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End of the line 🏜
#TBT to one year ago at the #baja1000 . My girls & I just want to wish all the racers to have a GREAT TIME! Best of luck and be safe.🤘#baja10002018 #desertracing #keepbajabeautiful #motogirls #monsterenergygirls
Great year of racing. Finished strong with 4th overall in the wny harescramble series. #teamalbaracing #fasstfamily #fasstcompany
#fasstfamily and #foc for life. Thanks for goods boys, Gerald loves you 👍🏼👍🏼 #fasstcompany #flexxhandlebars #redandblacklumberjack #plad #og #americanmade
Working on that lunchtime axis. #its12oclocksomewhere #didsomeonesaylunch ? 📸 @brandensteineckert
Y’all can thank @casig237 for this video! While she was filming @jwall907 she got the rock hitting my eye. Then she slowed it down and zoomed in! I still laugh every time I see this video 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 Also don’t ask me how I caught the rock because I have no idea 😂😂😂😂😂
@nickdrumtb showing what you can do with a good set of Wagon wheels can do and why you ride a helmet visor up! BTW if you're wondering what his @handupgloves say on the palm, it's MEAAP! #ridecannondale #jekyll29 #mtb #sendit #handupgloves #smithoptics #enduromtb #sendyaf #mtblife #flexx #FLEXXINHARD #flexxappeal #meatbasedathlete #truckerco #looseriders #wtb #fasstcompany
Had fun exploring The Maze!! Could play here all day. @damnhell and @brandensteineckert killing the angle game on these videos! #sandhollow
It’s been getting cold up here in the north cascades. Thinking of warm days chill’n on the beach. 🔥#beachbums #ktm #bajarally2018 #bajarally
Searching for dinosaurs 🦕
Another beautiful sunset in the desert 🌵🧡🏜
I have been filming the @racemran starts now for about 3 years. I have had several people tell me that I’ll get hit by a rider or rocks or etc. I’ve had to get out the way quickly sometimes and I’ve also been hit by small rocks on the legs. No biggie. Well Saturday I was extremely close to the course, if not on the course. AA’s first up. The start was about a 200 foot run on a lose rocky road with a 180 degree left turn. I’m sitting on the left side about 100 feet from the bikes. It’s finally happened... one of the AA riders kicked up a pretty nice decent rock and that rock made it destination to my left eye, cutting my face and instantly puffing it up. This is two days later. I also don’t hardly bruise. Broke my shoulder blade and never bruise anywhere from the impact. I’ll tell ya where I’ll probably be next time during start of a race... on the line, sitting on my bike, behind a helmet, waiting to start 🙂 #blackeye
Rad time ripping Sand Hollow for the first time with @damnhell @brandensteineckert and @sarah.snyder.7315 ! Thanks for showing me around. Stoked to explore more tomw!
Not sure what I enjoy more, dirt bikes or being cozy on cold days with a warm bevie and a sweet treat. Either way, I’ll get to have my cake and eat it too, 😜. Headed down south to play in the sand with some of my favorite people. Just gonna finish this coffee cake first 🧡. 📸 @576_productions
The minis start! Up next and the big bikes! #racemran
It’s race day! These little guys are getting ready to start! #racemran2018
@standupfahler is dialed! @get_repost ・・・ Thanks @fasstcompany for the #impactfootpegs Can’t wait to try them out this weekend at the OHSCS Sprint Enduro in Scipio Oklahoma. #fasstfamily #fasstcompany #impactpegs
It’s Almost race day! We hope your ready and excited to join us tomorrow in Logandale for some awesome desert racing! #racemran
Thanks @fasstcompany for the #impactfootpegs Can’t wait to try them out this weekend at the OHSCS Sprint Enduro in Scipio Oklahoma. #fasstfamily #fasstcompany
One last weekend for the year 🤙#fasstfamily #fasstcompany #teamalbaracing #ridered
Varios ajustes 🧰⚙️🛠 & volvemos al terreno de juego! 🇵🇷🔥 #jetblastpr #caribbeankawasaki #fasstcompany #factorybacking #factoryseat #atlasbrace #teamale15
Some days I think I actually have skills, but it’s really just the gear that makes me fly 😉 @atwyld
Update on Logandale race. �They have moved Veteran's Day parade to Saturday at 10:00 a.m. This means they will be closing the street through Logandale. If you are running past 9 am getting here you will have to come across Yamashita Bridge. We will have arrows showing both ways in. We are on Mormon Mesa Road behind the airport( north)
About done seeing my trip photos? 😂 Want some more dirt bike shots? Well here you go! 😂 #tbt of my first time ever riding at @westernraceway in January! We are almost 3 weeks down and a little over 5 left to go!
Final touches on our pre run bikes at the 300X race shop! One week from now we will near the start of the great Baja 1000! Team 300X riders will battle for a back to back Baja 1000 win and possibly our 3rd consecutive score championship. Thank you to all our family, chase crews and sponsors that make this possible. #bajaboundinsurance #300xteam #DerrickDaniel #bellhelmets #IMStanks #fmfracing #fasstcompany #goldentyrewest #mikametals #dt1filters #emrossi #tbtracing #nitromousse #fxrmoto #flowvisioncompany #gutsracing #liebeltinc #gytryamaha #yamaha #scoreinternational #RyanLiebelt #GregBardonnex #JustinShultz #AndrewPucket #RowanTrefz . 🏁🏆
Practicing our circus routine 📸 @mikerbike
Showing @nickdrumtb some of our local lines today!. ・・・ Finding some steeps today with @blakegallaghermtb and @fasstchris . Thanks to Chris for showing us around the trails today . . 📸- @blakegallaghermtb . #ridecannondale // #fasstcompany // #fasstfamily // #handupgloves
Fun little creek bed hit. 🎥 @tracy_long_
59 days left to get your tickets! THIS weekend will be one of the last events to get your tickets at a MRAN event. We will also be selling tickets at the banquet, the day of the drawing! You can buy tickets in person at @sportsmancycle before January 4th. All the money raised from the bike will be going to land legal defense and mran supplies! Help out our small NONPROFIT organization and get your tickets! You never know, you could be taking home a brand new 2018 Beta 300rr on January 5th!! Link is in the bio! #racemran
Finding some steeps today with @blakegallaghermtb and @fasstchris . Thanks to Chris for showing us around the trails today . . 📸- @blakegallaghermtb . #ridecannondale // #fasstcompany // #fasstfamily // #handupgloves // #smithoptics
The colors in this photo are too pretty to really say anything else 💕 📸 @576_productions
That’s a wrap on the season. Very disappointing this year taking on preparing the bikes for racing was very hard but we learned a lot and ready to come out swinging harder then ever next year I wanna thank all the great companies behind me and hope to continue our partnership next year. @csttiresusa @derisi_racing @tire_spine @spidergraphix @mgricewich @rg_motorsports @661protection @fasstcompany @xtremelifeperformance @officialleatt @rokform @rylandjohnsonracing @penske_racing_shocks @houserracing @flyracingusa @scottmotosports @pr2racingengines @fourwerx @fischerracing @twin_air Special thx to @westley_741 for all the help this year cant wait to hopefully work with him some more. #fasstcompany #houserracing #leattfamily #honda #atvlife #flyracing #rideredgethead
Getting this bike more and more dialed with each ride. Molding it into a little slice of perfect when I’m done. 🍩 🚀
Something happened ❤️❤️❤️#newbeginnings #newlove #betaxtrainer #2stroke #almostpoorandhappy
Putting that Yamaha power to the ground #houserracing #goldspeed #csttires #imsproducts #fasstcompany #vpfuels #mrpro6
Shout out to @sammymora95w and @coltongubler95 for your podiums last weekend @worcsracing in Primm!
New carb, who dis. #lectronfuelsystems 📸 @576_productions
Good morning, indeed.
Just trying to give @tracy_long_ a little shade from the sun. #FriendsHelpingFriends
I love @fasstcompanymtb Flexx handlebars! They make the rockiest trails feel super smooth! Go check em out! #fasstfamily #fasstcompany #repost @fasstcompanymtb with @get_repost ・・・ Bike park dreaming on this cold fall morning. #winteriscoming #enduromtb #fasstfamily #mtbutah #fasstgroms #flexxmtbhandlebars @deervalleyresort @liawestermann @danransomphoto 📸
It’s going to be an amazing race! Come out to Logandale Nevada on November 10th to race and maybe win some prizes! #racemran2018
Our trip to #GNCC #Ironman was GREAT!! I got a decent start for as large as my class was (went into the woods 4th or 5th) and battled hard all day. The track was the funnest track I’ve ran all season! Ended up with a 5th place finish. There’s a lot of talent in that class so we were pretty happy! Thanks to all my amazing sponsors helping me through the 2017 season: @hicklinpowersports @flyracingusa @spidergraphix @gbcmotorsports @goldspeedproducts @ride100percent @fasstcompany @shockworxmotorsports @glanninnovations @rathracing @atvfourplay @factoryeffex @odigrips @adiggerd (Johnson Excavating) @officialleatt @ogio @valentinefood Looking forward to mapping out our plans for 2019 and getting started on the bikes!! #hicklinpowersports #ride100percent #flyracingfamily #flyracingusa #spidergraphix #gbcmotorsports #goldspeedproducts #goldspeedwheels #shockworxmotorsports #shockworx #glanninnovations #fasstcompany #fasstfamily #rathracing #atvfourplay #factoryeffex #odigrips #valentinefoodcompany
Big cactus......little bike. Immerse yourself in the desert and things will not appear normal. 🌵🌝#rallyracing #cactus #desertracing #bajarally #bajarally2018
Because a video accompaniment is my thing lately 🦃
Me x 10. My throwback to @twmxdotcom #minimajors2018 . Would like to say a huge thank you to my dad for letting me go to mini majors. It was a bummer you couldn’t make it. And also my awesome auntie and uncle for being another huge contributor. Had good starts but my valve stem breaking twice was no fun. The last video is when it broke. Now I know what I need to work on and come back stronger. #edgepowersports #fasstcompany #6dhelmets #flyracing #dt1filters #mikametals #asteriskusa #scottmotorsports #navajokid #mxkid #motokid #minimajors2018 #cobraFWE #tysonbuilt
You ever wish you could hit two lunch spots in the same day? I mean, you hit the one but you’re still really jonesin’ for the other but if you eat anything else you’ll explode, so you have to wait until another day...tragic is what it is.
Helmet Light for tonight!! Who’s goin to @perrismotocross 4pm-9pm!?? 📷 @offroadrescue
New graphics and sunset feels #happyhalloween 👻
Video from that fun little rock jib 🎃👻
Today’s word. Recuperation. Mini Majors 2018 was fun. First pic. My @edgepowersports #tysonbuilt @cobramotorcycles #FWE with some awesome starts. On Friday for my last race of the day with only a couple turns to go I got taken out when I was in the air jumping. I got pretty bruised and banged up. I was in pain all evening but my dad’s heat therapy method eased a lot of the pain. My bike was in worse shape but huge thanks to Pete @nostsuspension for straightening my triple clamps and going way beyond to get my bike straight again. It took a lot of time unscrewing and bolting up then unscrewing again but Pete did it. My @fasstcompany #flexxbars didn’t get bent or mangled. #toughbars 🙀On Saturday I was pretty bruised up and I couldn’t do my last moto because My valve stem broke on my tube. On Sunday I got a good start and had a good position until the last lap my valve stem broke again when I landed on a jump. Tough weekend of ups and down. I also got to try out some @asterisk_usa junior knee braces and I feel like it was a contributing factor for me to not get any injury to my knees or thighs during my crash on Friday! Thank you @asterisk_usa. 📸 #photos13media
Rock hopping with that rear wheel tap 🤙 #thosemountainstho
Thank you @rideavik for your support all year!! It's the end of the year and you are looking for new numbers, check Ride Avik. Use the MRAN Discount http://www.rideavik.com/ #racemran
Sometimes you get it and sometimes you smash your front wheel and need to use ninja skills to keep the bike from slamming you. And then @tracy_long_ has to take a pic for good measure. *Sound On*
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