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So a few days ago I read a story about Helena and Sarah on Wattpad. And I like it 😂 kinda unusual pairing but I LIKE IT !! 🙈😂. . . . #sarahpaulson #helenabonhamcarter #fanedits #myedit #fanfiction #hbc
Teil 4 Emily Er gab sich so viel Mühe. Ich wusste, dass er mich ablenken wollte, mich lachen sehen wollte. Derweil ging es ihm selber nicht gut, das wusste ich. Sein Schicksal war nicht weniger schlimm als meines. Ich bewunderte ihn dafür, woher er all die Kraft nahm und sich zusätzlich auch noch so für mich aufopferte. Eigentlich wollte ich das alles gar nicht, aber er bestand darauf und scheinbar tat es ihm auch gut. Ich hoffte nur, dass er sich dabei nicht selber vergaß. Und mit seiner Idee heute hatte er mitten ins Schwarze getroffen. Über den Termin bei Doktor Mäkinen konnte und wollte ich Jetzt erstmal nicht mehr nachdenken da kam diese Abwechslung gerade richtig. „Gefällt sie dir?! fragte Samu mich und ich konnte sehen wie seine stahlblauen Augen geradezu funkelten vor Freude. Das Boot musste wohl sein ganzer stolz sein und ich musste schmunzeln, als er mir alles erklärte, wie was funktionierte. Er war voll in seinem Element und ich hörte ihm geduldig zu. „So jetzt aber Schluss mit meinem Geplapper. Setz dich doch...“ sagte er und deutete auf den Platz neben dem Steuerrad. Kurze Zeit später fuhren wir Helsinkis Küste entlang. Es wehte ein angenehmer Wind und ich schloss für einen Moment meine Augen. Ich erinnerte mich wie Samu von dem Gefühl der Freiheit sprach, als er über das Boot erzählte. Er hatte recht. Ich fühlte mich gerade frei wie seit langem nicht mehr. Samu sagte kein Wort und ich hörte nur das Rauschen des Meeres und atmete den angenehmen Geruch des salzigen Wassers ein. Irgendwann spürte ich wie wir langsamer wurden. Als ich meine Augen öffnete sah ich, dass wir vor einer kleinen Insel zum stehen gekommen sind. „komm... ich hab uns was zum Essen eingepackt“ forderte Samu mich auf das Boot zu verlassen. Wir saßen am Ufer der kleinen Insel und ließen uns die Sonne ins Gesicht scheinen. Es war wirklich wunderschön hier. Ich liebte das Meer. Zuhause in Deutschland hatte ich zwar die Berge bei uns im Süden, aber das Meer hatte mir immer gefehlt. Wir aßen Sandwiches, die Samu zubereitet hatte und ein paar Blaubeeren. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ #hapahaber #samuhaber #sunriseavenue #samuundemily #story #fanfiction #ff
It's the end of my first imagine series🎉 Next will be a Jungkook one for my best friend hehehehe~ ~ QOTP: Where do you live? ~ AOTP: I live in the UK🇬🇧🇬🇧.~ ~ ~ ~ SROTP: Butterfly, Loona ~ ~ Tags~ #bts #kimseokjin #yoongi #yoongiimagine imagine #btsimagines #btsimagine #bangtanboys #imagine #fluffimagine #softimagines #minyoongi #kimnamjoon #junghoseok #parkjimin #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook #cheaterff #fanfiction #yoongifanfic #yoongifanfiction
-Chapter 1: Hello, I'm y/n , I'm 19 years old, I will move to la tomorrow with my bestfriend Zach Herron, my mother knows his mother and loves her, so she trusts me and she always tells zach to keep his eyes on me, he is protective, but I like it btw..Zach is also in a band called Why Don't We, and I'm going to live in a big house with his bandmates, I've seen pictures of them, but I don't remember their names. *skip to next morning* I woke up at 9, I had a shower and put on simple comfy clothes so I don't feel uncomfortable. I alrady packed my suitcase, I grab a small bag and put my phone, charger, makeup and my passport. then Zach called me and said he's outside waiting.i grab my things and head to his car, he statred driving. Y/n: Zach you can't imagine how excited I am! Z: I can imagine since I know you have been there, but there are some rules you should know. Y/n:What rules? Z:first don't go anywhere without me or the boys because you don't know any places, and if you're at a party don't get too drunk, finally, don't do the nasty with the boys. Y/n:fine you overprotective bestfriend. *Skip to la* We arrived at a big house Y/n:Woah!! Z: now I have to introduce you to the boys. Guys come here! Then 4 cute boys came downstairs. My eyes Caught one boy staring at me, wich I can tell he was the hottest one of them. Z:guyd stop staring at her and introduce yourselves. ??:....To Be Continued _________ #whydontwe #whydontweedits #wdw #jackavery #jackaveryedits #danielseavey #danielseaveyedits #jonahmarais #jonahmaraisedits #cirbynbesson #corbynbessonedits #zachherron #zachherronedits #imagedanielseavey #fanfiction #fangirl #limelight #jachary #dorbyn #janah #stan #ship #whydontweconcerts #whydontetours #whydontwemeetandgreet #whydontwelimelight #followforfollow
I know it's a little early, but I'm gonna log off until I watched the new episode from now on 🙆🏻‍♀️ . #andimack #andimackfanfiction #fanfiction #cyrusgoodman #jonahbeck #jyrus #buffydriscoll #martyfromtheparty #marty #muffy #jyrusfanfiction #muffyfanfiction #somuchmorethanthis
- NEEDED COMFORT - Shawn’s POV: Lost, Grief and Distress. Losing someone who is close to our heart can be worse than our expected heartbreak. Someone is was there for you through the lowest of the lows, someone who made you happy through the little things and memories. Little memories that will always leave a mark in your heart. The sadness taking over you each day, letting yourself fall into a dark trap. Pain that will take everything in you just to fight it back. Life really is too short. People come and go and the stars are aligning to show you the next part of your story. “ Everything will be okay. “ That is something I tell her everyday, since the death of someone close to her. The death of her bestfriend. Looking at Y/N cuddled up in the couch with her head leaning against the pillow. Her fingers fiddling together anxiously. It’s been such a long week of breakdowns, I couldn’t think of something to lessen her pain. “ Hun, “ I begin, walking and kneeling infront of her. “ You haven’t eaten all day.. “ I mutter sadly, she looks up at me. My brown eyes staring at her broken ones. She let out a sigh while she just looks at me, giving no answer. “ Uhm, okay. Do you want me to prepare a warm bath for the both of us? “ I ask hoping for a yes. Unexpectedly, she places a small kiss on my cheeks with a nod. “ Yes please. “ A smile creeps on my face while respond with a nod. Heading to our bedroom then straight to our bathroom, preparing a way to end our night without any distractions. ( MORE IN THE COMMENTS )
Hey guys, I try to write a short, maybe not so short, story on here. School is really hard right now, because my finals are coming closer and I need to learn a lot of stuff, so please forgive me if I can't update on a regular basis. But if you want to read with regular updates, you should read 'How we collided' on Wattpad! The link is in my bio! • • • • I smile as my fingers run through his hair "Did I ever tell you, you're unbelievably beautiful?" He laughs and kisses my head " Like one thousand times today?" I bury my head in his shoulder " I can't do anything about it. You're just so.." I stop myself before I say it again and his little laughter turns into a grin "You are more beautiful than I am." I nod my head and kiss him passionate " No. Plus your lips are softer than mine." He smiles, looks into my lips and then onto my lips. He whispers " Really? Let me try that." He kisses me and I can feel the love within this kiss. This man is everything I've ever dreamed of. I interrupt the kiss " I love you more than anything. But-" he interrupts me " I love you more" I smirk, look away and say "We need to decide what we should do about me going to college and you going on tour again." His smile fades and he looks sad. I hold his face in my little hands " Baby, I know. But it's really important" A little tear falls on my hand and I kiss his forehead. His voice is shaky " I don't want you to be this far away from me. I'm going to miss you." I cuddle up and sigh " That's how I'm feeling when you're on tour." He pulls me closer " Come with me." I giggle " You know I can't. I need to decide which college I should choose" I feel his breathe in my neck " I will find someone tutoring you on tour" before I can say anything, I hear him snorting and feel his even breathing. I lay awake almost the whole night, thinking about what my man said. But I wasn't able to get a conclusion. • • • • • #5sos #5secondsofsummer #imagine #story #ashtonfletcherirwin #ashtonirwin #calumthomashood #calumhood #cashton #cake #malum #lashton #lukeroberthemmings #lukehemmings #muke #michaelgordonclifford #michaelclifford #lierra #mystal #boys #fanfic #fanfiction
for all you Jimin lovers <3 I kept accidentally typing Jungkook instead of Jimin but I think I fixed all of them haha. Love all you so much! #jeonjungkook #jungkook #fanfiction #bts #jimin #btsimagine
“Twenty of Incriminate has been posted. Check it out. #harrystyles #fanfiction #wattpad
jimin emang sebangsat itu 🌝🌚 read @howcome.official by @asabelliaa and see how jimin plays with your feelings 😌 cuz i can't survive- hosh 😥
(part 2/2) Sorry for any english error. to be honest, this is an experience from my own dream (accept it was not Jungkook😂) . . . . . . #bts #btsfanfiction #btsjungkook #jungkook #fanfiction #wattpad
ME AFTER YOU . . ***Chapter 16*** . . Jennie dari jauh mendengarkan seorang cewek yang mengangkat telfonnya pun langsung menutup telfonnya. . . Krystal pun meletakkan kembali hp Kai kembali setelah Jennie menutup telfonnya, . . “siapa?” tanya Taemin kepada Krystal yang kembali ke Ruang Makan. . . Krystal hanya mengangkat bahunya mengisyaratkan bahwa dia tidak tahu, Kai yang sudah selesai mandi pun bergabung di meja makan yang sudah di tempati Taemin dan Krystal. . . “siapa yang telfon?” tanya Kai kepada Krystal . . Krystal terdiam hanya mengangkat bahunya sambil menggelengkan kepalanya, Krystal menyembunyikan kepada Kai bahwa Jennie lah yang tadi menelfonnya. Kai yang mengerti dengan isyarat Krystal pun berhenti bertanya, mereka pun memulai santapan makan malam mereka sambil bercerita dan bercanda kecil. . . Jennie terdiam di apartmennya masih shock dengan apa yang terjadi barusan, . . “brengsek !! seharusnya kamu tadi tidak menelfonnya jen” Jennie mencampakkan Hpnya di tempat tidurnya. . . Jennie sedikit kecewa, hatinya seperti teriris benda tajam dadanya tiba-tiba saja nyeri. Tanpa Jennie sadari Jennie telah jatuh cinta kepada Kai. . . Kai yang belum memeriksa hpnya dari tadi pun tidak mengetahui bahwa Jennie tadi menelfonnya. Krystal dan Taemin pun pamit pulang mengingat sudah tengah malam. Kai mengantar teman-temannya sampai keluar, setelah itu Kai pun kembali ke dalam dan mengecek hpnya. Dia melihat pesan dari Krystal. . . Lanjut ⬇⬇ . _____ #jenkai #jenkaicouple #jennie #krystaljung #krsytal #kai #hanbin #blackpink #exo #ikon #fanfiction #meafteryouff
I dont know what to post today, so i hope u guys dont my i post my fanfic (part 1/2)😛 p/s feel free to check my wattpad-: hanjiyeong . . . . . #bts #btsfanfiction #btsjungkook #jungkook #fanfiction #wattpad
LIVE IT DON’T DREAM IT This is the story of my real life that how I got lost in my dream world and real world 😞 It took me a long time to find my real self so i wanna share that to don’t let anyone else get lost, if you think that you’re related to that story please go back in your life and think about what you’re about to do 💕 If that doesn’t happens to you you may not believe me it’s possible to reach that point , believe me I said that it’s not possible before everything start to happen to me , but it grew inside of me by time even tho I didn’t believe that it’s possible 💔 I’ll set the link to a short animation film about dreaming check it out #fanfiction #imagine #imagination #dream #dreaming
So, here is my latest Wattpad project which is honestly, very different yet not so different. This work may be odd to some, but I don’t care. I thrive my stories like this to focus more on helping, inspiring and pushing people to do things they are too afraid to do before. I am always open for people to reach out to me and talk to me, for me to offer advice to those whom need it. That is what this Fanfic and what Harley & Ivy are all about. Especially for those who stand by and support the LGBTQ community. I write stories to even help those whom may be too afraid to come out to their loved ones. The priority with writing these Fanfictions is to try and be realistic to portray the previous points. Without a doubt, Fanfictions are by far my most popular works. And I know that the fanfiction writer community have one opinion on the Genre whereas outsiders have another. Outsiders assume Fanfiction is just pure smut involving fictional characters. That is not true, a lot of Fanfiction are just light hearted and child friendly reading. In fact, some of the best works of writing are of Fanfiction. I chose to write this Fanfiction on a basis of a few things. I have become invested the characters involved of the Loud House and love interest. I gained some ideas and just wanted to write them, especially as I knew fans would love them. Another key reasoning is the portrayal of LGBTQ characters in kid’s shows. It is widely known that this sort of topic is controversial within children programming because of parents and groups of people. This is understandable to an extent, however these people do not realise how important of a topic this is for children. Children do not get educated properly with the LGBTQ community which then leads to serious bullying and children growing up, confused about their sexuality. Those whom know me, knows I want to be a creator and animator of my own animated series to go onto Cartoon Network hopefully. And I aim to push LGBTQ into children’s programming because it’s something I believe in and am super passionate about. I would say more but the word count is very limited here lol.
🍂He's jerk she's slut too🍂 part 8 ...T-if you say It again imma kill you. I come to hug her and little calm her. T-i love you Shea S-i love you too Tini. (..) we are now just cuddling and watching Netflix together. she was sit on my lap when the dirty scene come. I got so hard boner. 'shit I really horny' Shea was every time moved her ass. oh gosh It's turn me on. I kiss her shoulder and she's turn facing me. she kiss me so passionately. we pull away and breathing heavily. T-wanna have lil fun?? S-I am yours do what you want to me. she said with sexy done. I smirked we start to making out. I start to undressing her leaving her just in underwear and start to kiss her neck making some hickeys there. she's pull away my t-shirt. she's kiss my abs. her look like so sexy when she doing this. I unclip her bra and start to suck her boobs. she moaning and I go down to her pussy. I put away her panties and start licking her pussy. she was moaned my name S-Martinus T-ma baby girl like it huh? I put two fingers inside her. after a minutes she is cumming. I took off my boxer and start to entering her. she's about to moan louder but I fastly kiss her. I sweating like hell. after 15 minutes I am cumming and she's too. I lay beside her and hug her. then we're fall asleep. like,comment and tag someone who need to read this:) @marcusandmartinus @marcusgunnarsen @martinusgunnarsen #marcusgunnarsen #martinusgunnarsen #mmfanfictions #mmersfriday #mmers #mmfamily #mmimagine #mmstories #mm #boys #mmer #norway #fanfiction #tumblraesthetic #aesthetictumblrgrunge #aesthetic
MININOS MJ -- Peter, mira que te lo dije: nada de ser cobayas de Reed Richards en esto... ¡Y mucho menos si dejaba a Johnny Storm al mando mientras Reed se iba al baño! Peter -- MJ, cuando salgamos de esta recuérdame pedir consejo a Tony Stark y a Estephen Strange... Ya sabes, para la revancha del humor... ¡Eh, mininos, cuidado con tanto cariño! ¡No, ahí no se toca! MJ -- Tigre, mejor llamas al Doctor Muerte... O ya puestos con la villanía, a Mefisto... ¡Jajaja! Peter -- Ufff... No me recuerdes el mefistazo, MJ. PUSSICATS MJ -- Peter, I told you: absolutely not to be guinea pigs of Reed Richards in this... And even less if he left Johnny Storm in charge while Reed went to the bathroom! Peter -- MJ When we get out of this, remind me to ask for advice from Tony Stark and Estephen Strange... You know it, for the revenge of the humour... Hey, you pussycat, take care with so much love! No, it's not touched there! MJ - Tiger, it's better to call Doctor Doom... Or already with the villainy, Mephisto... Hahaha! Peter - Ufff... Don't remind me of the scared of Mephisto, MJ. Texto y diseño fotográfico: arturo88infinito #marvel #spiderman #peterparker #marijane #gatos #cats #mikedeodato #tribute #tributo #comic #cómic #microrelatos #microrrelatos #instatextos #fanfic #fanfiction #valor #value #girlpower #leer #megustaleer #escribir #megustaescribir #humor #humour #mascotas #pets #picoftheday #pictureofday #instapic
فیک وقتی بچه بودیم ژانر:دخترپسری،طنز،عاشقانه نویسنده : دریمر شخصیت ها:چانیول، مینا #admin_dreamer #WHEN_WE_WERE_KID #fanfiction #fiction #story #chanyeol #mina #exo #romanc Part 3 چانیول: چجوری بلدی انقدر خوب مبارزه کنی ؟ مینا : خب من از 3 سالگی کلاس کنگفو میرم برای همینه . تو چرا اون‌جوری میزدنت ؟ چانیول : چون بهشون پولمو ندادم منو گرفتن و زدن تازه فقط اونروز نبود اونا همیشه میومدن و هر وقت بهشون پولمو نمی دادم منو میزدن مینا : چینجا ؟ چانیول : آره مینا : دیگه با این کتکی که خوردن عمرا پیداشون بشه چانیول : کارت واقعا درسته اما خیلی خطرناک بود هههه اما خوب زدیشون مینا : چیزی نمیشد من همیشه توی باشگاهم همینطوری مبارزه می کنم چانیول : خب رسیدیم همین جاست مینا : اع اینجا که پشت خونه ماست! چانیول : راست میگی ؟! خونه شما همین خونه پشتیه ؟! اگه میدونستم زود تر عروسکت بهت میدادم. خب بیا داخل مینا : کی خونه تونه ؟ چانیول : مامانمه بابام آبجیمو برده مهد خب بفرما دیگه مینا : سلام خانم پارک چانیول : سلام خانم پارک : سلام پسرم چانیول : این همون دختری بود که برات تعریف کردم اسمش میناست خانم پارک : آهااااا مینا جون خوبی عزیزم واقعا ممنون بخاطر کمکت به پسرم تو خیلی شجاعی مینا : خواهش میکنم خانم پارک خانم پارک : خونتون کجاس ؟ مینا : خونه ما نزدیک خونه شماس همین خونه پشتیه خانم پارک : چه خووووب از این به بعد میتونیم همدیگرو بیشتر ببینیم و تو و یول هم بیشتر با هم بازی کنید چانیول : مامان ما بریم تو اتاقم که عروسکش بهش بدم خداحافظ خانم پارک : ههههه برو پسرم ...یواشتر نخوری زمین از دید مینا با چانیول رفتیم اتاقش . اتاقش پر از پوسترای بتمن و سوپرمن و از این چیزا بود ی پلی استیشن هم پایین تختش بود و کلی سی دی بازی دورش و در کل بر عکس اتاق من بود چانیول : اینم عروسکت مینا : واااای دختر عزیزم کجا بودی ؟ میدونی چقدر دنبالت گشتم ؟ دیگه ولم نکنی بریاااا از دید چانیول مینا وقتی عروسکش دید محکم بغلش کرد و میخندید . اون واقعا قشنگ لبخند میزد و وقتی میخندید انگار قلبم قلقلک میشد و منم همراش میخندیدم . دو هفته گذشت و من بهونه جور میکردم تا برم مینا رو ببینم و با هم بازی کنیم دو هفته بعد تق تق تق(مینا در زد ) خانم پارک : کیه ؟ مینا : مینا هستم خانم پارک خانم پارک : اومدم . اوه سلام مینا مینا : سلام چانی هست ؟ خانم پارک : آره بزار صداش کنم...چانیول چانییی چانیول : بله مامان خانم پارک : بیا مینا کارت داره چانیول : اومدم کامنت فراموش نشه 😉🤗
Cooles Panel mit hammer-scharfen Digitaldruck. (Jede Wasserperle ist naturgetreu zu erkennen). Hier vernäht als Lagen-Look-Longsleeve. Panellänge ist für Kinder-& und Erwachsenengröße geeignet. Ab sofort bei #Klatschmohnlieblingsstoffe # in #Niederolm Viele Grüsse Mel Mari #stoffeinniederolm #nähenistmeinyoga #fussballliebe #digitaldruck #triko #trikot #fanfiction #eintraumvonstoff #musthave #kopfball #köpfer #instasew #kunstrasen #panel #fussballpanel #
Salut tout le monde 😋 j’espère que vous allez bien ! Je viens de publier un nouveau #chapitre de ma #fanfiction sur #wattpad 😀 après une petite éternité lol. n’hésitez pas à aller la voir si ça vous tante, le lien de mon compte est en bio 🙃😉 A très vite !❤️ #fiction #amuhinamori #amuto #ikuto #ikutotsukiyomi #shugochara #anime #fan
This boi .. really .. this boi ! I don’t know what to say or think anymore —— he’s killing me everyday 🔥 __________ #bighit #bts #army #btsarmy #namjoon #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #jimin #taehyung #jungkook #v #rapmonster #suga #jhope #hobi #jin #worldwidehandsome #love #vlive #twitter #photography #aesthetic #boyfriend #fanfiction #crush #hot #ulzzang #korea #kstyle
Kau tahu?kenapa kau akan selalu menangis jika ada yang menghiburmu?itu karena didalam hatimu merasa bahagia ternyata masih ada seseorang yang peduli padamu sehingga itu kau akan tambah menangis.Bukan menangis karena yang kau rasakan saat ini adalah rasa kesakitan melainkan rasa haru.Jadi jangan sia-siakan seseorang yang pernah peduli padamu.Walaupun dia mungkin suatu hari akan menyakitimu,Entah itu karena apa.Jangan Pikirkan Hari itu pikirkan saat Dia tetap memberimu semangat.Sehingga itu kau tidak akan berfikir membalasnya! . . #katacinta #tumblr #pathcinta #pathdaily #wattpadindonesia #wattpadquotes #wattpadcovers #wattpadromance #wattpadstories #fanfiction #patdailystory #pathcinta #pathdailysahabat #tumblrgirl #tumblrquotes #kutipannovel #kutipanbuku #kutipankata #memecomicindonesia #pathcinta #bicararasa #drakorromance #chinadrama #youth #ageofyouth
And now the movie of the musical is in the works! 😂 #Wicked #musical #movie #fanfiction
Gon: "Kita mau kemana lagi Killua?" Killua: "Bagaimana kalo kita booking hotel?" Alluka: "Aku sih?" Gon: "Kamu bisa ikut Alluka-chan." Killua: "Tapi harus tidur cepat ya." Alluka: "HEEH??" Boncel yg nunjuk: "Kalo kamu hotel yang bagus, aku tau dimana tempatnya. Jalannya kearah sana." #fanfiction #anime #slice #gon #killua #killugon
A greatful heart is a magnet for miracle. Mataku selalu tertuju padamu . . PAINKILLER Chapter 6 is coming soon PAINKILLER by @scorpiosaaa . . #exo #oohsehun #sehun #baesuzy #suzy #hunzy #hunzyfeed #hunzycouple #hunzystory #scorpiosaafeed #scorpiosaaworks #scorpiosaastory #ff #fanfiction
Yuk, kenalan dengan Oh Hani, salah satu karakter utama dalam cerita Perpetual! . Sifat apa yang paling kamu sukai dari Oh Hani? #perpetual #fanfiction #exo #baekhyun #fanficexo #kpop #exofanfic #byunbaekhyun
FATEME CANTÀ è finalmente disponibile su tutti gli store! • Una canzone CRUDA e VERA che ci mostra il vero Niccolò rendendolo ancora più meraviglioso.💫 • Alle 14 fuori il video su YouTube! • • #music #sing #pop #rap #honirolabel #honiro #ultimo #ultimopeterpan #pianeti #pianetiultimo #peterpan #colpadellefavole #musically #musica #musicaitaliana #2019 #sanremo2019 #ituoiparticolari #fanpage #ultimofanpage #leleganzadellestelle #wattpad #wattpadstories #fanfiction #fatemecantà #stasera
The first few paragraphs of a different #fanfiction this time of Kingdom Hearts. Haha Except for those little desserts on the first page all the stickers were #dollartreefinds . I need more #stickers haha
У GONE.Fludd'a необычные схемы рифмовки, оригинальный подход к концепции релизов, способность в любой момент менять флоу, максимальное владение собственным голосом, помогающее создавать запоминающиеся припевы, — GONE.Fludd собрал в своём творчестве серьёзный арсенал, который помог ему стать настоящим большим артистом. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #glamgogang #gonefluddfan #gonefludd_fan #gonefluddlove #gonefludd #fanfiction #суперчуитс #чуитс #швепс #sabbatcult #мамбл #кубикльда #сети #yungrussia #гонефлад #чизарп
Chapter 3 (Y/n) What?! You don’t even look like a freak show (Finn) oh jee thanks (Y/n) No problem You an Finn talked until the other students arrived. (Mr Roysales) Good Morning students and welcome to your first class of the year! My name is Mr Roysales if you didn’t know, something’s I’d like to inform you about. Number One, your phones, I see it, you on it, I want it, I got it (😂😂) and yes number two you will need a study partner for this class and I’ll let you choose. (Y/n) Hey Finn wanna be partners? Finns face lit up (UWU) (Finn) You sure (Y/n) Yes of course (Finn) ok then *Time Skip To First Break* Class was pretty boring.. well not really. Mr Roysales let the class talk the whole time. As you were walking out to the outdoor cafeteria you saw Finn (Y/n) Hey Stranger (Finn) Ballerina In science you told Finn your life story and basically he done the same. (Finn) Hey what time do you leave for dance? (Y/n) Twelvish (Finn) luckyyy (Y/n) Yea I guess. What about you Wolfhard, any hidden talents? (Finn) well.... (Y/n) Come in you can tell me (Finn) Y/n I trust you When he said that it kinda warmed you heart. It’s not like your other friends, when the tell you something they expect you to keep it but with Finn it’s different. (Finn) I play guitar and write songs (Y/n) wait... that’s so cool!! Do you sing? (Finn) Sometimes (Y/n) I need to hear this (Finn) oh ok but let me write you a song (Y/n) Really?! Write me a- (Finn) yes really but you can’t tell anyone this.. your actually my first real friend (Y/n) I’m happy we met Then your phone started buzzing Millie: Y/n where are you You: I’m with Finn I’ll explain later Millie: Okie (Finn) hey what class do you have next? (Y/n) English... you? (Finn) same *Time Skip After English* (Finn) That wasn’t a bad lesson (Y/n) It was ok, I have to go soon (Finn) oh yea right... can I ask you something? (Y/n) Yea sure ————————————— What do you think Finns gonna ask Y/n? Tags: #fanedits #finnwolfhardfanfiction #finnwolfhardedit #finnwolfhard #fanfic #fanfiction #jackdylangrazerfanfiction #jackdylangrazerfanfic #itfanfiction #strangerthingsfanfiction #IT #strangerthings
stumpie wee craigie ⚡️ what’s the weirdest fanfic you ever read?
Eins noch, damit ihr ein bisschen in das Geschehen rein kommt 😊💙❣️😊 * * Teil 3 Samu Weg war sie und ich fühlte mich irgendwie alleine in meiner großen Wohnung. Ich räumte das restliche Geschirr auf und klemmte mich danach eine Weile hinter meinen Laptop um ein wenig die E-Mails der letzten Tage abzuarbeiten. Immer wieder schaute ich auf die Uhr. Ich wollte keinesfalls zu spät kommen und pünktlich auf die Minute stand ich zwei Stunden später vor dem Gebäude, in dem Doktor Mäkinen ihre Praxis hatte. Ich kam gut mit ihr zurecht, sie hatte einen sehr guten Ruf und Mikko schwörte darauf, dass sie die Beste weit und breit ist. Wie es Emily mit ihr ging?! Ich hatte keine Ahnung. Sie sprach nicht darüber und Doktor Mäkinen durfte natürlich auch nichts herauslassen. Ich lehnte an der Hausmauer und inhalierte den Rauch meiner Zigarette. Ich konnte es einfach nicht sein lassen, erst recht nicht jetzt. Dazu sollte man ausgeglichen sein und nicht den Kopf voller Probleme haben. „Hey, Emily!!“ ich drückte den Glimmstängel schnell aus und lief in ihre Richtung. Sie kam gerade aus der Tür und schaute nur kurz zu mir auf. „Hey...“ war alles was sie sagte und ich wusste sofort, dass der restliche Tag mit ihr heute wieder ein schwerer Brocken werden würde. Bewusst fragte ich nicht danach wie es gelaufen ist. Sie würde mir sowieso keine Antwort geben, also tat ich so als ob nichts wäre. „ich habe eine super Idee war wir heute machen. Das wollte ich schon längst, aber nie hat das Wetter richtig mitgespielt.“ Erfreut sieht anders aus, aber sie sagte wenigstens nichts dagegen und stieg in meinen schwarzen BMW Cabrio ein. Endlich konnte man das Verdeck wieder aufmachen und sich den Wind um die Ohren blasen lassen. Ich liebte es. Ich stellte die Musik laut und wir wechselten kein Wort auf der relativ kurzen Fahrt bis nach Eira. „Bitte aussteigen die Lady...“ lachte ich und versuchte so gute Laune wie möglich an den Tag zu legen. Wir gingen Richtung Steg, an dem mein Boot befestigt war. Meine Boa. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ #hapahaber #samuhaber #sunriseavenue #hapahaberff #samuundemily #fanfiction #ff
Visual Dara yang keluar dari rumah Chanyeol~ . ➡️Wattpad judul: Tunanganku Manusia Serigala . ➡️Sinopsis: Punya tunangan orang kaya? Itu biasa... tapi bagaimana jika tunanganmu bukan manusia! . . Vita-seorang gadis SMA yang dijodohkan orangtuanya. Tunangannya bukan manusia biasa melainkan manusia serigala! . Apa yang sebenarnya dipikirkan oleh orangtuanya? Sanggupkah Vita menjalaninya? . . FF Cast: Vita Chanyeol Baekhyun Kai Dara . Cameo: D.O Suho Bom . Pic by: Instagram #dara & Google . . ➡️Genre: Fiksi Penggemar . ➡️Tag: #drama #fanfiction #indonesia #korea #misteri #chanyeol #exo #werewolf #romantis #tampan #thriller #manusiaserigala #tunangan #sekolah #romantis . Baca yuk🤗 ditunggu kritik dan sarannya😄terimakasih~ . #wattpad #wattpadindonesia #wattpadtunangankumanusiaserigala
CHAPTER 7 Y/n POV As me and Finn were walking to class, he put his arm around me. I blushes and kept walking trying trying to not fall for him more. I look up at him and he’s walking and his curls are bouncing, he looked adorable, his sharp jaw- oh come on y/n don’t do this to urself you’ll get hurt. Finns POV I got all nervous and I didn’t know what to do so I just put my arm around her as we were walking, I looked back and I saw jack glaring at me so I took my arm off her, when we got to the theater I opens the door for her Y/n: thanks I nodded and walked in Y/n POV Class was boring as usual so I got up and left without my teacher noticing and I just wondered the halls thinking about my mom missing her dearly, I decided to just skip the rest of the day and go home and when I got home I saw.. Y/n: JASON!! I ran to him and jumped on him hugging him making him fall over, it’s been to many years without seeing him We both laughed and I got up and helped him once he got to his feet I hugged him again and he hugged back Jason: I missed ya y/n Y/n: I missed ya too J I pull away and here my dad come onto the room, I slowly turn around Dad: Y/n, why are you home? Y/n: um no reason? He gave me that look just the look where ya know he mad and ur probably gonna be grounded so I tried to change the subject Y/n: can my friend come over, he’s in my class and we um study Dad: back up, he? Y/n: yes he is there a problem with a male coming over when in fact you know I like the male and female Jason: your bisexual? I nodded and looked at my dad Y/n: so can he? - What will ur dad say? You’ll have to find out, but I’m not gonna keep asking for comments cause that’s annoying just please comment and like #fanfiction
Natasha Romanoff: I had this um... dream. The kind that seems normal at the time, but when you wake... /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Scott Lang: Hey, Hank. It's been a while. Umm... I don't even know if this is your number anymore and I'm probably the last person you wanna hear from. but I just had a really weird dream. And I know that doesn't sound like an emergency or anything, but it just felt... Very real. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Tony Stark: Right! That's the point I'm trying to make. Apropos of that last night, I dreamt we had a kid. So real. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// #dreams #dreamtheory #mcu #marvel #universe #paralleluniverse #fantheory #marvelmovies #dreamsaremyreality #traumdeutung #fanfiction #endgame #avengersendgame #avengers
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