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Biked a few miles to a nearby village with some ruins up on a hill, looking over vineyards and lavender fields. And it happened that my climbing shoes were still in my backpack from yesterday :D #lucky #ruins #chapelle #ruins #provence #france #travel #chapellesaintjulien #climbing #bouldering #womenwhoclimb #bouldergirls #climbers #femaleclimbers #climblikeagirl #travel #bike
Strong, not skinny. Slim, but thiccck. 💪🏽🍑
Yesterday was an epic way to start the summer! Super chill and lax vibes, perfect weather, good music, and the sun gods blessed us with that good ‘ol Vitamin D. Oh yeah, we also went bouldering. ☀️ . Thank you to the climbing fam for an amazing day! Love you guyzz! #ladycrushcrew #dynodinos #boulderboiz 😂
Having a bum ankle is really disheartening . Walking at work makes my ankle unhappy, I can’t climb, and the itch to go back to the climbing gym is growing everyday. Here’s to hoping I have a fast recovery 🙌🏽
Had a great time at the @blochauscanberra Haus Party. Was lucky enough to win the dyno comp against some great climbers. This was the final dyno and I needed to stick it to win. Was quite scary but managed to hold on by my fingertips! Thanks @blochauscanberra 😅
Introducing.. FAIL FRIDAY! _ (Watch until the end for the right foot chip) @gnatonthewall taking a not so graceful fall on this arete v6. Psst, head over to her page to watch the success video! • • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “If you’ve failed, it’s only because you haven’t succeeded this time” ⬇️ Have you had any crazy falls/ fails?! What’s the worst one you’ve had??
This 5 ft ledge lache may not look huge and impressive, but it’s a big deal for a ninja that has had a lache mental block for the last month. Defeating mental limitations feels liberating! Thanks to my patient coaches at @conquerninjawarriorgyms , @beastinheesen and @ben.ninjaman. ❤️😘 P.S. check my story if you want to see me fail over and over again before I finally got it. 😉
They will see us waving from such great heights, “Come down now,” they’ll say “But everything looks perfect from far away!” “Come down now!” but we’ll stayyyyy. 🌶 +5 style points if you know the song name and artist • • • @honeygajardo hanging out with the #redrocks in Vegas!
> Climbing * Sketchbook : Doodles * A wee sketch that I did of the climbers at @manchester_climbing_centre while I was having a break between climbs. This was before I met @tdobsonnet and joined his awesome #climbingclan who have cake during their climbing break every Wednesday! * #rRetro #rRetro87 #reconsideredretro #illustration #portrait #illustrationgram #illustrationdaily #draweveryday #climbingart #climbingillustrations #climbing #womenclimber #womenclimb #femaleclimber #femaleclimbers #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanclimb #climbinggym #climbing_lovers #climbingwall #nailedit #mcc #manchesterclimbingcentre
Can you see the long ridge that goes from me to the summit cross? It is the Guffert west ridge and a breathtaking tour. Although easy climbing but without rope, it requires a lot of concentration. It was a very special experience to go on this free solo tour and definitely one of my highlights! What are your mountain highlights? #mountainhighlife #hikingadventures #freesolo #freesoloclimbing #femaleclimbers #adventureland #alpinism #multipitch #multipitchclimbing #climbingismypassion #mountaineering #bavarianalps #guffert #liveoutsidethebox #mountainphotography #mountainstoclimb #imwithyou
Wow! What a fun session I've just had with these charming young ladies at the corsham wall! These three are some of our regular juniors at the wall and today they've spent their session experimenting with diffrent belay devices and set ups! Really pleased to be working with you again girls! Well done today! ~ ~ #climbing #youngclimbers #femaleclimbers #thisgirlcan #girlsinsport #sportequality #shecan #belay #belaying #belayers #climbers #belaydevices #climbingwall #indoorclimbing #climbingholds #learntoclimb #climbinginstructor #outdooractivity #outdoorinstructor #joelselfoutdoorinstructor
Hi everyone! Wanted to tell you about a new climbing club! Get cool gear and be part of an awesome climbing community! It’s called the Klif Climbing Club. Every year you get a new rope, your choice of climbing shoe just tell us the model, pick a specific guidebook also included with membership, access to a lot of things listed at link in bio, and every month we stock you up on basics such as chalk, nutrition bars, etc. Too good to be true? Well it’s here. Check it out. Very exciting. Link is in my bio as well. http://bit.ly/climbingpassion #climbing #climbers #rockclimbing #escalar #escalada #klettern #timetoclimb #iloooveit #climbingisbliss #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbinggear #climbingcrag #climbingcommunity #climbing_worldwide #iloveclimbing #climbingisawesome #climbingismypassion #climbingislife #climbgirls #femaleclimbers #womenonlead #womenrockclimbing #outdoorwomen #climbon #climb #rockclimb #sportclimbing
📍me and my silly friends at Auburn Quarry ✅
📍Consumnes Rivers Gorge 5.10 slab ✅
📍Yosemite Camp 4 5.9 crack ✅
📍castle rock 5.9, 5.10a
REASONS UNKNOWN “The relationship of rock to rock gym” Article to follow the transition from climb gym to outdoor climbing.
Peace from Lover’s Leap at Bears Reach featuring @honeygajardo ! ✌️🐻🍯 . How many of you ever feel like you’re in a slump when it comes to doing the things you LOVE to do? Whether it’s having a huge high gravity day and not sticking it on the wall, being unable to calm down your mind during meditation, or having a hard time achieving stillness during a yoga posture... . How do you get out of that funk and back into your groove of badassery? Let us know some ways you revitalize your passions! Hit us up in the comments! 👇
Falling is part of the process. I still feel pretty new to this whole climbing thing and more often than not, I find myself tumbling to the floor. But it's okay because I get back up and keep trying. 🌵 #climb #iloveclimbing #bouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #femaleclimbers #climbing_is_my_passion #shortgirlbeta #climbinglife #indoorbouldering #girlswhoclimb #climblikeagirl
Happy Tuesday, Crushers! . . Here’s a throwback to Lolo hanging out @zionnps ! . . Good thing she’s not too scared of heights! 😬 . . Where do you want to travel to and climb at next? . . 👇🏻
Pretty sure I broke beta on this crack route called “1 and 1/4 Crack (V1)”, but I’m feeling that toe hook so it stays! 🙃 Over the weekend I climbed with a bunch of new faces from different @touchstoneclimbing gyms all over the Bay Area. Definitely had a life moment at the crag while watching climbers project bad ass problems with live acoustic tunes playing in the background. If this is a preview of summer, I’m all in. ☀️
Yesterday’s training was the kind that knocks you out stupid. Needed to reside to my yellow stool corner after the death of my forearms. Shouldn’t have worn a top that says “Train Insane”. On another note, I’m very happy to be seeing significant progress.😍 #deathbychew #4x4 #compprep #coaching #training #lululemon #butora #yogaonthewall #bouldering #boulder #girlswhoclimb #girlswhoboulder #lockoff #movement #activewear #activelifestyle #fitness #femalefitness #femaleclimbers #endurancetraining #strengthtraining #campusboard #beastmaker
Pullups are one of the hardest upper body exercises out there (for most of us!). Maybe you feel like you’ll never be able to do one (believe me, I’ve been there). Or maybe you’ve plateaued at just a couple pullups. Either way, there’s hope for you! Through dedication and a program that WORKS I’ve gone from 0 to 17 in the last three years. Pullups alone have improved my confidence and my ability to climb new routes and conquer new obstacles. I want to share my techniques with YOU so you too can feel like a badass. If you’re prepared to work hard and increase your upper body strength, join @ben.ninjaman and me August 12th at the new @verticalendeavors bouldering gym in St. Paul and we’ll help you increase your reps on the bar!
Pozdrowienia od Sierra Blair-Coyle dla Czytelników GÓR prosto z targów OutDoor 📷 @piotrdrozdzphoto
Happiest of birthdays to our #cragmom @steviemercury ! Thank you for all that you do for LCC, from making us bagged lunches to feeding us snacks on our climbing trips. 🎂 Here is the birthday girl herself the very first time she put on those Velcro rental shoes and climbed a V1! Swipe to see a quick transition from indoors to outside in just 4 months! 💪 Come celebrate Stevie’s 31 years of life at @touchstoneclimbing @studioclimbing tonight by climbing with The Crew!
First time climbing at Castle Rock and I hope it’s not the last! So awesome that these boulders are local to the Bay Area. Here I am topping out on “Honey Dipper (V1+).” 🍯 Many thanks for the spot and encouragement from @steviemercury @victoriascoville and Julia!
Hold the vision, trust the process. #womenwhoclimb #femaleclimbers #climblikeagirl
I’ve been climbing outdoors for an entire week and I ain’t even mad about it! 🧗‍♀️ 📸: @etoubs
So it might look like I am picking which cams to take with me, while actually I just take all of them. Yup, like in previous post- #foreveroverracking Thanks for the photo @stefano.debbo
Happy Saturday Crushers! 🙌 Last weekend some of the ladies packed up the car and went to Southern Cali for a quick climbing trip! ⛰🚙💨 On the way home we stopped by @touchstoneclimbing @verdigoboulders and fell in love with the setting and multicolored walls! 😍 Here is @notsabrina sticking her third #V5 on this fun smearing problem!
This gym kicked my ass but i had a couple sends at least 😂 #boulderz #boulderzclimbingcentre #boulderzetobicoke
“Icarus flew too close to the sun, but at least he flew.” 📸: @austinbsmith
Anyone else there suffering from overgearing while trad climbing? #terrexmountainproject
T G I F ! 🌸 @gnatonthewall working this 👻 v6 at #studioclimbing a couple weeks back. ー When the set was first put up, she attempted the 2nd-to-3rd move on this route and had very little success so she moved on to other projects. Since she had completed her other projects she decided to come back and give this route another try. After 5, 10, maybe 15 attempts she was able to stick that big power move in the beginning and realized there was hope to send. ー Just a friendly reminder that, there will be many times of “I can’t” or “I’m weak” but with enough motivation to try harder, those words can definitely turn into “I can”. 🌸 Happy Friday! I’m gonna be pigging out this weekend for @steviemercury ’s birthday BBQ & Father’s day dinner. What will you guys be up to?! - @gnatonthewall ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
I heard there was @tacobell up there! 😋🌮 📸: @jonvoytoski
juju dang leggings on the wall! Dr. @paispywithmylittleeye rockin' it so hard in my wearable art! 🎸🤸‍♀️ Btw will be showcasing again @seattleboulderingproject starting this weekend! 😁 . . . . . . #leggings #yogapants #yogawear #abstractart #seattleart #jujudangart #abstractart #sbp #seattleboulderingproject #boulder #bouldering #activewear #fitness #fitnessmotivation #femaleclimbers #womenclimb #womenclimbing #womenclimber
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