandom #hamiltonfanfiction
my heart is melting... holyyyyyy. the way he looked into the camera, he KNEW he was gonna screw us up! haaha😍😍💞💞 @shawnmendes
#Preorder 17 - 24 September 2018 Judul : #BoyMeetsEvil (Bonus Blocknote) Penulis : #AgustC Penerbit : @hikarupublishing Kategori : #Fanfiction Tebal : 420 halaman Bahan Isi : Bookpaper 52 gr Bahan Cover : AC 230 gr Masuk gudang : 4 Oktober 2018 Harga : 95.000 > 71.250 Bisa Dp 25% Bisa via SHOPEE Pemesanan via shopee mohon chat admin lebih dulu Order bisa via WA : 085736100626 Line : @baz1125d Atau via Shopee / Tokopedia / Bukalapak. Username : Booklaza Sinopsis Ini adalah kisah tentang perjuangan seorang gadis yang bertekad untuk membebaskan kekasihnya yang mendekap di balik jeruji. Ia meminta bantuan seorang detektif dingin, demi mengupas sebuah kasus pembunuhan yang terus memakan banyak nyawa orang terdekat di antara mereka; Min Yoongi, Im Kyungra, dan Kim Taehyung. Satu pembunuh terungkap, lalu tumbuh lagi seribu. Siapa yang dapat menerka pelaku sebenarnya?#NovelSecond #NovelBekas #NovelSegel #JualNovelSegel #JualNovel #Novel #JualBuku #Wattpad #NovelWattpad #Trusted #NovelTeenlit #NovelDewasa #OlshopJatim #Jatim #Ngawi #Madiun #NovelMurah #WattpadRekomendasi #WattpadIndo
And another post, for my Fanfic #QueenBee only on #ao3 you can also follow them on Instagram @queenbeefic where there’s a link directly to the story! Enjoy! 💛#btsfanfic #bts #btsaesthetics #yoonmin #namjin #taekook #fanfiction
Chapter 26!! Hope you enjoy!!! Thank you so much for being patient love you guys!💕💕 - - - - #dolantwins #dolantwinsfanfiction #dolantwinsfanfiction #ethandolan #fanfiction #fanfic #ethandolanfanfiction
Recap: - - Jake- How long will it take for her to wake up? Dr. Dregmon- Anesthesia will ware off in 1-2 hours but because of the risks it might take more. Dr. Berkley- We were able to remove all of the tumor with no complications but there may be complications in recovery. ---------- Anthony- How is she? Chad- Is she out yet? *whining* Jake- no. What if she dies? What if I'm never going to see her again? What if... if... if... she survives but doesn't remember me? What if she ends up in a coma forever? ---------- *In Erika's coma* Erika- where am I? ?- you are in a coma Erika- who are you? ?- I am your coma magician. Erika- A what now? CM- A coma magician. Erika- okay then. ---------- CM- 7 minutes. 28 seconds. Erika- Okay. Okay. I made a desicion. CM- I'm listening Erik- I will wake up in 13 years and 4 days. Oh I am going to regret this later, seeing that your still going to be here aren't you. CM- Yup. - Be excited for when the sequel comes at 200! - Remember my DMS are always open!❤ - - Tags: #Jakepauler #costeller #Jerika #IBelieveInJerika #fanfiction #jerikafanfiction #jerikafan #erikafan #jakefan #Jakepaulers #costellers #chlogan #chloebennet #loganpaul #chloganjerika #jerikachlogan #pearlbingbing @jakepaul @erikacostell
Part 6 Just warning you that tomorrow there most likely will not be a new part due to the homecoming dance! Also if you would like to be tagged comment! Question: What grade are you in? • • @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #shawn #mendes #mendesarmy #texting #likethis #sm3 #illuminate #handwritten #singer #toronto #singshawnsing #mendesshawn #maleartist #inmyblood #20 #shawnmendesthealbum #Canadian #textingshawn #magcon #artist #shawnmendesfanfiction #fanfiction
Compete with others to predict the top responses to questions! Just say "Hey Google, Talk to Common Sense" to the Google Assistant to play! You can also play through the Google Assistant app on iOS and Android. Follow @talkcommonsense for daily results! . . 🎨 @mattgoodrichapps. . . . . #fanfiction #book #books #reading #newbooks #writing #author #readbooks #article #readmore #justread #novel #fanfiction #authors #read #fiction #nonfiction #fantasy #harrypotter #thehungergames #twilight #googleassistant #googlehome #survey #f4f
I just got this idea for a cross dressing amasai fanfic. Should I write about it like I already drew cross dressing Saihara fan art. #shuichisaihara #shuichi #saihara #rantarou #amami #rantaroamami #amasai #saiama #fanfiction #danganronpaships
Stucky, the ocean couple Chapter 1 Once upon atome, bucky the merman was singing a song sadly on a tock, hr was feeling lonely and lost in the ocean. All of a sudden, he heard a loud splash, something just fell in the water close to bucky. What could it be? Steve was a marine soldier, a hot marine soldier. He was fighting in the American marine and he was currently on a ship headed home after a mission. Steve was sad because all his friends died during the battle, he was the only one left of his whole team. On the ship, he got distracted and fell in the water. That’s what bucky heard. Steve was drowning. While he was getting deeper and deeper in the ocean, he was thinking about his life, mainly his regrets. He was sure he was going to die soon and he thought of all the things he was wanted to say. Steve should have come out before he left for the mission. He wanted to kiss all the boys in the mission. He was in love with all of his teammates and he wanted I die so he could join them in the afterlife and do the do. He was dying, but serene in his death. #stucky #cap #buck #captainamerica #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #steverogers #boyxboy #stevexbucky #fanfiction #fic #chapter1 #mermen #murmaid #au #fanfic #men #captainamericaxwintersoldier #gay #marvel #ship
yooo if any of you guys have a Wattpad, read my fanfic of yandere simulator called 'loveless."! I uploaded the first 7 chapters! And while you're at it, follow the person who made this amazing cover on Instagram and DeviantArt! ~ Follow my account, @love___haley to see art of mine! ~ #yanderesimulator #fanfiction #anime #yandere #senpai #ayanoaishi #cosplay #crazy #osananajimi #yanderecosplay #yanderechan #yanderekun #bloodycosplay #blood #lovestruck #iloveyousenpai #yanderekuncosplay #senpaiismine #creepycosplay #sociopath #bloody #cosplayer #animecosplay #lovemesenpai #yanderesimulatorcosplay #lonely #sociopaths #darkheart #schizophrenia #insain
Hey ho, I know it’s been a while but I’ve posted chapter two of my #bts #fanfiction on #wattpad you can find the link to my profile in my Bio. The work is entitled The Adventures of Lil’ Meow-Meow! Enjoy! #btsfanfic
Chapter 7: (last chapter) - - *The day of graduation* Principal- Jake Paul Jake- I would just like to thank my beautiful, kind, and caring girlfriend who has been here forever but I never had the courage to ask her out till our friends set us up on a date. *Gets down on one knee* Jake- Erika Costell, will you marry me? Erika(screaming from the side)- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! *She runs to Jake* Everybody else- Awwwwww. Erika- I love you! Jake- I love you more! Professor- As much as I would love to savor this moment, can we move on with the ceremony? Erika- Of course professor. *6 years later* Erika- You left me and our son 1 year ago! I don't want you here! Jake- Yes, I understand but that was my worst descision ever! Erika- Really? Jake- Really. Erika- I love you. Jake- I love you more. - The next fanfiction will be coming when we reach 200 followers and it will be the sequel to If It Goes Wrong! - Remember my DMS are always open!❤ - - Tags: #Jakepauler #costeller #Jerika #IBelieveInJerika #fanfiction #jerikafanfiction #jerikafan #erikafan #jakefan #Jakepaulers #costellers #chlogan #chloebennet #loganpaul #chloganjerika #jerikachlogan #pearlbingbing @jakepaul @erikacostell
Spotlight, Moonlight 🌕🌸🖤 - - Credit to the artist(s) 👩‍🎨🎨 ⚛︎ Follow @saskyuchihoe for more 🖤🦋 ❀ Also follow my baby @imsakurauchiha 😍💝 ✧ And my daughter too! @saradaauchihoe ❤️💕 - ⚛️ [Tags] ⚛️ #naruto #boruto #anime #narutoshippuden #fanart #instadaily #instaanime #animeart #ninja #shinobi #konoha #love #otaku #sasuke #sasukeuchiha #uchiha #sakura #sakuraharuno #sakurauchiha #uchihaclan #sasusaku #sasukexsakura #manga #fanfic #fanfiction #comics #animeedits #uchihoe
**Starbucks.** 6:47 AM ______ Peyton: So, y/n, how did you and Asher meet? You: He actually bumped into me, while I was jogging😂 Sofia: And she didn't freak out like a fangirl? *Looks at Asher* Asher: Haha, not really no. She just told me she was a huge fan. You: That's true Joshua: Wow. I'm impressed. You: Trust me, I wanted to freak out. Peyton: And there it is. *You all chuckle loudly* Sofia: *Looks at the time on her phone* Well we still have at least an hour and a half before we have to go to the studio. Wanna hit back to my place? Peyton: Are your parents home? Sofia: Nope. Mom had a super big meeting this morning, and my dad had a flight to catch to see his cousin in California Peyton: Great.. Sofia: *sighs* what are you thinking, Peyton? Peyton: The most adventurous game ever. Joshua: *Sighs* aw, no you don't mean-- **At Sofia's house** Everyone is sitting on the sofa. Peyton: Truth or Dare. Sofia: Okay I will go first. Josh, truth or dare? Josh: Truth. I'm not doing any dares. Sofia: Is it true that you think Y/n is pretty? Josh: Yeah she's pretty! *You blush* Josh: But she's not really my type.. sorry. You: That's okay. Asher: *whispers to you* You could be my type *Asher winks at you and you giggle. Sofia and Peyton spot you two and look at each other. Peyton: y/n Truth or Dare? You: Dare. Peyton: *Looks at Sofia and back at you* I dare you and Asher to go upstairs in the guest bedroom for at least 15 minutes. You: Sure! I'm in. What about you Asher *you wink* (um.. am I flirting😍) Asher: Yeah.. *Asher takes your hand, leads you upstairs into the guest bedroom, and shuts the door* Sofia: *To Peyton* Do you think they will actually.. ya know..? Peyton: *shrugs* I don't know. I hope so. They obviously like each other. It so cute. Joshua: It would be cute. They honestly look good together. Sofia: We know Asher will be up for it. But will y/n? Peyton: She's seems pretty cool so far. Let's just wait. **Meanwhile upstairs..** You and Asher are sitting on the bed. You: So... How are we doing this? I moan and you just make whatever noise or something...? Asher: Actually.. I was thinking maybe we could do it for real. ...______________ Comment💜
Chapter 6: - - *Police and ambulances show up at the 2 houses and Sunny starts showing them and telling them what happened. Police got Brittney and arrested her but her last words to the 3 of them were "This isn't over yet!!"* Sunny- Omg Erika! Did she hurt you? Erika- No thankfully. Is Jake okay?!? Sunny- He was barely breathing before the paramedics took him. I think he will be okay. Let's go to the hospital to stay there. Erika- Okay. *They headed to the hospital and when they got there, they were told he was in surgery* Erika- Sunny do you think he will be okay? Sunny- Yes. I do Erika. He is strong and will fight. He will fight for you. Erika- Aw. Thanks Sunny. You always know how to cheer me up. *2 hours later the doctor comes out* Dr- Does Jake have any family we can call? Erika- Yes. His mom but I don't know her phone number. Dr- Okay, well anyways, Jake had some internal bleeding in the abdomin and a minor cut in his heart but we were able to get everything better and stitch him up. The surgery went well and he is in recovery if you want to see him. Erika- Thank you so much. Sunny- Let's go see Jake! *Erika and Sunny head to Jakes room* Jake- Erika? Is that you? Erika- Yes it is me. Aw jakey your all bandaged up. Jake- And I'm hooked up to all these machines. Erika- Well the surgery went good. Jake- When I get out of here I'm going to kiss you so good. Sunny- Gross. Just gross. Erika- Your just jealous you don't have a boyfriend like mine. Jake- Haha. Sunny- Shut up. Jake- Hey call Anthony and my mom. Sunny- Okay. I can call Anthony. Erika you call his mom. Jake- Erika my mom's phone number is 8675309 (haha know that song?) *They call them and after 2 weeks Jake was let out* Erika- I believe I was promised something Jake. Sunny- Don't you do it. Don't you dare do that in front of me. *Jake and Erika start making out* Sunny- Gross Erika. *Anthony comes out of the hospital after grabbing Jake's stuff* Anthony- Put your tongues back in your own mouths and let's get out of here. Jake- Anthony? When did you get here? - - Remember my DMS are always open!❤ - - Tags: #Jakepauler #costeller #Jerika #IBelieveInJerika #fanfiction #jerikafanfiction
Blaine Sebastian Griffin Medical Student 💉 🇦🇺 #Sense8 #Fanfiction #ClusterX1 #NateNiehaus #InstaGood @nateniehaus
Part 20: The Coffee Shop Y/N POV *at the funeral tom and haz stepped out of the car. you just sat there, motionless, your eyes looked at nothing. “im not ready... im not ready.” became a little chant in your head. Haz opened the back door to grab flowers and a card. Tom opens your door and grabs your hand, “common darling. me and haz are here. we just need to pay our respects okay?” his voice was so reassuring, so you climbed out, without a word. your eyes wandered to the people walking in. you tried remembering who they were, but nothing came to mind. you felt terrible because you never had a life with your parents, you dad moved away for awhile then came back to visit mom, then he died. you walk into the door. a girl about my age runs up to Tom squealing. “YOUR TOM HOLLAND! CAN I HAVE AN AUTOGRAPH!” Tom looks confused and says, “im sorry but no, im here to pay my respects and i dont think its appropriate. maybe we’ll meet again?” she looked mad. “oh. i see. so your gonna date this HOE, huh, good thing her parents died, they’d be so ashamed of her. haha.” she laughed again and she spat at me.
Pure (Pt.2): The Irishman felt nervous since the night before when seeing the other brunette after such a long time. He didn't expect to see the male after their last few teenage years but felt a little at ease at the same time. When he woke up the next morning, he was greeted with a letter on his kitchen counter. Frowning, Niall picked it up as chills ran down his spine, opening the beige letter carefully whilst licking his lips. ‘My words last night were insincere and a bit scary, and I want to apologize through this letter, even though I will technically break into your house, but that's beside the point. I really want to talk with you properly, before all of that stuff happened. I can't undo what I did, that's the truth, but being with you is all that matters to me.’ Niall sighs heavily after finishing the letter, setting it down on the counter where it was placed primarily to then walk into the entrance area of his moderately sized home. The doorbell rings as if on cue, making the omega frown a little when hearing it occur so suddenly. He walks over to the door hesitantly, opening it up to see the taller male again, wearing the same, small smile similarly to last night's. “Yes, Liam?” Niall crossed his arms, looking at him with a subtly raised brow and a clenched jaw. “I was hoping you read my letter and didn't trash it. Please tell me that you didn't do the former option.” Niall shakes his head, turning to quickly grab the letter then come back nonchalantly. “I read it, but I'm still not sure if I want you in my life again, Liam. What you did ruined the rest of my secondary school years and trusting you seems like the worst option.” Liam sighs, feeling horrible for messing with him so much in their younger years. “I apologize for that, Niall, I genuinely do. We were young back then, and I've grown a lot since. You just have to give me the time of day to prove such a thing or else you'll never know the true person that I am. The true, honest Alpha that I can be.” Niall sighs shakily, remembering what Liam did well in a flash. “I-I don't know… It's difficult to even look at you in the face.” ~*~
I have a confession to make... I've made sana/twice fanfiction on wattpad but idk if I should continue T.T Sana is legit so attractive #wattpad #wattpadstories #fanfiction #twice #twicesana
My absolute No 1 favourite authors are at it again! Head over to @luna__vulpes to check out their giveaway raffle. As someone who has commissioned works from them before, you will be pleasantly surprised on how easy it is to get your ideas on paper and how they just seem to understand what you need. #luna_vulpes #luna #vulpes #raffle #giveaway #commission #writing #amazing #fanfiction #like #comment #enter #instagram #twitter
Chronology Summary. 2513 - 2561 Kay and her brother John were recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence at the age of four and six respectively. They were part of the Orion II Project, better known as "Spartan II". Both known as John 117 and Kay 118. After years of hard training and genetic gain, she was promoted to squad leader and over the years reached the maximum; Master Chief Pretty Officer. She served in approximately 210 operations without counting the ONI's classified tasks. The UNSC registered approximately four hundred thousand confirmed casualties by 118. Even being part of the special operations team, "Genesis" was always a person who liked to do things his own way. In November 2561, the lone wolf was declared killed in action after detonating a nova nuclear device in a Forerunner complex with a location still unknown, since 117 did not disclose that information to the command. She died at the age of 48, of which 36 were active, although there was no body to claim due to the disintegration by the Nova, her identification badges were kept, which are in the possession of 117. . . . #fanfic #fanfiction #fanart #deviantart #picsart #wattpad #history #Halo5 #Halo #Haloreach #Unsc #343industries #spartanii #spartan #John117 #Kay118 #Kelly087 #Cortana #Unsc #oni
Sweet dreams 💓😏☁️ — @hess.ae
ArtCredit: LoveTheDaniel || Tumblr . T: Guys, before we battle with Thanos, i have something to confess. . S, crossing his fingers: GAY GAY GAY GAY *daydreams* . M: excuse me, but does your friend often do that? *points at stephen* . T: *comes closer* wizard, r u alright? . S: *gasps* y-yeah. . T: what was that? . S: i went forward in time to view the possible outcomes of our future marriage proposals. *shakes his head* “M-MY” future marriage proposals. . T: oh.. —- S: Tony, if it was the end of the world, if this was the very last night, would you have dinner with me? . D: *chokes on his chips* . S: What the f*ck drax!? how long have u been standing there!? . D: since you smacked his ass and blamed your Aladin cape for that. . S: it’s a cloak! *turns to tony* Don’t listen to him, he’s lying. *blushes* . T: uhh.. *blushes* . M: *touches drax’s arm* He’s telling the truth. I can feel it. . D: could you please stop following me everywhere? i’m NOT your freakin hen! . T&S: *laughs at them* . D: Stop laughing you gays!! . T: you mean gu- . Q: *claps his hands, laughing from afar* Daang drax!! . S: oh Look, another dumbass. . Q: *cups his hands* at least we’re not HOMOSEXUALS! . D: yeah!! WE’RE LESBIANS!! . T&s: pffft you’re wh- *bursts into laugh* . Q: in the name of flash gordon’s, What the actual f*ck, Drax!? . D: what?? Are you gay too now? . T&s: *laughs even harder* . Q: you’re embarrassing me in front of these flaming homosexuals!! . D: Thor told me th- . Q: I TOLD YOU NOT TO BELIEVE THAT NOT SO HANDSOME GUY!! . D: Why!? Is it wrong to believe in god?? . Q: He’s NOT god, he’s a MORON, Drax! . D: i know you don’t believe in god, but people have different beliefs, Quill! Learn to respect that! . T: Will idiots ever find out that they’re idiots? . S: no idea, but let’s just wait and see how this one ends. it’s always funny when idiots are trying to be smart tho. . Q: we could hear that, gays! . T: oh sorry, did we offend you idiots?? . S: you wouldn’t be offended if you weren’t ones tho. . Q: we’re not offended!! . D: yes. Lesbians don’t get offended pretty easily! . Q: STOP THAT DRAX!! . S: okay, lesbians.. *laughs w/ tony* . T: calm your titties.
Chapter 4 {Car Crash} (like and comment for more I'm sorry for it being late) The every one was staring at me and I could see jack wanted to to know aswell. So I go so embarrassed and put in the spotlight Ava~well let's just say Keerah has something to say Ava~don't you Keerah? She said looking at me like she's mad at me JA~ok if Keerah doesn't want to say it then don't let her say it He said looking at me I just smile K~I need to go I said walking out the door Then I sat down on street bench and then someone came and sat beside me ???~is this seat taken? Then I looked up and let them sit down JA~Hey I talked to Ava and my mom about what she did I didn't say anything back JA~was it true what Ava said back there? Then I covered my face with my legs and arms K~I don't know JA~Oh He said then he grabbed my hand and said JA~c'mon i want to show you something Then I got up and he was walking to this park JA~look He was showing me a firefly them showing me tons of them K~wow this is beautiful I said walking around looking at all the fireflys JA~Yeah they are aren't they After he said we looked at each other and we smiled K~I'm sorry about what happened at the dinner I said walking towards Jack JA~Well it wasn't really your fault she does that when she wants to know something K~Yeah I guess Then he smiles at me and it's like the cutest thing I ever seen then I said something K~what? I said smiling back
Let's! "Don't Leave Me Alone" start...📝 #writing #fanfiction #love #hobby
The Things To Love Living For- Chapter 17: Watching Stars ; Continued Sorry this took a little long. I hope you like it💖💖 Be sure to check out my proof that #lastsummer is about Kenz!❤️❤️ #kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler #johnnyorlando #sassie #juannyortiz #laurenorlando #brat #totaleclipse #thethingstolovelivingfor #fanfics #fanfiction #lfl #fff #sfs #cfc #annieleblanc #bratayley #te #cg #chickengirls #jenzie #lenzie
You wake up from having the best dream and you look kinda still tired. You look at the time, and frantically run downstairs, into your mom's room. You: MOM!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME FOR AUDITIONS?!? Mom: *exhausted* Honey, it's 6AM. You: EXACTLY!! And the auditions start at 8! I have to be energized! I have to go on my morning run, get my Starbucks--- you know the deal. And since I don't have my permit yet, I can't drive myself! Up and at em mom! I'll go on my run and walk Princess, while you get ready. Be back in about thirty minutes. Mom: *still exhausted* okay honey You run back upstairs into your room quickly get into some running clothing. Once you get downstairs, you make sure you have everything you need. You: Okay mom! I'm going on my run now! Mom: Okay, y/n, be careful!! **Outside** You're running out on the sidewalk, excitedly listening to your Spotify Playlist. Until someone else is doing the same. You two bump into each other and stumble. Guy: I'm sorry, are you ok? *Helps you up* You: Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for the concern though :) Guy: I'm Asher by the way. You: *Still kinda dizzy rubbing your forehead until you come back into focus.* Wait.. your Asher.. Angel? Asher: Yup!! You: OMG! That's awesome. I'm a huge fan. I'm actually going to the auditions in a few hours to audition for the role of Cherish in Season Five. Asher: What's your name? You: y/n & l/n. Asher: Oh yeah!! I saw your name on the list!! Well good luck! You: Thanks! Asher starts to walk off and stops and turns back around walking toward you Asher: Hey.. I know we just met nd all but I'm meeting the cast at Starbucks in about.. *checks watch* forty five minutes. Wanna come? You: Of Course! Asher: Cool. Soo.. can I have your number so we can keep in touch? You: *screams inside head then exhales calmly* Ah.., sure. See you there. Do you wanna meet up or something? Asher: Yeah. We can meet up by the park and we can take my car. You: Okay. Sounds good :) Asher: Great. See ya. *Asher puts his headphones back in his ears and continues jogging in the opposite direction of you, while you walk home already feeling refreshed* _____________ First chapter! Hope you enjoyed💜
My sinsta ; Chapter 4 — The last thing I remember was my bed frame crashing and my eyes rolling back. “My Sinsta” Chapter 4 •MADDIES POV• I woke up completely naked and confused on my now broken bed. My phone was on the ground and I was still live on instagram . — I quickly glanced over to my clock, it was 2:30 pm! My mom and Kenzie will be back in thirty minutes. I was about to stand up and put my clothes back on but I heard soft moans coming from my bathroom. I quietly walked to my bathroom door and saw my best friend Lilia, completely naked masturbating to a naked picture she had just taken of me. — “What the fuck?!” I screamed. I’m in complete shock, but horny as soon as Lilia turns around and reveals her naked body. “I know you want this Maddie!” Lilia half moaned and screamed at me while still masturbating with my flesh pink dildo. I didn’t hesitate and opened my secret bathroom drawer and took out a strap on. I bought this last month in hopes that one day, Kenzie and I could have some pleasure time. I quickly strapped it on me and squirted some lube onto it. “Come ride me you dirty girl!” I screamed at her while slapping her ass so hard I left a red hand print. She jumps on me like a hungry puppy and immediately starts moaning. “I’ve been dreaming about this moment for years Maddie, fuck me so hard my pussy bleeds!” Lilia said while trying to desperately ride my 7 inch cock. “This one wont do the job then.” I said as I took her off me and took the strap on off. I ran into my room and as I was about to grab my monster dildo I saw my phone. It was still live, so I ended it and switched into my camera and hit record. “Look what I got for you, hungry girl...” I said while holding my phone in one hand and the monster dildo in the other wiggling it side to side. Her eyes followed every way it went, desperate to have it inside of her. “How kinky, you’re recording this? Please oh please send it so me Maddie!” She said while licking my breasts. I grabbed Lilia and tossed her on my bed. “Spread your legs baby” I said while sucking gently onto the monster cock. “He has fake cum and vibrates as well.” —
The cover for Loss: Imzadi One-Shot . . . 'Loss' is the second Imzadi One Shot in a series (I haven't decided how many) it takes place in the non-canon timeline that the Star Trek TNG book series follow (such as 'Titan' and 'Destiny'). The year is approximately 2380 ⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS APPLY⚠️ #StarTrekTNG #DeannaTroi #WillRiker #LossImzadi1Shot #Imzadi #fanfiction
The cover of Now: Imzadi One-Shot . . . 'Now' is a one shot in a series (haven't decided how many yet). It takes place in the Star Trek: The Next Generation movie, Insurrection. It's basically a rewrite using Deanna's thoughts and Point of View #DeannaTroi #WillRiker #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekInsurrection #NowImzadi1Shot #Imzadi #fanfiction
The cover for The Betazoid Book #1 . . . Betazoid Book is the first in a series of three or more multiple chapter stories. The focus is on Will and Deanna's relationship, beginning right after season 2 episode 1, "The Child". After that, almost nothing is Canon 😉 #DeannaTroi #WillRiker #StarTrekTNG #BetazoidBook1 #Imzadi #fanfiction
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