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Έξω στροφή του ώμου με αντίσταση. Αγαπημένη άσκηση, κρατάει τοην ωμοπλάτη δυνατή και ευκίνητη. #movement #movementculture #mobility #functionaltraining #justbe #doAnything #findyourstrength #primalmovers #motionislotion #bodyweighttraining #physiolife #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #rehabilitation #exerciseismedicine #sportsmedicine #yoga #judo #ninjutsu #traininggroundathens #galatsi #athens #playhard
You know that phrase they use.. “ you can’t poor from and empty cup?” Well it’s true! Before this morning and a looooong chat session with a friend of mine this cup of mine was empty.. filled with self doubt, exhaustion, frustration.. and to poor anything g out of my cup was impossible.. the importance of friendship you guys.. is that when your cup is empty. Chances are you need a refill.. and my refill consisted of being encouraged, hugged, and given strategies along with a thoughtful ear that listening to me.. I walked away feeling full again, re energized and re focused.. I was reminded of the things I have to be thankful for, the leaps I’ve taken to become who I am and the resilience and courage I’ve had in this “thing” called life.. so to that dear star fish of mine.. my silent hero thank you for filling up my cup. I’ve needed it❤️ . . . . . #encouragement #encourageeachother #hope #fillyourcup #believesurvivors #believewomen #believeandachieve #dreambig #friendship #findyourstrength #live #laugh #love #dream #hope #smile #momof3 #inspire
Did you know I love to bake? Me either. I had actually forgotten. When my babies where little, baking was something I did regularly. And fall baking was my favorite. I am a fan of all things pumpkin and every fall I would make pumpkin rolls and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Pumpkin cheese cake is a favorite. Then the kids got older and life got busier, and baking fell by the way side. Recently Brady and I were reminiscing about one of my recipes and the kids has no idea what we were taking about. Apparently I have not made that particular recipe in a long time! One of my new goals is to find my passion. I’m doing that by revisiting passions from my past. I don’t necessarily have hours to spend every day baking, (nor can I handle all the carbs) but I can find ways to simplify baking some of our favorite desserts, once a week. Tonight I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread and it turned out yummy!! Now to cut it up and give it away before I eat it all! Do you bake? What’s your hobby? Your passion? Where do you find joy? . . . . . #findyourpassion #businesscoach #takecontrol #findyourpurpose #findyourstrength #liveyourdreams #momlife #motivation #happiness #loveyourself #selflove #positivevibes #baking #bossbabe #dreambig #believeinyourself #findyourself #lifestyle #pumpkin #wahm #chooseyourlife #believeinyou #buildyourempire #unicorn #phoenxville #life #pumpkinbread #findyourtribe #nowisthetime #livewithpurpose
So ya know that saying “You don’t work hard to be able to buy a Ferrari 🏎 only to keep it in the garage.” I believe the same applies to the human body because no matter what shape, size and color you are being confident enough to rock the skin you’re in is an extraordinary thing. . . As women and yes even the men out there (I’ve heard it time & time again) we are far too critical of ourselves when we should be celebrating our beautiful bodies. Enough with the body shaming, negative self talk will never get you positive results, period, end of story. . . Self acceptance is sooo uber important. So today and the days to come after that I challenge you to compliment yourself in the mirror. Really understand and believe that you are ENOUGH. . . Go ahead point out your beauty.. versus pointing out the flaws. Embrace that BOD.
Yes! Because I am NOT giving up donuts 🍩🍩🍩 #ilovecarbs
My day did not get off to a good start today i woke up with this overwhelming sadness, i then tripped going down the steps , i then got a flat tire taking Sarah to school 😔. Luckily my son was home and took my van to a tire place and i got a new tire all before work . I was so overwhelmed my body shook for hrs to the points my teeth chattered . However i refused to let life get me down i went to work i had one of the best sales day I’ve ever had 🙌 . Then i come home to two great packages from @lushcosmetics and @candypandawax what a great ending to a bad start to a day . I honestly just wanted to give up call off work and go to bed and throw myself a pity party or at least try to get my body to settle down a bit , but that never really happens anyway so instead i took a deep breath went to work . You will have bad days but you can’t ever give up hope that they will get better . You find your strength and you keep going and sometimes hope gets you through the day and throws in some good things to remind you to try to stay positive believe in yourself and just keep going your stronger than you think and you will get through it even when your teeth are chattering from panic you will make it . And at the end of the day your glad you didn’t give up 🙏. Because then you can enjoy your sales day and your happy Mail when you get home 😌. #findyourstrength #keepgoing #dontgiveup #keepshowimgup #getthroughit #somegoodthingscanfixabadday #hope #faith #griefjourney #lifeafterloss #onedayatatime #hopeheals #letlifehappen #ifyourgoingthroughhellkeepgoing
Haven't done a #postworkoutprotein couples shot in awhile! But the #1 thing I have done and consistently take while getting fit is my Phormula 1 and Ignition by @1stPhorm. I love the Opti-Greens and Micro-Factor packs and M-Factor Goddess too, but hands down the #1 staple we have is our post workout protein and fast absorbing carb. It is sorta our reward for all the hard work we put in! #duespaid Congrats to the new $50,000 winner! I will have to admit I've been out of the loop lately, for various reasons we will just call "life" but I am glad to still find myself motivated by those taking selfies and holding up their day 1 #transphormation challenge print outs!!! Remembering what it's all about! Their work and determination fuels my work and determination. That's what it's all about! At the end of the day, it boils down to this - I do me, you do you. If we get to cross paths in a post awesome! 👊 If not, I hope to catch you next time!!! But we all have a similar goal in mind, to be better today, than we were yesterday!! To encourage others to not hold off on your health, start today! Start that workout program, start pursuing that passion, start that dream! Start the work, cause it all pays off! 💪🏽💪🏻💪😁✌
From a dear client: “What a treat it was to go through Free & Clear! It was fantastic to self-inventory, celebrate, clear some cobwebs, and get the soul dancing for the main event. Being a Franklin Covey-turned-Desire Mapper has totally changed how I show up in the world. You were an awesome mentor and guide my first time through Desire Map last year, can't wait to do the annual "CDF checkup" with you again to rock in 2019, fine tune some superpowers, and ultimately how I can best help change the world. I'm so looking forward to you taking me through the rest of the program! Thank you! 💗” . And then we rocked their Desire Mapping workshop this weekend. What great core desired feelings! Curious turned into wonder! Amazing! Love this process! • • • #feedyoursoul #findyourself #soulseeker #findyourwhy #liveonpurpose #souljourney #womenwhoinspire #findyourstrength #findyourtruth #findyourtribe #flowforchangemakers #desiremap #shamanism #coredesiredfeelings #servelove #changemakers #planneraddicts #plannerlove #planneraddict #daniellelaporte #freeandclear #clarity #desiremapping #plannerlover #goalswithsoul #plannerlife #divineclarity #clientsbelike #clientlove #clienttestimonial
As someone with chronic illness that so obviously affects me, I constantly get comments on how positive I am, and how people are amazed by it based on my circumstances. This is why! I don't keep my mind set on how broken my body and life is. Instead, I keep my mind and heart focused on how blessed I still am, on how my struggles have made me stronger, on how my life is an amazing testament to God's glory and faithfulness. I keep myself focused on GOD and good, and on growing from every storm that comes. 🌻✊💜💪❤🙌💙😇🌻 #findyourstrength #focusonthegood #blessedbeyondmeasure #ourGodisGreater #growwhereyouareplanted
I am super happy to share that as youth wellness program facilitator for @youthwellnessnetwork I started at my first school last week, Sir John A Macdonald Public School. I Facilitated the first 2 modules of the YWN leadership programs. It went AMAZING! And yes I busted out the floss! LOL!. .. As a young adult I had a desire to be a teacher of some kind. A little later in my young adult life I became and love being a meditation a yoga teacher for adults. But I have great passion to teach kids. .. I have done some workshops and presentations for over the last few years in a few schools around Ontario. Definitely wanted more opportunities to get into more schools and teach a little more about mindfulness, and connecting to ourselves on deeper levels. .. This past summer I had the pleasure of training in and joining the Youth Wellness Network. A company offering mental health and wellness programs to schools here in Canada! I also had the opportunity to be involved in co creating some of the youth wellness modules. .. These modules are bringing a great approach to mental health and wellness. Teaching kids tools and practices to live a happier and healthier life mentally, physically and emotionally. .. Thank you to my soul brother and founder of @YouthWellnessNetwork Michael Eisen for this wonderful opportunity. I am excited to get into more schools and teaching more kids all these awesome tools and skills!. .. If you are a parent and would like me in your kid's school or a teacher and would like me in your school please connect with me and let's make it happen!. . . #youthwellnessnetwork #selflove #youthmentalhealth #youthwellness #mentalhealthawareness #stressless #inspire #empower #breakfree #spreadwellness #perfectbalance #findyourstrength
My #FitFor40 quest kinda went flop. 🙄 I started off strong a few weeks ago. I meal planned and prepped. I got my workouts in without a problem and then last week I lost focus and flopped. I wasn't feeling well so I listened to my body and didn't push it with the exercise. I was already scheduled for a surgery and didn't want to make things worse (everything is ok, don't worry) so I let myself take it easy (aka do nothing). I told myself I would get right back at it this week. Well, Monday and Tuesday, came and went and I didn't have the motivation to get it done and get back on track. 🤦‍♀️ It's pretty much been a struggle for the past 5 months since my sister passed away. I can't seem to find my focus like I use to have because grief and sadness seem to have taken over in place of motivation and focus. I know it's ok to be sad. I know it's ok to not be ok. I know it's ok to cry. But it's not okay for me to give up and not take care of myself like I was! So here I am. Starting again. I had fun teaching my class tonight and it felt good to move! There might be some bumps in the road but I refuse to let them suck me in. I might cry, I might stumble, but I'll get back at it and find my way. I'll readjust my plan but never my goal. . . . . . . . . #lovinThatMomLife #DisneyMom #Disneylovers #hiddenMickey   #mtbMama #ChocolateLover #soccerMama #workingMama #mtb #redhead #mickeyTattoo #mtbgirl #girlswhoshred #redhair #OccupationalTherapist #Imissmysister #adventureAwaits #strongMom #DreamBig #StrongNotSkinny #strongerThanIThought #FindYourStrength #mtbgirl #positivevibes #selfcareisntselfish #fitnessForBusyMoms #couragetobeme #positivevibes #griefsucks
“Some women fear the fire; some women simply become it.” - R.H. Sin There are many people that shy away from the hard. I used to be one, and sometimes, honestly, I still am one. Humans are creatures of habits. We sit in the same seat when we go places. We fold our laundry the same way. We like routine. And most of the time, the routine, the familiar, is not a bad place to be. Except, when it is. The routine, the norm, is also what keeps us stuck in places where we yearn to change and grow. We would rather be miserable and in the familiar than uncomfortable in the unknown. But one thing I’ve learned I find my true grit when I get out of the comfort zone and into the proverbial hot seat. Through the challenges of my lift, I find my strength. What areas of your life have you been avoiding the fire?
🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ _______________________________ Humans are made for reaching. We actually start at 3 months old! When we don’t do it, our brains forget how and we are way less stable🤯 🤓 ••• So happy all these guys came to practice their reach! @kinstretch @sohostrengthlab - ••• So glad to meet my new friends from Sydney! 👉🏻 @falsegrip @a_kanner31 @jansp90 @nickimillergram @heeeran @markdavid_fromm @caffeine_and_bacon @torhand @contactjr _______________________________ #kinstretch #functionalrangeconditioning #controlyourself #doANYthing #cityrow #legscorearms #rowing #sohostrengthlab #fieldhouse #dance #dancer #gymnastics #findyourstrength #mobility #shoulder #health #wellness #training #nyc #wednesday #vibes #swimming #group #fitness #workout #mvmtscript #motivation #beawesome @functionalrangeconditioning @mvmt_rx
Hi 👋🏻 my name is Sarah. I’m an online health + wellness coach. Yes, I’m an independent coach affiliated with an amazing company. . But...... here’s something you may not know. I don’t believe in cookie cutter. Not one plan fits the needs for all! Case and point-me!!! I’ve had to customize all my programs and nutrition plans to work for my unique needs. Do I do that for my clients?! Absolutely ! Not one size fits for all (myself included) so customization is something that I strongly encourage! . So before you think what I do is basic and cookie cutter, please know that I go above and beyond for what people truly need! I know that some people will throw a plan at you and expect it to work because it worked for them. Wrong✖️! I’m unique and have unique needs. I’d expect nothing else as if I was a client of my own! Have you struggled with “cookie cutter” options for everyone?! #justcurious
Same momma. New outlook. Different mindset. The right community of people. . There comes a point in your life when you get to choose ... keep playing it safe or get your ish together + put in the work to become a better version of yourself. . It's pretty awesome what can truly happen with the right tools, accountability + support system in your life. . And heck - this girl - she will always be one of my biggest REASONS, not one of my biggest excuses. If I want her to be her best - to believe in herself and to chase her dreams, then I better walk the walk and not just talk the talk. . ... she's gonna get the best of me. I’m gonna show her what that looks like. . Any more mommas want to join me? #GameOnGirl 👊🏻❤️
I share my story because I know the #pain . I know what it is like to feel a fist to the face. I know what it is like to bear the telltale signs. I know of the masks that one hides behind, the shame that engulfs you. I know it all too well. But my story isnt just a story. It is a testimony to tell. I used to be one of those women who would say, "How does a woman stay with a man who hits on her, controls her, manipulates her, demeans her? How do you justify staying?" It is easy to say that, to pass that judgement UNTIL you become THAT WOMAN, THAT PERSON. That is what it took me, becoming that person, becoming a victim, those shoes, that situation. My eyes were opened. It wasnt easy to leave; it was easier to stay, to find the excuses why, to bargain with your own conscience as you listen to repeated promises of it not happening again, all the "I love you"s in the world being the bandage to cover your wounds and continue in the cycle. That will NEVER be love. There will NEVER be enough reasoning in the world to excuse an abuser, should they be mental, emotional, or physical. You can get out, remove yourself from that cycle, find YOUR voice to say, "NO MORE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!" I was ashamed for so long for not speaking up, not having the strength right away BUT I am proud of myself for speaking up, for walking away, and for removing myself and my child from that #toxic enivronment. I may not be alive today, my son may not have a mother, my daughter may not be here today if I hadnt. As crazy as it may sound, I forgive my abuser and thank him for showing me the wrong relationship and I am ETERNALLY grateful to my significant other for showing me WHAT and HOW love should be. So I share this to any victim who comes across this, to any survivor who may still need support as I do. I know what it is like. #domesticviolenceawareness #October #Iwasavictim #IamaSurvivor #purpleribbon #loveissafe #notharmful #thereisalight #findyourstrength
I’ve always known that my purpose in life is to help people. . Helping people makes me feel as stupidly happy as I look in this picture 😂 . I’ve spent most of my life thus far trying to figure out HOW I’m meant to help people, and struggling when I feel like my life doesn’t seem to be heading in the way I thought it would. . Last year, and for a few years before that, I thought my way of helping people was to become a clinical psychologist. A therapist. Slowly that feeling started to fade, and when my PhD apps for those programs didn’t go as I planned, I felt lost. . How was I supposed to help people now??? . I stayed on the psychology path but changed gears and headed to developmental psychology. Around the same time, my eyes were opened to the opportunity of fitness coaching. . I’m working on research aiming to prevent adolescents from developing depression. I am striving every day to inspire and help women to put their health and fitness and, essentially, themselves first. . I’m still figuring out what exactly I’m meant to do in order to help people, but for the moment, these two things bring me a lot of joy. . If you want to help and inspire people, too, come join me!! Let’s find joy together 😊
Today was my first day back at the gym. Obvy! I will say that being back in this environment had me pumped and excited to gain my strength back. It’s a little intimidating feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing or feeling like everyone’s watching you and judging you for being weak.. but you know wait. You made It. You came you did your thing and you sweated that booty off so you gain that strength back you keep showing up and you keep yourself accountable! 👊🏻🤪🌟🍑🌸 #confidenceissexy #onwednesdayswewearpink #workoutgoals #findyourstrength
Rolling through the week in the preschool class. #findyourstrength #htownfamily #heightshouston #innerloopHouston #riveroakshouston
I suck at these so naturally I’m doing a bunch of them. This was after my lifting session today. Finally got 4 x 10 in. Some were half some were full, either way hamstrings were smoked from snatching, squatting, and clean pulls. This is the small non sexy stuff that is necessary to fill holes in your game. Also if you look really hard you can see some muscles 🤔@sohostrengthlab #findyourstrength #everyonedeservestobestrong
I'm re-reading the first Louise Hay book I ever read, Empowering Women. I remember 8 years ago walking into a book store searching for something to guide me forward during my journey to wellness. This book pretty much jumped out at me and started me on a whole new path to self-discovery and living a life of health, happiness and purpose. Louise wrote at the beginning of the book, "Now is the time for women to break the barriers of self-limitation. You can be far more than you ever dreamed possible. " Dream big, go within, nourish your body, find your peace, your purpose and be true to your self, continuously learn, truly live and love! Have a great day!😊❤
“What you allow will continue” We cannot control other people’s behavior, actions, or reactions, as people act as they’ve learned to and how they believe they should. Its not our position to try and change them, our position is to change the way we receive their actions. If you do not like something it’s a choice to speak up, walk away, lower your tolerance to something that makes you feel dismayed. It’s never too late to reset your boundaries either, with children, partners, colleagues and as new people enter your life. Remove your expectation of others and raise your standards for how you will be treated. Show up for life today with strength, purpose and back yourself!! #setyourboundaries . . . . #freeyourself #backyourself #mindsetmatters #findyourstrength #bestrong #findyou #happynow #behaviourchange #changeisgood #beconfident #coach #australia #freedom #helpingothers #guidingtheway #freespirit #positivevibes #showingup #livelifetothefullest
Core desired feelings for 2019 discovered. Whew! As I open to becoming more visible (thank you @simply_cinamon and @agustina_xx ), I’m trying on being in front of the camera more. As an empath I didn’t have the tools to experience other people’s energy, expectations and excrement. And so I hid. . As that shifted, I’ve learned that my ability to take on and transmute energy for others is actually one of my superpowers (of the 12 sections of the Life Wheel I guide clients through).☸️ . Stepping into my power as a healer, I’ve been working through some deep wounds of my inner child and giving her an upgraded life where she is safe to be seen and heard. So watch out! 🤣 . What unfruitful defaults do you revert to in difficult times? How could you Shift that mindset or heartset just a little for yourself? • • • #feedyoursoul #findyourself #soulseeker #lifecoachforwomen #findyourwhy #liveonpurpose #souljourney #womenwhoinspire #findyourstrength #findyourtruth #findyourtribe #flowforchangemakers #rhythmflowsistercircle #rhythmflowmastermind #desiremap #strongwomenrock #shamanism #womenliftingwomen #coredesiredfeelings #servelove #ecstaticdance #changemakers #daniellelaporte #freeandclear #desiremapping #youarelight #rainbowlight #getvisible #lifewheel
Who is evolve Fitness - Hudson? - - - - - - - ~We are mamas, sisters, aunts, and friends helping each other to find their strength. 🙌 ~We like getting in a good workout in a supportive environment. 🙌 ~We welcome everyone regardless fitness level or body type. 🙌 ~We are not a chain, a franchise or a MLM company. 🙌 - - - - - - - Classes are M/W at 9:15am & Saturday at 7:30am inside UMA Hudson [916 Carmichael Rd. Hudson, WI] - - - - - - - #actualstudents #findyourstrength #thisisus #allarewelcome #evolvefitnesshudson #evolvefitness #mama #sister #aunt #womensupportwomen #strength #fitness #workoutwithfriends #hudsonwi
Youth lifter @chloehood_27 making some impressive lifts at the @welshweightlift Open Championships 70kg Snatch 86kg Clean and Jerk 🏋🏽‍♀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🏋🏽‍♀️ . . . #weightlifting #community #pembrokeshire #findyourstrength #strengthinnumbers #strength #sawcymru #fitnessmotivation #womenwholift #girlpower @sport_wales @britishwl @activenationuk @womeninsport_uk @girls_active @oursquadcymru @sportpembs @pembrokeshirecountycouncil
#Repost @miaentertainmentgroup (@get_repost ) ・・・ PLEASE, grow on...We all have expiration dates...Live your life until you expire...Don't operate like a lemon. Add water and sugar...Make you some lemonade FROM TODAY ON! Hey, and don't forget the ice...😘🤣😍🤗 . . #justbreathe #bewhoyouneedtobe #believeinyou #forgiveyourself #keepgoing #bekindtoyourself #ithurtstobecome #findyourstrength #selfcareissexy #meditate #staypositivealways #wellnessblogger #selfcarematters #realtalkteam #watchmework #findyourstrength #fromthegroundup #dreamtoreality #nevergiveup #brainfood #successinthemaking #buildingoneempire
Are her nails amazing or what?! They match our mint blue resistance band! Use code: SHIP10 for free shipping until 10/31. 😁 . Unlike the latex bands, these bands are non-slip, heavy-duty, and INTENSE. . They come in a cute little mesh bag for you to bring wherever you go. Never miss booty/leg day again ;) ✌🏼✌🏼🔥😁👊🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitgirls #homegym #homegymlife #squats #fitnessmotivation #legworkout #lunges #resistancebands #fitlife #bossbabe #strongwomen #bootyworkout #buttworkout #hiitworkout #mightybuns #motivation #fitspiration #girlboss #gymsharkwomen #gymequipment #resistancebandsworkout #hustleforthatmuscle #findyourstrength #noexcuses #gymrat #gymaddict #fitgirl #girlswholift #girlslifttoo #girlslift
Cried all morning walk. Quietly. My 2nd, 5th and 10th graders were running in front, bubbling and skipping, and arguing, and laughing... And I had that excruciating feeling that all I am doing was wrong. That I am misleading myself. That I should give up and do like almost everybody else... And then this cought my eyes . . And suddenly all was good. Well, at least at that moment. #doubt #melancholy #findyourstrength #virtualschoolparent #californiaconnectionsacademy #schoolonline
Here is a quick leg workout routine when you only have thirty minutes. Please do the weight you are comfortable with. Sit down machines are different than free weights. My free weights are always at a lower weight because there is some stabilization that is required. Some days I am stronger than others. Never push yourself to injury. I do low reps amd heavy weights because I'm trying to build muscle. I have a naturally very lanky body. I have to lift heavy to build curves. If you're goal is to just tone, then do higher reps at a lower weight. I learned this while studying for my certificate to be a personal trainer. Thought I would share my knowledge. I'll post my arm and abdominal routine tomorrow. #30minutelegworkout #quickworkout #quickgymsession #weighttraining #buildcurveswithweights #findyourstrength #weightmachine
“Inside you is a gift and a purpose to do great things.” @thechrisdowning . T-minus 5 sleeps until I re-invent myself with this guy as my trainer! He’s the REAL DEAL - like you’re straight up crazy not to want to be a part of this!! . I’m ready to push my limits to a whole new level of me {just throwing that out there right now for extra accountability to my word} ... and I’m super pumped for the women who are going ALL IN with me. . There’s no better time than NOW to get better together! We aren’t promised anything in this life so why not be the woman who decides to go for it! . Hit me up if you want the details! Otherwise #watchmework ! Just ask yourself this ... do you want to be in the same place you are today come 2019?!! If the answer’s no - my online Bootcamp is where you need to be (link in bio). #GameOnGirl 👊🏻❤️
Comparing our perceived weaknesses with other people’s strengths is a long road to nowhere but misery! [ ] We all have gifts and talents to share! We’re all unique in and of ourselves, though we may share common grounds with others. [ ] Take a moment to identify at least one thing (if not more) that you can offer those around you. Trust me, someone is ready to receive it! @healthtalklandon #findyourstrength #hiddentalents #holisticnutrition #primalhealthcoach #certifiedhealthcoach #ipreview @preview.app
WHAT IF... 🤷‍♂️ Threats are held as memories in the brain. ➡️ The nervous system never forgets ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️.. .. Examples of threats held as memories that could come back to haunt you! 🙆‍♂️ .. 🕛 That time your back went and you spent 4 days in bed. 🕛 That time you had a bump in your car and your neck was stiff for a few weeks. 🕛 That time you bust your ACL playing football 3 years ago. 🕛 That time your boss told you he was making you redundant. 🕛 That time your mum was ill in hospital. 🕛 That time your GP who had less than average communication skills told you your bad was degenerative and diseased. 🕛 That time you needed an emergency C Section. .. 🌈 The list goes on.......... ... These experiences are all considered threats to your survival 😣.. Your brain never forgets... 🎤 and that is how your back pain went from a little niggle to full blown chronic pain! .. 🚫 Recognise that your body is only concerned with survival. Anything that seems to threaten that can push us into survival mode ( fight or flight) the more times it has done this the bigger the response. The more threats perceived the bigger the response.... .. 🚶‍♀️🥂🏌️‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Move more worry less. .. #findyourstrength #mindset #walking #exerciseworks #chronicpain #fatigue #physicaltherapy #pain #backpain #surgery #stressmanagement #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #physiotherapy #yorkshireblogger #womeninbusiness #ownboss #nopainnogain #nervoussystem #live #love #family #lovelife
In order for you to feel your STRENGTH; to feel as though you can put yourself FIRST, STICK UP for yourself, and even DEFEND yourself if you ever needed to, you must actually BELIEVE it. Our "I am..." statements are so very powerful for this reason. Your put-downs weaken you. Your put-ups strengthen you. And it really only matters what YOU say to you. (We want our children to really GET this) So I challenge you to pay attention to what you tend to say to yourself after these two words. Friday, I will ask you to finish the sentence...... #wednesdaysfysquote #findyourstrengthbook #findyourstrength #strengthinthespirit #iam ... #iamstrong
Running lets me explore new places from a very different perspective. I run summer or winter outdoors so I can do it anywhere in the world. It also makes me feel good about my body and gives me time to think. Is there anything you do: sport or hobby to find your happy zone? . . . . #pmgridchallenge #getinspired #inthemoment #feelgoodlookgood #findyourstrength #biegambolubię #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney2018 #strongertogether #runningstrength #30plusblogs
I remember the times where my body said “um no” and I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t realize that having an autoimmune was going to mean finding a “new normal” for just about everything: workouts, nutrition, supplements, sleep, etc... . That’s where I let fear in. I had been an athlete my entire life, and now this?? Um no. So I had a pity party and ate my way into my heaviest weight because that’s what we all do, right?! . Eventually I let fear stop 🛑 controlling my life and used it to LEAN IN! I could either let it stop me or launch me and I’m glad I finally chose the latter. . Don’t get me wrong, my body still fails me daily. But I don’t beat it up for the things that it cannot so. I celebrate it for the things that I can. Today I did half Turkish getups (and I wasn’t able to do them in January). Today, we celebrate 🎉 that & forget the rest of the noise.
How many times have you opted to stay hungry instead of “cheat” on your diet? Or you DID eat out and then decided what the hell, and threw you diet out the window? It’s so easy to do that! But so you know WHY it happens? You’re smart, you understand diets, you grasp macros. I know that, girl! You’re not clueless! So what IS the problem? You’re living in dietland. You’re living by the standards and rules set by whatever diet you happen to be on. It’s all or nothing and that means skipping lunch or opening the door to a binge. I get it. I’ve been there! One donut sent me down a spiral of 5 more, a row of cookies, half a pizza...you get it. This is why understanding nutrition and your body is key. Making peace with diet culture and waving goodbye to it for good is the key. Balance and health is recognizing and honouring hunger and full cues. It’s learning to listen to your body and how it reacts. It’s know that a pita is a source of protein, carbs and a LOT of veggies, not the gateway to a binge. Want to get started on ending your diet journey and finally getting results? DM or email me! Let’s do this! Wonderfitinc@Gmail.com
| Story 026: | Uniting all in Yoga, Anywhere: Alexis Comardo ✨ @wildheartsyogaco . . This week we’re sharing Alexis’ story! We met at @bigpoweryogadenver when I was out in Colorado for a work conference. Our meeting and how we got into talking about her incredible story and evolving journey was spontaneous, full of excitement and love as she shared her passions and dreams. I can’t wait for you all to read it! We just posted her story on the website! Link in bio✨💜🙏 . Please #sharetoempowerALL - THIS is how we grow the message, inspire, and empower people to get on their mats and step into more fuller, freeing lives of possibility! Thank you, tribe ✨ . . #theselfstories https://theselfstories.com/2018/10/17/alexis-comorado/
Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . #carolinacollectivedance #carolinacollective #idanceatcc #jointhecollective #techniquematters #hiltonhead #hiltonheadsc #bluffton #blufftonsc #hiltonheadisland #dance #ballet #tap #jazz #lyrical #contemporary #hiphop #acro #tricks #tumbling #turns #train #learn #inspire #findyourstrength #releve #comedancewithus
Studying into the wee hours? We can help! #findyourstrength #tutor #tutorinyourpocket #stem
"ALLE DACHTEN DAS GEHT NICHT! DANN KAM EINER DER WUSSTE DAS NICHT UND HAT ES EINFACH GEMACHT!" Leute was soll ich sagen..Wie oft hört man das "Das schaff ich eh nicht" "immer passiert mir sowas" "Hach ich hab so ein Pech".. NEIN SCHWACHSINN! Wie heisst es so schön Glück muss man sich verdienen also Trenn dich von deiner Couch und sei produktiv! Du setzt dir nur selbst deine Grenzen sonst niemand! Also hör auf zu denken, dass schaffst du nicht! Geh raus und zeigs der Welt, dass du es kannst!! Danke an @d.k.fit für das Mega Shirt! Hab es gestern bekommen und heute direkt probiert! Sehr angenehm und locker zu tragen, gefällt mir! Checkt mal die Seite ab - lohnt sich! #riskit #doit #motivation #smile #discipline #getready #fitness #lifestyle #motivationalquotes #youcandoit #fightforit #believeinyourself #workhard #succeed #makeyourdreamscometrue #futurethinking #motivation #inspiration #dedication #appreciation #positivity #lifequotes #quoteoftheday #beyou #goals #challenges #happiness #findyourstrength #findyourhappiness @tq_athletic
Yep. It's that good. Here's the latest+greatest. Wanna get some?? First class is FREE and the next ones are the best deal you'll receive in town 👊🏼Bonus...you'll have {2} Badass locations to #findyourstrength #balance #2 .0 #spin #trx #kettlebellcrosstrain #bounce #pilates #yoga #barre
How many times have things not worked out the way you anticipated? For me... more than I want to admit. Every set back is a chance to learn, grow, and maybe even change direction. Take failure in stride. #findyourstrength #failure #learnfrommistakes #failureleadstosuccess #success #successbyfailure #getupandtry #getup #standup #successtip #neverstoplearning #withoutfailure
Hey everyone!!! Alot of good things are happening, thanks to God, my universe, and positive motivational influencers. I'm getting everyone involved in some of whats going on. It's what makes me happy. I'm reaching out personally. I'm on fire. . . #justbreathe #bewhoyouneedtobe #believeinyou #forgiveyourself #keepgoing #bekindtoyourself #ithurtstobecome #findyourstrength #selfcareissexy #meditate #staypositivealways #wellnessblogger #selfcarematters #realtalkteam #watchmework #findyourstrength #fromthegroundup #dreamtoreality #nevergiveup #brainfood #successinthemaking #buildingoneempire
PLEASE, grow on...We all have expiration dates...Live your life until you expire...Don't operate like a lemon. Add water and sugar...Make you some lemonade FROM TODAY ON! Hey, and don't forget the ice...😘🤣😍🤗 . . #justbreathe #bewhoyouneedtobe #believeinyou #forgiveyourself #keepgoing #bekindtoyourself #ithurtstobecome #findyourstrength #selfcareissexy #meditate #staypositivealways #wellnessblogger #selfcarematters #realtalkteam #watchmework #findyourstrength #fromthegroundup #dreamtoreality #nevergiveup #brainfood #successinthemaking #buildingoneempire
If you are a capable adult and you are not being physically held captive or abused, you need to recognize that you are likely a volunteer and not a victim. I know this seems harsh, but it’s spoken to bring freedom. You have choices. You can’t control how others speak to you or treat you, BUT, you can control if you tolerate it or not. YOU are responsible for the lines you don’t draw and the lines you do. If you’ve been claiming victimhood, it might just be time to take your power back. If you need help with that, let us know! #boundaries #relationships #abuse #dontbeavictim #power #youarestrong #bebrave #findyourstrength
When I was a kid, my mom was a yoga teacher, so yoga was a huge part of my life growing up. . Somewhere along the way I let it go, but today I used my rest day as a chance to get back into it! . I love doing a program that gives me the time to do the things I enjoy, and I love that something told me I needed to do yoga today. . Feeling super peaceful and very well-stretched to start my day 😊
Enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Charlestown today. Can’t get much better than this! 😉♿️ #stefansmilestones #teamstefan #spinalcordinjury #tetraplegic #wheelchair
People tell you all the time that you're just getting old, work through the pain, suck it up, and that pain is weakness leaving the body.⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ WHAT. EVER.⠀🙄⠀ .⠀⠀ When the pain just won't go away, and the doctors all say there's nothing REALLY wrong with your knee, or hip, or whatever, it's time to take your body into your own hands. (heh)⠀🙃⠀ .⠀⠀ Because if they can't fix it, I bet I can.⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ 🤜 Hit my bio link and schedule a free call with me. We'll see what we can do to get you moving again. Because you know you miss it. ⠀ .⠀ 👉And this is the universe showing you a sign.⠀🚀⠀ .⠀⠀ #listentoyourbody #theuniversehasyourback #enjoyyouranatomy #alignment
Yep; you could be feeling better in 15 minutes. ⠀ Here's the process:⠀ .⠀ ✔️ We get on an intro video call; I look at the way you move and see what's going on with your body.⠀ ✔️ You get a hot tip or cue to start feeling better immediately.⠀ ✔️ I decide what you need to move forward: online sessions, live sessions, or a combination.⠀ ✔️ You decide if you're ready to take this step to get rid of your pain.⠀ ✔️ If yes, we set up another video or live session, where we'll go even more in-depth, (and you'll get a copy of the video session to go back over as many times as you like).⠀ ✔️ Your pain starts to go away.⠀ ✔️ Mic drops.⠀ .⠀ 🤜Hit my bio link to get started if this sounds good to you.
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