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Hey, Long time no see 🙋
19:26 I’m impressed with this museum because it gives you indoor and outdoor experience plus this museum so hugeee!!!!!!! . . . By the time you see this post,don’t forget to watch my IGTV about my journey in East Java with @IndTravel ,@KBRIKualaLumpur and friends.Do drop some comments on this post and IGTV too 🙏🏻 . @indtravel @pesonaid_travel @Kbrikualalumpur #TravelWithISKNDR #WonderfulIndonesia #PesonaIndonesia #KBRIKualaLumpur #ShotOnIphone
I think about the good times we had together
There's beauty in the strive for symmetry 📷: @jsnjnr #oowalife #madewithoowa
[#snaptill19 ] in the hustle and bustle of Singapore. on track.
[ #snaptill19 ] Stay on track.
Sang Saka Biru kami akan menang 📸📸📸 #mainmain
Tag someone you want to watch this sunset with 🌆🌆 Photo by @itscthinh
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Did it even matter
13:55 Holiday season is up!! why don't you surprise you loves one with @Sudio TRE wireless earphones because pssttt they having an Exclusive 2018 Christmas and YEAR END PROMOTION!! Plus they also give you FREE gift package and FREE delivery to Malaysia and world wide! . So what are you waiting for.Go to www.SUDIO.com/MY ,purchase any SUDIO products and you are entitled to get 15% discount by using my discount code “AZMEER” . #Sudio #SudioMoments #SudioSweden #ShotOniPhoneXR
[ #snaptill19 ] Golden Gateways
14:10 The place that "can't leave without taking a picture".Mt Bromo 🌋 . . . @indtravel @pesonaid_travel @Kbrikualalumpur #TravelWithISKNDR #WonderfulIndonesia #PesonaIndonesia #KBRIKualaLumpur #ShotOnIphone
Waiting for the right time
Tìm anh nơi đâu? By @itscthinh
I'm gonna try posting one photo every day between now till the end of 2018 so let's see how this goes :) #snaptill19 @peictures
[Self-Intro(?)] Nama Luqman Adam. Belajar kat SMK Jalan 4 (JESS), SMAP Kajang. SPM 2016. Pastu belajar kat Dar... Tak pe lah hehe. Rasa macam kene introduce sikit sebab ramai tak sedar aku delete account lama. So aku lanje a gambar stailo (?) supaya korg igt. Tapi aku rasa lagi org x kenal. Credit to @ahmad.r35__ sebab aku paksa dia ambek shot ni - - - - - #WatchthisInstagood #fubiz #huaweinextimage #mobilegraphymy #mobilegraphy_xv #VisualAmbassadors #SDMtravels #aovmobile #FiftySense #minimalism #Minimalmood #PassionPassport #architecture_minimal #way2ill #MoodyGrams #Voyaged #AGameOfTones #sky_high_architecture #plexxie #urbanandstreet #YourShotPhotographer #WeTheCreators #OnGoogleMap
[Pameran Artefak Nabi SAW] Jangan sesekali anggap ia artefak biasa lalu kita datang dan lihat sahaja. Kita tak boleh nak lihat Nabi SAW. Nak mimpi Baginda SAW juga amatlah susah. Jadi, apabila kita lihat artefak, tanamkan rasa kagum dalam diri. Banyakkan ingat Nabi SAW. Semoga pameran ini dimanfaatkan umat. Bukan sekadar 'show' sarkas.
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Spend more time with people who care about you
after mock pose 🥳🥳
Happy birthday @mabellechan , the JG friend who has brought me a lot of joy and laughter and also the one pushes my alcohol limit to the max. ❤️ May you stay youthful and gorgeous forever! Shot on my Leica but 📸 credits to @imaginemeandyou.
•Free hugs anyone •
Silence is sometimes the best answer
20:06 At first i underestimated at this museum.Fortunately it was amazing!! Like Hollywood in the museum? come on!!! 😍😍 . . . @indtravel @pesonaid_travel #TravelWithISKNDR #WonderfulIndonesia #PesonaIndonesia #KBRIKualaLumpur #ShotOnIphone
It’ll never be the same
Travel more worry less
Another side of KLCC
Wait for a minutes to get shot in the crowd. #createexploretakeover
Drown in thoughts
Look around, explore and learn 📸📸 #WHPlayers
Can’t we go back to the way things were
Happy Saturday guys #shotoniphone
let the pain motivate you to be a better you
there’s no straight path in your life journey. just keep moving and thankful with whatever you have #hsinthefield
@zaimchin on point 📸
Some event coverage photos of TVB/movie star @sunnyboyyy at @majordropofficial
Lost In Japan 🇯🇵 - @shawnmendes #nowplaying 🎧
men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after
Don’t kill my vibe
Don’t find me just because you need something from me
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