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Men that pick on women coz they think we're weak are really in for a surprise huh? I've lived a life time standing up to both male and female violence. You don't scare me with me intimidation attempts. Non ho paura di te 😂 You wanna challenge me for power then you must think I have more than you?! I'm sad at how incredibly pathetic you are. I'm sad that you are making it harder for me to help the refugees here. But I'm laughing coz I won. . #smashthepatriarchy #maleaggression #toxicmen #asshole #FEMINISM #oldItalianmen #notallsunshineandflowers #mammoneculture #maleintimidation #twathead
(...) alegrías pasajeras. sombras que duelen adentro. angustia de cien caminos tienen los gritos del cerro. poncho azul y colorado. buen caballo y buen apero. el corazón, como un arco que ya no cabe en el pecho. y en la mitad del camino un grito que llena el cerro, diciendo cosas distintas aunque parezcan lo mesmo. Atahualpa Y. . . . . . . . #feminism #facc #byn
Oh look, it you. 🔮✨ art by: @maribricenod
_ Frase da Anne Klein. . . 👗👚👛👜👝🎒👠👡👢👒 . . #grlpwr #feminism #anneklein #feminist
Avoir ses règles n’est JAMAIS un plaisir. Mais il y a certains accessoires géniaux qui les rendent plus confortables. Merci @boutique_ruedesplaisirs de m’avoir envoyé les Fun Cup de @funfactory ! 😍 Je t’en parle sur le blog, rubrique Hygiène et Bien être 😘 . . . . . #menstrualcup #period #menstruation #women #animation #menstruationmatters #illustration #periods #menstrualcycle #zerowaste #girlpower #mooncup #sustainability #sustainable #clothpads #copamenstrual #ecofriendly #womenshealth #endometriosis #periodpositive #periodart #greenlife #wellness #ecofriendlyproducts #art #periodblood #vegan #periodpositivity #plasticfreejuly #feminism
Eleanor is experiencing 'Free to be You and Me' for the first time ❤️and she is spellbound. I grew up listening to this album (yes, album!) and the messages are still important today - feminism, growth, change and self esteem.
Just wanna be good for ya, good for ya, ohh ohhh🙈
(I am suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety and self hatred so this is really hard to post but baring in mind ive got no followers at the moment i think I'll be ok 😂. Yes its me in the photo.) Im strongly against labels. The sooner everyone relises that people are not things that you can label the better! Its unfair for someone to be categorised by their physical shape and/or looks. The truth is we exceed far beyond what we are categorised as and therefore shouldnt be given a label. Fat, thin, male, female, pretty, ugly, black, white, lgbt+ or hetrosexual, we are all the same. We are all equal. Its time we are treated like it! { Tags } #survivor #lgbt #pansexual #feminist #equalist #feminism #equalism #equal #rights #equality #equalrights #women #men #black #white #all #the #same #allthesamething
"That's just one police chief." Um okay Bryan, why don't you just finish your cornflakes and stop talking. I can guarentee hundreds of officers hold these racist views. Black Lives Matter.
Bonus question: are these 911-happy white ppl ACTUALLY afraid of black ppl due to being racist, or is “I was afraid” a lie to justify their blatant hatred of black ppl. Lmk ur thoughts #feministmemes #feminist #feminism #whitewomencallingthepolice #racism #whitewomen
Join @rockyrivera on this webinar on July 24th! #Repost @rockyrivera ・・・ Last weekend during my 1st Q&A session, someone asked if my parenting changed because I have a daughter. I’d like to think that it hasn’t - as a Feminist, the values of teaching my son to respect women will be the same as teaching my daughter to demand respect. But it’s so hard to bypass the gender reveals and pink clothing and gendered toys now that I have a little girl. Even for me, I have to choose moment-by-moment how to be conscious of Feminist parenting choices and body autonomy when I, myself, got my ears pierced as an infant and dressed in princess dresses as the youngest of three girls. That’s why I’m so excited to partner up with @everydayfeminismofficial to promote their Feminist Parenting Webinar on July 24! We are all doing our best to make conscious choices about raising our little ones in the most woman-hostile administration in our lifetime. Join me on July 24th and hit the link in my bio to read more about this amazing online community! If you purchase this weekend, it’s 10% off #feminism #feministparenting #ad #sponsored
Afternoon zines chosen by Grandaughter @typeslowlystore @poshskip #feminism #loveofcats #hull #hullpride
I got this photo off of we heart it so if it looks like its from another Instagram it probably is lol #equality #feminism
sugar and spice and all things nice 🥐
I thought this was quite interesting and def worth posting, anyways I am the ace of clubs, comment yours!♠️♣️♥️♦️~🌹Harper ———————————————————————— #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #gay #homosexual #lesbian #bisexual #bi #polysexual #pansexual #demi #asexual #transgender #trans #ftm #mtf #agender #genderfluid   #genderqueer #demigirl #demiboy #androgyne #nonbinary #homoromantic #biromantic #panromantic #aromantic #feminism #girlpower #queer
GST council exempts sanitary napkins from the goods and service tax, which was previously 12%. Congratulations!
Have you ever felt concerned about the taste of your vagina? Have you ever worried about the state of your pubic hair? Well, DYK that “vaginas don’t actually require alteration. They don’t need special packaging, or to be flavoured like ice cream.” Click the link in the bio to read one woman’s perspective on having a vagina and its wonderful tastes, smells, and functions! (Art by @lauraklinke_art ) #thotopicoftheweek #sexualempowerment
Watching behind the lyrics and its deep
diamonds are a girl’s best friend 💎
Pocket full of sunshine
I was lucky enough to be raised by a kick-ass kind generous ever-generous generous-even-when-exhausted working two jobs cooking dinner for me doing schoolwork after dinner momma. I was lucky enough to learn, growing up, that all men and women, girls and boys had some masculine principle, some feminine principle, and that both had different wisdoms and different neuroses and we all had different amounts of each and each were powerful in different ways, but equally. I was unlucky enough to miss the dad principle, growing up, but my momma found me mentors and I learned in my way how to be a man, which includes feminine and masculine to some degree. But it wasn’t ’til my dog, #redfordlewis , that I finally learned how my anger really had nothing to do with anything, did no good, and finally really relaxed. And meditation and study and girlfriends helped along the way. Life grows you up if you let it. 🙏 Get my daily editor’s letter: elephantjournal.com/best 🐘📷: @theanthologyleague via @sophia_lou_oconnor #feminist #feminism #beofbenefit 🗽 Cynicism is (too) easy. Be a part of the solution. 🌍🚲🐘 Find your path. Find your community. Find your voice: elephantjournal.com/academy (get $100 Early Bird discount) #elephantacademy
La violenza di genere, che riguarda un vasto numero di persone discriminate in base al sesso, diventa spesso invisibile quando non è messa su un palcoscenico, nei panni dell'aggressione fisica o verbale, dell'abuso e, ancor peggio, dell'assassinio. La società tende a ignorare tutti quei fenomeni che nascono dalle radici nascoste, eppure robuste e resistenti, della violenza di genere. Esattamente come in un iceberg c'è molto di più sotto la superficie e ciò che costituisce la parte visibile dipende essenzialmente dal punto in cui essa affonda le proprie radici. Se alimentiamo il sessismo, con le pubblicità, ad esempio, o con il cosiddetto "micromachismo" - termine spagnolo indicante quegli atti di machismo lieve, considerati tollerabili solo perché (apparentemente) non arrecano alcun tipo di danno al prossimo e perché ormai rappresentano un abitudine radicata e pertanto considerata normale - non facciamo altro che produrre terribili conseguenze. Queste conseguenze le vediamo intorno a noi, nei sempre più frequenti casi di femminicidio, di violenza e di abuso sessuale. E nonostante dovrebbe ormai essere ben chiaro che la causa sta in una società ancora, profondamente, segnata dal maschilismo, in alcune realtà si continua a dare la colpa alla donna se, al momento in cui lo stupro è avvenuto, quest'ultima era vestita in maniera "inappropriata" o "volgare". Inoltre si sostiene spesso che la vittima non sia stata in grado di dire "no". E questo cosa vorrebbe dire? Che l'uomo quindi non è in grado di contenersi a tal punto da commettere un imperdonabile atto di violenza? Che non è dotato di una ragione, di un insieme di valori, di un'etica, che gli impediscano di compiere un simile reato? E poi, chi giudica in questo modo è minimamente consapevole del fatto che la vittima potrebbe non aver detto "no" perché è stata pesantemente minacciata o per altre ragioni? Per quale motivo la colpa, in qualche modo, finisce sempre per ricadere sulla donna? Pic: @srtamisandrica #femininity #feminism #sessismo #sexism #donna #donne #woman #violenciadegenero #violenza #gender #violenzadigenere #femminismo
Feminist-tee [Swedish]
O dia 25 de julho é o Dia Mulher Negra Latino-Americana e Caribenha, data que simboliza a resistência das mulheres negras, em especial, no enfrentamento ao racismo e ao sexismo. Em alusão a esta simbólica e importante data faremos uma série de homenagens a mulheres negras latino americanas. Hoje nossa homenageada é Marielle Franco, mulher, negra, mãe, cria da favela da Maré, socióloga, feminista, defensora dos direitos humanos e foi eleita Vereadora da Câmara do Rio de Janeiro pelo PSOL, com 46.502 votos, em 2016. Marielle se formou pela PUC-Rio, e fez mestrado em Administração Pública pela Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). Sua dissertação teve como tema: “UPP: a redução da favela a três letras”. Trabalhou em organizações da sociedade civil como a Brasil Foundation e o Centro de Ações Solidárias da Maré (Ceasm). Coordenou a Comissão de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos e Cidadania da Assembleia Legislativa do Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), ao lado de Marcelo Freixo. Iniciou sua militância em direitos humanos após ingressar no pré-vestibular comunitário e perder uma amiga, vítima de bala perdida, num tiroteio entre policiais e traficantes no Complexo da Maré. Aos 19 anos, se tornou mãe de uma menina. Isso a ajudou a se constituir como lutadora pelos direitos das mulheres e debater esse tema nas favelas. Marielle teve sua vida interrompida em Março de 2018, ainda em seu segundo ano de mandato. Foi morta a tiros junto com seu motorista Anderson Gomes, crime até hoje não elucidado. Marielle é uma das grandes mulheres negras que deixaram um legado de resistência e de luta em defesa da população negra, das mulheres, das/os LGBTs e moradoras/es de favelas. Fonte: mariellefranco.com.br #mulheres #mulheresnapolitica #mulher #feminismo #feminista #feminism #misoginia #machistasnãopassarão #mulheresunidas #juntassomosmaisfortes #sororidade #mulhernegra #mulheresnegras #mulhernegra #marielle #mariellefranco
#Repost @badasscrossstitch ・・・ Today @barackobama said this while in #SouthAfrica talking about the need for more women in positions of leadership. I FEEL YOU SIR. I. FEEL. YOU. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✊🏼❤️ Also, I miss you. 😩 ——- #barackobama #44ismypresident #feminist #feminism #craftivist #craftivism #politicalart #stitchersofinstagram #obama
Every time I go in @pagefortyfive I come out with something different (along with my usual standing order). Can't wait to get stuck into this one! #comicbookshop #graphicnovels #comics #suffragette #feminism #toomanybooks #bookstagram
Gang gang: The creator. The preserver. The destroyer. #tigercatcher #lookbook
Jodie Whittaker making her Comic Con debut as the 13th Doctor. Finally! A female Doctor !
Chadwick Boseman at the ESPYS looking fly.
¡La sala de máquinas está que arde! Seguimos trabajando en 'ELLAS'. El jueves, 9 de Agosto, en Espacio Inder (Santander) mostraré la que, posiblemente, sea una de mis series más ambiciosas hasta la fecha. Estoy emocionado y con muchas ganas de poder mostrar al público todo lo nuevo que estoy (y estamos) preparando. ¡Seguimos! + 'ROOM I' | 24x33 cm. | óleo y spray sobre lino | 2018 + + + #contemporaryart #oilpainting #nofilter #adrianssegura #artgallery #urban #spain #room #strangerthings #art #arte #followme #feminism #photooftheday #film #landscape #inked #instapic #artfair #vintage #artlovers #photography #pictureoftheday #travelling #instapic #hardwork #artsy #pintura #mylight 🌙
The phenomenal cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine at Comic Con.
Alison Brie at the 2018 Espy Awards.
2018 Espy Awards
JaVale McGee at the 2018 ESPYS. He is my new fashion hero.
Olivia Palmero at the Premiere of The Equalizer 2.
The perfect Emma Watson at Wimbledon. Very British!
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner on the cover of GQ because apparently GQ has nothing else going on. . . . .
Cher and Meryl Streep at the premiere of Mama Mia: Here we go Again.
Sports Illustrated show in Miami.
Such happy, attractive men.
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