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I love people who are a bit rough around the edges. People who are authentic in their uniqueness. Who in a normal crowd, they seem strange. Not in looks or physical appearance, but in their vibrational aura. Eyes and smiles tell stories of battles fought. I love purity. I love seeing how some people wear their scars. How they overcome wars. I love seeing people thriving to be brave at their most vulnerable state. People that are damaged may not be beautiful...they are exquisite. They are original. #ryderstrong #fitness #gymrat #fitathlete #gym #gymlife #bodybuilding #crossfit #mma #sports #jujitsu #bjj #judo #wrestling #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #physique #fitmotivation #noexcuses #bodyfitness #positivevibesonly #hardwork #fitbody #dedication #athletic #fit
We all know how hard it is when you eat out is extremely difficult with all the delicious temptations out there! It’s all about having the right choices when picking from your menus. This is one of my favorite meals when I go out to eat during the work week! It’s from a Mexican restaurant that is super yummy! I always get the salad with chicken, black beans, and some feta cheese! The chicken is lightly seasoned and the black beans add a little flavor as well. Super yummy and clean, and very fulfilling. Eating out doesn’t have to be hard if you want!, it’s just about picking the better option for you 😊 Happy Friday Ya’ll #fitathlete #gymlife #healthyfood #healthychoices #whatsonyourplate #whatsonmyplate #chicken #fit #lifestyle #goodchoices #recipeshare #chickensalad #lunch #progress #delicious #fitwomen #healthyeatingout
Is perfectionism something that we should pursue?! _ I say yes we should, even though it’s almost impossible, it keeps you working your hardest and doing more with what you have! Constantly trying to out do yourself everyday. _ Whether it’s in building a company, education/personal growth, a hobby, and anything else you do, chasing perfection will have you continuously getting better even when you don’t realize it. _ @andyfrisella speaks in deeper detail on this that really hits you where you feel it and gets you to really think about it and understand the possibilities behind this skill! _ Take 15 min out of your day and go give it a listen, and watch how you perspective on things changes! 💥Link In Bio💥 Share with a friend! _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #livebetter #continuelearning #beambitious #betteryourself #believeinyourself #personalgrowth @1stphorm
Will be back stronger than before.. BEWARE 👺
Who Got Them Good Hamstrings?! _ I sure don’t, atleast not yet. I’ve been trying new workouts for Hams, and getting the mind to muscle down to the tee. I find it hard activating just your hamstring to do all leg work except for seated/lying curls. _ I’ve been working on this deep press with your feet positioned high and shoulder width, and pushing with heel of your foot really focus on using mostly hamstring muscle. _ This has been my starter for hamstrings, 4x8-10. Next time i’m starting with seated leg curls and see how I feel with that. _ Feel Free To Give Any Tips On Building Hams!💪🏽 _ Happy Friday Pham! #dowork _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #hamstrings #hamstringworkout #buildmuscle #livebetter #livehealthier @1stphorm
For those that don’t know me, I’m a pretty goofy gal who laughs at her jokes, I’ll make some goofy faces most of the time because it’s me. Buttt, today was Back and Biceps 💯 I used to not work my back out as much but then I came to the wonderful realization about how It makes your body look so good and toned. It’s taken me a long time to gain the bicep and back growth like any other muscle in your body. Patience is key my friends, and it’s the determination that takes you there. As long as you put the work in, the results as totally worth the wait!! Keep grindin’ my friends and good things will happen, I promise you! Happy Almost Friday🤪 #girlswholift #fitathlete #fitness #fitnessmotivation #progress #progressnotperfection #training #healthy #backandbiceps #motivation #letswork #strongwomen #gains #gymwear #grindforgreatness #weights #weightlosstransformation #gymlife #almostgymrat #lifestyle #selflove #backblast #fitandhealthy #fitspiration #fitstagram #gainz #fitnessaddict #motivator
More than a relief pitcher hes our closer. Welcome @armycertified23 to the #T2T family. Besides clocking 90Mph, D is a true gentleman. #YouSweatYouGet ⚾️ #Baseball #Pitcher #Sports #Athletes #3StrikesYourOut #MinorLeagueBaseball #MLB #CollegeBaseball #HealthAndFitness #FitAthlete #Williamsburg #Brooklyn #Ny
Let’s Keep Them Gainz Coming! And It Taste So Good.😆 _ Building muscle takes work, proper nutrtition and exercises all come in factor when building muscle or burning fat. _ What if I there was solution to speed up the process and get most effectiveness out every workout, not a magic pill but a mix of two of the best things for your body in a postworkout setting that when used correctly is feels like magic! _ The postworkout stack is the potion that gives me the ability to continue burning fat, building muscle and recovering quicker. The stack consists “Glucose” which is you body’s main energy source and “Protein Isolate” which delivers the purest and best formulated protein(amino acids) to your body quicker than any other. _ It is the best thing to intake after any exercise (postworkout) instead of whole foods and the reason is time you save from lost recovery. _ Whole foods takes time to digest(1-3hours) and broken down to glucose which your body is screaming after working out. That is time of recovery lost but with the postworkout stack you can cut that time to almost immediately. _ “Ignition” is glucose it it’s purest form that your body needs which enables to skip the digesting process and make way directly to bloodstream. “Phormula-1” is protein isolate that has gone a predigesting process and has been hydrolized which enables it to bypass digestion, reach muscle quicker and get the full amount of aminos to the muscle cells for instant recovery! _ There is no magic pill or process but the right thing can help and speed up the process paired with s proper nutrition and exercise plan which overtime the results make it seem like magic.💥 _ It’s Pre-Friday, Let’s Keep Dominating The Week! _ Ask Questions, DM or Email. _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #postworkout #postworkoutmeal #burnfat #buildmuscle #livebetter #healthylifestyle
A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of Shoes.. 🤗👟😍 New Kicks Baybee.. All New Puma Ignite Speed 300TR.. Perfect Shoes that i recommend for track work.. 🤗🙌🏻🤙🏻 . PC : @arham_lunia ‘s one plus 6 📸 . Note : ✔️⚫️ No casting eyes ⚫️✔️ . #athlete #sprinter #coach #athletics #training #trainee #prodigy #competition #newshoes #puma #eliteboysdoitbetter #pumaignite #race #needforspeed #physique #motivation #fitspiration #fitness #fitathlete #fitfam #fitspo #fitnation #aspirations #menshealth #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #india #karnataka #bengaluru
📸Everyday i’m a Athlete, Everyday i’m learning a lot from him, Everyday I believe in my passion and Everyday he inspired me 📸 @everydayathletedk #soccer #agility #performance #speed #brasil #denmark #fitness #healthylifestyle #fitathlete #personligtræner #personaltrainer #adidas #heretocreate
Few are as toned as @drfitvet but that doesn’t mean we don’t try! What’s your favorite way to stay in shape? 🏋️‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️💪
Yum this is usually what I make on the go before to work. Super easy, and super yummy! I toasted one whole grain piece, about 1/3 of an avocado with a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of feta cheese. (Except this morning, I was feelin’ freaky 😉). Some tips that I do to avoid bored eating after breakfast is drink you WATER💦 helps keep your stomach full to a avoid overeating. This also applies to before meals! When I first started learning to lose weight, I would use portion sizes to help but what helped me from over eating was drinking lots of water ! #lifestyle #healthy #getfit #fitathlete #recipeshare #loseweight #progression #fitnesslife #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #gettinglean #whatsonmyplate
Goals! What Are Yours? _ With so many goals that I have set for myself, many times I struggle deciding and focusing on a single goal itself. One day i’ll be focus on one thing and the next day it’s focused on another! _ I do a few things that help me focus on what is necessary to get me where I want to be in 10-20 years. I think about the end goals in all aspects of “health, wealth, love and happines”. _ In 10-20years, where i want to be with my “health” and maintain that. How am i achieving “wealth” doing what i enjoy the most while impacting on others in the best way possible. How i want my “love” life to be, loving family, close friends etc. What level of “Happiness” i want to have, am i happy with my health, my job or company I built am i helping others live better and achieve more; is my family full of energy and unconditional love, am i surrounded by great and genuine people. _ Then I reverse engineer it. With “health”, You have to start exercising and develop better eating habits. With “wealth”, If i to want build a company of great value or work at a company i really like I have to learn as much as I can about it then practice and experiment non-stop. With “love”, All I can say is be patient and open minded, don’t force things but don’t let the fear of rejection stop you. With “happiness”, is what Im doing now getting me close to the end goals, am i surrounded by supportive and encouraging people, am i cutting out the narcisstic and negative things from my life. _ It’s so much to think about and takes time but it helps keep perspective of what I should be doing right now to accomplish my goals and dreams!💥 _ Happy Hump Day Pham!🍑 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #betteryourself #believeinyourself #beambitious #goals #dreambig #neversettle #healthwealthlovehappiness
Exercise tip of the week: Speed skaters . . When doing speed skaters you do not need that much space. You can do them in your 4x4 exercise area. Focus on your heart rate, hamstrings and glutes. Only one foot should be on the ground at all times. Keep your core tight and use your arms like you would running. Keep your chest up and eyes forward. If you want to make them harder focus on jumping higher, moving faster or touching your toes with the opposite arm on every landing. If you have any exercises you would like tips on just slide the suggestions into DMs and we will post a video. #SpeedSkaters #Cardio #Boxing #MakeErieFitAgain #FitAthlete
I love working out my legs, best day of the week and one of my favorites!😜 I’m still figuring out posing to which shows off my muscles better after a work, maybe it’s the lighting or the double mirror but I guess that’s for me to find out! Same with the booty growth pic, can’t figure it out just quite yet lol. #gymshark #gymlife #fitathlete #quads #progress #confidence #nopainnogain #gains #fitness #fitspiration #weightstraining
Protect The Gainz At All Cost! _ Hope yall are prepped and planned to take on the week, it can be a b**** sometimes!💥 - 📸: @itgisele _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #healthylifestyle #mealprep #mealplanning #livebetter @1stphorm
The oldest man to have won a Grand Slam title, Leander Paes is an Indian professional tennis player considered to be among the best contemporary doubles players of the game. Over his career, he has won eight doubles and six mixed doubles Grand Slam titles. Starting from 1992, he has competed in six consecutive Olympic Games thus making him the only Indian so far to have achieved this honor. Born into a family of sportspersons, it is no surprise that young Leander took to sports from an early age. He was just five when he started playing tennis and was coached at the Britannia Amritraj Tennis Academy which played a major role in developing him into the sportsman he ultimately became. His first big win came when he won the Wimbledon Junior title to become the No.1 in the junior world ranking. From there started the stellar professional journey of this talented player as he went on to clinch one prestigious title after another. Paes has been honored by the Government of India with numerous awards for his contributions to the sport. Reposted from our 🇮🇳 #IndianAthlete @leanderpaes in the field of #Tennis #KhelegaIndia 🤽 tabhi toh #JeetegaIndia 🎖!! ------------------------------------------------ 📲 Watch numerous stories of Indian athletes 🤸 on our website mentioned in the bio!! Follow us on FB 🔜 @kreedonworld 📠 DM 📨 us if you are an #IndianProAthlete 🥋⚽🏸 and need a shoutout 🎤🔊📣 Also don't forget to Turn On Post Notifications to get instant updates 📩 ------------------------------------------------ #KreedOn #indians #india #indiansports #indiantennis #tennisindia #athletes #tennistraining #gettingstronger #stronglegs #playwithheart #tennislife #challengeyourself #tennispro #fitathlete #instasports #instaindia #thesweatlife #dreambig #staypositive #justdoit
Feels so good to be back on to the grind after a couple weeks of inconsistency. Had a great pump workin those triceps, chest, and shoulders. Felt so good that I didn’t want to stop. But let’s snap back real fast, why most people fail is because they don’t have the drive. A lot of people don’t understand that gains and fat loss don’t happen in a couple weeks, it happens after long months and years! It took me so long to realize it and then it’s the persistence and dedication!! I know what that’s like but i want everyone to know that I too, was there. I’m still working on the confidence, but I feel a hell of a lot better that’s for sure. #backonthegrind #fitnessmotivation #fitathlete #tricepsday #progressive #progressnotperfection #fitlife #feelssogood #motivationmonday #confidence #gymshark #gymlife #gains #grind
Repost @arjunajay400 Feeling Proud to tell you all that, the bladerunner @jevaanand created a new Asian Record in 400m with 52.66seconds at the Indian Open Para-Athletics Championships held at SAI Bengaluru. He also won Silver🥈 in 100m and Gold🥇 in 200m. Many Congratulations 💐to you and there is no stopping now. Just can’t wait to see him go Sub 50.. . Follow @karnataka.athletes . #athlete #sprinter #coach #400m #quatermile #international #asian #medal #newrecord #athletics #trainee #prodigy #competition #bladerunner #asianchampionship #motivation #fitspiration #fitness #fitathlete #fitfam #fitspo #fitnation #aspirations #menshealth #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #india #karnataka #bengaluru
True swim stroke, no resistance #flexibility #fitsuit #fitbrand #fitathlete #swim #triathlon
The #1 question I get asked is how do I stay motivated and truth is I’m NOT always pumped to workout . Some weeks I can go to the gym 4-5 days a week without any worries and other weeks I’m surprised if I make it 2 days . I used to beat myself up if I went to the gym less than 2 days in a week but I realize that life happens and sometimes you just won’t make it and that’s okay . Yes for the most part I do stay motivated because I like to reach my goals but it is okay if you don’t fell motivated 100% of the time . . I know I’m not he only one who struggles to stay motivated. What keeps you motivated to go to the gym.
Feeling Proud to tell you all that my brother, the bladerunner @jevaanand created a new Asian Record in 400m with 52.66seconds at the Indian Open Para-Athletics Championships held at SAI Bengaluru. He also won Silver🥈 in 100m and Gold🥇 in 200m. Many Congratulations 💐to you and there is no stopping now. Just can’t wait to see him go Sub 50.. . Note : ✔️⚫️ No casting eyes ⚫️✔️ . #athlete #sprinter #coach #400m #quatermile #international #asian #medal #newrecord #athletics #trainee #prodigy #competition #bladerunner #asianchampionship #motivation #fitspiration #fitness #fitathlete #fitfam #fitspo #fitnation #aspirations #menshealth #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #india #karnataka #bengaluru
If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect for other’s to believe in you! _ It all starts with you, with your own mindset. _ The desire to succeed and be great, the fight to overcome obstacles, the will to keep going when the odds are against you, and the patience to know that the time and hard work you put in is going to pay off! _ Even Superman Has His Bad Times! _ It’s Monday, another week to dominate and get closer to you goals! LETS GOOO💥 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #beambitious #believeinyourself #betteryourself #livebetter
Want To Grow Them Calves?! _ I always had naturally small legs compared to my upper body, and i still kind of do but my legs are way more developed than they once were. _ Calves and Lower Legs are a struggle for many people and I as well! _ Two Things I’ve done the last couple months(2-3) that helped grow calve size and lower leg size! _ 1st: Overloaded Standing Calve Raises. I took this one from a Great All Timer and it WORKS! Right Now, stand on one leg and do a calves raise! Easy Right? Now you can hold your body weight on one leg which in a sense you should be able hold double your weight with both legs. Now to grow your calves you have to train with double that weight. Ex: I weight 175lbs, i should be able to support 350lbs on both legs. To grow my calves i should train with 1.5-2 times that weight, 2 times would be 700lbs. Yeah it’s a lot but it works. Now be smart with this and don’t hurt yourself, slowly add up to the weight needed to grow your calves - 2nd: Reverse Seated Calve Raises. The tibia is neglected by many people when it comes to training. A stronger tibia helps with overall balance, better squat/press stabilization and more explosive power. I do these every leg day now, 5-6sets 10-12reps. _ Try these two calve exercise tips for 2-3 months and tell me you don’t see a difference overall! _ *Questions,Concerns or Corrections, 💥DM me or Email💥 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #calves #calvesworkout #buildmuscle #healthylifestyle #livebetter
Life is more fun the faster I go. One day I will do something that will leave me feeling accomplished but until then i will keep flying forward. . . Still waiting on @Nike to make me some cycling shoes. #FitAthlete #MakeErieFitAgain
My dad (Raman Tandon, The Saturday Club president) used to play squash. So, I followed him to the club and slowly got interested. By the time I was eight or nine, I started playing. I was a top-ranked junior in India from 2010-2012. I moved to the US for my education and graduated from Columbia University, with statistics. I was one of the best college squash players over there. At that point, I wasn’t sure if I would play professionally because it is a hard sport to jump into. Cricket and tennis were more out there, more popular. It was a risk and I wanted to hedge myself before taking a risk. I felt I needed to finish my education first. I worked in finance in New York for two years. Hedge fund job vs professional squash player… pick one… it’s a no-brainer. I mean I really wanted to play squash, but also I wanted to experience the work environment. While I worked there, I kept playing in a few tournaments here and there and got a few good results. The people I met at the hedge fund, like my CEO, were very supportive of my decision to go give it a shot. So, September 2017 I decided that I was going to start playing full-time. I am based in New York and Calcutta and I shuttle. I started off as 400 or something in the world and now I am 65. Ramit Tandon is participating in 2018 Asian games, he has the opportunity to win the first medal for the country at a big tournament. Reposted from our 🇮🇳 #IndianAthlete @Ramit.tandon in the field of #Squash #KhelegaIndia 🤽 tabhi toh #JeetegaIndia 🎖!! ------------------------------------------------ 📲 Watch numerous stories of Indian athletes 🤸 on our website mentioned in the bio!! Follow us on FB 🔜 @kreedonworld 📠 DM 📨 us if you are an #IndianProAthlete 🥋⚽🏸 and need a shoutout 🎤🔊📣 Also don't forget to Turn On Post Notifications to get instant updates 📩 ------------------------------------------------ #KreedOn #indians #india #indiansports #indiansquash #squashindia #athletes #squashtraining #gettingstronger #stronglegs #playwithheart #squashlife #challengeyourself #squashpro #fitathlete #instasports #instaindia #thesweatlife #dreambig #staypositive #justdoit
Yesterday was a full day of moving! _ Moving my sister to her new apartment where she will be attending a new college to finish her law degree! _ Good Luck sis, going to miss you! now we have a reason to go to baton rouge more often lol love you. _ Next month we will be moving my other little sister to her college in new orleans!
Whatever it is that you are doing, the goals you are working so hard for.... _ Is It Worth It?!💥 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #livebetter #livelife #beambitious #believeinyourself #healthwealthlovehappiness
Meet Kimmi Githens FiT Athlete’s Athlete of the month! Kimmi is going off to Quinnipiac University to further her gymnastic career! She embodies the slogan don’t complain just train! #fitathlete #dontcomplainjusttrain
Monkeying around and working on that grip strength👊🏼🐒 🎥: @brandonking360 . . • . . #ocr #obstaclecoursetraining #spartan #spartantraining @spartan @spartanrace
Strength does not come from physical capacity.🤷🏻‍♂️ It comes from indomitable will. ✊🏻💪🏻🤙🏻 . Heres a sneak peek of my 1st Attempt on Ab Rollouts using a Barbell with 2.5kg plates. This is An Advanced level of work on core strength and stability. Thank you @vishal_jainp for the help . . @fitnessmotivationandnutrition @gymbeaston @mensfitnessmag @menshealthmag @mensfitnesslifestyle @menwithhealth @trackwired @track_and_field_4life @trackandfield2018 @track.and.field.world @indian.athletes @indian_runners @athletics_vines @_athletics_worldwide @_athleticsqueenofsports_ @runningfervor . . VC : @nihal067 . Note : ✔️⚫️ No casting eyes ⚫️✔️ . #athlete #sprinter #athletics #coach #changinglives #coreworkout #core #speed #needforspeed #physique #motivation #fitspiration #fitness #fitathlete #fitfam #fitspo #fitnation #fitnessfreak #fitnessworld #aspirations #menshealth #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #india #karnataka #bengaluru
Protein, What You Know About That?! _ Last post I talked ignition, one part of the postworkout stack, Now let’s talk part 2...Phormula-1! _ It’s a protein isolate meaning the lactose and fats have been removed making it a more pure protein quality, 90% Protein. The more isolated the easier it is to digest so it reaches muscles quicker. _ It has also been 100% hydrolized which is the amino chains being broken down into little pieces so your body can intake all the aminos(protein) in as whole and digest more efficiently. _ The best part is that it is low temperature processed allowing the protein to be as pure as possible and not destroying the aminos or chemilally altering them which can happen when processed at high temperature. This way you get the full integrity of the protein and rid any bloating, upset stomach and chalky protein. _ Paired with Ignition(glucose), it is the best combo for postworkout. The ignition refuels your body, spikes your insulin and shuttles the glycogen and protein directly to the muscles cells skipping the digesting process due to the predigesting enzymes it’s processed through which halts any delay of recovery and starts recovery almost immediatley and feeling better overall. _ FYI: Insulin is a harmone that delivers glucose to where it is needed, to be utilized for energy or stored for later. _ Questions, Concerns, Corrections! 📢DM Me or Email📢 💥See For Yourself, LINK IN BIO💥 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #postworkout #postworkoutmeal #healthylifestyle #burnfat #buildmuscle
Can’t even begin to tell you how grateful and excited I am right now! 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ . . . A huge thank YOU to Jason & the @fitkitchenyyc team for helping me out with my stressful transition period as I make my move to Vancouver to pursue my Summer Olympic Track Cycling Dreams. I am home now to pack my Calgary house, and as nutrition is mega important to me, I realized I didn’t have time to cook and organize my meals so @fitkitchenyyc is the perfect solution for this and anyone else that is on the go. I loaded up on breakfast, performance and lean meals, to give me the energy throughout my training days and maintain my sanity while I pack...without sacrificing the Athlete life and needs my body craves. 🥗🍣🥙 . . . #FitKitchen #Fitkitchenyyc #olympicAthlete #beautifulbc #CalgaryBased #MealsOnTheGo #Fitwoman #fitathlete #Fitness #OlympicDreams 📷 @_marinaloncar
It’s Not Temporary! _ It’s a Lifestyle! _ I just want to be the strongest i can be...Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. _ No Flexin Here Fellas!😆 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #flexfriday #livebetter #healthylifestyle #biceps
From School to College, From Running to Sprinting, From Reps to Weights, From Vitamins to Whey, From Asian Championships to the worlds, More of everything is what i wish you on your birthday🙏🏻🤗😊 Heres Wishing my prodigy Cutie @nihal067 a very Happy Birthday 🎂 Hope u having a great 1 👍🏻😊🎉🎊🎁 May u have many more 👌🏻👍🏻👏🏻🎂 Hope n wish u have a Splendid year ahead with lots of victories and mission accomplishments👌🏻👍🏻👏🏻✊🏻🎉🎁🎊 Cheers 🍻🍾 God Bless you 🙏🏻😊 Lots of Love ❤️ . PC : @littz_angel . Note : ✔️⚫️ No casting eyes ⚫️✔️ . #athlete #sprinter #coach #400m #athletics #trainee #prodigy #competition #national #international #junior #needforspeed #physique #motivation #fitspiration #fitness #fitathlete #fitfam #fitspo #fitnation #ambition #aspirations #motivation #menshealth #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #india #karnataka #bengaluru
Is Anybody Struggling To Stay On Track? _ I used to! Man i remember being so confused not knowing how to count marcos, how to properly organize my meals, finding something that can keep count of my food intake on daily basis, also how the heck i’m supposed to bring a full day of meals with me whenever I leave the house! _ I figured it out and i’m still working on it day in and day out. I googled and did so much research over the years it’s crazy the amount of information you can find but also seeing someone else doing it on insta or facebook helped me out a lot. It’s alright to mimick what someone else is doing and then adapt it to the way it works for you. _ A couple things I use daily to help me stay on track! _ MyFitnessPal: Ive tried many apps and by far this my favorite, easy to log food, keep track of intake and progress also meal ideas and snacks to help you prep. 6packFitnessBag: It makes it easy for me to bring my meals where ever i go, i leave home in the morning and don’t get back to late afternoon most of the time, it’s convenient and stays cool for upto 12-14hours. FoodContainers: helps store and separate all my meals so all i have to do is grab them out the freezer and pack them in my bag. _ Shaker cups for meal replacement shakes, postworkout and drinking my BCAA’s. A Big Jug for water to make sure i get enough water daily. _ The water bottle just came along for the picture but heyy more water!🙌🏽😂 _ See, Staying on track can be easy with the right tools. _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #stayontrack #healthylifestyle @6packbags @myfitnesspal @1stphorm
. Quien intenta saltarse el proceso se estará lanzando al fracaso ☝️🤷🏽‍♂️ . - Primera vez que hago participo en hacer una base aeróbica para un deporte de resistencia , amigos como cuesta , la verdad cuando jugaba fútbol ir al cerro ⛰ era más sencillo 😂 , bueno sobre todo porque aquí en el #Triatlon hay tres disciplinas y es en las tres donde se suman kms (diferente en cada etapa de entrenamiento) ; sin embargo para acabar este año tengo competencias donde valdrá la pena pasar este proceso , ando subiendo a mis stories lo que hago casi cada día (No te las Pierdas 😉) . 🇺🇸 If you don’t want to go throughout the process you will only go to fail ! . - #FitFam It’s Hard , I’ll not lie you , first time that I do a long base period and to be honest I don’t like long steady distances 😅 , however coming competitions will be about #SwimBikeRun and #Duathlon so give the body the right Stimulus (Endurance) is worthy , I’m uploading on Stories almost everything I do for Training , alongside other regular Life activities so Don’t miss them 👏🙏 . . . . #SportOfFitness #Running #EntrenamientoDeportivo #Proceso #SePaciente #TrailRunner #TrainHard #Entrenador #TriathlonTraining #EntrenaDuro #ChristianAthlete #FitLife #FitAthlete
After Your Workout, Do You Want Quick and Effective Results! _ How do you keep your body fueled up, minimize recovery time, and continue burning fat/building muscle?! _ SIMPLE! I take Ignition(Glucose) and Phormula-1(ProteinIsolate) after my workout. Glucose is your body’s main source of energy, with out it will focus less or halt other body functions such as burning fat, repairing and building muscle, and so on... _ Ignition is able to replenish you bodies fuel source(glycogen) quickly because it is in its pures for your body needs. It allows it to skip digesting process and pass the liver storage straight into the blood stream to the muscle cells. Whole foods take time to digest and be broken down to glucose about 1-3 hours, where as ignition skips that process and the body utilizes it almost immediately. _ Ignition paired with Phormula-1 you get best of both worlds! The fuel your body needs to beable to do other metabolic functions and the aminos(protein) your body needs to repair and build muscle also putting your body into a anabolic state(burningfat/buildingmuscle). _ Next post will be all about the amazing Phormula-1 Protein.💥 _ Any Questions or Concerns! 📢DM Me or Email📢 >Link In Bio to see for yourself< _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #postworkout #postworknutrition #postworkoutmeal #burnfat #buildmuscle
Here Is Your Time! _ If you ever wanted to make an impact and help the ones who are unfortunate of living life as we do, this is your chance to give back and help!💥 _ We appreciate all y’all support. 📢LINK IN BIO📢 _ #Repost @1stphorm with @get_repost ・・・ 🇭🇹Please go watch the full video by tapping the link in our bio! Help us and our friends at @braceforimpact46 adopt 10 kids in Haiti by participating in our #30forthekids challenge! If we can raise $25,000, we will be providing 10 kids with water, food, healthcare, clothes, and shelter for an entire year! The challenge is simple. After an entry fee of $30, you will do 1 of 4 workouts for 30 days. (shown below) If for any reason you do not get in your workout for that day, you owe an additional $5. An easy easy to keep you accountable but also help us raise even more money for those in need. These workouts aren't going to be easy, but it's not suppose to be. Those 30 minutes are a great time to reflect on how good we have it here and remind you that there are people out there in the world without the bare essentials like clean water or food. So let's get out there and change some lives while getting in better shape at the same time! #iam1stphorm #Haiti
Can You Outwork Bad Nutrition? _ If Soo...Let Me Know Your Secret ASAP! _ Living a healthy lifestyle is not complicated. It does not mean you can never eat icecream, donuts, burgers or your favorite dish at a restraunt. _ The trick is to find a balance that works for you and stick to it. If you are just looking to live healthier than you are now and not really worried about burning fat or building muscle, of course your nutrition will be different from someone who wants lose fat and/or build muscle. It is important to find a plan that is easy for you to follow. _ There are many diets out there that all work differently for every individual. Finding the right one for you is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle!💥 _ I’ve tried different ways of eating and i love carb cycling so far it’s easy for me to stick to and allows me to enjoy other food here and there while maining low body fat and continue to gain strength and muscle mass. _ Here Is My Current Meal Plan: - Meal 1: breakfast. *Level-1 Protein Shake 1scoop. *2 protein waffles. *Micro-factor and Joint Mobility with glass of water. Meal 2: Mid-Morning. *4oz GroundBeef *3 Whole Eggs Scrambled *1scoop Opti-greens. Meal 3: Lunch. *4oz Chicken *1/2 cup Refried Black Beans *1/2 cup Sweet Potatoes Meal 4: Mid-Afternoon, usually after my workout. *1scoop Ignition. *2scoop Phormula-1. Meal 5: about 1-2hours after meal4. *1 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt. *1/2 cup Nature Valley Granola. *1/2 Banana Sliced. All Mixed Together. Meal 6: Dinner. *4oz Chicken. *1 cup Zucchini. I don’t eat carbs at night currently! Late Snack Smoothie: Usually before bed. *1/2 scoop Level-1 protein. *1/2oz Honey Roasted Peanuts. *8oz Almond Milk. *Small cup of crushed ice. Blend until smooth. _ Any questions about nutrition and meal planning! 📢Feel Free to DM me or Email.📢 _ #ironfitlifestyle #irnft #iam1stphorm #nutrition #mealplanning #mealprep #healthylifestyle
The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is in the core. This is one of my favorite row variations because it forces you to engage the entire core #HockeyPlayer #FitAthlete #PersonalTrainer
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