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after long crazy days where you don’t get to sit, or eat, or pee, and you have 7,000 emails, and you just want baby snuggles and a glass of whiskey.... it’s pretty rewarding to remember it’s all for someone’s most magical day ✨
The struggle is real. #femalecollective #feminism
Grace Jones + Halle Berry on the set of Boomerang, 1992. #INSPO
We are in awe of the amazing work @project_q_ is doing in the community and are overjoyed to be donating 10% of all Holiday Marketplace ticket sales to them this Sunday 12/16. Come shop and support this incredible non-profit and local, women-run businesses! ✨ ProjectQ is a non-profit organization that uses hair as a form of social justice. ProjectQ provides free haircuts and mentorship workshops to LGBTQIA+ homeless youth, specifically transgender youth of color.
Happy Friday 💰💵💸 #INSPO
Why is it so important to expand our capacity for empathy and compassion? These are the necessary ingredients for healthy and reciprocal interpersonal relationships. Heart opening happens in many different ways. I’m starting off this weekend gently coaxing expansion in all directions. What are you guys doing to open your heart today? Please share 🙏🏻💖 #hearthealing #yoga4growth #warrior3
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @pattywackvintage 🌼 Our amazing Co-curator, Sabine of @atribecalledqueer also has her own vintage store! Come shop all her fun, bright, beautiful goods on 12/16! Tix in bio
🙄🤗 Por @femalecollective
Women helping women is how we all get ahead. #girlpower #ladyboss #femalecollective
Rosalind Solomon, Mother and Daughter, 1985. #INSPO
‘I didn’t want to write’ - by @blossom_and_verse * This is the poem I read at a spoken word event for the first time a few weeks back. I was terrified but it was really empowering and has inspired me to share my poetry more, hence starting Blossom & Verse! It is written about a range of different experiences, some my own but also those of friends and as a female collective.
SORRY 👑 NOT SORRY Unapologetically living, embracing this process, and loving every moment. .......... #repost #femalecollective #forthewoke #unapologetic #livinglife #stilllearning #blackgirlmagic #sorrynotsorry 💦 #ilikewhatilike #positivemindset #writer #blogger #author #mother xoxo 💌 #dakotavibe
Zahraa Ghandour stars in critically acclaimed Iraqi film 'The Journey' which has been selected as an Oscar contender for Best Foreign Film. It is the first Iraqi film to play in Iraqi cinemas in 27 years. Could this signal the start of the Iraqi cinematic world? Let's hope so. #thejourney #iraqicinema #iraqifilms #iraq #zahraaghandour #oscars #iraqiculture #iraqartsscene #womenofcolour #thefemalegaze #femalecollective #iraqiwomen
This says it all. Regram #femalecollective
“your mother is a woman that moves swiftly. Her daughter has to keep moving. The beast is behind me and another is always approaching”. -@theresachromati Acrylic, glitter, and vinyl collage on canvas 43” x 48” (2018)
“You are more than the clothes you put on your body” - @ahuman
Art work by @magdalinedavis “Her eyes were watching god” (2018) handmade collage
⚜️YOU ARE EVERYTHING⚜️ I've said the words many times and have been rejected. Not everyone can handle being told they are everything - mostly because they don't believe that they could be. But it's the world that's told them No. Every person is EVERYTHING for at least one other. Don't let the world tell them No. Tell them they are everything. ❤️ . Use our lockets to boost someone's spirits. Write them a message 💌 . . 🛒PRODUCTS SHOWN: . 💎Pink Sapphire Swarovski Wood Bead Bracelet & Opal Swarovski Wood Bead Bracelet & Ash Wood Bead Wood Bead Bracelet 👉💲22 CAD or💲17 USD. . CURRENT PROMO: BUY 1, GET 1 50% OFF & get a FREE BRACELET! 🏷️ CODE: BOGO50 . WE GIVE BACK 10% of all sales to programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression + other isolated communities who need our love ❤️. . #narcityvancouver #livethelittlethings #showlove #thatsdarling #lovewhatmatters #etsyshop #stevemaraboli #stevemaraboliquotes #najwazebian #thegoodquote #thegoodvibetribe #givelove #femalecollective #payitforward #cleowade #youarelumienous #rupikaur #mikedooleytut #braceletlover #mastinkipp #armparty #blackfriday #loveyourself #blackfridaysale #inspirety #braceletlover #bohochic #gemgossip #wristgame #fromwhereistand
Two amazing books. Two amazing women. 💁🏾‍♀️ #WOMANMADE #BUYFROMAWOMAN
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call @skin.charmer 〰️ Come get tatted by a dream angel this Sunday! Scroll once to see flash sheet! First come first served w/ sliding scale payment. See u there!!!
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 Mmmmm come and enjoy incredible baked goods and vegan pozole made by our queen @justwhatikneaded.la ✨ See you this Sunday 12/16 tix in bio!
HOLY CRAP FIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK/END. WE’RE BACK IN IT, BOYS. (ps. plz pray my boobs do not leak all over everyone and everything. #motherhood #blessed )
my wish for all womxn in 2019 ✨💕😍 (via @bellesaco ) #bardigang #selflove #bestyoulleverhave
Reasons to open: One person is not all people. One experience is not all experiences . One feeling is not all feelings. One thought is not all thoughts. ✨ Back to the heart opening practices. #yoga4growth #hearthealing #inversions
MOOD ⚡️ . . Having a hard time getting out of my pj’s today after a month’s worth of travel, house hunting, school finding and Atlanta seeking. This post is giving me life! 🙏🏼 . . . #repost @getuplifted #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #startuplife #startupbusiness #startups #momboss #momlife #ladyboss #branding #brandstrategist #brandstrategy #startuptips #womenwholead #femalefounder #femalecollective
more events on the calendar in the next two weeks than the whole of 2018... anyway, LET’S DO THIS.
✨Discussion of the Day✨We alll now about eating them groceries 😂 so how far would you girl for your man or woman, sucking toes, eating the booty?? But not just sexually, would you risk your relationship with your friends and family for them, would you move for them? Our next Episode is going to be interesting and we will cover this topic😂 it drops this Sunday, so keep an eye out 👀✨ Click the Link in our Bio to make sure you stay up to date 👆 #bedroomtalks #sex #girls #femalecollective #thehague #denhaag #opinion #preferences #experiences
@femalecollective has evidently heard the conversations I’ve had with Moomin 🤣 bras and wine for meeeee!
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @aliahuffman 💥 Candles, Cards, and Collages~ Handmade + Homemade in Echo Park. Come check out this angel’s goods on 12/16! Ticket link in bio
The texture on this @nabilrnahas was mind blowing! It looked like coral reef. The coloring was stunning. Truly a captivating piece! 🙏🏽👏🏾
SOULDEGA favorite of Art Basel. The expression and texture in this work was incredible to see in person, which is why it had to be filmed. Super talented @aaconteh 👏🏾🙏🏽
One of SOULDEGAS favorites from Art Basel was the talented Ballpoint Pen Artist @jacquelinesuowari This particular piece conveyed a sense of power and softness all at the same time. You killin it Sis! 👏🏾
“Feminists are made, not born.” — bell hooks ✨ when was the moment you became a feminist? 👇🏽 #bellhooks #feminismisforeverybody
Strong advice from @femalecollective being it on #2019
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @herbal_botanicals 🌱 Swoop up one of these muscle and tension salves made w/ homegrown CBD, arnica flowers, shea butter, and lavender on 12/16! Get tickets now! Link in bio
Give thanks, then get to work 💪🏽. #WOMANMADE #BUYFROMAWOMAN
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @fairclothsupply 💫 We could not be more excited to shop their unisex clothing, candles, and linen bedding on 12/16! Plus a portion of their proceeds always go towards education for girls in Nepal 💕 Get your tix in bio!
Dreaming of much warmer days.. #INSPO
#JMBAward makes the magic happen with an all-volunteer Philly-bred, women-led advisory board and team. We make the magic happen with awardees who are driven, persistent, and community-minded. We make the magic happen with mentors who wish to give what they wish they had and share what they’ve learned. How do you and your female collective make the magic happen? Tell us in the comments.
🌎Quote of the day🌎 Dont worry about past, it has happened and it has passed. However you can control what happens from today onwards 🙌🏽✨ Don’t forget to click the link in our bio to watch our first episode and subscribe 💞 Episode 2 drops on Sunday! #bedroomtalks #girls #quoteoftheday #femalecollective #inspiration #quotes #selfcare #alonetime #life #selfrestoration #quoteoftheday #quote #past #power #future
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @noto_botanics 🌿We are in love with all of their natural, vegan, uni-sex skin and beauty products. Get some 12/16 tix u kno where
We are so so SO beyond excited to share our Video Short with YOU!! Join us THIS THURSDAY for a night out. We want you to join us for the viewing, enjoy an awesome discussion with Film Director Tracy Peters and the owner of LBB. We had an incredible opportunity to work with Tracy on a commercial short that tells a greater story than just what it means to wear lingerie and dives into ideas of empowerment, self care and...ok, we can’t give away the details. We are so proud of this project and what it represents. As we said, it’s a (short) Film and we promise not to keep you out late but we know you’ll love what you get out of the discussion we have🤗. We REALLY want you to be a part of this evening, so we will also be giving each guest a free gift, nosh & sips, and storewide savings so you can treat yourself or someone you ❤️. Join us for the 7pm viewing Thursday Dec 13th 💕
my new fave conference room. if you need me, I’ll be taking all my calls under Katherine Johnson, RBG and Gloria Steinem portraits 💕 #feministart #transformationtuesday
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 Our sweet buds @puppybreath.co will have all the qt graphic tees, sweatshirts, wrapping paper and more on 12/16 ✨ Come visit them and get your tix today!
„It is not that there is a lack of female artists, it is just that not many of them get hired. In turn, most of editorial campaigns are produced by male photographers. We need more examples of women who have succeeded in these industries for girls to look up to. I think it is great that nowadays that there are more and more publications that build up those communities and help girls connect on creativity, activism and challenges that young women face. I think YEOJA Mag is definitively one of such platforms.“ - Now up on @yeoja_mag : #girlgaze Berlin with Bojana! Photography, production, set design & interview by: @raetilly Styling: @temper_berlin Muse: @bojana_perisic Clothing from: @temper_berlin @peoplelikeus.community & @topshop . . . . . #girlgazeberlin #lilac #muse #model #interview #poc #woc #feminism #feminist #love #homegirlssupportinghomegirls #womensupportwomen #strongwomen #hypebae #dolescentcontent #aesthetic #girlpower #editorial #rainbowcolors #localwolves #femalecollective #girlgaze #portraitphotography #girlscreating #berlinphotographer #analoguevibe
Getting my hands and feet a little dirty, I’ve found, is the best way to create the change I’ve been dreaming of in this world. Whether it’s cold or hot, I’m layering up and layering down in @amazonfashion #core10women . Their layers give me the freedom to move and shake no matter where I go. #ad #sideplank
Rocking a new ring? (Or maybe you have a hunch you will be soon...) Make plans to tour #loosemansion , so we can chat wedding-day details!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Captured by (our BFF): @elizabethladean
✨Discussion of the Day✨ Nowadays we see size EVERYWHERE, ass size, boob size, size of your waist, size of ya 🍆🍆 , size of your bank account... EVERYTHAAANNGGGGG. But we also hear things like its not about the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean 🤔 So does the size of your assets / resources really matter or is it just about how you use what you have? We wanna know 👀👀👀 Our next Episode is going to be interesting 😂 it drops this Sunday✨ Click the Link in our Bio to make sure you stay up to date 👆 #bedroomtalks #sex #girls #femalecollective #thehague #denhaag #opinion #preferences #experiences #size #boobs #ass #money #discussion #discussionoftheday
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @colabocollective 💥 Our best gals @fleinerthings + @karnichiwa aren’t just the masterminds behind all of our Marketplace graphic design... they also sell amazing vintage clothing and home goods. Come see them on 12/16 and get all the things!!!
If there’s one thing in the world I’m sure about...it was the power of the Dominican doobie back in the early 2000’s. “Doobie”. 2015? New York. Captured by @thevirginartiste #souldega #souldegagirls #newyork #nyc #femalecollective #style #photography #entrepreneur #naturalhair
Holiday Marketplace Roll Call 🗣 @morvayvision 🌸 All hail these gorgeous vintage frames repurposed w/ color-tinted lenses. See y’all on 12/16! Tix in the thing.
A light in the dark. Captured by: @madame.buttafly ~ circa 2016
Color story w/ @jaaphotos and @magdalinedavis taken with polaroid film
Color story w/ @jaaphotos and @magdalinedavis taken with polaroid film
Color story w/ @jaaphotos and @magdalinedavis taken with polaroid film
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