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Simi on film by me
Plotting something
☕️☕️☕️ . . . . photo by @ricardocutfilms 📸
She believed she could and so she did.
Who says you can’t post pictures of your cat 🤷🏼‍♂️
56. Hangberg hospitality.
A portrait shot behind the glass.
55. Ready.
54. Opa has seen things change time after time in Hangberg.
53. Davy with his view.
52. Welcome from Beni.
51. My proud chaperone.
50. Big Bruce’s nephew - South Africa’s next generation.
49. Sisters and Mothers of Hangberg.
48. House party Hangberg. That style gets you a long way #iwd2018
47. Big respect to the women of Hangberg always keeping things real #iwd2018
46. Maria turns to prostitution to try and solve her many problems.
45. Back in Cape Town. Single mothers in South Africa and the rest of the world, always struggling.
43. Patrol offers little downtime to shade from the relentless African sun.
42. Thando shortly after we found traces of a deserted poachers’ camp in the bush.
41. The South African made R4 assault rifle has seen a lot of action on the continent over the years, now it takes on the poachers.
40. Patrol is dangerous and unpredictable, poachers take no prisoners.
39. This work demands dedication and belief in the purpose.
38. Thando takes his duty and responsibilities very seriously.
37. Anti-poaching unit. These guys are out there battling criminals every day, it is dangerous work.
36. Sometimes they have to fend for themselves.
35. Protecting your family in the bush is a way of life for many people in Africa.
34. Last evening sun.
33. Underexposed
32. All the brothers fighting their corner.
31. Usually guns are the last resort defence against animals, not poachers.
30. Even this sweet young boy feels safer with a gun when poachers are around.
29. Poachers are dangerous and ruthless, people living in the reserves arm themselves for defence.
28. Daniel, like his brother, won’t give in to poaching.
27. Young men inside and outside the African reserves are tempted by the quick money poaching can offer. These guys hold strong.
26. Eresa’s husband, Phineas. His connection with the bush is something very difficult to emulate.
24. Aidah has been in the bush her whole life yet still finds that unique style.
21. Goodbye to Cape Town for now, I met up with my oldest friend, Joseph Machacha; the man that may know me and people best.
20. Working together for so long has given these men great pride - they wanted to show it off.
19. This proud man deserves some extra recognition.
18. Some down time after the busy commute. Taxi services are overrun in Cape Town as other transport links fail to provide a reliable service.
17. Taxi drivers are contentious figures in Cape Town. Violence over routes and territory is common - this man has seen it all.
16. Farewell for now to Willis and the Hangberg crew, Peterson is my new man on the ground. Peterson and other young Xhosa men undergo a journey into adulthood called Umkhwetha. The tradition is taken very seriously: young men must retreat into the wilderness for 30 days without water and only dry food - the young tribesmen must draw on their reserves to fight the harsh African elements and stay alive. By completing the difficult task, the men undergo a group circumcision (Krwala) to become an Indonda, a man of the tribe. This ancient tribal tradition releases the man into the tribe and gives one respect from both men and women, the community and the rest of the Xhosa people; failing to complete this tribal formality brings great shame to one's family and is difficult to overcome. Following initiation, the man is allowed to marry and wear a suit for formal occasions as a sign of maturity and accomplishment. It is safe to say that my man Peterson here passed without blemishes.
15. The shebeen. With the young boy on the music, the community of Hangberg comes alive.
14. Tattoos are part of life in the gangs. Like most people involved, Mike from the 28s showed respect for gangs other than his own.
13. After years of service to the gangs, both in and out of prison, Abraham is now left to fend for himself. His dignity, humility and style carry him through.
12. Despite the overwhelming difficulty of each of their lives, these friends manage to find peace in themselves and with each other.
11. Young mother has broken the relationship with her man, that momentary escape is more valuable to her - he turns away.
10. In such a beautiful place, most days this group of friends will only leave their flat for more drugs.
9. Tik, cheap crystal meth, is a real problem in South Africa. Brother to 3. ‘Mother and Sister,’ this man had been up for 14 days when I met him.
8. Guns are used for protection by the gangs. The rationale ‘fight fire with fire’ will never die here.
6. Drugs and dog fighting keep gang life alive. Here, the young dog is their next fighter and money winner.
4. The 26s and Willis let me into their lives in the Cape Town gangs.
2. Willis, Lapie and Bruce. These 3 guys showed me what I knew was there in South Africa but had not seen for myself.
1. Richard was my first real encounter of South Africa’s vulnerable. Member of the 28s, I admire the way he leaves the past behind him and focuses on what is most important for him.
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