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Mental fatigue will wear you down faster than your workout. - Get your head in the game and fuck everything else. - It was too easy this morning to let doubt fill my head. It took a little shaking off to get into the groove. - My form is awful here, but I had to get that weight up or I would feel defeated. - I am almost to the end. Now is not the time to quit. - #dontquitnow #bethechange #livetoinspire #600lbdeadliftcomingsoon #duespaid #buffdudes #barbellmedicine #isymfs #fightthefight #agelessgymrat
Livvy’s journey:Day 13-I want to break free!! What an amazing feeling to see my little Livvy with her arms free!!!! She looks so cosy and happy here doesn’t she after her central line and cannula were both taken out. Keep growing my little gem 💎 Today I ordered Livvy her first baby bonnet, I have been looking at premature baby clothes but I couldn’t bring myself to order or buy any before now, this is the perfect time when her lines have been taken away, I have been given hope!!! #nicu #nicubaby #fightthefight #babyfighter #keepfighting #dontgiveup #keepgrowing #mynicubaby #nicumum #nicumama #prettygirl #happybaby #uhcw #neonatal #preemieuk #mypreemiebaby #mypreemie #preemiestrong
Cardio and shoulders💪 5:30 am @motivfitnessns nice and quiet, no waiting for equipment😍
#tbt love you mommy! #fightthefight
So, yeah, I battle. Every day. To see the light. To feel the light. And to let the light come in. I battle to believe in myself. Believe I am strong enough. Believe my fire is more fierce than the smoke. If you battle depression, I highly encourage you to speak of it, whether with another being or in written form. It’s therapeutic and can change your outlook more than you know. You’re not alone. - this is an excerpt from aFierceMind.com I’m happy to day, today, the light is more bright than the darkness ❤️ Fight the good fight. #poetry #poems #poem #poemsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #words #comeinlight #afiercemind #anoldsoul #depression #optimism #fightthefight #rise #letthelightshine #blogger #writer #therapy #positivity #keepwriting #keepsharing #love #life #laugh #grateful #gooddays #happy #courage #strength #share #goodreads
@michelles.mission is a bodybuilding athlete that I have come to know and respect very much over the last several years. - Her health journey is one for the books. She had ups and downs like everyone else, but she has never missed her goals. - She is a living inspiration! - During her latest challenge, she was having a rough start. I told her that I would give up every sweet drink (real and artificial) during her 40 day challenge. - We are 1 week into it and I'll tell you what, the addiction to sweets is real, folks. - I am not going to break though because I know Michelle won't either. - She's going to excel and I'll have broke my addiction to sweet drinks. - #beatsugaraddiction #bethechange #livetoinspire #dontquitnow #duespaid #buffdudes #barbellmedicine #600lbdeadliftcomingsoon #isymfs #fightthefight #agelessgymrat
There is always a way out. | Zack Hemsey: The Way #zackhemsey #theway #fightthefight
I knew that my doctor would call me as soon as she got the report as she had asked me if I wanted a call no matter what they found or if I’d prefer a visit. I assured her I was prepared for the worst so to call me. The phone rang around 10:30 that morning and I’m quite sure my heart stopped and when I heard the doctors voice I don’t remember nor did I hear a word until I heard “things look really good!”. I was soooooo happy! She assured me that it would be very difficult for me to have any type of cancer that would have been missed with this scan and that if my symptoms remained as they still were I should have an endoscopy. I didn’t care! When she told me I was cancer free I ran in and jumped on my husband, who had been sound asleep after a night shift. I cried and repeated over and over I wasn’t dying!! I text my work family, and the very few people that knew briefly what had been happening with me over the past several months. My husband got me a chocolate bar to celebrate and for supper I had cottage cheese and berries😍 I was soooo happy and I felt like I had dodged a bullet, I felt like it easily could have gone the other way. So now what? My symptoms where just going to disappear? Now what will I do? How would I figure this out and get healthy again? The answer came quite simply when I was having increased symptoms again after eating supper and it came to me! Lactose!! I looked up lactulose to see the ingredients and it said “people with lactose intolerance should not take this.” Finally it all made sense! The bloating after only a coffee and yogurt of course because it’s dairy! I had been eating bran flakes for breakfast late summer which was when the symptoms started to really worsen. My low blood sugar reading was after cereal which again makes sense because lactose intolerance occurs when, due to a deficiency of lactase, lactose is not completely broken down and consequently blood sugar levels do not rise. So everything finally came together👏👏 Due to my Hashimoto’s disease I must follow a gluten/wheat free diet and I am lactose intolerant. Some may think oh my god that sucks!! Not me, I took the news like I won the lottery!!
This is for you. The holidays can be hard for those who have lost a loved one to cancer or those who are going through the million radiations and chemotherapies and just wish to be home with their families. ... It’s ok to go through the motion of your emotions, you don’t ALWAYS need to put a strong face for others. I say this with experience. I too find myself dreading the most wonderful time of the year, my favorite holiday. This year I don’t feel the magic. I’ve been strong for others instead for myself and it’s finally caught up to me, but that doesn’t make me less strong or weak. I’m embracing the sadness, the tough days to lead me into my strong days. I miss my mom and there isn’t a day I don’t think about her but I’ve got to live this life for her and fight this fight for her and all the cancer warriors out there. THIS IS FOR YOU. THIS FOR HER. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.
Gifts don’t have to be expensive. They just have to come from the heart! Give love this Christmas 🥰
The raw truth, everything isn’t always as it’s seems. We see pictures of fitness, beauty, happy families... but it’s not always rises and diamonds. All of us gave challenges. We weren’t born with the perfect body, destined for love or just seem to be lucky I’m life. We make choices that take us there. We have our hidden illnesses, limitations or injuries. There are days that you have to take 3 types of meditations, strap on hot packs and grab some peppermint tea just to make it through the day. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t are the ones that find a way to do it anyway. We can lay in bed all day, feel sorry for ourselves or listen when others say you can’t.... it’s those who find a way that make it. You may take a break but shower, get dressed, lay back down for a minute and then go get it done. You don’t have a choice on the cards that get dealt but you do have a choice in how you decide to play them... some of the biggest wins have come from losing hands played well #fit #fitmom #fitgirl #fitness #sick #notfeelinit #pushthru #oneofthosedays #mylife #bethechange #fightthefight
THE PUZZLE WE CALL LIFE !!!!!There Are Many Pieces To The 🧩. It’s Not About How Long It Takes You To Finish The 🧩 It’s You Never Giving Up On The Completion. It’s Always So Beautiful So Beautiful On The Box, However Once You Empty Out The Pieces, You Become Frustrate, Confused, Annoyed, And Even Anger. I Say This To Say The Outcome is So Much Bigger, Better, And Beautiful Than You Could Have Ever Imagine. Come On Its Time To F This Ish Up 😂 #pickupthepieces #goals #stayingpositive #nevergiveup #fightthefight #dotheimpossible #thefutureisfemale #
Dear Little Miss: Last night, you went away with your family for a few weeks. You said “I don’t know how to feel. I’m only 10” and that broke my heart. It’s so unfair you have to try to process and #unpack all these big feelings. \\ We’ve tried advocating for your feelings and have been turned away. The system has used how much we love you against you - “their opinions are skewed, they’re too attached and they want to adopt”. I hope you know we tried. We begged for a healthy transition. We asked for someone to hear your opinion. We were denied our opinion for loving you too hard. \\ My heart is broken that you’re being uprooted for a few weeks and then have to come back and #unpackhere for a short time and then #packup and #unpackthere . The transition makes no sense and the stress it’s causing you makes me go full on #mamabear . I don’t know where you are or how you’re feeling - my only hope is that you’re enjoying yourself and feel safe. \\ The brokenness of the system and how they have failed you makes me doubt my journey as a foster parent. But I will keep going and keep fighting. I promised you I would continue to help kiddos and that’s what we plan to do. We’ll continue opening our hearts and our home for kiddos to feel comfortable to #unpackhere . \\ Until the day you come back, we will keep on keeping on. I love you, #littlemiss .
Serious post: My 13 year old cousin Juliette was just diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is an aggressive grade IV brain cancer. It’s very rare in children. They discovered it less than a month ago and has since undergone surgeries. When Micah and I had heard this, we were struck with sadness, but also the desire to stand beside and fight with her. I hope that you also will stand with her and her family as they fight this! Anything will help, and I also know that those of you who follow me want to make a difference in this world. You can make a huge difference in this family by making a donation! Thank you so much for getting involved and encouraging them to stand confident and encouraged. Click the link in the bio to join their gofundme. . . . . . . . #tuesdaymotivation #tuesday #motivation #fight #cancer #fightthefight
Don't dare skip training! - No matter how hectic your day is, you must take time for yourself. - If you're like me, you give every minute of your day to others. Whether its work, family or friends, I do my best to invest my time into those who really matter to me. - Do you know who I used to forget to take care of? The most important person to those I care about. - ME! - I am important! In order to make sure that I am around for many years to come, I must invest in my mental and physical health. - The gym is where I have found to be able to make the largest impact on my day. - Never skip out on you! - #fitfam #bethechange #livetoinspire #dontquitnow #duespaid #buffdudes #barbellmedicine #600lbdeadliftcomingsoon #isymfs #fightthefight #agelessgymrat
Happy Monday! This is one of the first days I actually had the strength to paint! I've been feeling really good, I haven't had much pain at all. But my liver and my thyroid have been giving me a hard time! My brain wants me to do all kinds of thing. But my body is so tired! So I'm taking it very easy and getting in ready for Santa! I love Christmas. Especially for the "Reason Of The Season". Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. My next MRI is in January 2019. I'm praying for another good response when I'm back in SF. So I'm wishing you all a great week as you get ready for Christmas. Remember to smile and let's all be nice and good I'd to each other this week! #merrychristmas #cancer #cancersucks #artist #fightthefight #mystudio #myfavoriteplace
Cinderella’s castle. Where dreams come true. Yeah, that’s a fairytale. Dreams that come true work when you do. Until then it’s just a Dream. I dreamed of vacations. We went years without weekends let alone a vacation. Disney was our first one and so we continue back. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do. (I know sounds weird right). We were in the middle of building our dream home with absolutely no extra funds because everything we had went into that dream home. So, I did what I knew best and went to eBay and started selling things. Next thing I knew we went on our first family vacation. But it was hard because it was a mindset shift. We really could have used that money as a cushion. But, I knew I was sick and tired of not living the life I wanted for my family and because I was so sick and tired of it we went. If what you are doing right now isn’t working for you it may be time to try something new. If the work you are putting in isn’t getting you your desired outcome it may be you need to change what you are doing. . . . . . . . #disneyworld #cinderellacastle #dreamer #workaholic #dreamhome #disneyfamily #homeschoolmom #momof6 #buildingalegacy #builtuponadream #workhard #fightthefight #createtime #freedomforfamilies #holisticwellness #lifeisshort #creatingwealthiseaierthansaving #entrepeneurlife #jackofalltrades
The symptoms started over the summer and were quite mild but kept increasing throughout until finally I decided to get blood work. As you know with thyroid disease typically you should get blood work done at least yearly but because I have kidney disease I usually do mine every 6 months. When my blood work came back it was pretty well the same as usually other than a low blood sugar and some of my kidney function numbers had changed as well. At this time I was having terrible abdominal pain, bloating, gas, increased salivating, hunger, fatigue, abnormal bowel habits, and so much pressure in my sternum I felt like I was pregnant! The pain became so severe I went to the emergency department where they ruled out pancreatitis and gall bladder concerns. After a visit with my MD she decided to do a complete physical and also referred me to a GI specialist as well as ordered an abnormal ultrasound. Everything was coming back relatively normal but I was feeling absolutely horrible! I was convinced I had cancer as all my symptoms were consistent with that diagnosis and this had been going on for too many months as it was now October😭😭it literally felt like something was pushing up under my left rib and there was so much pressure! While I was waiting for my colonoscopy and CT I decided to go and see a naturopath and she was sooooooo helpful💕 First she told me to start taking some vitamins including D, omega, and vitamin C. She placed me on a gluten and wheat free diet because she explained that these things are not recommended for people with Hashimoto’s Disease as it works against your thyroid, increases inflammation, and GI upset. I was finally feeling hopeful that I wasn’t going to be like this for the rest of my life!!🙏 We decided I would start diet after my Scope which was at the end of the week..... #killinthisprep #15weeksout #wheatbellydiet #glutenfree #yourworthit #lactosefree #fitmom #hashimotosdisease #weightloss #weightgain #fightthefight #muscleissexy #getit #gethealthy #strongwoman #dontquitonyou #leakygut #naturalmedicine
Fantastic evening at @allstarsboxinggym with Chrissie Hynde supporting this wonderful community boxing club.
Made this low carb side today! Cauliflower “potato” salad! Super surprised at just how much it tastes like real potato salad! Super easy recipe! DM me if you would like to know! #lowcarb #foodporn #mealprepdaily #pcosawareness #pcoslifestyle #weightloss #healthierliving #mfmindset #beabadass #absaremadeinthekitchen #hormoneimbalance #healing #foodislife #fightthefight
@rc_4_a_cure Showing awareness in the garbage today! Getting all set for Christmas! #cancersucks #gopink #rc4acure #hope #cancerawareness #fightthefight #reefrc #fishscrawlerparts #149rcworx #broodracing #scalerfab #beeftubes #comininhot ....🔱👍🏻
Marcus Anderson started our day off right in chapel with the message that we have another race we're running @manderson51 #footballisnotforever #gameday #fightthefight #ValleyFCASeniors
Please check out the video below, and give him a follow. Brad has been training on the other side of the Earth, and came across a set to use that I shipped my buddy @therealcookiemonster3422 Repost from @brad_arbic using @RepostRegramApp - You should look into these. Check out my man @lentiniliftsheavy and his site www.eccoarms.com https://youtu.be/UCrvMT-vxTo #southkorea #traindespite #centuryplates #soldier #army #armylife #love #hate #anger #iwillnotstop #letsdoit #powerlifter #powerlifting #fightthefight #USPA #squat #bench #deadlift #2K #gymlife #gymrat #boom #chinup #life #findaway #makeithappen #dadsliftingkilos #letsdothis #screwgravity
This year has been amazing for #talklipoedema and #lipoedema in general our monthly meets have bought people together from all walks of life! Together we continue to fight hard for the right to be heard!! Lipoedema is a real illness and affects 11% of women, now think how many that really is, shocking isn’t it! #lipoedema #lipoedemaawareness #changecanhappen #laughlivelovelife #christmas 🎄 #fightthefight #thistimenextyear #watchthisspace #lipoedemafighters
So in my first post about my journey I showed two pics. One was me when I competed in figure in 2014 and the second was when I finally found out what was wrong with me in 2016! After 8 months of symptoms and being scared along with not going to the gym; I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. (Hashimoto’s disease, also known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy tissue of the thyroid gland instead of protecting it, which causes thyroid gland inflammation.) Finally I had a diagnosis and a treatment! So you think you will start Synthroid and all of your symptoms will leave! Nope👎 You get on the medication and some things improve such as the headaches going away, the palpitations left completely. The unfortunate part is that I had gained 40 lbs, was exhausted, still had brain fog, and so many other symptoms;( The weight that I gained didn’t start coming off once I started the medication like I thought it might and I guess I was just naive 😭 I decided to start back at the gym but instead of going right to weights and cardio I decided to start training strongwoman as I had played with it in the past💪 I trained all winter with my husband and some other wicked peeps and started competing in 2017. I set so many pr’s for myself, placed in a couple of events, and lost some of my weight!! I continued to train and improve my physique over that year and into 2018 when I finally qualified for the Nationals!!🤩🤩Unfortunately I injured my knee during Provincials and found out I had moderate wear of my cartilage so I had to take time to heal and take a break from strongwoman 😭In September I became sick and this is when my journey takes a turn for the better and my life weight struggles make sense...... #killinthisprep #15weeksout #wheatbellydiet #glutenfree #yourworthit #lactosefree #fitmom #hashimotosdisease #weightloss #weightgain #fightthefight #muscleissexy #getit #gethealthy #strongwoman #dontquitonyou #leakygut
This is me! Classic PCOS body! Heavy around the midsection. This is my starting point. 🏃🏼‍♀️ • Not only that this is where everything changes and I get to take all of you on the ride of a lifetime• 🥳🥳🥳I am so super excited about this journey and sharing everything I know with all of you! 🥰It is not only my journey but my family, closest friends, and best of all YOU! 💥Only one way to get there..and that is to get started right now💥 ❤️I hope you all will not only continue to watch my journey! But join me! #pcosjourney #pcosmealprepdaily #pcoslifestyle #bebiggerthanyourdisease #fightthefight #nevergiveup #lovewins #journeytofit #journeyofalifetime #mfmindset #beabadass #win #girlswholift #fitnessplanning #bossbabe #followme #hormoneimbalance #controlwithdietandlifestyle #wegotthis #insulinresistance #absaremadeinthekitchen #supporteachother
You see there was a time when a doctor told me we’re going to do the best we can for you, well the big guy in the sky said you have work to do to here, and I’m here for ALL my boys @b_marshall14 I’ll see you soon and my grandson to. Merry Christmas to me #strikeoutcancer @smokeydbbq #lovemyboys #fightthefight
‘Tis the Season for giving and spending time with family and friends. It’s also the season of many errands and social gatherings. This is something I love to do, but find much more difficult to keep up with these days. I felt my body giving in during the work week; I fought through and made it until today. I then slept until 5pm. Every time I did try to get up I was overtaken by a high heart rate and all the symptoms that come along with it. The second photo is of my heart rate...using a Keurig after resting all day. I was simply standing and my body reacts as if I’m doing a workout. My illness makes the most simple tasks exhausting and daunting. This holiday season keep those with chronic illness in your thoughts, the best gift you can give us is your understanding. Someone may not look sick, but they are fighting an invisible fight like you wouldn’t believe. #chronicillness #potsyndrome #tachycardia #orthostaticintolerance #holidaysareforfamilyandfriends #merrychristmas #understandingisthebestgift #butyoudontlooksick #butiam #pleaserespectthat #imjusttootired #christmascardsarecoming #lateoneverything #holidaysaremyfavorite #mybodyhatesit #invisibleillness #fightthefight #fightlikeagirl
On October 1st, I seen a post about this gorgeous woman, who is fighting cancer and she was loving her wig and it touched my heart and I shared it and told someone to send her my way. Long story short, I told her I wanted to gift her with whatever she wanted from my company Cassie Custom Wigs & Bundles. Christmas is around the corner and this is for you... #seasonofgiving #fuckcancer #fightthefight
Cheat meal💕 Gluten free brown rice pasta, sautéed chicken, mushrooms, onions, and two tbsp of lactose free sour cream!! Delicious doesn’t have to people u healthy and when it’s healthy and tastes good it’s like a whole new winning feeling❤️❤️ #killinthisprep #15weeksout #wheatbellydiet #glutenfree #yourworthit #lactosefree #fitmom #hashimotosdisease #weightloss #weightgain #fightthefight #muscleissexy #getit #gethealthy #strongwoman #dontquitonyou #leakygut
Paintball madness! We got bruised, we got shot at, we now have sore backs. Fab day though 😁 now for a brew and bed 🙌 And also happy birthday @zumbawithlaura#thisis23 #paintballing #paintballgear #paintballgun #teampaintball #fireaway #watchthatball #shootout #teamwork #teamspirit #goteam #teamgoals #saturdayvibes #fightthefight #saturdayfeels #weekendmood #goodtogo #guncolour #shoottowin #paintballphotography
Fighting the fight gets harder everyday... #depressionquotes #sad #quotes #fightthefight
I was exhausted, but I was not done. - Continuous improvement REQUIRES consistent work. - 5x8 of 2 count paused deadlifts, 5x8 of 2 count paused bench press and then 5x11 of levers rows for each arm. - Add 10 minutes of ab isometrics and then another 10 minutes of upper back circuit work. - Now, I can say I am exhausted and feel accomplished! - #600lbdeadliftcomingsoon #dontquitnow #bethechange #fightthefight #isymfs #duespaid #buffdudes #barbellmedicine #livetoinspire #gymfam #agelessgymrat
Aspire to match this woman's determination... Harmike you rock so so proud of you. 2nd 100k desert run win in 5 weeks... No words #legend #powerhouse #neverquit #fightthefight
Where I was...where I ended up.... My journey to get back to where I was and how I got where I am. So many people struggle with weight and my story involves how your health can play such a devastating part in your success or failure. The only thing worst than being overweight is being there and not be able to fix it even though you want to! I had struggled with my weight since after having my first child;( I had a really poor attitude towards my weight and would make comments like “ Why lose it? I’ll just gain it all back with the next baby!” After having my second child I decided enough was enough and I hired a trainer to help me lose the weight. I did my first Figure competition that year and I thought my fight with weight would be over......not so much;( After the show I continued to gain weight, was tired, had palpitations, my hair started to fall out, etc. On several occasions I was taken to the emergency department with elevated heart rate and they were not sure what was wrong. My doctor advised me to not go to the gym until we figured it out. There I was stressed out and scared, so eating my feelings, and not working out! My story will continue on my next post... #weightgain #weightloss #fightthefight #dontquitonyou #yourworthit #fitmoms #healthyliving #gethealthincheck #figure #strongwoman #muscleissexy #getit #hashimotosdisease
When that whisper says you can't do it. Know that you can and will. Repost from @zchaud1 #keepgoing #fighter #fightthefight #thisisme #power #control #iamstrong #iamthestorm #tryme
This is my whole outlook on this adventure! Even if the money I am able to raise only helps one person or helps in getting closer to a cure it’s all worth it! It’s the outlook many should try to have in life, even if the one little thing you could do would only help make someone else’s life just a little easier, why not do it? #LLS #Leukemia #Lymphoma #GotCUREage #fightthefight #soy4lls
I hope it was a day of love and fulfillment for you, even if you’re fighting to make it to the end of the day like I am. I’ve been more intentional about looking for (remembering) the pieces that are still worth salvaging when I’m ready to throw the whole day in the trash. It’s possible and it’s worth it! No matter how difficult it seems or how weak you may feel along the way, keep fighting that fight! #yourecapable #itspossible #fightthefight #dontlosehope #feetupfriday #gratitudeattitude #itsfriyay #teachersofinstagram #teachertribe #texasteachertribe
You will never know what true pleasure feels like, Unless you have experienced true pain. "Jogging between intervals trying to breath @6700ft ain't easy" ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #backinbusiness #letsgrindbaby #trackandfield #priming #fightthefight #inspire #exposed #runnersofinstagram #run #altitudetraining #colorado #coloradorunner #speakitintoexistence #fitness #health #nutrition #iwill #painistemporary #itsnecessary
This is L❤️VE ⠀⠀ I have two beautiful friends with breast cancer. Both are young women whose lives have been put on hold during this treacherous journey. One of them is a couple of months ahead of the other in terms of treatment. Although she has never met the other woman, she decided to reach out to her by sending a care package of things that will help her along the way. She knows all too well the difficulties she will face during chemo so she knew exactly what to send her. ⠀⠀ This video shows the items she put together for my friend that I will be taking to her this evening. What a blessing this is and will be to her. This is priceless. I am so overwhelmed by the goodness and kindness of people and their willingness to be used (by God in my opinion) to be a blessing to others. ⠀⠀ Watching two women in my age group go through this has been both eye opening and inspiring. Both are fighters and will not quit. Both have faced difficult surgeries and procedures and have more to go through. Even though she herself is still struggling through her own journey, she stopped and took time to help someone else as they go through theirs. ⠀⠀ It’s a good reminder to stop obsessing over our own troubles, and every now and then look around and see who we can help. @kmac5
Go follow ➡️ @nicolas_plessen ________________________________________________ Help get yourself to where you want to be❗ It is going to be a lot of work. 🙃 ________________________________________________ But when you stick it out , and fight the fight, it'll all be worth it in the end! 💯 ________________________________________________ #bluesky 💙 #palms #sunshine 🌞 #yeezyboost350v2 #goodtimeswithgoodpeople #neverbackdown #fightthefight #tb #miami 🌴 #miamivice #clearsky
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